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Cotton 1

: Cotton of Alkington, Cotton of Bellaport, Cotton of Cotton, Cotton of Etwall
y Cotton b c 1135
Sir Hugh Cotton of Cotton, Salop (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
m Elizabeth Titley dau of->
+1 Hamon Titley of Titley
1. Sir Hugh Titley (dspms)
2. Allen Cotton
m Margaret Acton (dau of Roger Acton)
A. Hugh Cotton of Cotton
m Isabel Heyton (dau of Thomas Heyton)
i. Nicholas Cotton of Cotton
m. Katherine Hacklute (sister of Richard Hackluit) identified in Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Lacon)
a. Hugh Cotton (dsp)
b. Ellen Cotton
m Robert de Lacon
ii. Hugh Cotton (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
a. Richard Cotton
(1) Roger Cotton
m. Ellen Gremyson (dau of John Gremyson of Alkington)
(A) William Cotton of Alkington Shropshire b c 1400 d 1491 (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-61, 1470-1)
m Mary Hulse dau of William Hulse and Sibyl de Nobury
(i) John Cotton of Alkington b c 1435 d 1483
m Catherine Constantine (dau of Thomas Constantine of Doddington)
a Thomas Cotton of Alkington b c 1480
m Alice Johnstone dau of Ralph Johnstone of Whitechurch)
1 Ralph Cotton of Alkington b c 1530
m Jane Smith (dau of John Smith)
A John Cotton b c 1550 dsp 1606
m Jane Dod (dau of John Dod of Cloverly)
B William Cotton b c 1550 alderman of London, 3rd son) - continued below
m Jane Shabery (dau of William Shabery)
C Thomas Cotton (dsp)
D Randal Cotton (dsp, Captain)
E Roger Cotton
F Sir Allen Cotton
G+ daughters
2 John Cotton b c 1530
m Beatrice Whitfield
A+ 4 sons
3 Roger Cotton had issue
m Dorothy Herring (dau of William Herring of Coventry)
4 William Cotton
A Margaret Cotton
m Randal Taylor of Whitchurch
b William Cotton (alderman of Coventry)
c Sir Richard Cotton (priest)
d Margery Cotton
m Thomas Benion
-1 Thomas Benion b c 1500 Staffordshire d Aug 1587 Shrewsbury m Anne Owen b c 1510 d 1603 dau of Rize Owen -1-1 John Benion b c 1535 d 29 Nov 1573 Warwickshire m Ursula Higginson b 1538 d 1600 dau of Thomas Higginson yeoman and Agnes Spencer b c 1510 d 1573 (dau of William Spencer of Badby and Everdon and Agnes) -1-1-1 Thomas Benion b c 1560 London d 26 Nov 1608 Berkeswell Warwick m Isabel Higginson b c 1570 Solihull Warwick d 1650 Berkeswell West Midlands dau of Thomas Higginson tanner and Margery -1-1-1-1 Gabriel Benion b c 1585
ii William Cotton b c 1432 Shropshire d 1460 Cotton Shropshire
m Agnes Young dau of William Young of Cainton)
a John Cotton d c 1558
m Cicely Mainwaring (d c1558?, dau of Thomas Mainwaring of Ightfield)
B. Alan Cotton (dsp)
C. Margaret Cotton identified in Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Lacon)
m. John Dannet
3. William Cotton, Dean of Worcester
4? Of no established relation to the above was:
Edmond de Cotton b 1160 ?England
