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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Wales 3: Princes of Deheubarth, Lords of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd, Princes of Gwynedd, Princes of Wales
Wa37.Merfyn 'the freckled', King of Gwynedd d 844

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m. Nest dau of Cadel ap Brochwel of Powys
Wa36-1. Gwyard
Wa36. Rhodri Mawr 'the Great', Prince of Wales d 878
m1. Angharad dau of Meuric ap Dyfnwal ap Asthin ap Sitsllt, Lord Cardigan
Wa35. Anarawd, Prince of Gwynedd d 916
Wa34 Idwal Foel the bald d 942
m. Avandreg of Powys dau of Merfyn, King of Powys see 5 below
Wa33-1. Iago, Prince of Gwynedd d 979
1 Constantine 'the Black'
Wa33-2. Ieuaf Levan, Governor of South Wales d 988
1 Hywel 'the Bad', Prince of Gwynedd d 985
A Cynan, Prince of Gwynedd d 1005
2 Cadwallan, Prince of Gwynedd d 986
Wa33. Meurig d 986
Wa32 Idwad, King of North Wales d 996
Wa31 Iago, Prince of Gwynedd d 1039
Wa30 Cynan of Gwynedd
m. Ragnhildir of Dublin b c1031, dau of Olaf, King of Dublin
Wa29 Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd b 1055, d 1137
m. Angharad d c1162, dau of Owain ap Edwin, Lord Tegaingl
Wa28 Owain, Prince of Gwynedd b c1100, d 23.12.1169/70
m1. Gwladys dau of Llywarch, Lord of Pembroke
Wa27 Iorwerth Drwyndwn 'broken nose' d c 1174
m. Margaret dau of Madoc, Prince of Powys
Wa26 Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales b 1173, d 11.04.1240 §A
m1. Gwenllian dau of Endyfed Vychan, Lord of Brynffenigl
m2. 18.06.1205 Joan Plantagenet b c1188, d 04.03.1237, dau of John Plantagenet, King John of England
Wa25-1 Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd d 1246
m. Isabel de Braose dau of William de Braose of Brecknock
Wa25-2 Helena of Wales d 1253
m1. 1222 John le Scot, Earl of Chester dsp 1237
m2. 1237 Robert de Quincy d 1257
Wa25-3 Angharad of Wales
m. Malgwn Fychan d 1257
1 Eleanor
m. Maredudd ap Owain d 1265 see 2 below
Wa25 Margaret of Wales
m1. John de Braose 'Tadody', Lord of Bramber and Gower d 1231
m2. Walter de Clifford d 10.1232 / c1264
Wa25-5 Tegwared-y-bis Wen Baiswen
m. Gwenhwyfar
1 Angharad
m. Griffith ap Ievan
p. Tangwystsl Goch dau of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai
Wa25-6 Gruffydd d 1244
m1. Ragnhilda of Man
m2. Senena dau of Caradoc ap Thomas ap Rhodri, Lord of Anglesey
1 Llywelyn 'the Last', Prince of Wales d 11.12.1282
m. Eleanor de Montfort b c12.1252, d 1282, dau of Simon de Montfort, 2nd Earl of Leicester
A Gwenllian, a nun d 1337
B Catherine, Princess of Wales
m. Philip ap Ivor, Lord of Cardigan
i Eleanor Goch
m. Thomas, Lord of South Wales d c1343 see 3 below
2 Dafydd, lord of Denbigh d 1283, 3rd son
A David Goch, lord of Penmachno apparently of this generation
m. Angharad dau of Heilin ap Tudor
3 Catherine Catrin
m1. Maredudd of Watsay and Ruabon
m2. Iowerth Fychan of Chirck
m3. Trahaern of Dudleston
4+ other issue - Owain 'the Red', Rhodri
Wa25 Gwladus Dou 'dark eyed' of Wales d 1251
m1. Reginald de Braose d 06.1228
m2. 1230 Ralph de Mortimer, lord of Wigmore d 1246
p. Eve FitzWarine dau of Fulke FitzWarine of Whittington
partner unknown possibly Eve FitzWarine
Wa25-8 Helen of Wales a 1291
m1. Malcolm, 7th Earl of Fife d 1266
m2. Sir Donald, 6th Earl of Mar d after 25.07.1297
Wa27-2+ other issue including Maelgwin
m2. Christina Owain's cousin, dau of Gronw ap Owain ap Edwin, Lord of Engefield/Teaningl
Wa27-3 Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd d 1203
m. Emma Plantagenet d before 1214, dau of Geoffrey V Plantagenet, Count of Anjou
i Gwenllin / Angharad
m. Gruffydd of Nannau
ii Owain
Wa27-4 Rhodri, Lord of Anglesey and Arfon d 1195
m1. Agnes/Nest dau of Rhys, Lord of South Wales see 4 below
i Gruffydd dsp
ii Thomas, Lord of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd
m. after 1188 Margaret dau of Einion ap Seisyll, Lord of Merioneth
a Caradoc, Lord of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd
m. Eva dau of Gwyn ap Griffith ap Beli, Lord of Cegidfa
1 Griffith, Lord of Friw/Rhiw Llwyd
m. Lenki/Lleucu dau of Llowarch Vaughan ap Llowarch Holbwrch, Lord of Meriadog
m2. daughter of Reginald, King of Man
Wa27-5 Margaret of Gwynedd
m. Bradwan of Brnffenigl
Wa27-6 Ievan
Wa27-7 Gwenllian of Gwynedd
m. Owain Cyfeilioc, Prince of Higher Powys d 1197
Wa27-8 Angharad of Gwynedd
m. Gruffydd Maelor, Lord of Bromfield d 1191
Wa28-2 Cadwallader of Caerdigan d 1172
m. Alice de Clare dau of Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Hertford
A Richard
Wife of Richard ap Cadwalader ap Griffth, and presumed mother of Adlais, was ...
