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Stewart 4: Stuart Kings of Scotland & England & Ireland, Stuart of Lennox, Stuart of Richmond, FitzRoy of Cleveland & Southampton
John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Lennox d 04.09.1526
m mcrt 19.11.1511 Elizabeth or Anne Stewart dau of Sir John Stewart of Balveny, 1st Earl of Atholl
1. Matthew Stuart, 4th Earl of Lennox b 21.09.1516, d 04.09.1571
m 06.07.1544 Margaret Douglas b 1515, d 1577-8, dau of Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus
A. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley b 07.12.1545, d 09.02.1567
m 29.07.1565 Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots b 7/8.12.1542, d 08.02.1586-7
i. James Stuart, King James VI of Scotland, King James I of England & Ireland b 19.06.1566, d 27.03.1625 §A
m 23/4.11.1589 Anne of Denmark b 14.10.1574, d 02.03.1619, dau of Frederick II, King of Denmark and Norway ancestors line S part
a. Henry Frederick Stuart, Prince of Wales b 1593-4, d 06.11.1612
b. Elizabeth Stuart b 19.08.1596, d 13.02.1662 §R§
m 14.02.1612-13 Frederick V, King of Bohemia, Elector Palatine of the Rhine d 29.11.1632
Grandparents of George of Hanover, King George I of Great Britain and Ireland.
c. Charles Stuart, King Charles I of England, Scotland & Ireland b 19.11.1600, d 30.01.1649
m 1625 Henriette Marie of France b 26.11.1609, d 10.09.1669, dau of Henry IV, King of France and Navarre ancestors line S part
1 Charles Stuart, Duke of Cornwall b/d 13.05.1629
2 Charles Stuart, King Charles II of England, Scotland & Ireland b 29.05.1630, d 06.02.1685
m 21.05.1662 Katherine of Braganza d 30.11.1705, dau of John IV, King of Portugal
p1 Lucy Walter d 1658, dau of William Walter or Walters of Haverfordwest
A James Crofts, later Scott, Duke of Monmouth, 1st Duke of Buccleuch d 15.07.1685
It is understood that James was the King's favourite of his illegitimate children. However, although the King acknowledged James as his child, there is doubt that he was actually so. TCP Monmouth reports that: "His great beauty, so unlike that of the King his reputed father, makes it more than probable that he was as often considered a son of Robert Sydney, one of a handsome race noted for their gallantries. The Duke is also said to have had a mole on the upper lip which was a characteristic feature of that family." When he was aged about 8, James was placed under the charge of William Crofts, Baron of Saxham and was given Crofts as his family name until his marriage.
m Anna Scott, Duchess of Buccleuch b 11.02.1651, d 06.02.1732
B Mary Walters or Crofts d 1693
Mary claimed to have been a child by Lucy Walter of the King but this was never acknowledged by him. It seems likely that her father was Theobald Taaffe, 1st Earl of Carlingford.