m Catherine de Brett b 1166
4-1 William de Cotton b 1200 Engl
m Agnes Ridware
4-1-1 John de Cotton b 1225 d by 1255
m Isabella Fauconer b 1230 Thurcaston Leicestershir dau of William Fauconer b 1205
4-1-1-1 Henry Cotton b by 1255 Landwade Cambridge d 1316 m Anne Fleming b 1255 Abergavenny Monmouth dau of Henry Fleming grandau of Allard Fleming b c 1200
4-1-1-1-1 Thomas Cotton b by 1275 Landwade d c 1342
4-1-1-1-1-1 Henry Cotton b c 1290 Landwade d c 1363 m Anne Holbrook b c 1290 Suffolk dau of Thomas Holbrook b c 1270
4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Cotton b c 1306 Suffolk d c 1397 Landwade m Alice Hastings b c 1310 Suffolk dau of John Hastings
4-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Cotton b c 1332 Suffolk d c 1393 m Bridget Grace b c 1336 Suffolk dau of Richard Grace
4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Walter Cotton b c 1389 Landwade d 14 MAY 1445
m Joane Reade b c 1395 Checkenden Oxfordshire dau of Robert Reade b c 1365 Checkenden Oxfordshire
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 William Cotton b c 1411 Landwade d 22 MAR 1455
m Alice Abbot b 1419 London d 21 Nov 1473 dau of John Abbot b c 1382 Farthinghoe Northampton d 27 Feb 1444 London
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Catherine Cotton b c 1446 Landwade
m Thomas Heighham b c 1442 Gazeley d aft 1494 son of Thomas Heigham b c 1442 d 21 Mar 1480 and Isabel Fraunceys b 1422
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Clement Heigham b c 1468 Lavenham Suffolk d 26 Sep 1500
m Matilda Cooke b c 1468 Lavenham Suffolk dau of Lawrence Cooke b 1438.
-1 Clement Heigham b c 1495 Lavenham Suffolk, d 9 MAR 1571 Barrow Suffolk
m1 Anne Munnings b c 1500 Suffolk d 26 MAY 1540 Suffolk dau of Thomas Munnings b c 1470 Suffolk d 22 Aug 1540 and Margaret Reeve b 1468 Melford Suffolk
m2 Anne Waldgrave
-1-1 Elizabeth Heigham b c 1519 Barrow Hall Suffolk m Robert Kempe b c 1515 Finchingfield Essex son of William Kempe b c 1489 d c 1514 and Mary Colt
-1-2 Anne Heigham b c 1526 Barrow Suffolk m Thomas Turnour
-1-3 Vincent Heigham b c 1528 Barrow Suffolk
-1-4 Margaret Heigham b c 1530 Barrow Suffolk d 19 DEC 1608 m Humphrey Moseley
-1-5 Frances Heigham b c 1532 Barrow Suffolk n William Fletcher
-1-6 Lucy Heigham b c 1534 Barrow Suffolk d 14 AUG 1596 m John Bokenham
-1-1-1 William Kempe b c 1555 Finchingfield Essex d 10 JUN 1628 m Philipa Gunter
-1-1-2 Robert Kempe b c 1557 Finchingfield Essex d 1616 Heydon Norfolk m Frances Mingay b 18 SEP 1575 Norfolk d Dec 1633 dau of John Mingay b c 6 Sep 1545 St Stephen Norwich Norfolk d 7 Oct 1622
-1-1-3 Bridget Kempe b c 1559 Finchingfield Essex m Clement Paman
-1-1-4 Dorothy Kempe b c 1561 Finchingfield Essex m Ralph Lee
-1-1-5 Arthur Kempe b c 1563
-1-1-6 Mary Kempe b c 1565
-1-1-7 Margaret Kempe b c 1567

