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Stewart 20: Stewart of Eday, Stewart of Moray, Stewart of Orkney, Stewart Kings of Scotland
James Stewart, King James IV of Scots b 17.03.1473, d Flodden 09.09.1513
m 08.08.1503 Margaret Tudor b 29.11.1489, d 18.10.1541, dau of King Henry VII of England
1. James Stewart, King James V of Scots b 10.04.1512, d 14.12.1542, 3rd son
m1 Madeleine of France d 07.07.1537, dau of King Francis I of France
m2 1538 Mary of Guise b 22.11.1515, d 10.06.1560, dau of Claude I de Lorraine, Duke of Guise ancestors line G
A.+ 2 sons - James b 1540, d 1541, Arthur b 1541, d 1541
C. Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots b 7/8.12.1542, d 08.02.1586-7
m1 24.04.1558 Francis II, King of France b 1544, d 05.12.1560
m2 29.07.1565 Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley b 07.12.1545, d 09.02.1567
Their son James became King James VI of Scotland and, later, James I of England and Ireland.
m3. 15.05.1567 James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, Duke of Orkney b by 1535, d 14.04.1578
p1. Margaret Erskine d 1572, dau of Sir John Erskine, 5th Lord
D. James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, Regent b 1531, d 21.01.1569-70
m 10.02.1561/2 Agnes Keith d 16.07.1588, dau of William Keith, 4th Earl Marischal
i. Elizabeth Stewart, Countess of Moray d 18.11.1591
m James Stewart, 2nd Earl of Moray b before 1568, d 02.1592
ii. Annabel Stewart d young before 11.1572
iii. Margaret Stewart b 1569-70, dsp before 01.1586-7
m mcrt 04/6.1584 Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll d 16.07.1631
p2. Euphemia Elphinstone 'Lupton' b 11.05.1509, dau of Alexander Elphinstone, 1st Lord
E. Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney b 1533, d 1592/3
m 1561 Jean Kennedy dau of Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassillis
i. Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney dsp 06.02.1614/5, 2nd son
Patrick was executed, and his estates were forfeited, for high treason abuse of power in Orkney.
m Margaret Livingston dau of William, 6th Lord Livingston
p. Marjorie Sinclair
a. Robert Stewart
partners unknown
b. Mary Stewart
c. Catherine Stewart
m John Sinclair of Ulbster a 1607
ii. John Stewart, Lord Kincleven, Earl of Carrick 'in Orkney' d c1644
m 26.10.1604 Elizabeth Howard bur 31.01.1646, dau of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham
a. Margaret Stewart
m Sir John Mennes
1 Margaret Mennes b 1635, bur 1676
m1 John Pretyman bpt 22.12.1632, dvp 30.08.1658
m2 Sir John Heath of Braisted or Brastede
ii. Sir James Stewart of Eday & Tullas
m Margaret Lyon
a. Robert Stewart of Eday Colonel
m mcrt 11.07.1657 Jean Gordon b 10.10.1634, dau of John Gordon, 14th Earl of Sutherland
1 Robert Stewart of Eday captain
m Isabella Graeme of Graemshall
A Jane Stewart
m Robert Richan of Linklater
2 Joan Stewart apparently of this generation
m George Baikie, 4th of Tankerness d 1730
b. John Stewart of Newark Colonel
BE1883 Stewart of Orkney reports that John dsp but TSP Orkney - Stewart reports that he left issue.
