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Redvers 1: Redvers of Devon, Redvers of the Isle of Wight, Redvers of Okehampton
BE1883 identifies Richard de Redvers as son of Baldwin de Brionne of Okehampton. However TCP, reports "His parentage is unknown, but he has been conjectured to have been son and heir of" ...
William de Vernon possibly father of ...
1. Richard de Redvers, Sn de Reviers, Vernon and Nemou, '1st Earl of Devon, Earl of Exeter' d 08.09.1107
1 BE1883 identifies Richard as the 1st Earl of Devon, and suggests that he was generally known as 'Earl of Exeter', but TCP specifically refutes this. However, as the numberings of the Earls used by BE1883 appear to be more commonly used than the numberings used by TCP, we show both.
2 BE1883 identifies his wife as Adeliza, daughter of William FitzOsborne, Earl of Hereford. TCP identifies her as ...
m Adelise Peverel a 1156, dau of William Peverel of Nottingham, the elder
A. Baldwin de Redvers 'Vernon', 1st/2nd Earl of Devon d 04.06.1155
BE1883 identifies his wife as Lucia, daughter of Dru de Balun. TCP names her as ...
m Adelise
i. Richard de Redvers 'Vernon', 2nd/3rd Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight d 21/7.04.1162
m Denisa / Dinoysia / Hawise of Cornwall dau of Rainald de Dunstanville, Earl of Cornwall
a. Baldwin de Redvers, 3rd/4th Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight dsp 05.1188
m Denise de Deols d 1221, dau of Raoul, Prince de Deols
b. Richard de Redvers, 4th/5th Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight dsp by 1193
m Emma or Gieva sister of Robert de Pont de l'Arche
ii. William de Redvers de Vernon, 5th/6th Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight d 08/10.09.1217
m Mabel de Mellent a 05.1204, dau of Robert de Beaumont, Earl of Mellent
Re24-1 Baldwin de Redvers 'Vernon' b after 28.04.1200, dvp 01.09.1216
m Margaret FitzGerold dau of Warine FitzGerold, m2. Faukes de Breaute
Re24-1-1 Baldwin de Redvers, 6th/7th Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight b c1214, d 15.02.1244/5
m 1226 Amicia de Clare dau of Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford, 1st Earl of Gloucester
Re24-1-1-1 Baldwin de Redvers, 7th/8th Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight b 01.01.1235/6, dsps 1262
m 1257 Margaret de Savoie dau of Thomas de Savoy, Count of Savoy, Flanders, Hainaut, etc
Re24-1-1-2 Margaret de Redvers, a nun
Re24-1-1-3 Isabel de Redvers, Countess of Devon b 07.1237, d 10.11.1293
m William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle d 23.05.1260
Re24-2 Joane de Redvers dsp
m1 William Brewere
m2 Hubert de Burgh, Chamberlain
Re24 Mary de Redvers
m Robert de Courtenay Co24 of Okehampton d 26.07.1242 Ancestors of the Courtenay Earls of Devon.
+1 Sir Renaud Reginald de Courtenay d 27 Oct 1174
m Hawise, lady of Okehampton d 31.07.1219, dau of William de Curcy
+2 Renauld Reginald de Courtenay, Sn de Courtenay, later of Sutton a 1161
m1 Hawise de Donjon b 1113, dau of Frederic de Donjon
+3 Miles, Sire de Courtenay b 1069, d 1127
m Ermengard de Nevers dau of Renaud, Count de Nevers
+4 Joscelin, Sire de Courtenay b 1034, d 1161
m Elizabeth/Isabel de Montlhery b 1040, dau of Guy de Montlhery
+5 Athon de Courtenay b 985
Co23 Hugh/John de Courtenay of Okehampton d 1273 This Hugh is not recorded in BE1883 but is reported in BP1934 Devon. It is not clear whether or not the William and Hawise shown here as his brother and sister were really his younger son and daughter. TCP Vere and TCP Dinham identifies Isabel's first husband as John de Courtenay.
m Isabel de Vere dau of Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford
Co22 Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton d 28 Feb 1291
m Alianora Despencer d 11 Oct 1328, dau of->
+1 Hugh Despencer
Co21 Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton, 1st/9th Earl of Devon b c 1275 d 1340 We show that Hugh was the 1st Courtenay Earl but also show the numberings used by TCP Devon which are given on the basis that the earldom was inherited through Hugh's great-grandmother.
m 1292 Agnes St. John dau of Sir John de St. John of Basing
Co20 Hugh Courtenay, 2nd/10th Earl of Devon b 12.07.1303, d 02.05.1377
m 11 Aug 1325 Margaret de Bohun d 16 Dec 1391, dau of->
Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex
Co19 Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham Castle, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland d c 1406
m Anne Wake dau of Sir Thomas Wake
Co18 Margaret Courtenay
m Sir Robert Cary of Cockington and Clovelly d before 1435
Ca17 Philip Cary of Cockington d 1437
m about 1436 Christian Orchard dau of William Orchard of Holway Devon
Ca16 Sir William Cary of Cockington b 12.04.1437, d 06.05.1471 at Tewkesbury
m1 Elizabeth Paulet dau of Sir William Paulet of Hinton St. George + 1 ch
m2 Alice Fulford
Ca15 Robert Cary m1 about 1484 Jane Carew + 2 ch dau of Sir Nicholas Carew m2 Margaret Fulkeram + 1 ch dau of William Fulkreham of Dartmouth m3 Agnes Hody + 1 ch dau of William Hody of Pillesdon Chief Baron Exchequerer and Eleanor Malet, dauof Baldwin Malet Ma18
Ca15-2 Thomas Cary of Chilton Foliot d before 21.06.1536 Ca15-3 William Cary

Ca14-1 John Cary m Jane Devick dau of Edmund Devick of Okehamton
Ca14-2 Thomas Cary m Mary Southcot, dau of John Southcot of Bovey Tracey.
Ca14-3 Robert Cary
Ca14 Sir William Cary b 1492 Bristol d 28 Mar 1572 Bristol
Ca15-2-1 John Cary
Ca15-2-2 William Cary m Mary Boleyne, sis of s Anne Boleyne, who bore Henry VIII's 2nd child, Queen elizabeth. As compensation for taking Mary with the child he became Lord Hunsdon and a monument was erected for him in Westminster Abbey and the barony passed to Henry and Mary's child.
Co19 Elizabeth Courtenay d 07.08.1395
m1 Sir John Vere, younger of Oxford b c 12.1335, dvpsp before 23.06.1350
m2 1359 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton
Lu18-1 John Luttrell d 1398
Lu18 Sir Hugh Luttrell of Chilton, East Quantoxhead and Dunster Castle d 24.03.1428, Seneschal of Nomandy m Catherine Beaumont Be18 b about1360 d 28.08.1435, dau of Sir John Beaumont of Sherwell
Lu18-3 Elizabeth Luttrell d 1378
iii. Maud de Redvers
m Ralph Avenill
iv. Eva de Redvers identified in a web site see Nevill05
m Anschetil de Grey
B. William de Redvers, Sn de Vernon
m Lucy de Tancarville dau of William de Tancarville, the Chamberlain
i. Richard de Vernon a 1196
m Lucy
a. Richard de Vernon had issue
m Elizabeth
ii. Baldwin de Vernon
C. Hubert de Vernon
D. Robert de Redvers of Ste. Mere- Eglise
E. Hadewise de Redvers
m William de Romare, Earl of Lincoln a 1118, 1152

Sources: TCP Devon, BE1883 Courtenay of Devon + TCP vol IV, appendix I
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