-1-1-2-1 Isabel Kempe b c 1600 m Edward Colfox
-1-1-2-2 Elizabeth Kempe b 18 OCT 1595 Norwich Norfolk d 4 JUL 1671 m Ralph Outlaw b 1595 Little Wichingham Norfolk d there 14 Nov 1670 son of Thomas Outlaw and Margaret Cory
-1-1-2-3 Frances Kempe b 8 SEP 1603 Heydon Norfolk m William Doughty
-1-1-2-4 Mary Kempe b 3 FEB 1604 Heydon Norfolk d 1664 m Nicholas Osborne
-1-1-2-5 Robert Kempe of Spainshall in Finchingfield a 1634 m1 Elizabeth Miller dau of Nicholas Miller of Kent m2 m2 Elizabeth Kempe dau of Robert Kempe of Gissing

-1-1-2-2-1 Robert Outlaw b c 1626 Norfolk d 1680
-1-1-2-5-1+ issue: - William, Robert, Jane
-1-1-2-5-4 Frances Kempe

-1-1-2-2-1-1 John Outlaw b c 1640
-1-1-2-2-1-2 Edward Outlaw b by 1652 Norfolk d 19 DEC 1713 Norfolk VA brother, Captain John Outlaw. Edward doubtless owed a great deal to his elder brother, Captain John, but John may have been a bad influence on him and got him into trouble with the law on at least two occasions: (1) engaged him and another minor to help him unlawfully kill a steer, and (2) failure to do his share in keeping up the public roads in his area. m Elizabeth Dafnell b 1643 VA, Norfolk d by 1727 dau of William Dafnell and Mary ?Jones

-1-1-2-2-1-2-1 Sarah Outlaw b 1680/3 Norfolk VA 1754 m William Bustin
-1-1-2-2-1-2-2 Edward Outlaw b 1685 Norfolk VA d 15 APR 1738 m Anne Ivey b abt 1685 Norfolk had issue
-1-1-2-2-1-2-3 Elizabeth Outlaw b c 1686 Norfolk VA m Robert King
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4 Ralph Outlaw b c 1687/90 Norfolk VA d 1760 m Ann Rice b c 1687 Chowan Co NC d 1717 NC
-1-1-2-2-1-2-5 Christian Outlaw b c 1708 Norfolk VA d aft 1781 VA m William Freeman b c 1712 Norfolk VA d 17 Apr 1781 Gated Co NC son of William Freeman and Mary Cording

-1-1-2-2-1-2-2-1 Edward Outlaw b 1711 NC, Chowan Co d 22 MAR 1759 m Patience Whitfield
-1-1-2-2-1-2-2-2 George Outlaw b c 1716 VA, Norfolk d 1778 m Lydia Bentley
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-1 John Outlaw b c 1712/3 Norfolk VA d 1780
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-2 Thomas Outlaw b c 1714/5 Norfolk VA
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-3 William Outlaw b c 1716/7 Norfolk VA d 1790 m Mary Wood had Issue
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-4 Ralph Outlaw b c 1720/4 Chowan Co NC d 1790 m Ann ___, Mary Holladay
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-5 Edward Outlaw b c 1727 Chowan Co NC d 1808 m Mary ___
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-6 Lewis Outlaw b c 1729 Chowan Co NC d c 1800 m Zilphia Freeman
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-7 George Outlaw b c 1731 1801

