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: Savile /Saville of Bradley Hall, Savile of Copley, Savile of Hullinedge, Savile of Methley, Savile of Mexborough, Savile of Newhall
John Savile of Copley
BEB1844 merely identifies John as ancestor of the John who was created a baronet in 1662 and then reports on that Sir John. Visitation starts with the undermentioned Robert. It is noted that the above John was probably born c1405.
1. ?? Savile
A. ?? Savile
Uncertain on the number of intervening generations.
i. ?? Savile
a. Robert Savile of Copley
m Jane Ellis dau of Roger Ellis of Kiddall
1 William Savile of Copley
m Isabel Lacy dau of John Lacy of Brearely
A Henry Savile of Copley b c1578
m Anne Darcy dau of Michael Darcy, son of Lord John of Aston
i Thomas Savile of Copley
m1 Frances Prowde Pointz? of Lund dsp
m2 Frances Dawson dau of William Dawson of Azerley
a+ issue dsp - William, Mary
ii John Savile of Copley d c1644, 4th son
m Anne Palmes dau of Sir George Palmes of Naburn
a Sir John Savile, Bart of Copley b c1640, d 1689
m Mary Paston dau of Clement Paston of Berningham, Norfolk
1 Elizabeth Mary Savile b c1663, d 10.12.1732
m Thomas Howard of Worksop d 09.11.1689
iii Margaret Savile
m Rowland Dand of Mansfield Woodhouse
iv Anne Savile
m Thomas Squire of Thornhill
v Elizabeth Savile
m George Pulleyn MD
vi+ other issue dsp - Henry, Michael, Darcy, Anthony, Henry, Jane sp?
B John Savile
m _ Lawe
i Robert Savile had issue
2 Mary Savile
m John Bentley of Shipden
3 Bridget Savile
m Robert Cawden of Sowerby
Thomas Savile of Hullinedge
m Anne Stansfield dau of John Stansfield of Stansfield
1. John Savile of Hullinedge had issue
m Alice Lister dau of Ralph Lister of Halifax
2. Thomas Savile dsp
m Elizabeth widow of Waterton of Walton
3. Henry Savile
4. Nicholas Savile or Saville of Newhall
m Margaret Wilkinson dau of William Wilkinson
A. John Savile of Newhall
m Margaret Gleadhill dau of John Gleadhill
i. Nicholas Savile had issue
m Jennet Foxcroft dau of Thomas Foxcroft
ii. John Savile
m Elizabeth Trigot dau of Thomas Trigot of South Kirby
iii. Henry Savile of Bradley Hall
m Ellen Ramsden dau of Robert Ramsden of Eland
a. Sir John Savile of Bradley Hall d 02.02.1606-7
m1 Jane Garth dau of Richard Garth of Morden
1 Sir Henry Savile, Bart of Methley b 1579, d 23.06.1632
m Mary Dent dau of John Dent of London
A+ issue 2 sons d young
2 Jane Savile
m Sir Henry Goodrich of Ribston b 1580
3 Elizabeth Savile
m Sir John Jackson of Hickleton 'and Ethorp Edderthorp'
The following connection comes from Visitation Nottinghamshire, Thornbegh, 1614.
A Jane Jackson eldest dau
m Francis Thornbegh, Sherrif b c1593, a 1637
m2 Elizabeth Wentworth dau of Thomas Wentworth of Elmshall
4 John Savile of Methley, Yorkshire b c 1588 d 1651
m1 Mary Robinson dau of John Robinson of Ryther
m2 Margaret Garraway dau of Sir Henry Garraway, Lord Mayor of London
A John Savile of Methley and Thrybergh b 1644
m Sarah Tyron dau of Peter Tyron of Harringworth
i John Savile dvp 1717
m Mary Banks d 11.1740, dau of Sir John Banks, Bart of Aylesford
a John Savile dvp 08.05.1713
b Henry Savile of Methley d unm 1723
c Elizabeth Savile of Thrybergh d 28.10.1767
m 30.04.1726 John Finch d 01.01.1739-40
ii Charles Savile of Methley b 1676, d 05.06.1741
m Aletheia Mellingson d 24.06.1759, dau of Gilbert Mellingson of Felley Abbey
a Sir John Savile, 1st Earl of Mexborough b 12.1719, d 17.02.1778
m 20.01.1760 Sarah Delaval d 09.08.1821, dau of Francis Blake Delaval
1 John Savile, 2nd Earl of Mexborough b 08.04.1761, d 03.02.1830
m 30.09.1782 Elizabeth Stephenson d 07.06.1821, dau of Henry Stephenson of East Burnham and Cox Lodge
A John Savile, 3rd Earl of Mexborough b 03.07.1783, d 25.12.1860 had issue
m 29.08.1807 Anne Yorke d 17.07.1870, dau of Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke
B Sarah Elizabeth Savile d 30.01.1851
m1 30.10.1807 John George Monson, 4th Lord of Burton b 01.02.1785, d 14.11.1809
m2 21.10.1816 Henry Richard Greville, 3rd Earl of Warwick
2 Henry Savile b 17.09.1763, d 1828
3 Charles Savile b 27.04.1774, dsp 18.02.1807
m 27.08.1803 Annabella Wilson
iii James Savile of Wakefield dvp before 1712
m Dorothy or Ann Oxley
a Sarah Savile
m Rev. Joseph Leech
iv Samuel Savile of Darrington, etc. in Yorkshire
m Elizabeth Frank dau/coheir of Robert Frank of Pontefract, m2. John Hoare
a Sarah Savile
m William Sotheron of Darrington
v Sarah Savile
m 12.04.1692 Sir Thomas Slingsby, 4th Bart of Scriven b c1668, bur 15.11.1726
B Margaret Savile d 09.11.1697
m Sir William Ingleby, 2nd Bart b 1621, d 11.1682 son of Sir William INGLEBY, 1st Bt cr 1642 May 17 b ca 1603 d 1653 Jan 16 m 1616 May 15, Anne BELLINGHAM
-1 William INGLEBY, bap. 1661 Aug 4, bur. 1661 Oct 9.
-2 Sir John INGLEBY, 3rd Bt, bap. 1664 Oct 11 d 1742 Jan 21 m Mary JOHNSON bur. 1733 Jul 14
-3 Margaret Ingleby b 1660 d 12 Dec 1715 m Mark Shafto of Whitworth b 8 Apr 1662 d 28 Dec 1723 son of Sir Robert Shafto of Whitworth bap 13 May 1634 d 21 May 1705 and Catherine Widdrington d 31 Aug 1676 grandson of Frances Fairfax b 13.12.1612, d 04.05.1649
m Sir Thomas Widdrington of Cheesburn Grange b c1600, d 13.05.1614, Speaker of the House of Commons

