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Bulkeley 2: Bulkeley of Barrowhill, Bulkeley of Beaumaris, Bulkeley of Brynddu, Bulkeley of Cashel, Bulkeley of Old Bawn, Bulkeley-Owen of Tedsmore
Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris and Cheadle a 1576
m1 Margaret Savage dau of Sir John Savage of Rock Savage

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1. Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris, 1st of Baronhill b c1533, d 28.06.1621
m1 Mary Burgh dau of William Burgh, Lord of Gainsborough
A. Sir Richard Bulkeley d 25.01.1645
m Anne Wilford dau of Sir John Wilford of Ildington
i. Richard Bulkeley d unm
ii. Mary Bulkeley
m Richard Bodychem of Bodychem
B. Thomas Bulkeley of Baronhill, 1st Viscount Bulkeley of Cashel d by 1659
m1 Blanche Coytmore dau of Robert Coytmore of Coytmore
i. Richard Bulkeley dvpsp 19.02.1649/50, Colonel
ii. Robert Bulkeley, 2nd Viscount Bulkeley of Cashel d 18.10.1688
m before 1655 Sarah Harvey bpt 08.09.1636, d 18.06.1715, dau of Daniel Harvey of Combe
a. Richard Bulkeley, 3rd Viscount b 1658, d 09.08.1704
m1 before 1682 Mary Egerton dau of Sir Philip Egerton of Egerton and Oulton
1 Richard Bulkeley, 4th Viscount b 19.09.1682, d 04.06.1724
m 1702/3 Bridget Bertie d 13.06.1753, dau of James Bertie, 1st Earl of Abingdon
A Richard Bulkeley, 5th Viscount b 08.04.1707, dsp 15.03.1738/9
m 08.01.1731/2 Jane Owen dau of Lewis Owen of Peniarth
B James Bulkeley, 6th Viscount b 17.02.1716/7, d 23.04.1752
m 05.08.1749 Emma Rowland d 18.08.1770, dau of:
she m2 28 Jun 1760 Sir Hugh Williams, 8th Baronet son of Edmund Williams of Eirianws and Mary Wood
Thomas Rowland of Nant and Caeru Caernarvonshire, Wales
m Ellin Roberts dau of William Roberts of Castellor
i Thomas James Bulkeley, 7th Viscount, Lord Beaumaris b 10.12.1752, dsp 03.06.1822
m 26.04.1777 Elizabeth Harriet Warren d 23.02.1826, dau of Sir George Warren of Poynton
C Eleanor Mary Bulkeley
m George Harvey of Tiddington
D Anne Bulkeley
m William Bertie minister
E Elizabeth Bulkeley b 1704, d 21.08.1778
m William Price of Rhiwlas see below
m2 01.03.1687/8 Elizabeth White d 13.06.1752, dau of Henry White of Henllan or Hawthlin
b. Elizabeth Bulkeley
m John Griffith of Cefnamlwch dsp
c. Catherine Bulkeley b c1662, d 04.1727
m Philip Atkinson rector of Kingsthorpe
d. Ellin Bulkeley
m Sir William Williams, 6th Bart of Vaynol dsp c1696
e. Martha Bulkeley d 22.02.1742-3
m Roger Price of Rhiwlas, Sheriff of Merionethshire d 17.10.1719
1 William Price of Rhiwlas
m1 Mary Devereux sister of Price Devereux, 10th Viscount Hereford
A Richard Thelwall Price of Rhiwlas b 26.05.1720, dspl, 2nd son
B+ 2 sons d unm
m2 Elizabeth Bulkeley dau of Richard Bulkeley, 4th Viscount @ above
f.+ other issue - James, Thomas, Robert, Lumley, Penelope, Eleanor, daughter
iii. Thomas Bulkeley of Dinas captain
m Jane Jones dau of Griffith Jones of Castlemarch
iv. Henry Bulkeley
m Sophia Stewart dau of Walter Stewart
a. Anne Bulkeley d 12.06.1751
m 18.04.1700 James FitzJames, Duke of Berwick, 'Duc de FitzJames' b 21.08.1670, d 12.06.1734, Marshal of France
b. daughter
m John Howard
c. Charlotte Bulkeley apparently of this generation
m1 09.01.1696/7 Charles O'Brien, 5th Viscount of Clare d 05.1706
m2 19.07.1712 Daniel Mahoney d 29.10.1753
v. Edwin Bulkeley dsp
vi. Mary Bulkeley d 16.10.1662
m 1651 Sir Roger Mostyn, 1st Bart of Mostyn a 1660
vii. Lumley Bulkeley d 1669
m Pierce Lloyd of Lligwy
viii. Catherine Bulkeley b c1637, d 05.09.1706
m1 Richard Wood of Rhosmore dsp 1629
m2 Richard Wynne of Branas-in-Edeirnion and Garthgynan, Sheriff of Merionethshire
ix. Penelope Bulkeley
m1 Sir Griffith Williams, 4th Bart of Vaynol b c1644, d c1663
m2 Hugh Wynn of Bodscallen bur 06.12.1674, Colonel
m2 ? Cheadle
m2 Catherine Davenport dau of Sir William Davenport of Brome Hall