-1-1-2-2-1-2-2-1-1 Alexander Outlaw b 1738 NC, Bertie Co d 25 AUG 1826 m Penelope Smith
-1-1-2-2-1-2-2-1-2 Elizabeth Outlaw b 1742 NC, Duplin Co d 30 APR 1821 m William Kornegay
-1-1-2-2-1-2-2-1-3 James Outlaw b c 1744 NC, Bertie Co d 22 APR 1828 m Elizabeth Grady
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-3-1 James Outlaw b c 1743 Bertie Co NC d 1783 m Rachel G. Freeman b c 1755 Bertie Co NC dau of John Freeman and Chistina Roundtree
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-3-2 Mary Outlaw b 1744 Bertie Co NC d 1796 m Joshua Freeman
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-3-3 William Outlaw b c 1745 Bertie Co NC d bef 1800 m Susannah Byrd
-1-1-2-2-1-2-4-3-4 George Outlaw b c 1751 Bertie Co NC d 1795 m Agnes Knott
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Walter Cotton b c 1425 Landwade Cambridgeshire
m Blanche Fraunceys b c 1425 dau of
-a Isabel Francis b 1422 d 26 Mar 1452 Gyfford Suffolk m Thomas Heigham b c 1420 Gazeley Suffolk d 21 Mar 1480 Gazeley son of Thomas Heigham b c 1398 and Alice de Boys
-a-1 Margaret/Jane Heigham b c 1437 Gazeley d c 1473 m John Blennerhassett
-a-2 Thomas Heigham b c 1442 Gazeley d aft 1494 m Catherine Cotton
-c Margaret Francis b c 1425 m1 Thomas Garneys of Kenton Hall, Suffolk b c 1425 d 12.12.1458 m2 Thomas Peyton
+1 Sir Hugh Fraunceys of Giffords b c 1395
m Phillippa Hemmys b c 1399 Wickhambrook Suffolk,
+2 y Francis
+2 Stephen Hamme b c 1330 Hamme d after 3 Nov 1407 Hamme
m Dionis x b c 1335
+3 Hugh Francis b c 1300
+3 Walter Hamme b c 1300 Chertsey Surrey d after 14 Sep 1379 Stepney Middlesex
m Agnes x d after 14 Sep 1379 Stepney Middlesex
+4 Thomas Hamme b c 1286 Chertsey Surrey
m Maud Julian x b c 1280
+5 William Hamme b c 1260 Chertsey
+6 Robert Hamme b c 1230 Chertsey d 1286 Chertsey
+7 John Hamme b c 1200 Chertsey
m Maud b 1202
+8 Robert Hamme b c 1170 Chertsey
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-1 Clement Cotton b c 1448 Middlesex m Magdelena/Madwen Doggett b c 1445 +1 Andrew Doggett/Duckett b 1414 Westmoreland d 6 Nov 1484 Grayrigg +2 Richard Duckett Jr b 1396 d 25 Jun 1438 m Mabel Bellingham b 1380 dau of-> +3 Richard Duckett Sr b 1346 Grayrigg Westmoreland d 25 Jun 1438
m Mabel Redman dau of->
+3 Roger Bellingham b 1354
+4 John Duket/Ducket b 1312 d 1384 (This source shows her father to have been Alexander de Windsor) son of Hugh Ducket b 1274 Fillingham Lincolnchire grandson of Richard Ducket b 1243 Fillingham d 4 Apr 1308 Fillingham
m Margery de Windsor Wi20-6 b c 1330
Richard Redman of Over Levins
m1 c 1394 Elizabeth Aldburgh
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Clement Cotton b c 1474 London/?Cambridge d Hatfield Essex m Constance Leventhorpe b c 1478 London
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-1 Jane Cotton b 1505
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2 Roger Cotton b 1508 Wardville Berkshire -1 Margaret Cotton b 1528 Wardville Berkshire m Robert Montague b c 1528 Burnham Parish Buckinghamshire d there 1/1574 -1-1 William Montague b c 1548 Burnham Parish d there 20 MAR 1593 m Margaret M. Malthouse b 1558/9 Binfield Berkshire dau of John Malthouse of Bynfielde and Margaret Bullock -1-1-1 William MONTAGUE wb c 1573
-1-1-2 William MONTAGUE b 1573 in Boveney, Bucks
-1-1-3 Elizabeth MALTHOUSE b c 1575 in Boveney, Bucks
-1-1-4 Elizabeth MONTAGUE b c 1575
-1-1-5 Elizabeth MONTAGUE b 1575 in Boveney, Bucks
-1-1-6 William MALTHOUSE b c 1576 in Boveney, Bucks
-1-1-7 Ann MONTAGUE b c 1577
-1-1-8 Ann MONTAGUE b 1577 in Boveney, Bucks
-1-1-9 Anne MALTHOUSE b c 1578 in Boveney, Bucks
-1-1-10 George MALTHOUSE b ct 1579 in Boveney, Bucks
-1-1-11 Peter Montague b 11 DEC 1580 Burnham Parish d there 16 MAR 1637 m Eleanore Allen b 7 Feb 1579 Burnham Parish d there 1656 dau of William Allen b 1533 Burnham Bucks
-1-1-12 George MONTAGUE b 1581 in Boveney
-1-1-11-1 Peter Montague b 21 JAN 1603 Burnham Parish d 27 MAR 1659 m Cicely Reynolds b c 1600 Burnham Parish d Henrico Co VA 12 Sep 1660 dau of Thomas Reynolds b 1563 Kent Engl d 1634 VA and Cecily Phippin b 1575 d Jan 1669
-1-1-11-2 Richard Montague b c 1615 d 14 DEC 1681 m Abigail Downing
-1-1-11-1-1 Peter Montague b 1631/4 Suffolk/Nansemond Co VA d 2 DEC 1695 m Mary Maindert Doodes b c 1642 Middlesex Co VA dau of Minor/Meindert Doodes b c 1620 d by 1678 and Mary Garrett b 1612 d 1678
-1-1-11-1-2 Elinor Montague b 1633 York Co VA d 1675 m John Thomas Jr.
-1-1-11-1-3 Elizabeth Montague b c 1641 Middlesex Co VA d 1708 m1 Nicholas Cocke, m2 James Blaise, m3 Doodes Minor
-1-1-11-1-1-1 Mary Montague b c 1665 West Chester Cheshire d c 1721 m1 Thomas Payne, m2 Col Joseph Ball m3 Richard Hewes
-1-1-11-1-1-2 Peter Montague b 1666 Middlesex Co VA d 1702
-1-1-11-1-1-3 William Montague b 1670/1674 Middlesex Co VA d 7 DEC 1713 m Lettice Weeks
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-3 Thomas Cotton b 1525 St Giles Cripplegate London d there 1559
m c 1540 Margaret Whittacre b 1525 d 20 Sep 1557 London
-1 Timothy Cotton
-2 Thomas Cotton
-3 Roland/Rowland Cotton b 1558 Derby d there 1604 m Mary Hurlbert b 1561 Derby d there 1595

