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Venables 2: Venables of Golborne, Venables of Kinderton
William Venables, later of Golborne Constable of Chester
m Blanche
1. Thomas Venables of Golborne, later of Kinderton<
m 1427 Margaret Stanley dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton
A. William Venables of Golborne, later of Kinderton
m1 Petronell Coversonell dau of Sir Piers Coversonell/Caverswall
i. Thomas Venables of Golborne and Kinderton k Flodden 09.09.1513 Visitation shows this Thomas as son of William of Golborne, son of Thomas, son of the Roger who brought Golborne into the family by his marriage to the heiress Elizabeth Golborne whom we show as uncle of the William at the top of this page.
m Cicely Stanley dau of ?? Stanley of Weaver
a. Sir William Venables of Kinderton d 07.1544
m1 Elenor Cotton dau of Richard Cotton of Richware
1 Sir Thomas Venables of Kinderton d 07.1580 m Maud Needham dau of Sir Robert Needham of Shevington
A Anthony Venables dvp
m Anne Brereton dau of Randle Brereton of Westonhall
B James Venables dvp
C Thomas Venables of Kinderton b c 1560 d 1606
m1 Elizabeth Brereton d 06.1591/2, dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton
i Thomas Venables d young 1572
ii Elizabeth Venables
m Sir Thomas Egerton dvp
iii Mary Venables
m Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton d 07.11.1618
m2 Anne Gargrave dau of Sir Cotton Gargrave of Nostell
iv Charles Venables dvpsp
v Sir Peter Venables of Kinderton, Sheriff of Cheshire b 1605, d 1679
m1 Mary Wilbraham dau of Sir Richard Wilbraham of Woodhey
a Thomas Venables dvp 1669
m Grace Fenwick dau of Sir John Fenwick, Bart of Wallington
1 Peter Venables of Kinderton b c 1648
m Catherine Shirley d 06.07.1717, dau of Sir Robert Shirley of Stanton Harold
A child d young
B Anne Venables dsp 28.04.1715
m 22.05.1687 Montagu Venables-Bertie, 2nd Earl of Abingdon dsp 16.06.1743
2 Mary Venables b c 1651
m Thomas Pigot of Chetwynd
A Anne Pigot b c 1692, d 04.1714<
m Henry Vernon of Sudbury b c1686, 25.02.1718/9 Kinderton passed to their son who took the name Venables-Vernon.
3+ other issue - Grace, Elizabeth, others d young - Thomas, Thomas, Hugh, Grace
m2 Frances Cholmondeley sister of Sir Robert Cholmondeley, Bart, Earl of Leinster
b Robert Venables a 1666
m Elizabeth Stanley dau of Sir Thomas Stanley, Bart of Alderley
c Anne Venables
m Francis Leveson Fowler of Harnage Grange
d+ other issue - William a 1666, others d young - Gilbert, Peter, Francis
h? Reported to be here in Darrell McGraw´s tree was:
Thomas Venables b c 1640 (or perhaps one of the half siblings above did not die so young after all)
m Margeria Shaw
h-1 Abraham Venables b 12 Jan 1661 PoB given as "Devonshire Chester Co" England (either Cheshire or Devonshire possible not both) d Hanover New Kent Co VA
m Elizabeth Lewis b c 1665 New Kent Co VA d there dau of
+1 Capt Hugh ap Lewis b c 1640 Wales
m Margaret Dallathy
h-1-1 Abraham Bedford Venable b 22 Mar 1700 d 16 Dec 1768 Louisa Co VA
m Martha Hannah Davis b 14 Jul 1702 Amherst Co VA d 18 Feb 1765 Louisa Co Va
h-1-1-1 Capt John Abraham Venable b 27 Feb 1740 d 1811 Jackson Co GA
m Agnes Moorman b 26 Feb 1743 Cedar Cree Louisa Co VA d 26 Feb 1809 Jefferson GA
+1 Charles Moorman b 1715 d 1778
m Mary Adams
h-1-1-1-1 William Venable b 1784 Charlotte Co VA d 1850
m Elizabeth B McCarty b c 1785 GA (B ?= Billington)
+1 y McCarty
h-1-1-1-1-1 Charles Venable b 1827 d 1900
m Jane Barrow b 1829 dau of Robert Barrow b 1802 d 1850 and Elizabeth b 1801
-1 Walter Venable b 1868 d 1945 m Nancy Perry b 1868 d 1938 -1-1 John Venable b 1888 d 1965 m Sarah Townley b 1891 d 1953 -1-1-1 Anne Venable b 1916 d 2000 m Aubrey McGraw b 1906 d 1972 -1-1-1 James McGraw b 1938 d 1999 m x Thomson dau of Hollis Thompson and Mary Liverett parents of DArrell McGraw, author´s 39 cM DNA match
vi Mary Venables m Humphrey Mackworth
D Catherine Venables
m Peter Leigh, younger of Lyme dvp 1570
E Elinor Venables
m Henry Mainwaring son of Randle of Casincham
F Agnes Venables
m 1553 Robert Colysp of Darlaston
2 John Venables
A Thomas Venables
3 Cecily Venables
m _ Talbot
4+ other issue - Hugh, Robert, William
m2 Katherine Grosvenor dau of Robert Grosvenor
7 Anthony Venables
8 Margaret Venables
m John Minshull
9 Katherine Venables d 1557 shown by Visitation as a generation earlier
m Sir John Massey of Pottington d 15.07.1551
10 Elizabeth Venables
m1 James Marberry
m2 Christopher Davenport of Woodford
b. Isabel Venables
m Geffery Shakerley
d. Elizabeth Venables possibly of this generation
m Thomas Bulkeley of Eaton dsp
m2 Katherine Grosvenor dau of Robert Grosvenor of Hulme
B. Peter Venables
2.+ other issue - William of Ridley, Piers, Irham

Sources: Ormerod's 'History of the County of Cheshire' 1882, volume iii, + Visitation Cheshire, 1580+1613, Venables Baron of Kinderton
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