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Stanley 3: Stanley of Hooton, Stanley of Moor Hall, Stanley of Stourton
This page was first developed from information gathered from other web sites. We then found 'The House of Stanley' and revised the page. We were later kindly provided by a site visitor CV, 01.03.09 with copies of relevant pages from Ormerod's "The History of Cheshire", which book we have seen in the past but which we do not have ready access to, and that led us to focus more clearly on the early generations shown here and to check the page against the Visitations. Before we take our final view on the early generations we feel we should revisit 'The House of Stanley' to remind ourselves how well it addresses these issues. For the moment, therefore, the early 15th century generations should be viewed with some caution.
St18. Sir William de Stanley of Stourton, Stanley and Hooton b 1368, d 1428
m 1386 Margery de Hooton dau/heir of William de Hooton of Hooton by Margaret, dau/heir of John Leftwich of Leftwich, son of Sir William of Hooton
St17 Sir William Stanley b 1387, dvp 1417
m 1402 Blanche or Margaret Arderne Ar17 dau of Sir John Alderne of Aldford and/or Hardin
A. Sir William Stanley of Stourton & Hooton b 1406, d 1461
There is some confusion over this and the next generation. Ormerod shows this Sir William as possibly first married to Mary Savage before being married to Alice Houghton, with uncertainty as to who was mother of his children, with his son/successor being the Sir William who married Agnes Grosvenor. We are following 'The House of Stanley' which appeared to have considered Ormerod's work and expanded on it & Visitation which both show 2 different generations although this does raise some concern regarding the age when this William's son William is shown as having had children of his own. As indicated above, we may revise this in due course. It is noted that some web sites show this William as having married Alice Houghton and his son as having married a Savage.
m 1424 Mary Savage dau of John Savage of Clifton
i. Sir William Stanley of Stourton & Hooton b 1425, d 1465
m 1438 Alice Houghton dau of Richard Houghton of Houghton
a. John Stanley dvpsp
b. Sir William Stanley of Stourton & Hooton b 1439, d 1511
m1 1458 Margaret Bromley d 1469, dau of Sir John Bromley
1 Margaret Stanley b 1458, d 1547
m 1476 Peter Gerard, younger of Kingsley and Bryn dvp 1494
m2 1470 Agnes Grosvenor b 1435, d 1520, dau of Robert Grosvernor of Hulme
2 Sir William Stanley of Hooton & Stourton b 1473, 1546
m 1495 Ann Harrington dau of Sir James Harrington of Westby
A Sir William Stanley of Hooton & Stourton b 1499, d 1547
m Grace Griffith dau of Sir William Griffith, Chambelain of North Wales
i William Stanley b 1515, dvpsp 1547
ii Sir Rowland Stanley of Hooton & Stourton b 1518, d 1613
m1 Margaret Aldersey d 1607, dau of Hugh Aldersey of Chester, widow of Henry Bunbury of Stanney
a Sir William Stanley of Hooton & Stourton b 1548, d 1630
m1 1560, div 1565 Ann Dutton
m2 Elizabeth Egerton dau of John Egerton of Egerton
1 Sir William Stanley b 1567, dvp 1612
m Ann Herbert dau of Sir Edward Herbert of Powis Castle Red Castle
A Sir William Stanley of Hooton & Stourton bpt 26.04.1606, d 20.02.1643/4
m 1628 Mary Draycott dau of John Draycott of Painsly
B Dorothy Stanley b 1610, d 1642
m Roger Hurleston of Chester
C Frances Stanley
m Michael Fitzwilliam of Ireland
D Mary Stanley
m Wliliam Petit of Coldharbour and/or Boughton
E+ other issue - Joan d infant, Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine
2 Jane Stanley
m John Fitzmorris of Ireland
3 Elizabeth Stanley d 1651
Elizabeth is shown as of this generation by Visitation 1613 albeit in brackets, presumably having been inserted by the Harlein editor and also by Ormerod but as of the generation later by Visitation 1663 & 'House of Stanley'.
m Thomas Glazier of the Lea
4+ other issue - Rowland dsp, Mary
b+ other issue - John, Edward
m2 Ursula Smith dau of Thomas Smith of Chester
d Margaret Stanley d 1667!
m 1583 Sir John Egerton of Egerton & Oulton
e Mary Stanley d 1638
m/2. 1585 John Brown of Copenhurst shown by 'The House of Stanley', shown by Visitation as Richard Browne, 2nd husband
m2/1. John Poole of Capenhurst, younger of Poole dvp 1601 shown by Ormerod & Visitation
m3. 1599 Joan d 1647, widow of Richard Brown
iii Edward Stanley of Avantly d 1622shown by Visitation as 2nd son dsp
m Ann Mainwaring d 1613
a Anne Stanleynamed Joan or Jane by Ormerod
m Randle Helesby of Helesby
iv John Stanley d 1603 ancestor of Stanleys of Wilmington
v Jane Stanley
m 1536 Thomas Williams of Vaynol
vi Mary Stanley
m 1536 John Griffith of Penrice
B Peter Stanley of Moor Hall, Lancashire b 1518, d 1592
Peter's childfren are reported by Visitation Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Stanley of Bickerstaffe.