m. Agnes dau of Rarwedd ap Gwyn
i Adlais
m. Sir Tudor of Nant and Llangynhafal
Wa28-3 Susanna of Gwynedd
m. Madoc, Prince of Powys d 1160
Wa28-4 Gwenlian of Gwynedd
m. Grufydd, Lord of South Wales d 1137 see 1 below
Wa28-5 daughter
Wa28 Gwladys of Gwynedd
m. sp Walter FitzOther, Constable of Windsor Castle
partner unknown
Wa28-8 Gwenllian b c1080
m. Cadwgan, Prince of Powys, Lord of Nannau d 1111
Unknown by which mother/partner was ..
Wa28-9 Jane
m. Llowden, Lord of Uchaeron
Wa33-4. Rhodri d 968
Wa34-2. Elisedd d 942
a. Cynan
1 Trawst
m. Seisyllt
Wa35-2. Cadell, King of South Wales d 907/9
m. Fenela dau of Erpenwald, King of the East Saxons
i. Hywel Dda, King of South Wales d 948/950
m. Elen dau of Llywarch ap Dyfed ap Hyfaidd
a. Owain, King of South Wales d c987
m. Angharad dau of Llewelyn of Powys see 6 below
1 Einion dvp c984
m. Ellenor dau of Gwerstan ap Gwaethwed, Lord of Powys
A Cadell not shown by all sources
i Tewdwr Mawr, Prince of South Wales d 992
m. Gwenllian dau of Gwyn ap Rhytherch, Lord of Dyvet
a Rhys, Prince of South Wales d 1093
m1. Gwladys dau of Rhiwallon
m2. Gwenllian dau of Jestyn ap Gwrgwst, Lord of Glamorgan
Sources disagree on who was Rhys's wife. BLG1952 Philipps of Cilyblaidd shows two wives with Gwladys as his first wife by whom he had issue, we assume that both of the two daughters that we have identified were hers and Gwenllian as his second wife and mother of Grufydd. BLG1952 Lloyd-Davis of Whittington reports that Gruffydd-hir was a younger son of Rhys by Gwladys.
1 Margaret
m. Gwenwynwyn of Powys Wencoynwyn
2 Nesta of Deheubarth d before 1136
p. Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England b 1068, d 01.12.1135
m1. Gerald de Windsor, Constable of Pembroke Castle
m2. Stephen, Constable of Cardigan Castle
A Robert FitzStephen
i+ issue - Ralph d 1182, Meredith d 1171
3 Gruffydd, Lord of South Wales d 1137
m. Gwenlian of Gwynedd dau of Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd see 1 above
A Rhys, Lord of South Wales d 04.05.1196
m. Gwenlian of Powys dau of Madoc, Prince of Powys
i Gwenllian d 1236
m. Endyfed Vychan ap Kendrig, Lord of Brynffenigl a c1200
ii Gruffydd, Lord of South Wales d 1202
m. Maud de Braose d 1210, dau of William de Braose, Lord of Bramber
a Owain, Lord of South Wales d 1236
m. Angharad dau of Muredudd ap Llewelyn ap Robert
1 Maredudd d 1265
m. Eleanor dau of Maelgwn Fychan see2 above
A Owain d 1275
i Llewelyn, Lord of South Wales d 1309
m. Eleanor of Bar dau of Henry III, Count of Bar
Thomas, Lord of South Wales d c1343
m. Eleanor Goch dau of Philip ap Ivor, Lord of Cardigan see 3 above
1 Eleanor
m. Grufydd Fychan, Lord of Glyndwrdwy
2 Margaret
m. Sir Tudor of Penmynedd d 1367
b Rhys, lord of Dynevor
1 Gwendaline
m. Gilbert Talbot d 1274
iii Rhys Grig, Lord of Cammot Mawr d 1234
m. Joan de Clare dau of Richard de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford
iv Agnes/Nest
m. Rhodri, Lord of Anglesey and Arfon d 1195 see 4 above
v Katherine
m. Kadifor ap Dynawall, Lord of Castle Howell a 1164
vi Ankaret d by 08.1226
m. William FitzRobert FitzMartin d 1208/9
vii+ other issue - Meredith of Wenlloge, Malgwyn d 1230
B Maredydd, Lord of Cardigan b c1128, d 1153
C+ 3 daughters + 1 son
4 Gruffydd-hir
BLG1952 Lloyd-Davis of Whittington reports that Gruffydd-hir was a younger son of Rhys by Gwladys. It does not identify him as the Lord of South Wales and so pending receipt of clarifying information we show that he was different from the Gruffydd who was Lord.
