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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Arderne : Arderne of Alderley, Arderne of Alford Aldford, Arderne of Alvanley, Arderne of Harden, Arderne of Timplerley, Arderne of Preston
Ar28. Sir Henry de Arderne b c 1090 This generation shown by, see below for connection.
Ar27. Alexander de Arderne b c 1115
m Agnes de Arderne
Ar26. Eustace de Arderne
Ar25. Eustace de Arderne
m Hawyse
Ar24. John de Arderne of Aldford Castle
m Margaret de Aldford dau of Richard de Aldford, son of Robert by Mary, dau of Richard FitzEustace of Halton
aAr23 Sir Walkelyn or Walcheline de Arderne of Alderley and Aldford b 1216, d by 1268
m 1240 Agnes de Orreby dau of Philip de Orreby of Alvanley
Ar22 Sir Peter de Arderne of Alderley and Alvanley d c1295
m Margery
Ar21 Sir John de Arderne of Alford, Alderley and Alvanley b 1266, d 1308
m Margaret dau of Griffith ap Madoc, Lord of Bromfield
Ar20 Sir John de Arderne of Alford, Alderley and Alvanley d c1349
m Alice de Venables dau of Hugh de Venables of Kinerton by Agatha Vernon
Ar19-1 John de Arderne of Aldford and Nether Alderley b 1321 d 1379 Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Arderne of Aldford starts with this John, showing him as having married twice, one wife being 'Ellin' whose identity is given by the balcro website. It is not clear which wife was mother of which child but, as the first marriage was dissolved early, it is presumed that it was not consummated.
m1 div 1332! Cecily de Eton dau of Sir Nicholas de Eton
m2 Ellen de Wasteneys dau of William de Wasteneys below
1 Sir Thomas de Arderne b c 1350
A Sir John Arderne of Elford b c 1390
BE1883 Stafford of Clifton shows that the wife of Sir John Arderne, father of Maud, was ...
m Katherine Stafford dau of Sir Thomas Stafford, Lord of Clifton
i Maud Arderne b about 1407
m Sir Thomas Stanley of Elford
2 Maud Matilda de Arderne b about 1351
m Robert de Leigh of Adlington
3 Isabella de Arderne
m Sir Hugh de Wrottesley of Wrottesley d 1381
4+ other issue - Walkelyn dsp, Aline, Cecily, Elizabeth
Ar19 Peter de Arderne of Harden and Alvanley b 1327, d 1378-9
m Cicely de Bredbury dau of Adam de Bredbury of Harden Hall
Ar18-1 Charles de Arderne of Timperley The following comes from Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Ardern of Timperley.
m Elizabeth Radcliffe dau of Richard Radclffe of Timpley, "younger brother of the Tower"
A John Arderne of Timperley
m Ellen Duncalfe dau of Thomas Duncalfe
The following Hamo and William are shown by the balcro website as brothers rather than sons of this John. We provisionally follow Visitation.
i Hamo Arderne of Timperley
m Margaret Strangwish dau of Sir Giles Strangwish
a William Arderne of Timperley d c1584
m Sibell Warburton dau of Peter Warburton of Arley
1 Sibell Arderne
m George Brereton of Ashley
Some web sites report that William had an illegitimate son ...
2 Robert Arderne had issue
m Ann
ii William Arderne
m Helen Done dau of John Done
a George Arderne
m Anne Tregall of Hampshire
1 George Arderne
iii George Arderne
George is not mentioned by Visitation but is named on various web sites including the balcro site.
m Katherine Palmer dau of Robert Palmer of Parham
a Richard Arderne
m Margaret Greene dau of Thomas Greene of West Marne
1 Alice Arderne b c1412
m 1434-5 John Denne
Ar18-2 Hugh de Arderne of Harden Hall b 1350, d c1420
m1 Agnes de Hulme
m2 Cecily de Hyde dau of Ralph de Hyde
A Ralph Arderne of Harden and Alvanley d 1446
m 1419 Katherine Stanley d 1456, dau of William Stanley of Hooton by Blanche Arderne
B Alice Arderne
m c1414 Christopher Davenport son of Nicholas
Ar18 John de Arderne
@@ There may be confusion between the following Charles of Timplerley and the Charles shown above who m. Elizabeth Radclyffe. Some websites show the husband of Cicely de Bredbury as John rather than Peter, shown as father of the above Charles of Timplerley, whilst there also seems confusion regarding the Margery or Blanche who married William Stanley of Hooton. These matters may be resolved in time.
