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Strode 1: Strode of Parnham, Strode of Southhill, Strode of Strode
Commoners commences its article on this family with the following: "The family of Strode, which derives from the Dukes of Bretagne, was founded in England by one of the soldiers of the Conquest". The early generations of this family are uncertain. Commoners starts with Sir Warinus de la Strode of Strode Dorset then jumps to Sheriff Sir John a 1232 "the eighth ... in direct line" from Warinus. Visitation Dorset, 1623, Strode shows the following descent from Warinus de la Strode which we presume omits a number of generations.
Warinus de la Strode
1. Sir William de Strode
A. Hugo de Strode
i. Sir John Strode
a. Hugh de Strode
1 Henry de Strode see below
m Matilda
ii. Robert Strode
Commoners provides the following:
Sir John de Strode, Sheriff of Dorset & Somerset a 1232
1. Nicholas de Strode a 1249
A. Sir Hugh de Strode a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307
m Beatrix de Bytton dau of Sir John de Bytton by Hawise, dau/heir of Matthew Furneaux
i. Sir Hugh de Strode of Chalmington
m Beatrice Fitchet
a. Henry de Strode a 1327 see above
m Maud Matilda de Beaupre heiress
1 Hugh de Strode a 1377
m Beatrix Button dau of John Button reported by Visitation but not by Commoners
A Henry de Strode a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399
m Elizabeth Brent dau of John Brent by Joan
i Richard de Strode of Parnham, Dorset
Visitation Dorset, 1623, Strode shows Richard as married twice, 1st to Margerie Jererd mother of William and 2nd to Elizabeth. Commoners shows just one wife, ...
m Elizabeth Jerard dau of John Jerard
a William de Strode of Parnham - continued below
m Alice Ledred dau of Roger Ledred or Leddred
2 Edmund de Strode
2. John Strode of Parnham
William de Strode of Parnham - continued above
m Alice Ledred dau of Roger Ledred or Leddred
1. William de Strode of Parnham
m Alianor Cheyne dau of John Cheyne of Pinho
A. John Strode of Parnham
m1 Christian Pokeswell dau of John Pokeswell of Strode
i. Robert Strode of Parnham
m Elizabeth Hody dau of -> +1 Reginald Hody/Hodye
m Elizabeth Dinham
+2 William HODY d c 1515 Chief Baron of the Exchequer
m Eleanor Mallet
+3 Sir John Hody b c 1396 d aft 1441
m Elizabeth Jewe
+4 Thomas Hody Ho18
m Elizabeth Cole of Kingston Magna
a. John Strode of Parnham b 1524, d 1581
m1 Katherine Cromwell dau of Gregory Cromwell, Lord, son of Thomas, Earl of Essex
1 Sir John Strode of Parnham b 1561
m Anne Wyndham dau of Sir John Wyndham of Orchard
A Sir John Strode of Chantmarle b 1624
m Anne Brown dau of T. Brown of Walcott, widow of John, Lord Paulet of Hinton
i Elizabeth Strode
m Sir William Oglander, Bart
B Sir George Strode 'of Leweston' b 1626, serjeant-at-law
Thanks to a site visitor CV, 11.11.07 for bringing the following connection to our attention.
m Grace Fitzjames dau of Sir John Fitzjames of Leweston
i Grace Strode d 03.04.1725
m 1695 Henry Thynne b 08.02.1675, dvp 20.12.1708, son of 1st Viscount Weymouth
2 George Strode of Wymborne a 1623, minister, youngest son?
m Mary Fleete dau of William Fleete of Chartam
A+ issue a 1623 - Abraham b c1608, John b c1613, Mary b c1602
3+ other issue - Edward, John, Thomas, George
m2 Margaret Hadly dau of Christopher Hadly or Hadley, widow of Thomas Luttrel of Dunster Castle, m3. Richard Hill
7 Margaret Strode
m E. Kerr
8 Anne Strode
m E. Stradling
9 Dorothy Strode
m W. Prowse
10+ other issue - Hugh, Bridget, Alice
ii. Giles Strode dsp
iii. Dorothy Strode
m _ Hemerford
m2 Elizabeth Polhott dau of Richard Polhott or Palshott
iv.+ other issue
2. John Strode of Shepton Mallet, Somerset
m Joanna Okele dau of John Okele
A. Walter Strode of Shepton Mallet
i. Thomas Strode of Shepton Mallet
The following is partly supported by Visitation Somerset, 1623, Strode.