C. Richard Bulkeley
m Anne Needham dau of George Needham of Jamaica, of Pool Park family, cadet of Senton
-1 Arthur Bulkeley m Jane x -1-1 William Bulkeley
m Mary Williams
-1-1-1 William Bulkeley
m Gaynor Wynn
D. Elizabeth Bulkeley
m George Shelton of Heath Hall
E. Catherine Bulkeley
m Sir Edwin Sandys of Northbourne d 1629
F. Margaret Bulkeley
m Sir Thomas Potter
G. Penelope Bulkeley
m 1614 Sir Edwyn Sandys of Worsburgh
2. Daniel Bulkeley
m Ellin Bulkeley dau of Rowland Bulkeley of Porthamel by Alice Conway
3. Elizabeth Bulkeley
m Owen Holland of Brew
4. Catherine Bulkeley
m Griffith ap John Griffith of Cefnamlwch d 1599
5. Jane Bulkeley
m Robert Pugh of Penrhyn-yn-Creyddyn
6.+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
m2 Agnes Needham dau of Thomas Needham of Shenton
12. Lancelot Bulkeley, Archbishop of Dublin b c1569, d 08.09.1650
m Alice Bulkeley dau of Rowland Bulkeley of Beaumaris
A. Sir Richard Bulkeley, 1st Bart of Old Bawn d 1685
i. Sir Richard Bulkeley, 2nd Bart of Old Bawn dsp 1710
ii. John Bulkeley 'of Old Bawn & Dunlavan' d 1710
a. Anne or Hester Bulkeley
m W. Tynte = James Worth, later Tynte of Ballycrenane
B. Grisel Bulkeley younger daughter probably of this generatoin
m Ambrose Aungier d 1654, prebendary & Chancellor of St. Patrick's Dublin
13. Arthur Bulkeley a 1596, vicar of Coydan
m Anne, heiress of Coydan and Brynddu dau of Rhys ap William of Clygyrog Ucha
A. William Bulkeley of Brynddu
m1 Mary Williams dau of William Williams of Cochwillan
i. William Bulkeley of Brynddu
m1 20.05.1624 Gaynor Wynne dau of Cadwalader Wynne of Voelas
a. William Bulkeley of Brynddu
m Mary dau of Ffacknalt of Ffacknalt
1 William Bulkeley of Brynddu, Sheriff of Anglesey a 1715
m Lettice Jones dau of Henry Jones of Llangoed
A William Bulkeley of Brynddu b 1691, d 1760, known for his diaries
m Jane Lewis dau of Rev. Ambrose Lewis of Cemlyn
i William Bulkeley dvp unm 23.12.1751
ii Mary Bulkeley
m Fortunatus Wright of Liverpool
a William Bulkeley Wright d infant bur 21.12.1756
b Ann Wright of Brynddu bpt 10.02.1738, d 18.03.1807
m after 13.07.1765 William Hughes of Plas Coch and Llangoed, Sheriff of Anglesey
c+ 4 daughters d unm
2+ other issue
m2 Margaret Parry dau of Richard Parry, Bishop of St. Asaph
b.+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
m2 Anne dau of Rhys Wynn of Lwydiarth
i. Anne Bulkeley
m1 William Lewis of Cemlyn
m2 Richard Hughes minister, of Plas Coch family
B.+ other issue
14. Tristram Bulkeley
m Mary a 1694, dau of Jeuan ap Llewleyn ap Griffith of Llangristiolus
The following connection is from BLG1886 Owen of Tedsmore.
A. William Bulkeley
i. Rev. Richard Bulkeley of Glanygors
a. Robert Bulkeley of Coedana
1 Elizabeth Bulkeley
m Edward Hatchett of Lea
A Richard Bulkeley Hatchett b c1723, d 15.12.1803
The following is supported by BLG1952 Jacson of Tedsmore.
m Martha Owen of Tedsmore dau of Thomas Owen of Llunllo
i Bulkeley Hatchett of Ellesmere, later of Tedsmore b 15.05.1750, d 23.08.1830
m c1789 Mary Mainwaring dau of Thomas Mainwaring of London, son of James of Bombro
a Thomas Bulkeley Hatchett, later Bulkeley-Owen of Tedsmore b 16.07.1790, d 04.1867 had issue
m 24.03.1824 Marianne Thelwall d 01.03.1865, dau of Rev. Edward Thelwall of Llanbedr Hall
b+ other issue - Hugh James d 25.05.1791, Samuel Bulkeley b 17.08.1792, d unm 21.07.1817
ii Hugh Hatchett, later Owen of Tedsmore b 04.10.1751, d unm 25.12.1818
iii Mary Hatchett d unm
iv Sarah Hatchett
m Thomas Salusbury brother of Sir Robert, Bart of Llanwern
15. Grizzel Bulkeley d 17.09.1641
m Sir Henry Power of Bersham, Viscount Valentia dsp 08.09.1641
16. Mary Bulkeley
m James Eaton of Pentre Madog

Sources: BE1883 Bulkeley of Bulkeley and Beaumaris, TCP Bulkeley of Cashel and Beaumaris
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