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Assheton 2

: Assheton of Great Leaver/Lever, Assheton of Malham, Assheton of Middleton, Assheton of Whalley Abbey

Sir Ralph Assheton of Middleton, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1483
m Margaret Barton dau of John Barton of Middleton
1. Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton d 28.04.1508-9
m 1480 Isabel Talbot dau of John Talbot of Salebury or Salisbury
A. Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton a 1513
BP1934 combines this Sir Richard with the Sir Richard. BEB1844 seems more likely show as his son. BP1934 reports that he married 3 times with issue by his 2nd wife, Anne Strickland, who is shown as his son's 1st wife here.
m Anne Foulshurst dau of Sir Robert Foulshurst of Crew
i. Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton d 11.01.1549
m1 Anne Strickland dau of Sir Thomas Strickland of Lorsdale
a. Richard Assheton of Middleton d 1551-2
m1 Anne Gerrard dau of Sir Thomas Gerrard of Bryn
1 Richard Assheton of Middleton, Sheriff of Lancashire a 1595 br>m 1550/1 Elizabeth Davenport dau of Sir William Davenport of Bramhall or Broomhall
A Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton, Sheriff of Lancashire d 27.12.1617
m1 Mary Byron bur 12.01.1591-2, dau of Sir John Byron of Clayton
i Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton d 07.11.1618
m Mary Venables dau of Thomas Venables of Kinderton
a Ralph Assheton of Middleton b 1596 d 17.02.1650 admitted at Gray's Inn on 24 May 1614. He was awarded MA at Cambridge in 1615 on the visit of the King, and was incorporated at Oxford University in 1616 MP excluded from parliament in 1648 Gen of the Parliamentary Army leader of the Presbyterian party in Lancashire
m Elizabeth Kaye dau of John Kaye of Woodsome
1 Sir Ralph Assheton, 1st Bart of Middleton b 1626
m Anne Assheton dau of Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart of Whalley Abbey and Leverbelow
A Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd Bart of Middleton b 11.02.1657, d 05.1716
m1 Mary Vavasour d 1694, dau of Thomas Vavasour of Spaldington
i Richard Assheton b c1689, dvpsp 1707/8
ii Anne Assheton of Spaldington
m 15.08.1701 Humphrey Trafford of Trafford
iii Mary Assheton b c1695, d 18.03.1776
m 19.02.1716 Sir Nathaniel Curzon, 4th Bart of Kedleston b 1675, d 16.11.1758
iv Catherine Assheton b 1692, bur 30.08.1728
m Thomas Lister of Arnoldsbriggin b 08.10.1688, d 22.05.1745
m2 sp Mary Hyde dau of Robert Hyde of Denton
B Richard Assheton of Allerton Gladow b c 1435 m Mary Parker dau of John Parker of Extwistle
i Sir Ralph Assheton, 3rd Bart of Middleton d 31.12.1765
m1 Mary Egerton dau of Sir Holland Egerton, Bart
BEB1844 suggests that Sir Ralph's daughters were by his first wife Mary but, for the respective daughters, TCP Suffield and TCP Wilton report that her mother was ...
m2 Eleanor Copley dau of Rev. John Copley of Bathely
a Mary Assheton bpt 26.11.1741, d 01.06.1823
m 07.10.1760 Sir Harbord Harbord, 1st Lord Suffield b 01.1734, d 04.02.1810
b Eleanor Assheton b c1750, d 03.02.1816
m 12.12.1769 Sir Thomas Grey Egerton, 7th Bart, Lord Grey de Wilton, Earl of Wilton d 23.09.1814
ii Elizabeth Assheton dsp
m Thomas Pigot of Manchester
iii+ other issue - John d unm 09.1758, Richard dsp 11.1758, Anne d unm
C Anne Assheton
D Mary Assheton
m Edward Thornicroft of Thornicroft
2 John Assheton or Ashton of Burn 3rd son probably of this generation
This connection provided by BLG1952 Mitford of Mitford.
A Anne Ashton
m 19 Dec 1684 Robert Mitford of Mitford Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland b 31.10.1662, d 07.05.1707
B daughter
3 Elizabeth Assheton
m 1651 Adam Beaumont, younger of Whitley
4 Mary Assheton
m Christopher Banaster of Bank
5+ other issue - Richard dvp 25.03.1631, Anne d unm
b Dorothy Assheton
m John Legh of Booths, Sheriff of Cheshire b c1601, d 16.04.1660
c Anne Assheton
m Rev. Paul Letham of Standish
d+ other issue - Richard dvp, John d young, James, William rector of Middleton, Thomas
ii Winifred Assheton
m John Holte of Stubley
iii Mary Assheton
m Robert Holte of Ashworth
iv Dorothy Assheton d before 25.03.1603
m by 1602 James Anderton of Clayton b 1576, bur 31.53.1658
m2 Mary Holte dau of Robert Holte of Ashworth
v Ralph Assheton of Kirkby Grange and Elmley b 05.01.1595, a 1643
m Catherine Brereton bur 30.04.1667, dau of William Brereton of Ashley
vi+ other issue d unm - Susan, daughter
B John Assheton dvp
m2 Catherine Bellingham dau of Sir Robert not Thomas Bellingham
