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Wales 22: Lords of Bromfield, Lords of Dinas Bran, Lords of Glyndwrdwy, Lords of Mowddwy, Lords of Sutton, Princes of Powys
Maredud / Meredith ap Bleddyn, Prince of Powys d 1132
BE1883 begins with Meredith ap Bleddyn, identifying him as "Sixth in descent from Mervyn ap Rhodri Mawr". That connection came through his father's mother.
m1 Hunydd dau of Eunydd ap Gwernwy, Lord of Dyffryn Clwyd
1. Madog, Prince of Powys d 1158/60
1 The following is mostly supported by Griffith's Pedigrees Broom Hall p331 & Glyndyfrdwy p282. In general, we follow Griffith but add information from BE1883 where that does not contradict.
2 BE1883 reports only 1 wife for Madog, Princess Susannah. Griffith shows that he had previously married the following Eva.
3 BE1883 reports that Madog was father by Susannah "with other issue, of two sons" and then reports Griffith & Owen Vychan and then also mentions Ellis 3rd son & Owen.Brogyntyn.
m1 Eva dau of Madog ap Urien ap Eginir ap Les ap Idnerth Benfras. of Maesbrook
A. Einion Efell / Ellis of Chirk d 1196 / a 1202 = Einion Evell Eignion Euell, lord of Cynlleth a 1182
BE1883 reports that Ellis was living in 1202 "is supposed to have dsp" but Griffith & other sources show that he died in 1196 having married & had descendants as shown on the continuation.
m Arthen or Arddyn dau of Mochrant or Madoc Vichan ap Madoc ap Urian ap Eignon ap Rees ap Jerworth benvras
m2 Susanna of Gwynedd dau of Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd
B. Gruffydd Maelor, Prince of Powys, Lord of Maelor aka Bromfield d 1191/96
m Angharad of Gwynedd dau of Owain, Prince of Gwynedd
i. Madog, Prince of Powys, Lord of Bromfield d 1236
BE1883 jumps from Madoc to Griffith Vychan, shown below as married to Eleanor, dau of Thomas, Lord of South Wales. The intervening generations come from Grittih.
m Ysola or Gwyladys dau of Ithel, King of Gwent, sister of Rhiwallon Llwyd
a. Grufydd, Lord of Dinas Bran, Prince of Powys, 'of Bromfield' d 1270
m Emma Audley dau sb sister? of James, Lord Audleyshown by Griffith p282 as dau of James
1 Madog Vychan, Lord of Dinas Bran d 1277
m Margaret
A+ issue d 1281 - Llweleyn, Griffith
2 Gruffydd Vychan, Lord of Glyndwrdwy & Dinas Bran
m Margaret dau of Gruffydd ap Cadwgan ap Meilir Eyton, lord of Eyton
A Madog Crupl, 'Gloff' d 1324
m Margaret dau of Rhys Vychan ap Rhys Mitchel
i Madog Vychan d 1351shown by Griffith p282 as d 11.11.1306
m Gwenllian dau of Ithel Vychan ap Ithel Gam ap Meredydd ap Uchtryd ap Edwin, lord of mostyn
a Cynrwrig of Llyn d 1379
1 Cynwrig Vychan d 1470
m Margaret dau of Rhys ap Jenkin
A Llewelyn d 1446
m Margaret Vychan sister of Hugh Trygarn
i Meyrick of Eifionydd d 1480 331
b Grufydd Fychan, Lord of Glyndwrdwy
m 1304 Elizabeth Strange dau of Lord of Strange of Knockin
1 Grufydd Fychan, Lord of Glyndwrdwy
m Eleanor dau/coheir of Thomas, Lord of South Wales
A Owen Glyndwr or Glendower, Lord of Glyndwrdwy, 'Prince of Wales' b 1359, d 21.09.1415 §G
m Margaret Hanmer dau of Sir David Hanmer
i Alice
m Sir John Scudamore of Kentchurch
ii Jane
m sp Henry Grey, Lord of Ruthin
iii Jonet
m1 Sir John Croft of Croft Castle a 1403
m2 Sir John Upton
iv Myfanwy
m Llewelyn ap Adda ap Dafydd, of Camhelig, ap Ieuan ap Awr Trevor
v Margaret
m Philip Price of Llanarmon OR Sir Richard Monnington of Monnington
vi Catrinpossibly of this generation
m Sir Edmund Mortimer
vii+ other issue d unm - Gruffud, Madog, Meredydd, Evan, Thomas, John, David
B Tudyr, Lord of Glyndwrdwy d 15.03.1405
