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Canning 1

: Canning (Canynges) of Bristol, Canning(e) of Foxcote, Canning of Garvagh
A younger son of a family which derived its name from the manor of All Cannings in Wiltshire was ...
Robert Canynges in Bristol (a 1322)
1. William Canynges, Mayor of Bristol (d 1396)
B. John Canynge, Mayor of Bristol (d 1406)
m. Joan Wotton
i. Sir Thomas Canninge, Mayor of London (a 1456, 2nd son)
There was confusion in the past (hopefully no longer) concerning the Thomas who married the heiress of Foxcote and his relationship with the Thomas who was Mayor of London. Commoners identifies him as son of John son of John who was brother of Jeffrey (father of Sir Thomas, Mayor of London, and William of Bristol). BLG1886 shows him (Thomas) as son of John eldest son of John whose younger sons were Sir Thomas (Mayor of London) & William (Mayor of Bristol). We are following BP1934.
m. Agnes Salmon, heiress of Foxcote (dau/coheir of John Salmon by Eustatia, dau of John de Marshall)
a. Richard Canninge of Foxcote
m. Mary Compton (dau of Humphrey Compton)
(1) Thomas Canninge of Foxcote
m. Jane Boughton (dau of Richard Boughton of Condecot)
(A) Richard Canninge of Foxcote
m. Elizabeth Petty (d 04.08.1611, dau of Richard Petty of Ilmington)
(i) Richard Canninge of Foxcote
m1. Mary Sambache (dau of William Sambache of Broadway)
(a) William Canninge of Foxcote
m1. Anne Haywoode (dau of Thomas Haywoode of Bradforton)
((1)) Richard Canning of Foxcote
m. Grace Fowler (dau of Edward Fowler of St. Thomas)
((A)) Richard Canning of Foxcote (a temp Charles II, 3rd son)
m. Jane Busby (dau of Charles Busby, brother of Sir John of Addington)
((i)) Francis Canning of Foxcote (a 1720)
m. Apolonia Barker (dau/heir of Robert Barker of Montewecke by Catherine, dau/heir of Sir Henry Audley of Beerchurch by Anne, dau/coheir of Humphrey Packington of Chadsley Corbet)
((a)) Francis Canning of Foxcote
m. Mary Petre (dau of John Petre of Fidlers)
(((1))) Francis Canning of Foxcote
m. Catherine Giffard (dau of Peter Giffard of Chillington)
(((A))) Francis Canning of Foxcote (dsp 1831)
m. Jane Huddlestone (dau of Ferdinand Huddlestone of Sawston)
(((B))) Robert Canning of Foxcote, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b 1773, d 1843) had issue
m1. (sp) Catherine Berkeley (d 02.1823, dau of John Berkekey of Spetchley)
m2. Maria Cherton (d 1868, dau of Rev. Joseph Bonnor Cherton or Cheston of Longford House)
(((C))) John Canning (d 01.09.1824, Major) had issue (2 daughters)
m. Mary Anne Meredyth (dau of Sir John Randall Meredyth, Bart of Newtown)
(((2))) Thomas Canning
m. (1783) Mary Eugenia Blount (b 14.02.1745, dau of Michael Blount of Maple Durham)
(((A))) Thomas Canning (dsp 1824)
(((B))) Edward Canning
m. Louisa Spencer (dau of William Spencer, son of Lord Charles)
(((3))) Mary Canning
m. Joseph Blount of Chalgrave (b 15.07.1752)
(((4)))+ other issue - Robert (dsp 1769), John (dsp 1751), Edward (dsp), Anne (b 1748, d 09.03.1820, nun)
((b)) Richard Canning
((c)) Anne Canning
m. _ Greenward of Bruers Norton
((B))+ other issue - William (dsp), Nicholas (dsp), John, Thomas
((2))+ other issue - Thomas, William
m2. Mary Porter (dau of Edward Porter of Acton, sister of Sir Endymion)
(b) Richard Canning
