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Gresley 2: Gresley of Drakelow, Gresley of Netherseale
Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakelow, Sheriff of Staffordshire b 1455, d 1503
m Anne Ferrers dau of Sir Thomas Ferrers of Tamworth Castle
1. Sir William Gresley of Drakelow
m sp Benedica Vernon dau of Sir Henry Vernon of Haddon Hall
p. Alice Tawke
A.+ issue - Thomas, Edward, Humphrey d 1549/50, Anthony a 1540, had issue, Ursula
2. John Gresley b 1481/2
3. Sir George Gresley of Drakelow b 1494, d 21.04.1548
m1 Margaret Malsho dau of John Malsho of Finden or Thingeon
A. Sir William Gresley of Drakelow b 1524/5, d 23.05.1573
m c1548 Catherine Aston d before 09.1585, dau of Sir Edward Aston of Tixall
i. Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakelow b 03.11.1552, d 09.1610
m1 c1573 Elizabeth Harvey dau of James Harvey of London
m2 Katharine Walsingham b 1559, bur 18.12.1585, dau of Sir Thomas Walsingham of Beadhay and Scadbury
a. Sir George Gresley, 1st Bart of Drakelow, Sheriff of Derbyshire b 1579/80, d 02.1650/1
m 17.12.1600 Susan Ferrers d after 1621, dau of Sir Humphrey Ferrers of Tamworth
1 Thomas Gresley dvp
m Bridget Burdett dau of Sir Thomas Burdett, 1st Bart
A Sir Thomas Gresley, 2nd Bart of Drakelow d 05.06.1699
m Frances Morewood dau of Gilbert Morewood of Netherscale
i Sir William Gresley, 3rd Bart of Drakelow d 17.10.1711
m 02.09.1696 Barbara Walcot dau of John Walcot of Walcot
a Sir Thomas Gresley, 4th Bart of Drakelow d 1746
m1 1719 Dorothy Bowyer dau of Sir William Bowyer, Bart
1 Sir Thomas Gresley, 5th Bart of Drakelow d 23.12.1753
m 1749 Wilmot Hood d by 1797, dau of Aldernon Hood of Leicester
A Wilmot Gresley d 04.12.1790
m 26.01.1776 Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley, 7th Bart d 26.03.1808 see 1 just below
2 Sir Nigel Gresley of Knypersley, 6th Bart d 17.04.1787
m 18.05.1752 Elizabeth Wynn bur 22.05.1793, dau of Rev. Ellis Wynn
A Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley, 7th Bart d 26.03.1808
m1 26.01.1776 Wilmot Gresley d 04.12.1790, dau of Sir Thomas Gresley, 5th Bart of Drakelow @1@ just above
i Wilmot Maria Gresley d 17.12.1845
m Rev. T. Levett of Packington
ii Emma Sophia Gresley d 13.09.1813
m 15.09.1808 Richard Edensor Heathcote of Longton Hall d 03.05.1850
m2 26.06.1796 Maria Eliza Garway dau of Caleb Garway of Worcester
iii Sir Roger Gresley, 8th Bart b 27.12.1799, dsp 12.10.1837
m 02.06.1821 Sophia Catherine Coventry dsp 29.03.1875, dau of George William Coventry, 7th Earl of Coventry
iv Nigel Gresley d unm 1816
v Louisa Georgina Maria Gresley
m Rev. Edward Woodyat
B Anne Gresley d 28.09.1797
m 03.01.1780 Sir John Edensor Heathcote of Longton Hall d 25.10.1822
C Louisa Jane Gresley d 26.04.1806
m 05.05.1798 William Gresley of Netherseale b 1760, d 03.10.1829, Rev. @2@ below
D Harriet Gresley
m John Jelly of Bath
E Mary Susannah Gresley
m Baptist Proby b 1761, d 1829, vicar in Lichfield
F+ other issue d unm - Elizabeth, Frances
m2 Gertrude Grammar dau of John Grammar
3 Geoffrey Gresley
A Thomas Gresley dsp
B Jane Gresley
m 1795 _ Willoughby of Kingsbury Cliffe Lt. Colonel
b Bridget Gresley
m Adam Ottley of Pichford
ii Thomas Gresley of Netherseale
m Elizabeth Lee dau of John Lee of Ladyhole
a Lee Gresley d unm
b John Gresley of Netherseale
m Dorothy Wilcockson dau of John Wilcockson of Wirksworth
1 Thomas Gresley of Netherseale d 18.04.1785
m1 Elizabeth Vincent d 19.05.1769, dau of Rev. William Vincent
A William Gresley of Netherseale b 1760, d 03.10.1829, Rev.
m1 05.05.1798 Louisa Jane Gresley d 26.04.1806, dau of Sir Nigel Gresley of Knypersley, 6th Bart see 2 above
i Sir William Nigel Gresley, 9th Bart b 25.03.1806, d 03.9.1847 had issue
m 25.03.1831 Georgina Anne Reid d 11.02.1904, dau of George Reid
ii Louisa Elizabeth Gresley d 22.12.1861
m 26.07.1825 Spencer Madan d 28.08.1851, canon of Gloucester
m2 29.08.1811 Mary Thorp d 19.07.1869, dau of Thomas Thorp of Overseale
iii+ other issue - John Morewood, Charles, Frances Mary, Harriet, Maria
B Richard Gresley of Stowe House b 09.08.1766, d 27.03.1850 had issue
m1 20.05.1800 Caroline Grote d 01.10.1817, dau of Andrew Grote
m2 1820, sp Mary Phillimore dau of Rev. J. Phillimore
C+ other issue d unm - Thomas rector of Hinton, Elizabeth, Mary
m2 Elizabeth Wilkes widow of William Pycroft
c James Gresley Rev.