p2. Elizabeth Killigrew bpt 16.05.1622, bur 04.01.1680/1, dau of Sir Robert Killigrew, wife of Francis Boyle, 1st Viscount Shannon
C Charlotta Jemima Henrietta Boyle or FitzRoy b c1650, d 28.07.1684
m1 James Howard bur 06.07.1669
m2 17.07.1672 William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth b 1653/4, d 25.12.1732
p3 Catherine Peg dau of Thomas Peg of Yeldersley
D Charles FitzCharles, Earl of Plymouth b 1657, dsp 17.10.1680
m 12/9.09.1678 Bridget Osborne d 12.09.1678, dau of Sir Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds
E Catherine FitzCharles d unm 1759
p4 Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland d 09.10.1709, dau of William Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison
F Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Southampton, Duke of Cleveland b 06.1662, d 1731
m1 Mary Wood dsp 1680, dau of Sir Henry Wood
m2 Anne Poultney dau of Sir William Poultney of Misterton
i William FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Cleveland and Southampton dsp 1774
m Henrietta Finch dau of Daniel Finch, Earl of Winchelsea
ii Grace FitzRoy
m 1725 Henry Vane, 3rd Lord, 1st Earl of Darlington d 06.03.1758
iii Anne FitzRoy
m Francis Paddy
iv+ other issue - Charles b 1699, d 1723, Henry b 1701, d 1708, Barbara d unm
G Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Grafton b 28.09.1663, d 09.10.1690
m 01.08.1672 Isabel Bennet d 07.02.1722-3, dau of Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington
H George Palmer, later Fitzroy, Duke of Northumberland b 28.12.1665, dspl 28.06.1716
m1 . before 15.03.1685/6 Catherine Wheatley dsp 25.05.1714, dau of Robert Wheatley of Bracknell, widow of Thomas Lucy of Charlecote
m2 . by 10.03.1715 Mary Dutton d 27.08.1738, dau of Henry Dutton, sister of Captain Mark
I Anne Palmer or Fitzroy b 02/25.02.1601, d 16.05.1722
m 16.05.1674 Thomas Lennard, Earl of Sussex b 13.05.1654, d 30.10.1715
J Charlotte FitzRoy b 05.09.1664, d 17.02.1717-8
m 06.02.1676/7 Sir Edward Henry Lee, 1st Earl of Lichfield b 04.02.1662/3, d 14.07.1716
K Barbara FitzRoy b 1672, d 06.05.1737
p James Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamlton, 1st Duke of Brandon b 11.04.1658, d 15.11.1712
p5 Eleanor Nell Gwynne
L Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St. Albans b 08.05.1670, d 11.05.1726
m Diana de Vere dau of Aubrey de Vere, 20th Earl of Oxford
M James Beauclerk b 1672, d 1680
p6 Louise de Kerouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth, Duchess d'Aubigny d 14.11.1734, dau of Guillaume de Penancoet, Count de Kerouaille
N Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond and Lennox b 29.07.1672, d 27.05.1723
m 1692-3 Anne Brudenell d 09.12.1722, dau of Francis, Lord Brudenell
p7 Mary Davis or Davies singer and actress
O Mary Tudor b 1673, d 05.11.1726
m1 18.08.1687 Francis Ratciff, 2nd Earl of Derwentwater b 09.12.1655, d 29.04.1705
m2 23.05.1705 Henry Graham of Levens dvpsp 07.01.1706-7
m3. 16.08.1707 James Rooke
3 James Stuart, King James II of England & Ireland, King James VII of Scotland b 14.10.1633, d 19.09.1701
m1 24.11.1659 Anne Hyde d 31.03.1671, dau of Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon
A Mary Stuart, Queen Mary of England, Scotland & Ireland b 30.04.1662, dsp 28.12.1694
m 04.11.1677 William of Orange, King William III of England, Scotland & Ireland b 1650, dsp 08.03.1701/2, cousin
B Anne Stuart, Queen Anne of Great Britain and Ireland b 06.02.1664-5, d 11.08.1714
m 28.07.1683 Prince George of Denmark, Duke of Cumberland d 28.11.1708
i William, Duke of Gloucester b 24.07.1689, d 20.07.1700
C+ other issue - Charles b 1660, d infant, Duke of Cambridge, James b 11.07.1663, d 20.06.1669, Duke of Cambridge, Charles b 07.1666, d young, Duke of Kendal , Edgar b 09.1667, d c1672, Duke of Cambridge, Henrietta b 01.1668-9, d young, Katharine b 02.1670-1, d young
m2 30.09.1673 Mary d'Este b 05.10.1658, d 08.05.1718, dau of Alphonso III, Duke of Modena
I James Francis Edward Stuart 'the Old Pretender' b 10.06.1688, d 01.01.1766
m 09.1719 Clementina Sobieska b 06.07.1702, d 30.12.175, dau of Prince James Sobieski of Poland
i Charles Edward Louis Casimir Stuart 'the Young Pretender', 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' b 31.12.1720, dspl 31.01.1788
m 17.04.1772 Louise Maximiliane-Emanuella d 29.01.1824, dau of Prince Gustavus Adolphus of Stolberg Guedern
p. Clementina Maria Sophia Walkinshaw, 'Countess of Alberstroff' d 11.1802, dau of John Walkinshaw of Camlachie and Barrowfield
a Charlotte Stuart, 'Duchess of Albany' bpt 29.10.1753, dspl 17.11.1789
p Prince Ferdinand de Rohan, Archbishop of Cambrai
ii Henry Benedict Stuart, Duke of York, Cardinal b 06.03.1724-5, d 13.07.1807
J+ other issue - Charles b 07.11.1667, d 12.12.1667, Duke of Cambridge, Elizabeth b 1678, d young, Charlotta Maria b 15.08.1682, d infant, Louisa Maria Teresa b 06.1692, d 18.04.1712
p1 Margaret Brooke dsp 1666/7, dau of Sir William Brooke
p2 Arabella Churchill dau of Sir Winston Churchill
N James FitzJames, Duke of Berwick b 21.08.1670, d 12.06.1734, Marshal of France had issue
James was attainted for his support of his father against Parliament and lost his Dukedom of Berwick. For his services to the French Crown, James was created Duke of Liria and Xerica in Spain and Duke FitzJames in France.
