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Owen 11: Owen of Bettws, Owen of Condover, Owen of Llunllo, Owen of Machynlleth, Owen of Shrewsbury, Owen of Whitley, Owen of Woodhouse
BLG1886 Owen of Bettws reports that this family was descended from Grono ap Owen, son or grandson of Howell Dda, King of South Wales. Although it is possible that this is referring to a materal line rather than a strictly paternal line of descent, the Visitation which agrees with BLG1952 Powell of Nant Eos shows this family descending from Idnerth Benfras Benvras.
Madoc ap Ievan of Caereinion
m Elizabeth dau of Richard ap Owen Vychan ap Griffith ap Owen
1. Griffith ap Madoc
m Mali dau of Howel ap Ievan Lloyd ap Llewellynn ap Kendrick
A. Owen ap Griffith of Llunllo
m1 Isabel dau of David Lloyd ap Ievan ap Ririd Middleton
i. David Lloyd ap Owen David and his descendants are not mentioned by Visitation
m Thomasine Ireland dau of Thomas Ireland of Oswestry
a. John ap David Lloyd of Machynlleth
m Matilda dau of Hugh ap Ievan of Mathafarn
1 Owen ap John Owen Jones of Machynlleth
m Elizabeth dau of Owen ap Howel Goch
A Rowland Owen of Llunllo, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire a 1611
m Elizabeth Pugh dau of Richard Pugh of Mathafarn
i Thomas Owen of Llunllo
m Joyce Pugh of Mathafarn
a Rowland Owen of Llunllo
m Barbara Williams dau of Lumley Williams of Ystymcollwyn
1 Thomas Owen of Llunllo
m1 Anna Powell dau of Sir Thomas Powell of Llechwedd Dyrys, judge
A Thomas Owen of Llunllo, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire a 1726
m Anne Le Brun dau of Cornelius Le Brun of Nanteos
i Rowland Owen of Llunllo dsp 15.01.1738
m Frances Philpps of Carmarthen
ii Thomas Owen of Llunllo
m Anne Edwards dau of Lewis Edwards of Talgarth
a Avarina Brunetta Owen
m 19.05.1772 John Herbert of Dolvorgan
b Margaret Owen
m Thomas Lloyd Anwyl
c+ other issue d unm - Thomas, Robert, Lewis, Susan
iii+ 2 daughters
B William Owen of Bettws
m 24.06.1704 Elizabeth Pryce dau of Richard Pryce of Henvaes, son of Thomas by Elizabeth, dau of John Lingaine of Bettws
i Lingaine Owen of Bettws b 1706, d 1735
m Mary Lloyd b c1707, d 1797, dau of Jenkin Lloyd of Clockfaen
a Pryce Owen of Bettws d 31.07.1786
m Bridget Whitfield dau of John Whitfield of Shrewsbury
1 Hugh Owen of Bettws d 23.12.1827, prebendary of Lichfield and Sarum
m Harriet Jeffreys dau of Edward Jeffreys of Shrewsbury
A Edward Pryce Owen of Bettws b 03.03.1788, d 06.11.1863, vicar of Wellington had issue
m 06.12.1825 Mary Darby dau of Samuel Darby of Colebrookdale
B Harriet Owen
m Charles Townshend Wilson
2 Harriet Owen
m John Rocke rector of Clungunford
b+ 4 daughters
ii Thomas Owen b 1712, d unm
m2 Abigail Owen dau of Rev. Hugh Owen of Bronyclydwr
C Hugh Owen of Shrewbury, later of Woodhouse b c1708, d 28.06.1764
D Barbara Owen d unm
E Martha Owen of Tedsmore
m Richard Bulkeley Hatchett b c1723, d 15.12.1803, son of Edward of Lee by Elizabeth Bulkeley
B+ 5 daughters
b.+ 4 daughters
ii. Howel ap Owen of Machynlleth
a. Richard Owen of Shrewsbury
m Alicia Ireland dau of David Ireland of Shrewsbury
1 Edward Owen of Shrewsbury a 1584
m Johanna Purcell dau of Richard Purcell of Dinthill, Salop
A Robert Owen of Woodhouse, Sheriff of Salop a 1618, 2nd son
m1 Susan Bathurst dau of Lancelot Bathurst of London
i Edward Owen of Woodhouse b 1602
a Robert Owen of Woodhouse, Sheriff of Salop d 1696
m Mary Eddisbury dau of John Eddisbury
1 John Owen of Woodhouse d 1737
m Sarah Cotton dau of Thomas Cotton of Pulley
A+ issue - Muriel, Sarah
2 Mary Owen
m Piers Lloyd
3 Anne Owen d unm
4 Marha Owen
m Humphrey Kynaston of Bryngwyn
A Mary or Martha Kynaston
m William Mostyn
Woodhouse passed to one of their descendants who took the name Mostyn-Owen.