-2-1 Sir John INGLEBY, 4th Bt, b ca 1705 d 1771 Jul 14 unm
-2-2 William INGLEBY, bur. 1720 Jun 30.
-2-3 Christopher INGLEBY d 1782 Mar 17 unm.
-2-4 Margaret INGLEBY d 1766 Oct 4 unm.
-3-1 Robert SHAFTO of Whitworth, MP, died sp; married, as 1st husband, Hon. Dorothy DAWNEY (Downe, V).
-3-2 John SHAFTO of Whitworth, MP; married, as 1st husband, Mary JACKSON
-3-3 Catherine Shafto d 2 Jul 1730 m Sir John Eden b about 1680 d 2 May 1728 son of Sir Robert Eden b 1644 d. 17 May 1720 and Margaret Lambton b 1651 d 22 Jul 1730 (dau of John Lambton of Durham b 1624 and Margaret Hall)

-3-2-1 Robert SHAFTO of Whitworth, MP, died 1797 Nov 24); married 1774 Apr 18, Anne DUNCOMBE. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 19416-19495.
-3-2-2 Rev. Thomas Goodfellow SHAFTO, died 1797 Oct 17 unm.
-3-2-3 Dorothy SHAFTO, died 1805 Sep 12; married 1763 Apr 19, as 2nd wife, Wilmot VAUGHAN, 2nd Earl of Lisburne (cr 1776 Jul 18 I) (born ca 1730, died 1800 Jan 6).
-3-2-4 Margaret SHAFTO, died 1818 unm.
-3-1-1 Sir Robert Eden b About 1718 d 25 Jun 1755 m Mary Davison of Beamish d 30 Jan 1794 dau of William Davison of Beamish b 1673 d 27 Aug 1713 and Elizabeth Blacket b About 1645 d 10 Sep 1694

-3-2-3-1 John VAUGHAN, 3rd Earl of Lisburne, b 1769 Mar 3, d 1831 May 18; m 1798 Aug 2, Hon. Lucy COURTENAY (Courtenay, V) d 1822 Jan 27 For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 1112-1140.
-3-2-3-2 Lady Dorothy Elizabeth VAUGHAN, d 1849 Feb 15; m 1792 May 15, as 2nd wife, Sir Laurence PALK, Bt (cr 1772 Jun 19) d 1813 Jun 20
-3-2-3-3 Lady Malet VAUGHAN, died 1858 Jan unm.
-3-2-3-4 Lady Theodosia Charlotte VAUGHAN, b 1773 Feb 27.