m1 26.03.1695 Honora Burgh b 1675, d 16.01.1698, dau of William Burgh, Earl of Clanricarde
m2 18.04.1700 Anne Bulkeley d 12.06.1751, dau of Henry Bulkeley
O Henry FitzJames d 1702
m Marie Gabrielle d'Audibert, Comtesse de Lussan
P Henrietta FitzJames b 1670, d 03.04.1730
m1 Sir Henry Waldegrave, 1st Lord of Chewton b 1661, d 1689/90
m2 03.1695 Piers Butler, 3rd Viscount of Galmoye d 18.06.1740
Q Ignatia FitzJames b c1674, d 07.11.1704
p3 Catharine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester dau of Sir Charles Sedley, Bart
R Catharine Darnley b 1682, d 14.03.1743
m1 28.10.1699, div 1701 James Annesley, 3rd Earl of Anglesey bpt 13.07.1670, d 21.01.1701
m2 16.03.1705/6 John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham and Normandy b 08.09.1647, d 24.02.1720/1
4 Mary Stuart, 'Princes Royal' b 04.11.1631, d 24.12.1660
m 02.05.1648 William II, Prince of Orange d 06.11.1650
Parents of William of Orange who married his cousin Mary and became King of England, Scotland & Ireland see above.
5 Henrietta Anne Stuart b 16.06.1644, d 30.06.1670
m 31.03.1661 Phillip, Duke of Orleans d 09.06.1701, brother of Louis XIV
6+ other issue - Elizabeth b 29.12.1635, d 08.09.1650, Anne b 17.03.1636-7, d 08.12.1640, Katharine b/d 29.01.1638-9, Henry b 08.07.1640, d 13.09.1660, Duke of Gloucester
d.+ other issue - Margaret b 24.12.1598, d infant, Robert b 1601-2, d 1602, Duke of Kintyre, Mary b 08.04.1605, d 16.12.1607, Sophia b 22.06.1606, d 23.06.1606
B. Charles Stuart, 5th Earl of Lennox b 1555, d 1576
Charles is sometimes known as the 6th Earl rather than the 5th on the basis that King James VI of Scotland assumed the title of Earl of Lennox for a time.