5 Muriel Owen
m John Evans
ii+ other issue - Richard, Thomas
m2 Elizabeth Hunt dau of Richard Hunt of Longnor not London
iv Elizabeth Owen apparently the Elizabeth who married ...
m Thomas Hunt of Betton Strange, Sheriff of Salop bpt 25.12.1599, d 1669
m3. Maria Leighton dau of Thomas Leighton
v+ other issue - Leighton, Robert, William, Dorothy, Judith, Maria, Martha
One of the daughters was presumably the daughter of Robert who married ...
m Peter Newton of Heightley
B Thomas Owen of Salisbury a 1623, town clerk
m Priscilla Chambers dau of Arthur Chambers of Petton
i+ issue a 1623 - Edward, Thomas, Martha, Priscilla
C+ other issue - Richard dsp by 1623, Nathaniel
2 Thomas Owen of London
m Cecilia Newton dau of John Newton of Heytley
A Martha Owen
m George Kerry of Binweston
B+ other issue - Thomas dsp, Richard, Roger, Edward, Mary
3 Johanna or Jane Owen
m Thomas Doxsey or Docsley of London
4 Margaret or Margery Owen
m Thomas Browne of Salop
5 Maria Owen
m Robert Bright of London grocer
m2 Gwenhwgar or Gwenheuer Ireland dau of Thomas Ireland of Oswestry
iii. Thomas Owen
a. Ursula
iv. Richard Owen of Shrewsbury
m1 Mary Ottley d 1568, dau of Thomas Ottley of Shrewsbury
a. Thomas Owen of Condover judge
m1 Sara Baskerville dau of Humphrey Baskerville, alderman of London
1 Sir Roger Owen of Condover, Sheriff of Salop d 29.05.1617, MP
m Ursula Elkin dau of William Elkin, alderman of London
A+ issue - Alice, Ursula
2 Sir William Owen of Condover, Sheriff of Salop d 1662
m Ellen Needham dau of Sir Robert Needham of Shavington
A Roger Owen of Condover b 15.10.1611
m Alice Gerard dau of Gilbert Gerard, 2nd Lord of Gerard's Bromley
i Thomas Owen of Condover b 1641
m Isabella Campbell dau of James Campbell of Woodland
a Roger Owen of Condover, Sheriff of Salop d 1717
m1/2. Jane Vaughan dau of Edward Vaughan of Trawscoed
1 Edward Owen of Condover dsp
m Mary Owen dau of Edward Owen of Eaton Mascott
2 Thomas Owen of Condover d unm 31.01.1731
3 Letitia Owen of Condover d after 1749
m1 Richard Mytton of Halston d 27.02.1730
m2 Trafford Barnston of Churton
Roger appears also to have married ...
m2/1. Catherine Booth dau of Sir St. John Booth of Woodford
4+ other issue dsp
ii Charles Owen possibly of this generation
a Mary Owen b c1665, d 1727
m Sir Ambrose Crowley of Greenwich b 1658, d 11.10.1713
iii Anne Owen probably of this generation
m 1661 Sir St. John Booth of Woodford bpt 08.01.1637, d 03.12.1687
B Frances Owen b 16.11.1614 probably the Frances who married ...
m Richard Sandford of the Isle of Rossall d 1669
C Ellena Owen b 21.05.1622 probably the Ellen who married ...