-3-1 Abigail Cotton
-3-2 Mary Cotton b 1 Sep 1583 Derby d there
-3-3 John Cotton b 4 Dec 1585 Derby m aft 25 Apr 1632 Sarah Hawkbridge b c 1611 d 27 May 1676 Boston MA she m2 Richard Matcher
-3-4 Roland Cotton
-3-5 Thomas Cotton
-3-6 Dorothy Cotton b c 1604 Norfolk d c 1689 Dartmouth MA m 13 Feb 1644 Dartmouth MA John Russell

-3-3-1 Seaborn Cotton b 12 Aug 1633 at sea d 20 Apr 1686 Hampton Rockingham NH m1 Dorothy Bradstreet m2 Prudence Wade
-3-3-2 Dorothy Cotton
-3-3-3 Sarah Cotton
-3-3-4 Elizabeth Cotton
-3-3-5 John Cotton Jr
-3-3-6 Mary Cotton m y Mather
-3-3-7 Rowland Cotton
-3-6-1 Mary Smith
-3-6-2 John Russell Jr
-3-6-3 Mary Russell
-3-6-4 Joseph Russell
-3-6-5 Jonathan Russell

-3-3-1-1 Rev John Archibald Cotton b 8 May 1658 Hampton NH d there 27 Mar 1710 m Ann Lake b 12 Oct 1663 Boston MA d 29 Mar 1737 Brookline Suffolk MA dau of Thomas Lake and Mary Goodyear she m2 Increase Mather
-3-3-1-2 Anne Cotton m y Johnson
-3-3-1-3 Sarah Cotton m y Pierce
-3-3-1-4 Elizabeth Cotton m y Williams
-3-3-1-5 Mercy Cotton
-3-3-1-6 Rowland Cotton
-3-3-1-7 Maria Cotton m y Partridge
-3-3-1-8 Wade Cotton

-3-3-1-1-1 John Cotton b 5 Sep 1687 Hampton NH d 1689
-3-3-1-1-2 Mary Cotton b 5 Nov 1689 d 29 May 1731 Concord MA
-3-3-1-1-3 Dorothy Cotton b 16 Jul 1693 d 20 May 1748 Kingston NH m 21 Dec 1710 Nathaniel Gookin
-3-3-1-1-4 Thomas Cotton
-3-3-1-1-5 Anna Cotton
-3-3-1-1-6 Simon Cotton
-3-3-1-1-7 Samuel Cotton
-3-3-1-1-8 Lydia Cotton

-3-3-1-1-3-1 Nathaniel Gookin
-3-3-1-1-3-2 Simon Gookin
-3-3-1-1-3-3 Hannah Gookin b 7 Feb 1723 d 20 Aug 1756 Newbury MA m Patrick Tracy

-3-3-1-1-3-3-1 Hannah Tracy b 24 Apr 1755 Newbury MA d 28 Apr 1797 Boston MA m Jonathan Jackson