m 1574 Elizabeth Cavendish dau of Sir William Cavendish of Chatsworth
i. Arabella Stuart b c1577, d 25.09.1615
m 22.06.1610, sp William Seymour, Marquess of Hertford, 2nd Duke of Somerset b 1588, d 24.10.1660
2. Robert Stuart, 6th Earl of Lennox, Earl of March dspl 29.08.1586
m 06.12.1578, div 05.1581 Elizabeth Stewart dau of John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
partner unknown
A. Margaret Stuart
m Robert Algeo of Easter Walkinshaw
3. John Stuart, lord d'Aubigny d 31.05.1567
m c1542 Anne de la Queulle dau of Francois, seigneur de la Queulle
A. Esme Stuart, 1st Duke of Lennox b c1542, d 28.05.1583
m 1572 Catherine de Balsac a 1632, dau of William de Balsac
i. Ludovic Stuart, 2nd Duke of Lennox, Duke of Richmond b 29.09.1574, d 16.02.1623-4
m1 . 20.04.1591 Sophia Ruthven dsp by1592, dau of William Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie
m2 . 08.1598 Jean Campbell d by 1612, dau of Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun
a.+ issue d young - son, Elizabeth
m3. 1621 Frances Howard b c1606, d 08.10.1639, dau of Thomas Howard, Viscount of Bindon
partner unknown
c. Sir John Stewart of Methven
m Margaret Hamilton dau of Sir Claud Hamilton of Shawfield, later of Baldony
ii. Esme Stuart, 3rd Duke of Lennox and Richmond, Earl of March d 13.07.1624
m 1607 Catherine Clifton, 'Baroness Clifton' d 17.09.1637, dau of Gervase Clifton, Lord of Leighton-Bromswold
a. Elizabeth Stuart b 17.10.1610, d 23.01.1673-4
m 03.1626 Henry Frederick Howard, Earl of Arundel, Surrey and Norfolk b 15.08.1608, 17.04.1652
b. James Stuart, 4th Duke of Lennox and Richmond b 06.04.1612, d 13.03.1655
m 03.08.1637 Mary Villiers bpt 16.03.1622, d 11.1685, dau of George, 1st Duke of Buckingham
1 Esme Stuart, 5th Duke of Lennox and Richmond b 02.11.1649, d unm 10.08.1660
2 Mary Stuart, de jure Baroness Clifton b c1650, dsp 04.07.1667
m 09.1664 Richard Butler, Earl of Arran d 25.01.1685-6
c. Anna Stuart b 23.11.1614, d 16.08.1646
m 16.08.1630 Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus b c1609, dvp 16.01.1655
d. George Stuart, seigneur d'Aubigny b 17.07.1618, Edgehill 23.10.1642
m 1638 Katherine Howard dau of Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk
1 Charles Stuart, 6th Duke of Lennox, Earl of Litchfield b 07.03.1639, dsps 12.12.1672
m1 . Elizabeth Rogers d 21.04.1661, dau of Richard Rogers of Brianstone by Anne Cheeke, widow of Charles Cavendish
A daughter bur 28.03.1662
m2 . 31.03.1662 Margaret Banaster dau of Lawrence Banaster
m3. 03.1667 Frances Teresa Stewart d 15.10.1702, dau of Walter Stewart of Blantyre family
2 Catherine Stuart, Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold bpt 05.12.1640, bur 11.11.1702
m1 . 1664 Henry O'Brien, Lord Ibrackan dvp 01.12.1678
m2 . 1679 Sir Joseph Williamson dsp 03.10.1701
e. Frances Stuart b 19.03.1617, d 03.1694
m 18.06.1632 Jerome Weston, 2nd Earl of Portland b 16.12.1605, d 17.03.1662/3
f.+ other issue - Henry d'Aubigny bpt 02.04.1616, d 1632, Francis d young, Ludovic d'Aubigny b 14.10.1619, d 11.1665, John b 23.10.1621, d 29.03.1644, Bernard b c1623, d Rowtonheath 29.09.1645
iii. Henrietta Stuart b 1573, d 02.09.1643
m 1588 George Gordon, 1st Marquess of Huntly b 1562, d 13.06.1636
iv. Marie Stuart d 11.08.1644
m 07.12.1592 John Erskine, 2nd/23rd Earl of Mar b c1562, d 14.12.1634
v. Gabrielle Stuart d unm
4. Helen Stuart d c11.1564
m1 . William Hay, 6th Earl of Erroll b c1521, d 11/4.05.1541
m2 . 08.1548 John Gordon, 11th Earl of Sutherland b 1525, d 23.06.1567

Sources: TSP Lennox, TSP Kings of Scotland, BP1934 Kings of England.
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