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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Radclyffe 4: Radclyffe of Barnsley, Radclyffe of Derwentwater, Radclyffe of Dilston, Radclyffe of Newburgh, Radclyffe of Winmarleigh
Thomas de Radclyffe of Winmarleigh a 1385
m Elena de Tyldesley dau of Hugh de Tyldesley
1. Thomas Radclyffe of Winmarleigh d 1440
m ?Margaret Tempest dau of Sir Richard Tempest of Hertford
A. Thomas Radclyffe dsp
B. Richard Radclyffe d 1455
m Katherine Booth dau of Sir Thomas del Bothe or Booth of Barton
i. Richard Radclyffe d 1477
m Ellen Balderstone dau of Richard Balderstone
a. Thomas Radclyffe dvp 1473
m Margery Radclyffe dau of Richard Radclyffe of Chadderton
1 Richard Radclyffe d 1500
BLG1952 does not name Richard's wife but, according to a site visitor RS, 07.10.05, the IGI identifies her as ...
m Anne Lawrence
A Thomas Radclyffe b 1483, d 1521
m Alice Gerard dau of Gerard of Brynn
i Thomas Radclyffe b 1516
m Alys Redman d 1554, dau of Matthew Redman of Levens
a William Radclyffe of Winnersley b 1534, dsp 1562
m Anne Holcroft dau of Sir John Holcroft of Holcroft
b Anne Radclyffe
m Sir Gilbert Gerrard of Brynn Master of the Rolls
ii Cecily Radclyffe
m1 Thomas ffarington
m2 Edward Radclyffe of Great Mearley
There is some inconsistency here. BLG1952 says that Cecily and Edward had a daughter Joan who married Ralph Assheton of Leaver. However, that Joan is also shown in that article as daughter of the following whom we assume to fit here not least because such is consistent with BLG1886 Assheton of Downham which reports that Joanna was "co-heiress through her mother of her kinsman, William Radclyffe, of Wymbersley" who was probably the William shown above as dsp 1562.
a Cecily Radclyffe
m Edward Radclyffe of Todmorden d 1557
iii Alice Radclyffe
m Henry Ayresworth
C. Joan Radclyffe
m Robert Sherburn of Stonyhurst
D.+ other issue - Ralph, Hugh
2. Nicholas Radclyffe of Derwentwater, Sheriff of Cumberland d c1452
m c1417 Elizabeth de Derwentwater dau of John de Derwentwater
A. Thomas Radclyffe of Derwentwater
m Margaret Parr dau of Sir William Parr
i. John Radclyffe, Sheriff of Cumberland d 1509 m Anne Fenwick dau of Henry Fenwick
a. Sir John Radclyffe, Sheriff of Cumberland
m Alice Dudley dau of Sir Edmund Dudley
b. Anne Radclyffe
m John Powell
ii. Sir Richard Radclyffe d Bosworth 21.08.1485
m Agnes Scrope dau of Sir Henry le Scrope, 4th Lord of Bolton
a. Richard Radclyffe dsp
iii. Edward Radclyffe 'of Cartington'
m Anne Cartington dau of John Cartington
a. Cuthbert Radclyffe of Dilston, Sheriff of Northumberland d 1545
m 06.01.1514 Margaret Clifford dau of Henry de Clifford, 10th Lord
1 George Radclyffe of Derwentwater b c1517, d 1579
m Katherine Mallory dau of Sir John Mallory of Studley
A Sir Francis Radclyffe, 1st Bart of Derwentwater & Dilston d 23.12.1622
m Isabel Grey dau of Sir Ralph Grey of Chillingham
i Sir Edward Radclyffe, 2nd Bart of Derwentwater & Dilston b 01.01.1589, d 13.12.1663
m Elizabeth Barton d 1668, dau/heir of Thomas Barton of Wenby
a Sir Francis Radclyffe, 1st Earl of Derwentwater b 1625, d 1696
m by 1655 Catherine Fenwick d before 1696, dau/coheir of Sir William Fenwick, Bart of Meldon, by Isabel, dau of Sir Arthur Gray of Spindlestone
1 Francis Radclyffe, 2nd Earl of Derwentwater b 09.12.1655, d 29.04.1705
m 18.08.1687 Mary Tudor b 1673, d 05.11.1726, dau of King Charles II
A James Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater b 28.06.1689, d 24.02.1715-6 attainted and beheaded, with his honours forfeited, for his support of the Jacobite rebellion.