a. John Strode
1 Stephen Strode of Shepton Mallet
m Mary Hodges dau of Richard Hodges of Chepstow
A Thomas Strode of Shepton Mallet a 1623
m1 Alice Bulliford dau of Macklin Bulliford of Devonshire
i Alice Strode dsp
m2 Anna Lane dau of _ Lane of Mells, relict of John Butcher
ii Abigail Strode b c1602
m Richard Swaine of the Gonvil Swaines
a Abigail Swaine d 04.08.1723
m Wyndham Harbin of Newtown, Somerset
1+ issue - Swayne, daughter
iii Hannah Strode b c1607, a 1623
b. Edward Strode of Shepton Mallet
m Alicia Whiting dau of Robert Whiting, brother of the last abbot of Glastonbury
1 William Strode of Shepton Mallet
m Elizabeth Upton dau/heir of Geoffrey Galfrid Upton 'of Warminster'
A Geoffrey Galfrid Strode of Shepton Mallet
m Elizabeth Filiol dau of William Filiol of Marnhull
i William Strode Colonel, MP
B Sir George Strode of London 'of Westrom' b 1583, d 1663
The following information was kindly provided by a site visitor CV, 11.11.07 identifying the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as the source.
m 11.02.1615 Rebecca Crisp d 10.1645, dau of Alderman Nicholas Crisp, cousin of Sir Nicholas
i Anne Strode
m1 Ellis Crisp son of Sir Nicholas
m2 Nicholas Reynardson son of Abraham
ii+ other issue - Sir Nicholas, John Governor of Dover Castle, 11 others
C William Strode of Shepton Mallet
m Joanna Barnard dau of E. Barnard of Downside
i Edward Strode b 22.08.1623
a John Strode
m ?? Hippesley dau of J. Hippesley of Camley
1 James Strode
m Amy A'Court
A Carew Strode of Southhill House, Somerset
m Elizabeth Skinner
i James Strode dsp
ii Edward Strode of Southhill
m Mary Simpson of Cumberland
a John Strode of Southhill b c1738, dsp 1807
m Margaret Sophia Parker b c1750, d 25.08.1805, dau of Sir Henry John Parker, Bart of Talton
b Anne Strode
m 15.10.1770 Thomas Chetham of Mellor Hall
Four of their sons inherited Southhill in turn and took the name Strode-Chetham/Chetham-Strode.
B Edward Strode
Not mentioned by either Commoners or Visitation Somerset, 1623, Strode was the following James, identified by Visitation Somerset, 1672, Strode of Shepton Mallet as a son of a Thomas Strode of Shepton Mallet.
c. James Strode of Shepton Mallet possibly of this generation
m Amy Pitt dau of Matthew? Pitt of Weymouth
1 Thomas Strode of Boulesse, Shepton Mallet
m Abigail Strode dau of Thomas Strode of Shepton Mallet
A Thomas Strode b c1626, a 1672
m Ann Churchey dau of James Churchey of Wincanton
i+ issue a 1672 - John b c1664, Thomas, James, Ann, Abigail, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary
B+ other issue - Amy, Abigail, Hannah, Mary
2 James Strode
m Edith Albyn dau of John Albyn of Bruton
A+ issue - Thomas b c1626, Amy, Margaret, Mary, Carola
3 William Strode
m Ann Greene of London
A William Strode b c1642, a 1672

Sources: Commoners vol II, Chetham-Strode of Southhill
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