-3-3-1-1-3-3-1-1 Hannah Jackson b 2 Jul 1776 d 10 May 1815 Boston MA m Francis Cabot Lowell
-3-3-1-1-3-3-1-2 James Jackson Sr
-3-3-1-1-3-3-1-3 Patrick Tracy Jackson
-3-3-1-1-3-3-1-4 Mary Jackson m y Lee
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-4 Henry Cotton b 1521 London
m 1552 in London Margaret Marshall b 1525 London
-1 Mary Cotton b 1553 Abbotts Ann Hampshire m 1569 in Abbotts Ann Thomas Marshall -1-1 Thomas William Marshall III
-1-2 Elizabeth Marshall m y Potter
-1-3 Ann Marshall b 1576 Abbotis Ann Hampshdire m Philobert Cogan b 1563 Chard Co Somerset d 10 Feb 16539/40 Chard Somerset
-1-4 Martha Weeden y Potter
-1-3-1 Mary Cogan b c 1604 Chard Somerset d 3 Jun 1664 Dublin m Roger Ludlow b Dinton Wiltshire "father of Connecticut jurisprudence"
-1-3-1-3 Sarah Ludlow m Rev Nathaniel Brewster b 1619 in Bristol d 18 Dec 1690 in Brookhaven LI NY
4-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-5 George Cotton b c 1525 possibly here was:
-1? y Cotton b c 1560
-1-1 y Cotton b c 1590 -1-1-1 y Cotton b c 1620 -1-1-1-1 y Cotton b c 1650 -1-1-1-1-1 y Cotton b c 1680 -1-1-1-1-1-1 y Cotton b c 1710 -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Cotton b c 1755 m Andrew DeMoss b 1753 James VA d 1842 Martin IN ancestors of Tannya Rhea Cooper (author's DNA match) m Billy Witter
William Cotton b c 1550 alderman of London - continued above
m Jane Shabery (dau of William Shabery)
1. Sir Rowland Cotton of Alkington b 1581 dsp 1634
m Frances Needham (dau of Robert Needham, Viscount Kilmorey)
2. William Cotton of Alkington
m(2). Ann Draul (dau of Philip Draul of Sedshall)
A. William Cotton of Alkington and Bellaport (a 1644)
m1. Joyce Bromley (dau of Sir Thomas Bromley)
m2. Dorothy Whetnall (dau of John Whetnall of Hanklow)
Not known which wife was mother of ...
i. Ralph Cotton of Bellaport (d 28.08.1663)
m. Abigail Abney (dau of Sir Thomas Abney of Willesley)
a. Rowland Cotton of Bellaport and Etwall d 1753 br>m Mary Sleigh (dau of Sir Samuel Sleigh of Etwall)
(1) William Cotton of Bellaport and Etwall b 11.1700, d 01.1776
m 14.06.1742 Rebecca Webster dau of Daniel Webster
(A) William Cotton of Etwall Hall (bpt 27.01.1840, d unm 04.11.1819)
(B) Elizabeth Cotton (bpt 26.08.1748, d 1833)
m. Joseph Green of Hall Green and Portugal House
(i) Edwin Rowland Green, later Cotton of Etwall Hall (dsp, Major General)
m. Frances Hester Cotton (dau of George Cotton, Dean of Chester)
(ii) Charles Evelyn Green, later Cotton of Etwall Hall (b 14.09.1782, d 03.03.1857) had issue
m. (03.03.1828) Frances Maria Bradshaw (dau of Francis Bradshaw of Barton)
(iii) Rebecca Maria Green alias Cotton
m. J.S. Stovin of Cheltenham
(iv) Eliza Catherine Green
m. Clement Sneyd of Huntley Hall (b 02.1773, d 12.10.1854, Rear Admiral)
(v) Emma Cotton Green
(2) Mary Cotton
m. Henry Eyre
(3) Elizabeth Abigail Cotton (d 04.01.1777)
m. Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton, Bart of Combermere
(4) Katherine Cotton (d 16/26.03.1786)
m. (26.12.1754) Robert Shirley, 5th Earl Ferrers (b 18.07.1723, d 17.04.1787)

Source(s): BLG1886 (Cotton of Etwall)
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