m Ann Farmer dau of Richard Farmer of Witherley
d Elizabeth Gresley
m _ Gresley of Bristol
iii Charles Gresley of Dunstall
m Anne Bott dau of J. Bott of Dunstall Hall
a Elizabeth Gresley
m1 Thomas Bott of Coventry b 1681, d 1738
m2 S. Beardsley
b Frances Gresley d unm
c Anne Gresley
m Edward Mathew
iv Frances Gresley
m William Inge of Thorp Constantin
v Dorothy Gresley
m Thomas Ward
vi Mary Gresley
m D. Watson of Burton
vii Grace Gresley b 15 Aug 1658 Staffordshire d 29 Oct 1709
m Robert Roby of Castle Donnington
-1 Thomas Robey b 1688 d 1776 m Alice Clayton b 1695 d 1762
-2 Edward Robey b 1698 d 1741
-1-1 Grace Robey b 1715 Castle Donnington d 1805 heiress of Thomas m William Strelley of Oakerthorpe later Derby son of William Strelley of Oakerthorpe d by 1750 Elizabeth d 1756 Alfreton
-1-2 Thomas Robey b 19 Apr 1716 Castle Donnington d 21 Dec 1763
-1-3 Sarah Robey b 1718
-1-1-1 Robert STRELLEY of Oakerthorpe & Waingriffe Gent only son & heir apparant d 1766 m Elizabeth dau & coheir of Richard CLAYTON of Codnor Breech
-1-1-2 Lucy only dau of Derby d unm aft 1766
-1-1-1-1 Robert STRELLEY attorney at law d 1812 unm
-1-1-1-2 Benjamin STRELLEY of Okerthorpe Gent d 1831
-1-1-1-3 Hannah dau of Matthew HOPKINSON of Okerthorpe yeoman
-1-1-1-4 William STRELLEY d 1831
-1-1-1-5 Lucy STRELLEY m Joseph HARRIS of Bakewell surgeon
-1-1-1-6 Alice m Rev Gervaise BROWN of Ashbourn Rector of Fenny Bentley
-1-1-1-7 Elizabeth STRELLEY m George SPENCER
-1-1-1-8 Jemima STRELLEY m y PATTINSON of Losco Co Derby
-1-1-1-9 Grace STRELLEY m1 y PARKER m2 Thomas DAVENPORT of Quorndon

-1-1-1-2-1 Richard Clayton Strelley
-1-1-1-2-2 William Roby Strelley
-1-1-1-2-3 Frederick Strelley
-1-1-1-2-4 Harold Strelley
-1-1-1-2-5 Hariett Strelley
-1-1-1-2-6 Elizabeth Strelley
-1-1-1-2-7 Georgina Strelley
-1-1-1-2-8 Caroline Strelley
viii Sarah Gresley
m Paul Balladon of Stapenhill
i+ other issue - Letitia, Isabel
B George Gresley dsp
m Jane Nelson dau of Thomas Nelson
C Frances Gresley
m John Whitehall of Pipe Ridware
D Bridget Gresley
m Thomas Brome of Fisherwick
E Catherine Gresley
m 1664 Richard Dyott
F Elizabeth Gresley
m Philip Trafford of Swithomley
G Mary Gresley
m John Harpur rector of Morley, grandson of Sir John of Littleover
2 Elizabeth Gresley d unm
3 Dorothy Gresley
m1 Robert Milward
m2 Edward Wilmot
b. Katharine Gresley d 1635
m1 Francis Dethik of Newhill Dethick of Newhall?
m2 Sir Bartholomew Hales of Snitterfield d 1619
m3. Edward Gibbs d c1633/4
c. Katharine Gresley
m Sir Richard Harpur of Swarkston
d. John Gresley b 1581, d 1623 had issue
m Joan More dau of Jasper More of London
e. Dorothy Gresley b 28.08.1584
m Sir Alan Barlow of Barlow Moor
f.+ other issue - Henry b c1579, bur 16.09.1598, William b 1583/4, Walsingham b 1585, d 1633
m3. Mary Southwell d 1622, natural dau of Sir Richard Southwell of Woodrising
ii. Simon Gresley b 1560/1, d 1637
m1 sp Anne Wood d 1591
m2 Anne Dixwell
a. Elizabeth Gresley
m Sir Richard Harpur
b. Mary Anne Gresley
m _ Leventhorp
c. Lettice Gresley
m1 _ Crawley
m2 _ Atkins
d.+ other issue - George a 1637, William d 1637, Katharine d 1689, Maria
iii. Hastings Gresley b 1565/6
m Elizabeth Francis
iv. Grace Gresley dsp before 1598
m Sir Thomas Wolseley of Wolseley
v.+ other issue - Jane, Mary, Elizabeth dsp
B. Katharine Gresley
m Edward Winter of Worthington
m2 c1530 Katharine Sutton dau of John Sutton, Lord Dudley
C. Edward Gresley bur 04.04.1594 had issue
m Anne Corbet
D. Elizabeth Gresley
m 1557 Charles Somerset
E.+ other issue - Thomas d before 1572, had issue, Anne, Elinor
4. Robert Gresley d c1572
A. George Gresley
5. James Gresley d 1536 had issue
m Katharine
6. Elizabeth Gresley
m1 Sir John de Montgomery d 1513
m2 Sir John Giffard of Chillington d 1566
7. Ellen Gresley dsp
m Sir Nicholas Strelley
8. Mary Gresley
m Thomas Forster of family of Evelik

1 'Historical Collections of Staffordshire', or 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire', edited by The William Salt Archaeological Society, New Series volume 1, printed in 1898.
2 BP1934 Gresley.
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