m Maud dau of Ieuan ap Adda ap Howel ap Ieuan ap Adda ap Awr Trevor, of Nanheudwy
i Lowry, heiress of Glyndwrdwy
m1 Robert ap Robin ap Gruffydd Goch, lord of Rhos
m2 Grffith ap Einion of Corsygedol
C Isabel Elizabeth or Lowry of Glyndwrdwy
m Adda ap Iorweth Dda of Pengwern
D Lowri of Glyndwrdwy
m Robert Puleston of Emral
2 Isabel
m Grono ap Gruffydd ap Madog ap Iorwerth ap Madog ap Rhirid Flaidd, lord of Penllyn
c Jonet
m John Croft of Croft Castle
ii Margaret
m Gruffydd, lord of Rug son of Owen ap Bleddyn ap Owen Brogyntyn
3 Angharad a 06.1308probably of this generation
m1 William le Botiler of Wemme d 1283
m2 1285 Robert de Neville
4 Margaretprobably of this generation
m Sir John Arderns b 1266, d 1308
5+ other issue - Llewelyn of Chirk, Owen of Cynlaeth & Bangor dsp, priest, Meredydd
b. Meredydd. lord of Ruabon
m Catherine dau of Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Iorwerth Drwyndwn, Princess?
c.+ other issue - Howel, Madog
ii. Gwenllian fechan/vychan
m Iddon of Tref Dudlystan
iii.+ other issue - Meredydd, Roderick, Owen, Christian, Catherine
C. Owain Vychan, Lord of Mechain-Yacoed d 1186
m Eleanor dau of Maelgwyn Vychan
i. Llweleyn d by 05.1241
a. Llweleyn Vychan
1+ issue - Meredith of Mechain a 1258, Lleweleyn
ii. Owen Vychan a 1245
a. Angharad
m Griffith ap Jorwerth Voel
D. Owen Brogyntyn, Lord of Edeirnion, etc
m Marredd dau of Einion ap Syssyllt, Lord of the Canterf of Merioneth
i. Griffith, Lord of Half Edeirnion a 1200 had issue
ii. Bleddyn, Lord of Dinmael had issue
iii. Jorwerth, Lord of Half Edeirnion had issue
m Efa dau of Madoc Goch, Lord of Mowddwy see below
a. Elisseprobably of this generation
1 Madog
A Lleuki
m Goronwy Llwyd of Bettws a 1356
E. Gwenlian of Powysprobably of this generation
m Rhys, Lord of South Wales d 04.05.1196
F. Margaret Marared of Powysprobably of this generation
m Iorwerth Drwyndwn 'broken nose' d c1174
G.+ other issue - Cywnrig, Einionmentioned by Griffith p331 which shows only 1 Owen
2. Gruffydd, Lord of Mowddwy dvp 1128
1 The following is part supported by Griffith's Pedigrees Lords of Powys & Mawddwy, p295.
2 There are a number of situations where our main sources contradict each other as to the wives/mothers. Our reasons for preferring one source over another are sometimes somewhat arbitrtary but in each case the decision was taken after considering what some other sources suggest. We cannot be sure that we have always made the right choice so in due course we may amend what we show as & when we come across other sources.
m Gwerfyl dau of Gwrgenas ap Howel of Caer-a-Chydewin
A. Owain Cyfeilioc, Prince of Higher Powys d 1197
m Gwenllian of Gwynedd dau of Owain, Prince of Gwynedd
i. Gwenwynwyn, Prince of Powys-Cyfeiliog d by 1218
BE1883 suggests that Gwenwynwyn married Margaret, dau of Robert Corbet, lord of Caus, but Griffith identifies his wife as ...
m Margaret dau of Rhys, Prince of South Wales
a. Griffith, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn a 1274
BE1883 suggests that Gwenwynwyn married Hawys le Strange but Griffith identifies his wife as ...
m Gwenllian dau of Sir Howel y Pedolau ap Gruffydd ap Iorwerth ap Meredydd ap Mathusalem ap Hwfa ap Cynddelw, lord of Llifon
1 Owen de la Pole, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn d c1293
Griffith identifies Owen's wife as Hawys, dau of Philip Corbet of Course Caus. However, BE1883, supported by TCP Cherleton or Charleton of Powis when referring to the mother of Hawys Gadam, identifies her as ...