c. Mary Stewart
m mcrt 1639 Alexander Bothwell of Glencorse
d. Margaret Stewart
e. Jean Stewart
m1 Sir James Young of Seaton
m2 George Crichton of Abekie Major
m3. Frederick Lyon of Brigtoun
iii. Mary Stewart
m Patrick Gray, 6th Lord d 04.09.1611
iv. Jean Stewart a 1642
m1 Patrick Leslie of Pitcairlie, 1st Lord Lindores d c1608
m2 sp Sir Robert Melville of Murdocarney, 1st Lord of Monymaill b 1527, d 12.1621
v. Elizabeth Stewart
m James Sinclair of Murchil a 1613
vi.+ other issue - Henry dvp 1590, Master of Orkney, Sir Robert of Middleton
p. Janet Robertson of Strowan
viii. James Stewart of Graemsay, Orkney
p. Marjorie Sandilands wife of Adam Gordon, brother of John of Avachie
ix.+ other issue - George of Eynhallow d before 30.03.1616, Edward of Brugh had issue, David of How
partners unknown
xii. William Stewart of Egilshay a 1609
m1 _ Bellenden d by 1600
xiii. Christian Stewart a 1634
m John Mouat of Hougaland, Shetland d by 1634
xiv. Grizel Stewart
m before 27.12.1591 Hugh Sinclair of Brugh, Shetland
xv. Mary Stewart
m Lawrence Sinclair of Goat, Shetland
xvi.+ other issue - Robert, James
p3. Elizabeth or Katherine Carmichael b c1515, d c1535, dau of Sir John Carmichael of Meadowflat, Captain of Crawford Castle
F. Adam Stewart Prior at Perth
m Janet Ruthven dau of William Ruthven, 1st of Ballindean
G. John Stewart, Lord Darnley b 1531, d 10.1563, Commendator of Coldingham
m 04.01.1561-2 Jane Hepburn b 1540, d 1599, dau of Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell
i. Francis Stewart, Earl of Bothwell b 1563, d 1612
Francis was attainted, and his title forfeited, for attempts to seize the King.
m before 01.07.1592 Margaret Douglas d 1640, dau of David Douglas, 7th Earl of Angus
a. Francis Stewart b 1584, d 1639
m 02.08.1614 Isobel Seton b 30.11.1593, dau of Robert Seton, 1st Earl of Winton
1+ issue - Charles bpt 07.02.1618, d unm, Robert, Margaret bpt 01.04.1619, Elizabeth bpt 20.08.1632, d unm
b. John Stewart Commendator of Coldingham
m Margaret Home
1 Francis Stewart of Coldingham
2 Margaret Stewart
m Sir John Home of Renton d 07.1671, Lord of Session
c. Elizabeth Stewart
m James, Master of Cranstoun d 1633
d. Margaret Stewart
m sp Alan Cathcart, 5th Lord b c1600, d 18.08.1628
e. Helen Stewart
m John Macfarlane of that ilk
f. Jean Stewart
m Robert Elliot of Redheugh
g.+ other issue - Harie a 1617, Frederick a 1612
ii. Hercules Stewart of Whitelaw d 18.02.1594-5
m div 1592 Mary Whitelaw dau of Patrick Whitelaw of that ilk
a. Margaret Stewart
m 10.03.1619 John Hamilton in Ireland
b. John Stewart
iii. Margaret Stewart
m1 before 1579 William Sinclair of Underhoull
m2 William Bruce, 1st of Symbister
p4. Elizabeth Shaw dau of Shaw of Sauchie
H. James Stewart Abbot of Kelso
p5. Elizabeth Beaton dau of Sir David Betoun, 1st of Creich
I. Jean Stewart b 1538, dsp 1588
m 1553, div 06.1573 Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll b c1538, d 12.09.1573
Other mistresses and offspring to be investigated.
2.+ other issue - James b 1506/7, d 1508, Duke of Rothesay, daughter d infant, Arthur b 1509, d 1510, Duke of Rothesay, daughter, Alexander b 30.04.1514, d 08.12.1515, Duke of Ross
p1. Margaret Boyd dau of Archibald Boyd of Bonshaw
7. Alexander Stewart High Chancellor, d Flodden 09.09.1513
8. Katherine Stewart
m James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton d by 04.11.1550
p2. Janet Kennedy dau of John Kennedy, 2nd Lord
9. James Stewart, Earl of Moray b 1500, d 1544-45
m 08.1529 Elizabeth Campbell dau of Colin Campbell, 3rd Earl of Argyll
p1. Marion Stewart
A. James Stewart
p2. partner unknown
B. Elizabeth Stewart
m John Stewart, Master of Buchan
p3. Margaret Drummond d 04.1501-2, dau of John Drummond, 1st Lord
10. Margaret Stewart b 1497
m1 c1510 John Gordon, Master of Huntly dvp 05.12.1517
m2 Sir John Drummond, 2nd of Innerpeffray
p4. Isabel Stewart dau of James Stewart, 1st Earl of Buchan
11. Janet Stewart b c1511, d 1560
m 1525 Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord, Chamberlain b c1494, d Pinkie 10.09.1547

Sources: TSP Kings of Scotland, BP1934 Kings of Scotland, TSP Moray, TSP Orkney, TSP Bothwell with input from BE1883 Stewart of Orkney, BE1883 Stewart of Carrick.
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