m1 Elizabeth Scaresbrick dau of James Scaresbrick of Moor Hall by Margery Atherton
i Margaret or Mary Stanley
m Henry Stanley son of Sir James
m2 Cicely Tarleton dau of Richard Tarleton of Walton
ii Edward Stanley
In his entry on 'Stanley of Bickerstaffe', Dugdale suggests that this was the Edward who married Katharine Manwaringe & Isabel Warburton and was created a baronet. That is a confusion with the Sir Edward shown here whose mother was the Margaret/Mary shown just above as this Edward's half-sister. Instead, this appears to be the Edward of Moor Hall d 1603 who is the first mentioned in Visitation Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Stanley of Moor Hall which supports the following:
m1/2. Mary or Katherine Ireland dau of Laurence Ireland of Lydgate, widow of Henry Stanley
m2/1. Bridget Houghton dau of Leonard Houghton of Spinehaugh
a Peter Stanley of Moor Hall
m Elizabeth Woolfall dau of Francis Woolfall of Damn House in Huyton
1 Edward Stanley of Moor Hall b 1623-4, a 04.1664
m Margaret Gerard dau of Thomas Gerard of Aughton
A+ issue a 04.1664 - Anne 9b 1650-1, Elizabeth
2 Mary Stanley
m Macklin Bursco of Mackering in Aughton
3+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Bridget
b+ other issue -- Thomas of Cuerdale, Frances, Anne, Elizabeth, Margaret
iii+ other issue - William, Anne, Alice
m3. by 1589 Jane
C John Stanley b 1520 ancestor of Stanleys of Roydon Hall
m Elizabeth Dynne dau of Henry Dynne of Heyden
D Anne Stanley
E Catherine Stanleyshown by Visitation a generation later
m 1526 John Whitmore of Thurstanton
F Agnes Stanley
m _ Sutton
G Julia Stanley
m Robert Fletcher of Chesterpossibly sb Richard here but dates wrong?
3 Alice Stanley
m 1498 Hamlet Bickerstaff
4 Agnes Stanley
m 1514 Andrew Barton of Smithell or Smethells
5+ other issue - Katharine dsp, Isabell prioress of Derby
c. Isabella Stanley
m 1465 John Marchumley
d. Margaret Stanley possibly of this generation
m Thomas Walthall
e.+ other issue - Richard, Thomas, Christopher
ii. Peter Stanley ancestor of Stanleys of Flintshire and Shropshire
m Margaret Heleigh dau of William Heleigh of Flintshire
iii. Edward Stanley not mentioned by 'The House of Stanley' but possibly of this generation
a. Janet Stanley
m John Conway of Bodrhyddan
iv. Jane Stanley b 1426, d 1466?
Jane is shown in 'The House of Stanley' as the wife of John Paris then Gwylim of Penrhyn then John Pikin but the dates do not match with at least Gwylim of Penryn who is widely reported as having died in 1431. We presume that there was confusion with a Jane of an earlier generation see below.
v. Elin Stanley possibly of this generation
m Henry Robinson
vi.+ other issue - John of Stourton b 1420, George b 1430
B. Katharine Stanley d 1456
m1 1419 Ralph Arderne of Harden and Alvanley d 1446
m2 1450 John Hyde
C. Elizabeth Stanley
m 1425 Thomas Poole
D. Margaret Stanley
m1 1427 Thomas Venables of Kinderton
m2 William Balderston d 1451
i. Joanna Balderston probably of this generation
m Sir Henry Langton of Walton b 1435, d 1490
E. Isabel Stanley
m Robert Legh of Adlington b 1409, d 1478
F. Jane or Janet Stanley d 1466?
Shown in 'The House of Stanley' as a generation later but the birth date given for that Jane 1426 won't work for at least her 2nd marriage.
m1 Robert Paris chamberlain of North Wales
m2 Gwylim ap Griffith of Penrhyn d 1431
m3. John Pikin
St17-2. Ellen Stanley
m 1430 Thomas de Trafford
St17-3.+ other issue - Sir John, Edmund, Rowland

Sources: 'The House of Stanley' by Peter Edmund Stanley published by The Pentland Press in 1998; ISBN 1-85821-578-1, the pedigree of 'Stanley of Hooton and Storeton' within George Ormerod's 'The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester' 1882, Visitation Cheshire, 1580 & 1613 & 1663, Stanley of Hooton
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