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To30 Ralph de Toeni
Families covered: Toeni of Conches, Toeni of Flamsted, Toeni of Stafford, Toeni of Toeni (Tosni or Tosny)
(1) This page is based on information taken from various web sites and has not yet been checked against sources that we would view as reasonably reliable.
(2) Some sources report that Anschitel de Toesni, Lord of Isle de la March (b c926) was ancestor of this family but not the majority in showing the father of Ralph I as Anschitel's uncle ...
No34 = To33 Hugo de Cavalcamp (b c890)
To32 Ralph I, Sn de Toeni (b c955)
To31. Ralph II, Sn de Toeni (b before 970, d after 1015)
To30=St30 Roger 'the Spaniard' de Toeni of Conches (b c990, d c1038)
m. Godehilde/Adelaida Borrell (b c995, d after 1077, dau of Raimond Borel 1. Count of Barcelona)
To29=St29 Ralph de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted b c1029, d 24.03.1101-2 §B Accompanied William the Conqueror at Hastings.
m. (c1076) Isabel de Montfort or Montford (b c1058, dau of Simon I de Montfort) 
To28-1 Roger II de Toeni (b c1077)
To28=30 Ralph de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted (b c1079, d c1126)
m. (1103) Alice/Adelize de Huntingdon (b c1085, d after 1126, dau of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon)
To29 Roger de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted (b c1104, d by 1162) 
m. (before 09.08.1138) Ida/Gertrude of Hainault (b c1109, dau of Baudoun/Baldwin III, Count of Hainault)
T028 Ralph de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted (b c1130, d 1162)
m. (after 1155) Margaret de Beaumont (b c1125, d after 1185, dau of Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester)
To27 Roger de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted (b c1156, d 01.1208-9)
m. Constance de Beaumont (dau of Richard de Beaumont)
To27=28=23 Ralph de Toeni of Flamsted (b c1189, d c29.09.1239)
m. Petronilla de Laci (b c1195, d after 25.11.1288, dau of Walter de Laci of Meath)
To27=22 Ralph / Roger de Toeni of Flamsted (d before 20.07.1295)
m. Alice de Bohun (dau of Humphrey de Bohun, 2nd Earl of Hereford)
To26=21 Ralph de Toeni of Flamsted (d before 28.11.1309)
m. Mary
To25-1 Robert de Toeni, Lord (b 04.04.1276, dsp before 28.11.1309)
m.  (mcrt 26.04.1293) Maud (dau of Malise, 6th Earl of Strathearn) 
To25=20 Alice de Toeni (b c1283, d before 08.01.1325)
m.1 Thomas de Leyburn (dvp before 30.05.1307)
m2. Guy de Beauchamp, 2nd Earl of Warwick (d 12.08.1315)
m3. m3. William Mortimer, later Zouche of Ashby, 1st Lord Zouche of Mortimer (d 28.02.1336/7)
To26=24 Constance de Toeni (b 1215, d c1265)
m (c1233) Fulk FitzWarine (b c1210, d 14.05.1264)
To27 Godehaut de Toeni (b 1130)
m. William de Mohun, 2nd of Dunster, 'Earl of Dorset' (d before 1165)
To27-3 - Roger (b c1132)
To27-4 Baldwin (b c1134)
To27-5 Geoffrey (b c1136)
To29 Margaret de Toeni (b c1118, d 1185)
m. (c1135) Walter FitzRichard de Clifford (b 1128, d 1187)
To29-3 Simon de Toeni (b c1106)
To29-4 Isabel de Toeni (b c1108)
To29-5 Hugh de Toeni (b c1110)
To28-3 Godehaut (Godechilde) de Toeni (b c1081)
To28-4 Robert de Toeni (b c1086)b.
St29 Robert de Toeni, Lord of Stafford (b c1031, d 1088)
m1 Adelisa de Savona
To28 Adelisa de Toeni
m. Roger Bigod
Bi Maud Bigod
Bi Cecily Bigot
Bi Gunnora Bigod
Bi Jane Bigod
The following is confirmed by TCP (Stafford).
m2. Avice de Clare (b c1044, d c1065)
To=St28 Nicholas, Lord of Stafford (b c1066, d after 1137) Sheriff of Staffordshire, temp. King Henry I
m. (c1090) Maud de Moelte (b c1069)
St27 Robert, Lord of Stafford (b c1101, d after 1177) 
m. (c1135)  Avice (b c1110)
St26 Robert de Stafford (b c1136, dsp 1193/4)
m. Basilia
St25 Millicent de Stafford (b c1150) 
m. (c1171) Hervey Bagot of Stafford (b c1140, d before 25.08.1214)
To28=Gr29 Nigel de Stafford 
m.  (b c10)
St27 William FitzNigel de Stafford
To29-3 Alice/Adelise de Toeni (b c1035)
m. William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford (b c1030, d 20.02.1071)
To29-4 Helbert (b c1032),
To29-5 Gazon (b c1033),
To29-6 Eliant (b c1034)
To29-7 son (b c1040)
To30-2 Ralph de Toeni (b c992)
To30-3 Robert de Toeni (b c1009, d 04.08.1088)
m. Adele Osule (b c1014))
Noting the similarities between them, there could be confusion here between the above Robert & Adele and ...
a. Robert de Toeni (b c1038, d 08.1088) = Robert de Todeni, lord of Belvoir (d 1088)
m. Adeliza (b c1035, d before 1088) = Adela
To=Li30 Hugo de Limesi or Limesay (a 1060)
Li29 Baldric de Lindsay (a 1086)
Li28 .Ralph de Limesi or Limesay of Maxstoke (a 1086)
m. Hawise or Hadewise

Sources: Various web sites, in particular 'Mathematical'.
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