-3-2-3-2-1 Sir Lawrence Vaughan PALK, 3rd Bt, born 1793 Apr 24; married 1815 Dec 9, as 2nd husband, Anna Eleanora WREY (Wrey, Bt) (died 1846 Jan 25). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 1715-1745.
-3-2-3-2-2 Robert John Malet PALK, born 1794 May 15, died 1870; married 1828 Aug 5, Harriett HIBBERT.
-3-2-3-2-3 Wilmot Henry PALK, born 1796 Oct 24, died unm.
-3-2-3-2-4 Maj. John PALK, born 1801 Apr 25, died 1838 Oct 4 unm.
-3-2-3-2-5 Edward PALK, born 1804, died 1821 Jan 22.
-3-2-3-2-6 Rev. Arthur George PALK, born 1806 Jul 10, died 1835 Nov 27 unm.
-3-2-3-2-7 Elizabeth Malet PALK, died 1827 Jan 18; married 1818 May 16, as 1st wife, Sir Horace Beauchamp SEYMOUR, MP (born 1791 Nov 22, died 1851 Nov 23).
-3-2-3-2-8 Mary PALK, died 1851 Jul 23; married 1835 Aug 27, Ernest Augustus VAUGHAN, 4th Earl of Lisburne (born 1800 Oct 30, died 1873 Nov 8). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 1112-1128.
-3-3-1-1-1 Thomas Eden b 1734 d. 1 May 1805 m Mariana Jones b About 1750 dau of Arthur Jones of Reigate Priory and Ann x

-3-2-3-2-2-1 Ashley PALK, born 1834, died 1861 unm.
-3-2-3-2-2-2 Wilmot Henry PALK, born 1846, died 1876 Jun 13; married 1867, Elizabeth Alexandrina Greig MACKENZIE.
-3-2-3-2-7-1 Lt. Col. Charles Francis SEYMOUR, born 1819 Sep 13, died 1854 Nov 5 unm.
-3-2-3-2-7-2 Frederick Beauchamp Paget SEYMOUR, 1st Baron Alcester (cr 1882 Nov 24), born 1821 Apr 21, died 1895 Mar 30 unm.
-3-2-3-2-7-3 Adelaide Horatio Elizabeth SEYMOUR, born 1825 Jan 27, died 1877 Oct 29; married 1854 Aug 9, as 2nd wife, Frederick SPENCER, 4th Earl Spencer (born 1798 Apr 14, died 1857 Dec 27). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Tudor Roll, Nos. 22023-22028, 22030. (2)
-3-2-3-2-7-4 Gertrude Elizabeth SEYMOUR, born 1827 Jan 12, died 1829 Feb 18.
-3-3-1-1-1-1 Arthur Eden b 9 Aug 1793 d 1874 m Frances Buncombe-Poulett-Thomson d. 25 Mar 1877 dau of John Buncombe-Poulett-Thomson of Waverley Abbey House d Jan 1839 and Charlotte Jacob d 18 May 1824

-3-2-3-2-2-2-1 Robert Wilmot Henry Malet PALK, born 1868, died unm.
-3-2-3-2-2-2-2 Wilmot Lawrence Lancelot PALK, born 1876 Aug 28, died unm.
-3-2-3-2-2-2-3 Evelyn Beatrice PALK, died unm.
-3-2-3-2-2-2-4 Elizabeth Octavia PALK; married 1913 Jun 17, Frederick Weston HADDEN.
-3-2-3-2-2-2-4-1 John Henry Palk HADDEN, b 1917.
-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 Dulcibella Eden d 1903 m Hugh Hammersley d 28 Sep 1882 son of Charles Hammersley and Emily Buncombe-Poulett-Thomson
-3-3-1-1-1-1-1-1 Mabel Barbara Hammersley b 1864 d 1943 m Walter Nassau Senior b 1850 d 1933 son of Nassau John Senior b 1822 d 1891 and Jane Elizabeth Hughes 'Janie Senior' b 10 Dec 1828 d 24 Mar 1877 grandson of John Hughes of Donnington Priory b 1790 d 1857 Margaret Elizabeth Wilkinson b 1797 d 1887 gr grandson of Thomas Wilkinson of Stokesley Hall, Stokesley and Jane Hutton b Before 1798 2gr granson of Rev. Thomas Hughes of Uffington b 1756 d 6 Jan 1833 and Mary Ann Watts b 3 Apr 1770 d 1853
-3-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Oliver Nassau Senior b 1901 m Dorothy Gardner Smith b 31 May 1904 dau of Herbert Heaton Gardner Smith b 1869 d 1922 and Annie E Pierce b 1874 d 1918
-3-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Pamela Mary Senior b 23 Aug 1928 m Denys Gordon Milne, C. B. E. b 12 Jan 1926 son of Dr. George Gordon Milne b 31 Jan 1894 d Apr 1942 and Margaret Nightingale Campbell b 19 Mar 1900 d 18 Dec 1983
C Elizabeth Savile
m Leonard Wastell
D Catherine Savile b c 1640 Yorkshire d Dec 1710 WEsterham Kent
m1 04.1657 Sir William Cholmeley, 2nd Bart of Whitby b 12.1625, d 10.1663 son of Hugh Cholmeley MP and Elizabeth Twysden
-1 Elizabeth Cholmeley b 1657 d 20 Oct 1704 m Edward Dering 3rd Baronet
-2 Hugh Cholmeley
-1-1 Cholmley Dering 4th Baronet
-1-2 Cecilia Dering
m2 1665 Sir Nicholas Strode of Chipsted House -1
E Dorothy Savile b 01.05.1647 d Feb 1680
m 15.09.1663 John Clavering, younger of Axwell Park dvp
-1 Elizabeth Clavering b aft 1667 Durham
-2 John Clavering 3rd Baronet b 9 Apr 1672 Ryton Durham d May 1714