Ar17-1 Charles Arderne of Timplerley
Ar17-2 Hugh Arderne of Dorfold
Ar17 Margery or Blanche Arderne b 1386 probable duplication - see just below
m 1402 William Stanley of Hooton b 1387, dvp 1417
Ar18-4 Matilda de Arderne
Ar18-5 Blanche de Arderne
m William Stanley of Hooton probable duplication - see note @@ just above
Ar19-3 Margaret Arderne
m?1 Nicholas de Eton of Stockport son of Sir Nicholas reports a marriage to:
m?2 Nicholas Peyvre b c 1353 Tideswell Derby
-1 Thomas Peyvre b 1353 Tideswell Derby
m Margaret Loring b c 1356 Chalgrave Bedford
-1-1 Mary Peyvre b 1382 Toddington Bedford d 26.07.1409 Castle Cary Somerset m John Broughton b 1375, Broughton Preston Lancashire England d 1406, Broughton Preston Lancashire -1-1-1 John Broughton b 1399 Broughton Preston Lancashire -1-1-1-1 John Broughton b 1423, Broughton Preston Lancashire England d 23.07.1489, Broughton Preston Lancashire
m Elizabeth Stoneham b 31.07.1421 Stoneham Lancashire d 1464 Broughton Preston Lancashire
-1-1-1-1-1 John Broughton b 1442 Lancashire England d 10.10.1479.
m Anne Denston b 1435 Kentwell Suffolk d 30.05.1481
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Broughton b 1466, Nettlestead Suffolk d 10.08.1506, Denston Hall Kentwell Suffolk
m Katherine de Vere b 1466 Essex d 20.06.1504 dau of
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Broughton b 1491, Broughton Westmoreland England d 23.01.1518, Westmoreland
m JANE x
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Jane Broughton b 1510, Broughton Westmoreland England d 1570, Ashford Kent continued from above
m Richard Osborne b 1510 Ashford Kent d 11.08.1581 son of Richard Osborne b c 1488 d 1573 and Elizabeth Flydane b c 1491 d 1528
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sir Edward Osborne b 1540, London d 15.02.1592, London Middlesex m Anne HEWETT b 1543 London d 04.07.1585 London
Ar19-4+ other issue - Elizabeth, Aline, Cecily
Ar20-2 Agnes Arderne
m Sir John Whetenhall
a Margaret Whetenhall
m Adam Bostock
Ar20-3 Margery or Margaret Arderne
m Hugh Hatton of Hatton
Ar21-2 Agnes Arderne
m Sir Warin Mainwaring of Warmincham
Ar21-3 Cicely Arderne
m William de Wasteneys
i Ellen de Wasteneys
m John de Arderne b 1321, d 1379 above
Ar21 possibly of this generation and line
Philippa Arderne
m John de Drayton
Ar22-2 Sir John Arderne of Aldford
Ar22-2-1 Matilda Maud Arderne
m Sir John de Legh of Booths
Ar22-3+ other issue - Thomas, Gilbert
Ar24-2? possibly of this family and generation was:
Matilda Arderne b 1224
m John LeBrun b 1223
Ar26 =27 Letice de Arderne b c 1124 Stainesby
m Sir Geffrey Le Savage, of Stainesby, d 1190
Ar26-2? possibly here
Ralph de Arderne b c 1140 d 1206
Ar26-2-1 Sir Thomas de Arderne b c 1170 d 1226 in UK
m Ellen de Bohun dau of
+1 Savaric fitz Cana de Beaumont b c 1152 Maine, Loire, Rhone-Alpes, France d in Preston, Sussex
m Muriel de Mery/de Bohun
+2 Richard de Méry, Seigneur de Bohon b by 1113 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, d 1 Juni, 1179
m Lucie
+3 Humphrey "The Bearded" or "The Old" de Bohun, I b c 1040 St Georges de Bohon, Manche, Normandy d 24 Mar 1113 Tatterford Norfolk
Ar26-2-1-1 Sir Ralph de Arderne of Preston
m Alice de Beauchamp b 1253 Hatch Beauchamp Somerset
+1 Robert de Beauchamp of Hatch a 1257 b 1215 Hatch Beauchamp Somerset d 1263 Ryme Intrinseca Sherborne Dorset son of
m Alice de Mohun b 1227, Dunster Somerset d 1284 Hatch Beauchamp Somerset
Ar26-? of no established relation to the above was
y Arderne
y Arderne
y Arderne
Catherine Arderne/Ardene b 1575 Hook Norton, Oxford m William Whitton/Whiton/Whitton/Witten b c 1573 Hook Norton, Banbury, Oxfordshire
Ar24 possibly of this generation and line
Rose Arden b 1178 Bringhurst Leicestershire
Ar23 Thomas Arden b c 1205 Drayton Oxfordshire d 1238
m 1235 in Drayton Lucia x b 1209 Drayton
Ar22 Thomas Arden b c 1236 Draiton Spratton Oxfordshire d 1287
m Lucia Vernon b c 1240 Drayton d 1288 Staffordshire dau of->
-b Ralph Vernon
+1 Ralph Vernon b 1190 Shipbrook Cheshire d there 1270 +2 Warin Vernon
Ar21 Thomas Arderne b c 1269 Hanwell Oxfordhire d 1354 Rodbourne

Sources: various web sites in particular, Visitation Cheshire, 1580+1613, Ardern - various
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