m. Jane Stafford of Staffordshire
((1)) Richard Canning (a 1622)
(c) Ann Canning
m. Thomas Jacobs
(d) Eleanor Canning
m. John Wakerley of Sudbury
m2. Jane Porter (dau of Edward Porter of Aston)
(ii) George Canning of Barton, later of Garvagh and Agivey (d 1646, youngest son, to Ireland)
m. Anne Walker (dau of Gilbert Walker of Walford)
(a) Paul Canning
(b) William Canning (d 1641, Colonel)
((1)) George Canning of Garvagh
((A)) George Canning of Garvagh (d 1711)
m. (1697) Abigail Stratford (b 1673, dau of Robert Stratford)
((i)) Stratford Canning of Garvagh (b 1703, d
m. (1734) Letitia Newburgh (dau of Obadiah Newburgh of Ballyhaise)
((a)) George Canning of the Middle Temple (b 15.11.1778, d 11.04.1771)
m. (05.1768) Mary Anne Costello (dau of Jordan Costello)
(((1))) George Canning, Prime Minister (b 11.04.1770, d 08.08.1827) had issue §E
m. (08.07.1800) Joan Scott, Viscountess Canning of Kilbrahan (b c1777, d 14.03.1837, dau of Maj. Gen. John Scott of Balcomie)
((b)) Paul Canning of Garvagh (d 11.1784)
m. (20.07.1776) Jane Spencer (d 24.10.1785, dau of Conway Spencer of Tremary)
(((1))) George Canning, 1st Lord Garvagh of Garvagh (b 15.11.1778, d 20.08.1840)
m1. (13.07.1803) Georgiana Stewart (b 23.04.1785, dsp 17.11.1804, dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Marquess of Londonderry)
m2. (09.07.1824) Rosabelle Charlotte Isabella Bonham (b c1804, d 23.12.1891, dau of Henry Bonham of Titness Park)
((c)) Stratford Canning of London (d 05.1787)
m. Mehetabel Patrick (dau of Robert Patrick of Somerville)
(((1))) Stratford Canning, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe (b 04.11.1786, d 14.08.1880) had issue
m1. (03.08.1816, sp) Harriet Raikes (d 17.02.1817, dau of Thomas Raikes)
m2. (03.09.1825) Elizabeth Alexander (d 25.11.1882, dau of James Alexander of Somerhill)
(((2))) Elizabeth Canning
m. (1805) George Henry Barnett (d 26.04.1871)
(((3)))+ other issue - Henry, William (dsp 24.02.1860, Dean of Windsor), Charles Fox (d Waterloo)
((d)) Mary Canning
m. Rev. Henry Bernard or Barnard (probably Dean of Derry, son of William, Bishop of Londonderry)
(((1))) Letitia Barnard (d 11.04.1816) apparently of this generation
m. (10.11.1786) Sir Henry H. A. Bruce, 1st Bart of Downhill (d 1822, Rev.)
((e)) Jane Elizabeth Canning
m1. (14.12.1776) Westby Perceval of Philipstown
m2. William Leigh, Dean of Hereford
((f)) Frances Canning
((ii)) Frances Canning probably of this generation
m. (1727) Rev. George Tisdall (b 1707, d 1772)
(iii) Maria Canning
m. John Riland of Queenton
(iv) Anne Canning
m. (11.08.1589) Thomas Rownie of Darlingscot
(v)+ other issue - Thomas of Bristol, William of London and/or Basinghaw, Robert, Edward (ancestor of Cannings of Euston, Oxfordshire), Isaac, Paul (ambassador)
Uncertain on the order of the sons some of whom are mentioned by Commoners but not by BP1934.
(B) George Canninge
m. Sybil James (dau of Reeve James of Broxley)
(C)+ other issue - William, Henry, Thomas, Jane, Mary
(2) John Canning ancestor of Cannings of Todenham
m. _ Savage of Bengworth
ii.+ other issue - John, William (d 1476, Mayor of Bristol), 3 daughters

Source: BP1934 (Garvagh), BLG1886 (Canning of Hartpury), Commoners (vol 3, Canning of Foxcote)
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