A Eva
m. Rhys 'Sais' of Chirk, Whittington, etc
5 ?? by a son/daughter of Rhys ap Tewdr Mawr, possibly one of the above, was ..
A Maelgwyn Vychan
i Eleanor
m. Owain Vychanm Lord of Mechain-Yacoed d 1186
b Rhydderch, Lord of Ysterlys had issue
m. Hunydd / Keywydh dau of Bleddyn, Prince of Deheubarth
c Elinor
m. Bledhyn ap Maenarch
d Lhiyky
m. Guthric / Suttick, King of Dublin
e daughter
m. Hugh, Baron of Somery
f Gamon
m. Owen Gwynedh
g Gwin
h Nest b c980-5
m. Ugan, Governor of Tegeingl
B Edwin d c992 had issue
C Gwenllian
m. Elystan Glodrydd
2 Grono ap Owain or Owen had issue
m. Elfleda, Duchess of Mercia
3 Maredudd, Prince of Deheubarth d 999, 4th son
m. Astritha
A Cadwallan d 992
B Angharad of Deheubarth
m1. Llywelyn ap Seisyll, Prince of Deheubarth d 1023
m2. Cynfyn ap Gwerystan, King of Powys
4 Rhyydderch Roderick ap Prince Owen ap King Howel Dda apparently of this generation
5 Jestin
The following connection was found on various web sites.
A Rhydderch
i Rhys
a Meirchion
1 Ellynor of Istingston
m. Stephen Perrot
2 Alice
m. Sir Matthew Wogan son of Walter
6+ other issue - Lhwarch d 986, Idwallan d 975, Jestin
b. Angharad / Gladwys
m. Tudor Trevor, Lord of Gloucester, Hereford, etc d 948
c.+ other issue - Rhun Lord of Cardigan, Eynon, Rhodri d 952, Meredith, Edwyn d 952, had issue, Konan or Cwm Lord of Angelsey, Dyfnan d 952
ii. Meyrick d 936 had issue
iii. Klydawk / Clydog d 917/920 had issue
iv. Nest
m. Gweristan ap Gwaethvoed
v. Angh Bengingfran
m. Griffith Llewgans
Wa35-3. Merfyn, King of Powys d 900/4
i. Llewelyn of Powys
a. Angharad
m. Owain, King of South Wales d 968/9889 see 6 above
ii. Avandreg
m. Idwal Foel the bald d 942 see 5 above
iii.+ other issue - Triffyn, Yarthyr
BE1883 Cherlton reports that "Sixth in descent from Mervyn ap Rhodri Mawr was Meredith ap Bleddyn, Prince of Powys ...". From 'RoyalData' we find that Bleddyn, Prince of Powys, was son of Gwerstan. Hence we have the following connection ..
v. ? ?? probably one of the above
a. ??
1 ??
A Gwerstan
Wa35-4. Nest
m1. Owen, Prince of Glamorgan
m2. Morgan Vwynwawr
m2. Nest
Wa35-5.+ other issue

Sources: 'RoyalData', BLG1952 Philips of Cilyblaidd, BLG1850 Lloyd of Plymog, etc, BP1934 Williams-Wynn, BLG1999 Jones-Lloyd, formerly of Moelygarnedd and Plasyndre, "The Royal Line of Succession" edited by Patrick Montague-Smith, Pitkin Guides Limited, 1996 reprint, ISBN 0-85372-404-0.
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