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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
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Courcy 1

: de Courcy of Stoke Courcy, De Courcy of Kinsale Kingsale
The early generations of this family are not clear ! We do not have enough information to determine how to show them properly and so offer a compromise. Said by BP1870 to be descended from Charles of Laon, Duke of Lorraine d 991/4, and by some web sites to have been a younger son of Baudric 'the Teuton', was ...
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

Co30. Robert, lord of Courcy a 1006
Co29-1. Richard de Courcy b 1040 Courcy d 1098 Nuneham Courtenay Abingdon Oxford, into England with The Conqueror, eldest son
m Gwandelmode
A. Robert de Courcy of Stoke Courcy, Somerset b
m Rohesia de Grantmesnil dau of Hugh de Grentmesnil of Hinckley, Steward
i. William de Courcy of Stoke Courcy Steward to King Henry I
ii. Robert de Courcy of Stoke Courcy
BP1870 identifies Robert's wife as Avicia, daughter and co-heir of William de Meschines, Earl of Cambridge. We show below Avicia, daughter of William de Meschines, son/brother of 1st/2nd Earls of Chester, as wife of William de Curcy. This is one of several indications of some possible confusion between Roberts and Williams in this family.
a. William de Courcy of Stoke Courcy d 1171, Steward to King Henry II
BP1870 reports that William was succeeded by his eldest son John, who later became Earl of Ulster. As indicated below, we don't accept that succession.
iii.+ 3 sons
Where the following Richard. is to be placed in this Pedigree is as yet uncertain. TCP Lisle includes a table that shows the following Richard, 4 successive Williams, the marriage of William II to Avice de Meschines, and Alice. We hesitate to assume that this following Richard is the same person as the above Richard who came to England with the Conqueror, although the dates might fit. However, he might have been a cousin of that Richard. TCP Ulster introduces John, 'Earl of Ulster' as "a cadet of the de Curcy lords of Stogursey, Somerset". It seems reasonable to presume that Stogursey is the same as Stoke Courcy so, along with the erroneous suggestion reported in BP1870 that the 'Earl of Ulster' succeeded to Stoke Courcy, this might suggest that the following line of Williams is in fact after allowing for possible confusion between some Roberts and some Williams the same as the line mentioned above. This is to be researched further in due course.
?Co29. Richard de Curcy of Newenham, Oxfordshire
Co28 William I de Curcy sewer to King Henry I
Co27 William II de Curcy d c 1130
m Avice or Amice de Meschines of Rumilli dau of William de Meschines
Co26-1 William III de Curcy d 1171
1 William IV de Curcy dsp
2 Alice de Curcy or Courcy
m1 Henry de Cornhill apparently son of Gervase FitzRoger
A Joan de Cornhillprobably of this generation
m before 30.04.1200 Hugh de Neville d before 21.07.1234
m2 Warin FitzGerold d after 14.11.1216
The following connection is uncertain. TCP Ulster reports a suggestion that John, the so-called 'Earl of Ulster', was a son of a younger son of William II or possibly an illegitimate son of William III. TCP seems to lean to the following connection. The description 'of Exeter' is found in a web site dedicated to the Jordan family.
Co26 Jordan de Curcy or de Exeter Exonia
Co25-1 John de Curcy, 'Earl of Ulster' dspl by 09.1219 TCP Ulster reports that, although John is often referred to as though he was created Earl of Ulster, an earldom as such was probably never created.
m 1180 Affrica dau of Godfred Crovan, King of the Isle of Man
partners unknown
A John de Courcy of Rathenny and Kilbarrock d 1208
It is possible that this is the same person as 'John the younger' who starts the section below.
B ? Patrick de Courcy
Co25-2 Jordan de Curcy or de Exeter Exonia d 1197
