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Lennox 1

: Lennox of Faslane, Lennox of Lennox, Luss of Luss, MacGilchrist of Arrochar
1 John Guthrie Smith's 'The Parish of Strathblane' 1886 dedicates 'a chapter to 'Lennox History' as its secondary title, the name Lennox derived from Levenax or Levenach Leamhainach, a name derived from the river Leven, so called because it flowed through a dense forest of Leamhan Elm trees. The people of the region were known, at least until 1138 the year of the Battle of the Standard, as Leamhnaigh [latinised as Levenani].
2 Sources disagree about the ancestry of the first Earl, some identifying him as Celtic others as Northumbrian. We show what is reported in TCP and, on the male line, broadly supported by TSP which effectively combines those roots as it reports as does John Guthre Smith that Alwyn Mor, maternal grandfather of the first Earl, was the son of Arkil Arkyll who fled to Scotland from Northumberland in about 1070 following the Norman Conquest.
Murdac of Levanach Levanax
1. Maldouen of Levenach a 1136
A. Muredach of Levanach
Muredach, and his father and grandfather before him, were chieftains probably Mormaers of the Leamhnaigh. As Arkil of Northumberland had been granted large tracts of land in the area by King Malcolm III, Muredach's marriage was probably an arrangement to bring together the old and new leading families of the region.
m ?? dau of Alwyn Mor, son of Arkil
i. Alwyn Aluin or Alwin, 1st Earl of Lennox d before 1199
a. Alwyn, 2nd Earl of Lennox d by 1225
m Eva of Menteith dau of Gilchrist, 1st Earl of Menteith
1 Maldouen, 3rd Earl of Lennox d c1260
m Elizabeth Stewart dau of Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward of Scotland
A Walter, Master of Lennox dvp c09.1248
i Malcolm, 4th Earl of Lennox d c1291
m Margaret
a Malcolm, 5th Earl of Lennox d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333 §D
m Margaret ?? sister or daughter of Donald, Earl of Mar
1 Donald, 6th Earl of Lennox dspm by 1364
A Margaret, Countess of Lennox
m c1344 Walter de Faslane, Lord of Lennox d 1385 below
2 Murdach of Duntreath dsp
3 Malcolm of Lennox
4 daughter
m Duncan de Atholl, 5th of Glenerochie a 1346
b Sir John 'Mor' of Lennox
1 Helena of Lennox
m Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow d by 05.1343
ii Matilda of Lennox
m Duncan McGilchrist, 2nd of Arrochar b c1230, d 1296 below
B Duncan of Lennox
2 Murdach of Lennox
3 Dugald, rector of Kirkpatrick a 1217
4 Malcolm of Lennox
A daughter
m Finlay de Campsie son of Robert de Reidheugh
i Mary de Campsie
m John de Wardroba
ii Helen de Campsie
m Bernard de Erth d 1300
iii Forveleth de Campsie
m Norin of Monorgund
5 Aulay Awley de Faslane a 1250
A Aulay de Faslane a 1250
i Sir Duncan de Faslane a 1306
a Aulay de Faslane
1 Walter de Faslane, Lord of Lennox d 1385
m c1344 Margaret, Countess of Lennox dau of Donald, 6th Earl of Lennoxabove
A Sir Duncan, 8th Earl of Lennox b c1345, d 25.05.1425
m Helena Campbell d before 1447, dau of Sir Archibald Campbell of Lochow
i Isabella, Countess of Lennox d by 1458
m Murdach Stewart, 2nd Duke of Albany b c1362, d 25.05.1425
ii Elizabeth of Lennox
m1 Alexander ?
m2 1392/c1406 Sir John Stewart of Derneley d 1428-9
iii Margaret of Lennox d by 1453
m c25.07.1392 Robert Menteith of Rusky d before 23.04.1411
partners unknown
iv Donald Lennox, 1st of Balcorrah
m Elizabeth Stewart dau of Sir John Stewart of Girthon and Cally
v+ other issue - Malcolm, Thomas, William
B+ other issue a 1395 - Alexander, Alan, Walter
ii Alwyn de Faslane
6 Duncan of Lennox a 1217, 1250
7 Gilchrist of Lennox, 1st of Arrochar b c1197, d c1263
A Duncan MacGilchrist, 2nd of Arrochar d 1296
m Matilda of Lennox dau of Walter, Master of Lennox above
i Malcolm MacGilchrist, 3rd of Arrochar d c1314
a Parlan MacGilchrist, 4th of Arrochar, 1st Chief of Clan MacFarlane d before 1354
ii Donald MacGilchrist of Tarbert ancestor of various MacGilchrist families
8 Henry of Lennox
9 Christinus Corc of Lennox a 1217
A Murdoch of Lennox, 1st of Croy d 1310
i Duncan of Lennox d 1310
TSP reports that Corc's descendants "in the time of King David II", who r. 1329-1371, "had a charter of the lands of Leckie and assumed that surname". Wholly arbitrarily, we make the following speculative connection.
ii ?? possibly father or grandfather of ...
a Malcolm de Leky, lord of Leky in Stirlingshire d 1376
10 Ferchard of Lennox a 1217
11 Eva of Lennox
m c1217 Malcolm of Callendar
b. daughter
m ?? Galbrad, '1st Chief of Galbraith'
c.+ other issue - Eth a 1193, Murdach a 1215
ii. Eth of Levanach
a. Madouen of Lennox, 1st of Luss
1 Gillemore de Luss, 2nd of Luss
A Maurice de Luss, 3rd of Luss
i Sir John de Luss, 4th of Luss
a Malcolm de Luss, 5th of Luss
1 Godfrey de Luss, 6th of Luss
A daughter
m Sir Robert de Colquhoun, 5th of Colquhoun

1 TSP Lennox, TCP Lennox.
2 'The House of Lennox' by Chevalier Terrance MacFarlane
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