-2-1 Alice Clavering b c Aug 1705 d 24 Nov 1776 m Herbert Windsor b 1 May 1707 d 25 Jan 1758 son of Thomas Windsor 1st Viscount Windsor of Blackcastle, 1st Lord Mountjoy b 1669 d 08.06.1738 m 28.08.1703 Charlotte Herbert b c 1675, d 13.11.1733

-2-1-1 Charlotte Jane Windsor b 7 May 1746 d 28 Jan 1800 London m John Stuart b 1744 Mount Stuart Rothesay Isle of Bute d 1814 Geneva CH son of John Stuart 3rd Earl of Bute b 25 May 1713 Edinburgh d 10 Mar 1792 London and Mary Wortley-Montagu

-2-1-1-1 John Stuart b 25 Sep 1767 Grosvenor Sq London d Jan 1794 Bassingbourne Hall Stanstead m aft 12 Oct 1792 in Dumfries House Elizabeth Penelope McDouall b 25 Nov 1772 Dumfries House d 25 Jul 1797 Southampton dau of Patrick MacDowall-Crichton b 15 Oct 1726 Dumfries House Cumnock Ayr d there 7 Apr 1803 m aft 12 Dec 1771 Margaret Crauford b c 1753 Restalrig Edinburgh d 5 May 1799 Dumfries House Cumnock Ayr

-2-1-1-1-1 John Crichton-Stuart
-2-1-1-1-2 Patrick James Herbert Crichton-Stuart
F+ other issue d unm? - Anne, Mary
m3. Dorothy Wentworth dau of Thomas Wentworth, 1st Lord
m4. Margery Peake dau of Ambrose Peake
b. Sir Henry Savile of Oxford b 30.11.1549, d 19.02.1622, Provost of Eton
m 1592 Margaret Dacre dau of George Dacre of Chesham
1 Henry Savile d 1604
2 Elizabeth Savile
m 1613 Sir John Sidely, 2nd Bart of Aylesford b c1597, d 13.08.1638
c. Thomas Savile of Oxford d unm bur 12.01.1592-3
d. Jennet Savile
m William Wilkinson
e. Margery Savile
m John Clayton of Clay
f. Mary Savile
m Marmaduke Peirson
g. Elizabeth Savile
m John Hodsworth of Astley
h. Dorothy Savile
m Richard Sproxton
iv. Thomas Savile ancestor of Saviles of Watergate
m Jeanet Boothroyd dau of Nicholas Boothroyd
v. Agnes Savile
m Thomas Harrison of Woodhouse
vi. Alice Savile
m Robert Holt of Stubley
vii. Jane Savile
m Thomas Gleadhill of Barsland
viii. Elizabeth Savile
m John Blythe of Quarnby
B. Thomas Savile ancestor of Saviles of Wellburne
c. Janet Savile probably of this generation
m 16.01.1501 John Thornill of Fixby d 03.04.1529

1 For Savile of Copley : Visitation Surtees Society 1869, Yorkshire, Dugdale 1664-6, Savile of Copley, BEB1844 Savile of Copley, TCB vol III, Savile of Copley.
2 For Savile of Bradley Hall and Mexborough : BP1934 Mexborough, BEB1844 Savile of Methley.
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