m 10.07.1712/3 Anna Maria Webb b c1692, d 19/30.08.1723, dau of Sir John Webb, 3rd Bart of Odstock
i John Radclyffe, 'Viscount Radcliffe' d unm 31.12.1731
ii Anna Maria Barbara Radcliffe d 31.01.1760
m 02.05.1732 Robert James Petre, 8th Lord b 03.06.1713, d 02.07.1742
B Charles Radclyffe, 'Earl of Derwentwater' b 03.09.1693, d 08.12.1746, 3rd son
m 24.06.1724 Charlotte Maria Livingston, Countess of Newburgh b 1694, d 04.08.1755, dau of Charles Livingston, 2nd Earl of Newburgh
i James Bartholomew Radclyffe, 4th Earl of Newburgh b 23.08.1725, d 02.01.1786
m 11.11.1749 Barbara Kemp b c1720, d 12.09.1797, dau of Anthony Kemp of Slindon
a Anthony James Radclyffe, 5th Earl of Newburgh b 20.06.1757, dsp 29.11.1814
m 30.06.1789 Anne Webb b 14.02.1763, d 04.08.1861, dau of Joseph Webb of Welford
ii Mary Radclyffe b 05.04.1732, d 27.08.1898
m 11.02.1755 Francis Eyre of Hassop d 07.10.1804
Their children used the title Earl of Newburgh but it was never formally recognised.
iii+ other issue - James Clement b 05.11.1727, dsp 1788, Charlotte d unm 22.03.1800, Barbara d unm bur 07.08.1769, Anne Thomasina d 31.05.174
C+ other issue - Francis dsp, Mary Tudor
2 Anne or Margaret Radclyffe
m Sir Philip Constable, 3rd Bart of Everingham b 25.04.1651
3+ other issue - Edward d unm, Thomas, William, Arthur, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary
b Mary Radclyffe probably of this generation
m William Tunstall of Scargill
c Elizabeth Radclyffe probably of this generation
m1 Sir William Fenwick, Bart? of Meldon
m2 Sir Robert Slingsby, Bart of Newcells d 1661
ii Mary Radclyffe probably of this generation
m Roger Widdrington of Cartington and Harbottle
2 Anthony Radclyffe d 1595
m1 Margaret Carnaby dau of William Carnaby of Halton
A Cuthbert Radclyffe of Blanchland d 1612
m Margery Farewell dsp
m Margaret Lambton dau of Robert Lambton
B William Radclyffe d 1616
m Anne Harrington of Brierley Hall
i Edward Radclyfffe
m1 Rosamund Swyft dau of Sir Robert Swyfte of Rotherham
a Thomas Radclyffe b 1641, d 1679
m 1663 Sarah Satterthwaite d 1700, dau of Thomas Satterthwaite
1 Edward Radclyfffe of Barnsley b 1678, d 1707
m Sarah Crabtree dau of Thomas Crabtree of Doncaster, sh m2. Thomas Austen
A Thomas Radclyfffe of Barnsley b 1702, d 1770
m Dinah Milnes d 1766, dau of Richard Milnes of Scias Moor
i Edward Radclyfffe of Barnsley b 1728
m1 Anne Ellis d 1767, dau of William Ellis of Casworth
a Anne Radclyffe
m William Jackson of Barnsley
m2 1768 Elizabeth Adamson dau of William Adamson of Milton
b William Radclyfffe b 1770, a 1822, Herald had issue
m 1804 Elizabeth Marechale
c Thomas Radclyfffe dsp
m 1797 Philadephia Whaley
d Charles Edward Radclyfffe b 1773, d 1826, Colonel had issue
m 1800 Mary Crocket dau of Henry Crocket of Littleton Hall
e Elizabeth Radclyfffe
m John Salway of Richards Castle
m3. 20.07.1797 Sarah Hall dau of Samuel Hall of Fillingham
m2 Gertrude Moreton dau of Francis Moreton, widow of Thomas Satterthwaite of Gresbrook
m2 Jane Carr dau of John Carr of Hetton
C Jane Radclyffe, later of Blanchland
D Margaret Radclyffe probably of this generation, of this marriage
m John Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope Hall a 1615
3 Jane Radclyffe
m1 after 08.07.1537 Robert Ogle, 5th Lord d 06.03.1544/5
m2 before 1552 Sir John Forster of Barnborough
b. Margaret Radclyffe probably of this family, of this generation
m Thomas Conyers of Sockburne
iv. Thomasin Radclyffe shown by various web sites as of this family, of this generation
m Edward Warcop
B. Elizabeth Radcliffe a 1482
m John Pennington a 1450, dvp
3. William Radclyffe ancestor of Radclyffes of Bradley and Newsome
m Margaret widow of John Midhop of Bradley

Main sources: BLG1952 Radclyffe of Foxdenton and Hyde with input from TCP Sussex, BE1883 Radcliffe of Derwentwater, TCP Derwentwater, TCP Newburgh and BLG1952 Mott-Radclyffe of Barningham Hall
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