m Johanna Corbet dau of Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet
A Griffith de la Pole, Prince of Powys-Wenwynwyn dsp young
B Hawys Gadarn 'the hardy' b 1291, d before 1353
m John de Cherlton, 1st Lord Cherlton of Powys b 1268, d 1353
2 Llewelyn of Mochnant Ucha, etc
m Margaret dau of Meredith Goch, Lord of Mochnant
A Efa
m Madoc ap David, Lord of Hendwr
i David, Lord of Hendwr
ii Gwerfyl
m Grong / Gruno / Goronwy d 1331
3 William 'Wilcox' de la Pole, Lord of Mowddwy d 1315, 4th son
m Helen dau of Thomas ap Llewelyn, Lord of Yscoed, sister/coheir of Owain, Lord of Half Yscoed
A Griffith, Lord of Mowddwy, Sheriff of Merionethshire
B John de la Pole of Mawddwy d 03.11.1403
Griffith shows John's wife as Jane, dau of Sir Thomas Corbet of Course. But BE1883 and BP1934 Leighton, identify her as ...
m Catherine Corbet dau of Sir Foulk Corbet
i Foulk de la Pole of Mawddwy dsp
ii Elizabeth de la Pole of Mawddwy
m Sir Hugh de Burgh or Burrough of Wattlesborough
a Sir John Burgh of Wattlesborough and Dinas Mawddwy
m Jane Clopton dau/heir of Sir William Clopton of Clopton & Radbroke
1 Ankeret or Angharad Burgh
m John Leighton of Stretton, later of Wattlesborough d 1493
2 Isabella Burgh d 03.02.1522
m John Lingen of Lingen & Sutton d 1506
3 Elizabeth Burgh
m William probably not Thomas Newport
4 Eleanor probably not 2nd Elizabeth Burgh
m Thomas Mitton or Mytton of Halchdyn
4 Margaret
m Fulke FitzWarine, 1st Lord d 24.11.1315
5+ other issue dsp - John of Careinion, Griffith Vychan of Ddeuddwr etc. a 1310, David of Careinion
b. Madoc Goch, Lord of Mowddwy and Caereinion a 1245
1 Efa heir
m Jorwerth, Lord of Half Edeirnion see above
m Owain ap Owain ap Bleddyn
B.+ other issue - Cynwrig, Rhirid Foel of Blodwel
3.+ other issue - Howel, Dyddgumentioned by Griffith p331
m2 Efa dau of Blettwrs ap Ednowain Bendew, Lord of Tegiengle Flint
5. Jorwerth 'Gervase Goch', lord of Mochnant-is-Rhayadr a 1170
The following is part supported by Griffith's Pedigrees Kynastons, p216.
m Matilda Mawd dau of Sir Roger de Manly or Manley of Cheshire
A. Madoc, Lord of Sutton dsp c1194
B. Griffin, Lord of Sutton d c01.1221
m by 12.1196 Matilda le Strange d 04.05.1242, dau of Guy le Strange, Sheriff of Salop
i. Madoc, Lord of Sutton
m Duce or Cecilia
a. Isabel d c01.1302
m before 1274 Henry de Morf d before 1302
1+ issue - William a 1303, Henry b c1257, a 1323
ii. Howel a 1245
iii. Griffin or Griffith Vychan of Cae Howel a 1231
m1 Agnes de Bulkeley dau of Robert probably not William Bulkeley of Bulkeley
a. Griffith of Cae Howel & Kynaston a 1313
m Gwenllian dau of Iorwerth ap Griffith
m2 Mallt dau of Evan Goch by Mallt, dau of 3rd Earl of Arundel
C. Jorwerth, Lord of Main-y-Meifod had issue
BE1883 identifies Jorwerth as ancestor of Mathews of Tref, Moris of Bryngwallie, Powys Lords Lifford, Parrys of Main-yn-Meifod, Lloyds of Sharpley, etc...
D. Madog Goch of Mawddwy b about 1200 probably of this generation
We presume that this Madog was a different person from Madoc of Sutton above who is shown by BE1883 as dsp c1194. This Madog is identified by Grifith's Pedigrees Bodwrdin p65 & Henblas p122 as son of Iorwerth Goch ap Meredydd ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn Prince of Powys.
6.+ other issue - David, Janementioned by Griffith p216
Probably of this generation, but if so of which marriage is not known, was ...
8. Ankred
m Uchdryd Outred ap Edwin a 1115

Main sources: BE1883 Cherlton of Powys as corrected above
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