m1 Sir George Norton of Abbots Leigh
m2 Sir Timothy Baldwyn dsp, Master in Chancery
D+ other issue - William b 18.01.1617, Edmund b 15.05.1623, 2 daughters d infant
3 Elizabeth Owen
m Henry Smith of Corsham, Wiltshire
4 Jane Owen
m Bonham Norton of London then Chruch Stretton, Sheriff a 1611
5 Sara Owen
m John Newton of Heyley
6 Mary Owen
m Edward Kynaston of Hordley d 1631
7 Margaret Owen
m Richard Mytton of Halston, Sheriff of Salop b 1577
8+ other issue - Thomas dsp, Richard dsp, Peter dsp
m2 Alicia Wilkes dau of Thomas Wilkes of Islington, relict of William Elkyn of London
b. Richard Owen of Shrewsbury and Whitley d 25.10.1594
m Sarah Ireland dau of David Ireland of Shrewsbury
1 Richard Owen of Lythwood had issue
m Margaret Growd dau of Richard Growd of Shrewsbury
2 Thomas Owen of Shrewsbury and Whitley bur 12.07.1650, Lt. Colonel
m Ann bur 25.10.1686
A Thomas Owen of Shrewsbury and Whitley, later of Pauson a 1676
m Ann
i Thomas Owen of Shrewsbury and Whitley a 1671
m1 ??
a Edward Owen of Shrewsbury and Pontesbury a 1721
m Ann Matthews bur 19.02.1731
1 Edward Owen bpt 26.12.1720
m Elizabeth Lyster dau of Rev. Thomas Lyster of Neenton
A Edward Owen major
i Edward Owen curate of Mortlake
2 Robert Owen of Sommerseat and Dublin bpt 19.02.1722-32,d before 02.1810
m _ Heron dau of William Heron of Dublin
A William Owen d Mahratta, Major
m Matilda Guinness dau of Richard Guinness of Leixlip
i Elizabeth Jane Owen
m Edward Bewley
ii Matilda Owen
m Thomas Massey of Ravensdale
iii Rebecca Anne Owen
m 10.10.1831 Sir George Bolster Owens, Lord Mayor then Sheriff of Dublin a 1881
iv Anne Owen d unm
v Olivia Owen
m William Milne Major
B Roger Carmichael Owen b 17.09.1756, d 23.09.1843, rector of Camolin
m 01.05.1783 Anne Cliffe dau of Gen. Loftus Cliffe
i Robert Owen b 20.09.1784, d 06.02.1867, Colonel had issue
m 29.06.1814 Charlotte MacCarthy d 04.09.1853, dau of Michael Stephen Joseph MacCarthy
ii Loftus Owen b 04.09.1786, dsp 14.04.1865, Maj. General
m 04.10.1824 Mary Sophia Farrington dau of Gen. Sir Anthony Farrington, 1st Bart
iii Richard Owen b 18.04.1796, d 16.08.1863, Rear Admiral, 4th son had issue
m 04.07.1837 Susanna Charlotte Walker dau of John Walker
iv George Annesley Owen b 30.06.1797 had issue
m 10.01.1838 Lucy Katherine Moore dau of Rev. Henry Moore
v Frederick Owen b 18.11.1800, Dean of Leighlin had issue
m Frances Dalton d 18.04.1883
vi Harriett Owen d 18.04.1880
m 29.12.1830 Richard Franklin Chambers rector of Merston
vii+ other issue d unm - William b 04.08.1792, d 31.05.1823, Anne d 1867
C Letitia Owen
m 09.12.1783 Sir Edward Kynaston, 2nd Bart of Hardwick b 07.01.1758, d 26.04.1839, Rev.
D Jane Owen
m 01.1773 Tobias Adams vicar of Aghern
3+ other issue - Roger bpt 13.08.1725, Ann
m2 15.10.1689 Mary Walthall a 1719, dau of Arthur Walthall
b+ other issue - Thomas bur 04.03.1702, 2 daughters
ii Elizabeth Owen bur 25.06.1667
B Thomas Owen of Whitley and Newton d 1697 had issue
m Mary
C+ 4 daughters
3+ other issue - Elizabeth, Sara, Martha
c. Elizabeth Owen
m Hugh Phillips of Shrewsbury
d.+ other issue - Robert bur 27.03.1603, John
m2 Katherine mentioned by BLG1952 Kynaston of Harwick

Sources: BLG1886 Owen of Bettws + BLG1886 Owen of Tedsmore, BLG1886 Owen of Woodhouse, BLG1952 Cholmondeley formerly of Condover, BLG1952 Mostyn-Owen of Woodhouse, BLG1952 Kynaston of Harwick and Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Owen of Llunllo, Shrewsbury, Condover, Bettws and Whitley.
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