2 Margaret Assheton shown by BEB1844 as daughter of 1st marriage
m William Davenport of Broomhall d 1585
3 Dorothy Assheton dsp
m Alexander Hoghton of Hoghton
4 Anne Assheton shown by BEB1844 as daughter of 1st marriage
m 22 Nov 1547 John Booth of Barton
b. Mary Assheton
m1 _ Gouland of Offerton
m2 18.07.1547 Sir John Southworth of Samlesbury
c.+ other issue - Robert rector of Middleton, John rector of Middleton, Leonard a 1542, Ralph had issue, Thomas had issue
m2 19.10.1541 Anne widow of Sir Robert Bellingham of Burndside, presumably Anne, dau of Sir James Pickering
ii. Anne Assheton
m George Atherton of Atherton d 1518
iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Edmund rector of Middleton
B. Edmund Assheton d 22.08.1522, rector of Middleton
C. Margaret Assheton
m John Hopwood of Hopwood
D. Dorothy Assheton
m Robert Holte of Stubley
E. Alice Assheton d 27.03.1529/31
m1 John Lawrence
m2 Richard Ratclyffe of Ratclyffe Tower b 1454, dsp 08.06.1502
m3. Thomas Booth of Huckensall or Halkinsall
F. Elizabeth Assheton
m 1500-1 Robert Holland son of Thurstan Holland of Denton
2. Sir Ralph Assheton
m Margaret Lever dau of Adam Leaver of Great Lever
A. Ralph Assheton of Great Lever or Leaver
m Eleanor Hulton dau of Adam Hulton of The Park
i. Ralph Assheton of Great Leaver
m Margaret Orrell dau of William Orrell of Turton Tower
a. Ralph Assheton of Great Leaver, Whalley and Malham
m Alice Hulton dau of William Hulton of Farnworth
1 Ralph Assheton of Great Leaver
BEB1844 shows the wives in reverse order, but still with the children by Joanna, and identifies Joanna as daughter of Thomas Radcliffe of Wimberley and widow of Edmund Radcliffe of Todmorden. That seems wrong. We follow BLG1886 which follows part of BLG1952 Radclyffe of Foxdenton and Hyde although that article is not fully consistent within itself.
m1 Anne Talbot dau of John Talbot of Gatehouse, son of Sir Thomas of Bashall
m2 Johanna Radcliffe dau of Edward Radclyffe of Todmorden
A Sir Ralph Assheton, 1st Bart of Great Leaver and Whalley b 1579, d 18.10.1644
m1 Dorothy Bellingham dau of Sir James Bellingham of Levens
i Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd Bart of Whalley dsps 1680
m1 Dorothy Tufton dau of Nicholas Tufton, 1st Earl of Thanet
m2 Elizabeth Harrington dau of Sir Sapcote Harrington
a son d young
ii Thomas Assheton
m Anne Clapham dau of Sir Sheffield Clapham
a Thomas Assheton bur 1670
iii Sir Edward Assheton, 3rd Bart of Whalley b 1620, dsp 31.10.1695
iv Sir John Assheton, 4th Bart of Whalley b 1621, dsp 19.6.1697
m Isabel or Catherine Fletcher dau of Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart of Hutton
v Anne Assheton
m Sir Ralph Assheton, 1st Bart of Middleton b 1626 above
vi Joanna Asshetonprobably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
m Peter Bold of Bold b c1626, d 1658
m2 Eleanor Shuttleworth dau of Thomas Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe
B Ratcliffe Assheton of Cuerdale b 1582
m Elizabeth Hyde dau of John Hyde
C Jane Assheton b 1573, d 07.1634/5
m Richard Towneley of Towneley b 29.04.1566, d 29.11.1628
D Alice or Margaret Assheton b 1574
m Alexander Standish of Duxbury
E Eliza Assheton b 1575
m George Preston of Holker d 04.1640
2 Richard Assheton of Downham
m Margaret Hulton dau of Adam Hulton of Hulton Park wife of Richard, possibly mother of ...
A Nicholas Assheton of Downham
i Ralph Assheton of Downham dsp
b. Andrew Assheton rector of Mungewell
ii. Richard Assheton of Whalley Abbey, Downham and Malham dsp 09.09.1581
m Jane Harbottle dau of Ralph Harbottle of Northumberland
iii.+ other issue - Nicholas rector of Wickford, Patrick, Margaret, Anne
B. Robert Assheton
C. John Assheton
m Eleanor Constable dau of Sir Robert Constable of Masham
i. Helen Assheton
m William Pickering
3.+ other issue - Thomas priest, 6 daughters
9 Alice de Ashton b 1440 Lancashire d 5 May 1507 Leyland Lancashire
m William Leyland Farrington b 1429 Worden Hall Lancashire son of William Farrington and Cecily Leyland
-1 Jane Farrington b 1465 Leyland Lancashire d there 1509 m Sir Robert Clayton b c 1465 Clayton Manor d 1515 Leyland Lancashire
-2 Sir Henry Farrington b c 1471 Farington d c 1550 m1 Anne Radcliffe m2 Dorothy Okeover
-3 Ann Farrington b 1479 Farington Lancashire d 1504 Clayton Lancashire m Sir Roger Worden

1 For Asshetons of Middleton : BEB1844 Assheton of Middleton, BP1934 Duff-Assheton-Smith
2 For Asshetons of Leaver : BEB1844 Assheton of Lever, BLG1886 Assheton of Downham
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