A Jordan de Curcy or de Exeter, Sheriff of Connaught a 1249 ancestor of families called Jordan
B+ 2 sons d 1203
Tudor shows and possibly belonging here or above Co25 Catherine de COURCYE m Nicholas de Carew of Carew Castle d before 1228
John de Courcy 'the younger'
It is possible that this is the same person as the John of Rathkenny, shown above as an illegitimate son of John, 'Earl of Ulster'.
1. Miles de Courcy, 1st / - Lord Kinsale
1 BP1870 suggests that this Miles was son of John, 'Earl of Ulster', but BP1934 identifies his father as John 'the younger' with an implication, but without specification, that that John was son of John 'the elder', 'Earl of Ulster'. TCP Kingsale reports that "There is no proof whatsoever that Patrick was son of Miles de Courcy, said to be a son of John de Courcy the younger." TCP indicates that that presumption derives from a misconception of the way that the term "the younger" or "junior" was used at that time, implying that 'the younger' was not necessarily son of 'the elder'.
2 BP1934 identifies this Miles as the 1st to become Baron. TCP numbers the lords differently. We show both numberings, BP1934/TCP.
A. Patrick de Courcy, 2nd / - Lord Kinsale a 1221, d c1260
TCP Kingsale says that "nothing is known" for certain about Patrick's parentage.
m Margery dau of Margaret dau of Miles de Cogan
i. Nicholas de Courcy, 3rd / - Lord Kinsale d c1290 named Miles by TCP
TCP and BP1934 differ over the next few generations. We follow BP1934 to enable us to keep showing its numberings of the barons.
m Anne d c1300
a. Edmund de Courcy, 4th / - Lord Kinsale a 1302, dsp not mentioned by TCP
b. John de Courcy, 5th / - Lord Kinsale TCP says he d c1291
1 Miles de Courcy, 6th / 1st Lord Kinsale b c1286, d by 12.1344
m Joan
A Miles de Courcy, 7th / 2nd Lord Kinsale d 1358
BP1934 reports that Miles died 1358 and was succeeded by John who was his son but TCP reports that he d unm c1372 and that his successor was son of Edmund whom we presume to be his brother.
B Edmund de Courcy
i John de Courcy, 8th / 3rd Lord Kinsale d c 1387
a William de Courcy, 9th / 4th Lord Kinsale b c 1370 a 1397
m Margaret Peinnel b c 1380
1 Reported by was:
Joan de Courcy b c 1422 Laughton Sussex d there 1460
m Sir John Pelham b by 1414 son of Sir John Pelham b c 1378 Laughton d 1429 Leigh Rd Eastleigh Hampshire and Joan Escures b c 1382 Laughton Sussex d c 1424 (dau of John Escures)
-1 Catherine Pelham Lewknor
-2 John Pelham
-3 Thomas Pelham
-4 Sir William Pelham b 1468 Laughton d 1538 m1 Mary Carew b c 1462 Sussex dau of Richard Carew m2 Emeline Carrell b 1442 m3 Mary Sandys b c 1489 + 2 ch dau of William Sandys 1st Baron and Margaret Bray (she m1 Sir Thomas Palmer)
-5 Cicelia Pelham b 1481? m William Lunsford
-6 Elizabeth Pelham
-7 Joan Pelham b c 1454 Laughton
-8 Anthony Pelham
-4-1 Anne Pelham m Sir Edward Capell
-4-2 Sir Nicholas Pelham MP
-4-3 Anthony Pelham
-4-4 Sir William Pelham b c 1537
-4-5 Sir Edmund Pelham
-5-1 William Lundsford III
b BP1934 reports that the following Nicholas was William's son but TCP states "Nothing certain is known of him" and suggests that he was William's brother or cousin.
Nicholas de Courcy, 10th / 5th Lord Kinsale d c1430
1 Patrick de Courcy, 11th / 6th Lord Kinsale d by 1449
A Nicholas de Courcy, 12th / 7th Lord Kinsale d 02.1474-6
m Mary O'Mahon dau of _ O'Mahon, chief of that family
i James de Courcy, 13th / 8th Lord Kinsale d 1499
m Ellena Roche dau of David Roche, Lord Fermoy
a Richard de Courcy dvp 1496
b Edmund de Courcy, 14th / 9th Lord Kinsale dsp
ii David de Courcy, 15th / 10th Lord Kinsale
m Jane Roche dau of Edmund Roche, uncle of Lord Fermoy
C Margaret de Courcy d 1373
m William son of David Barri
D Joan de Courcy
i Richard Lenfant
E Catherine de Courcy
i Joan de Cauntelo
ii Margaret Carreu
F Anstice de Courcy
i Margery Courcy

Sources: BP1934 Kingsale, TCP Kingsale with some input from BP1870 Kingsale
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