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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Wales 47: Family of Bodsilin, Family of Bryn y Neuadd, Family of Gorddinog
Gruffydd ap Goronwy ap Howel, of Penmaenmawr
m Tangwystl dau of Gwrgeneu ap Meuirg ap Gwilim ap Rhys Gadwynog ap Gwilim ap Rhys ap Edryd
1. Grono Wynn
2. Evan Ifan Lloyd of Bodsilin
m1 Margaret dau of Gruffydd Vychan ap Gruffydd ap Dafydd Goch, of Pemmachno
A. Meredydd
m ?? dau of Gwilim ap Griffith ap Gwilim
i. Alice
m Ieuan ap Dafydd, of Glan Alaw
ii. Annes
m John Glyn rector of Heneglwys
iii.+ other issue - David, Angharad
B. Gwilim Lloyd
m Elin dau of Einion ap Einion ap Ynyr Vychan, of Nannau
i. Rhys of Bodsilin & Llechwedd ucha
m1 Morfydd dau of Robert ap Meredydd ap Howel ap Dafydd, of Cesailgyfarch
a. Meredydd
m Angharad dau of David ap Llewelyn ap David, of Cefamelgoed
1 Gwilim William
m Myddanwy dau of Evan ap Meredydd Vychan
A Robert 3rd son? 355
m Ales Hide of Chester
B Gwenhwyfer
m Robert ap John, of Bodsilin
C Gwen
m Thomas ap John ap Llewelyn Vychan
D+ other issue - Owen, Morris
b. John 5th son? this line followed by Griffith p213
m Jonet dau of Evan ap Gwilim ap Rhys ap Gruffydd
1 Morris
m Angharad dau of William ap William ap Gruffydd ap Robin, of Cochwillan
A Thomas Wynn 'of Gorddinog'
m Lowry dau of William Coetmor of Coetmor
i Rhys Wynn a 1640
m Catherine Jones
a John Wynn bur 13.07.1705
m Ann sb Elizabeth? Bond bur 25.11.1759, dau of Thomas Bond son of Sir John sb Sir William?
1 John Wynn bur 07.04.1739
m Dorothy dau/coheir of John Owen of Farchwel
A Dorothy Wynn b 1701-2, d 21.02.1738
m1 Sir Thomas Bond, Bart of London bur 17.08.1734
m2 02.08.1736 John Salesbury of Brynbarcut
B+ other issue - Ann bpt 02.01.1703, d by 1758, Margaret bpt 11.02.1710, d 07.08.1736
2 Edward 6th son
m Catherine dau of Hugh Price of Ysgeiflog
3 Mary
m Edmund Williams
4 Ann
m Peter Corley of Lancashire
A+ issue - Thomas, John, Peter, Richard, Catherine
5+ other issue - John dsp by 1732, Stafford 9dsp bur 15.01.1757, Richard, Thomas dsp, Catherine d unm
b Grace
m William Jones of Cardiganshire
1+ issue - Samuel, Hugh
ii Cadwaladr Wynn 3rd son
m Mary Lloyd of Aber y Pwll
iii Gwen
m1 John ap William ap Griffith, of Llanfairisgaer
m2 Howel ap Robertduplication just below?
iv+ other issue - William dsp, Richard Wynn bur 12.12.1679
B Jonet
m George Mason d 1593, rector of Aber
C Gwenduplication just above?
m Howel ap Robert
c. William 7th son?
1 Pierce
A John
i Owen of Llanrhyddlad
d. Margaret
m Dafydd ap Robert ap Dafydd
e.+ other issue - Dafydd Lloyd, Robert, Morris, Edmund
m2 Margaret dau of Gwilim ap Griffith ap Madog ap Ieuan ap Howel ap Griffith ap Tudur ap Madog ap Iarddur
i. Griffith
m Mawd dau of Griffith ap Howel, of Plas Hen
1 William Griffith of Conway d by 1517 this line supported by Griffith p136
m Gwenhwyfer of Efionydd
A William Griffith
B John Griffith of Dwygyfylchi, later of Cotton Hall b c1555, d 1615
m Elin dau of Morgan ap John ap Morgan, niece of Bishop Morgan
i Edward Griffith of Cotton Hall
m Catherine
a John Griffith of Chester b c1623, a 1649, 4th son
m Lydia Benson of Chester
b+ other issue - John dsp, Thomas dsp, Edward, Hannah, Alice, Deborah, Elzabeth
ii John Griffith of Charlton
m Margaret Tomlinson dau of Thomas Thomlinson of Dunham
a+ issue - John, Joseph, Samuel, Catherine, Mary, Martha, Ann
iii Margaret
m Robert Griffith of Ireland
C Elin
m Richard Hampton
2 Rhys
ii. Meredydd
m Angharad dau of Dafydd ap Madog ap Dafydd ap Madog Lloyd
Mentioned by Griffith p389 were ...
a. William
1 Gwenhwyfer
b. Angharad
m Howel ap Dafydd ap Cynwrig ap Dafydd ap Madog ap Llowarch ap Bran
c. Myfanwy
m Gwilim ap Goronwy
d. Annes or Jonet
m John Glynn rector of Heneglwys
Mentioned by Griffith p213 were ...
e. Dafydd
1 Morfydd
m William ap Gruffydd Vychan by Margery, dau of Dafydd of Nanhoron Issa
f. Marsli
m Gruffydd ap John of Gwynfryn
C. Rhys this line supported by Griffith pp389+355
m Lowry dau of Howel ap Madog ap Evan ap Einion ap Gruffydd ap Howel ap Meredydd ap Einion ap Gwgan ap Mewydd ap Collwyn
i. Evan Ieuan
a. Thomas
1 Margaret
2 Annes
m Dafydd of Penhesgin Issa
b. Rhys
1 Hugh 'of Llanddyfnan'
m Jonet dau of Robert ap Meredydd ap Hwlkin, of Glynllifon
A Elin, heiress of Llanffyfnan
m John Griffith of Llanddyfnan 'of Chwaen Hen'
D. Angharad
m Ieuan Vychan ap Madog ap Howel ap Gruffydd ap Tudur, of Plas yn coed
E. Eva
m Ithel ap Llewelyn Chwith, of Denbighshire
F. Lleuki
m1 Griffith ap Llewelyn
m2 Jolyn Lloyd of Maelor
i.+ issue - Gruffydd, Madog, Jenkin
G. Gwladys
m Evan Vychan of Coetmor
H. Gwenhwyfer
m1 Llewelyn ap Evan, of Tegeingl
m2 Howel ap Tudur ap Grono, of Penllyn
m2 Gwenhwyfer dau of Meurig Llwyd of Nannau
I. Howel of Bodsilin dsp
J. Mali Mallt of Bodsilin
m Llewelyn ap Hwlkin a 1485
K. Gwen
m William ap Llewelyn ap Ifan, of Llifon commote
L. Gwerfyl
m Howel ap Cwmws, of Presaddfed
3. Rhys
A. Angharad
m Robert Robin of Cochwillan a 1439

Sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Tribe of Iarddur p389 & Bodsilin p136 & Bryn y Neuadd p355 & Gorddinog p213
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