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Barcelona 1

: Counts of Ampurias, Dukes of Aquitaine, Counts of Auvergne, Counts of Barcelona, Counts of Carcassone
Bello, Count of Carcassone a 812
1. Gisclafred, Count of Carcassone and Rasez d c821
2. Oliva I, Count of Carcassone d 837
m1. Ermentrude / m2. Richilda
A. Oliva II, Count of Carcassone and Rasez d 879
i. Bencio I, Count of Carcassone and Rasez d 908
ii. Acfredo II, Count of Carcassone and Rasez d c933
B. Acfredo I, Count of Carcassone and Rasez d 906
m Adelinda dau of Bernard Plantvelue 'Hairyfoot', Count of Autun, Rodez, and Auvergne
i. William/Guillaume II, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Auvergne et de Macon (d 926/7)
ii. Acfred, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Auvergne d 927/37
a. Arsinda, Countess of Carcassone
m. Arnaldo de Comminges
iii. Bernard III, Count of Auvergne (a 932)
a.+ issue - Etienne (a 936), Bernard (a 936)
C. Sunifredo, Abbot of La Grasa
3. Sunifredo, Count of Barcelona, etc (d 849)
m. Ermesinde
A. Wifredo I 'the Hairy', Count of Barcelona, etc (d after 21.08.897)
m. (877) Winilda/Guinilde
i. Rodolfo, Bishop of Urgel, Abbot of Ripoli (d 940) had issue
ii. Wifredo II Borell, Count of Barcelona, etc (d 911)
m 898Gersende de Toulouse (dau of Odo, Count of Toulouse)
a. Riquida of Barcelona (d 962)
m 933
iii. Suniario I, Count of Barcelona, etc (d 950)
m1. Aimilda (d c920)
a. ? Guinidilda of Barcelona
mHugues de Rouergue, Sire de Quercy, Vcte de Comborn
b. Armengol, Count of Osona (d 940/3)
c. Borell II, Count of Barcelona, etc (d 992)
m1 968 Ledgarda of Toulouse (d after 977, dau of Raimund III, Pons 1, Count of Toulouse)
(1) Ramon Borell I, Count of Barcelona, etc (b 942, d 1018)
m. (990/1) Ermesinde de Comminges (d 01.03.1057)
(A) Berenguer Ramon 'el Cuervo', Count of Barcelona, etc (b 1005, d 1035)
m1 1018 Sancha de Gascogne
m2. (1021) Sancha of Castile (d 26.06.1026, dau of Sancho, Count of Castile)
(i) Ramon Berenguer I 'the old', Count of Barcelona, etc (b 1023, d 1076)
m1. Isabel (d 1050, probably dau of Raymond, Bernard I, Vcte de Nimes)
(a)+ issue - Pedro Ramon (d after 1071), Arnaldo (d c1045), Berenguer (d c1045)
m2. (before 16.03.1051, div 1052) Blanca
m3. (1053) Almodis (d 16.10.1071, dau of Bernard, Count de la Marche)
(d) Ramon Berenguer II 'Cabeza le Estopa', Count of Barcelona, etc (b c1055, d 05.12.1082)
m. (1078) Matilda of Apulia (d 1111/2, dau of Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia and Calabria)
((1)) Ramon Berenguer III 'the Grand', Count of Barcelona, etc (b 11.11.1082, d 19.07.1131)
m1. (before 1103) Maria de Bicar (d 1106, dau of Rodrigo Ruy Diaz de Bivar, 'El Cid')
((A)) Jimena of Barcelona (b 1105/6)
m1. (01.10.1107) Bernardo III, Count of Besalu (d 1111)
m2. (c1117) Rogert III, Count de Foix (d 1147/8)
m2. (1106) Almodis de Mortain (d c1110)
m3. (03.02.1112) Dulcia I de Gevaudun, Countess of Provence (d 1127/30, dau of Gilbert III, Vicomte de Carlat)
((B)) Ramon Berenguer IV 'the Saint', Count of Barcelona, etc (b 1113, d 06.08.1162)
m. (11.08.1137) Petronilla I, Queen of Aragon (b 1135, d 17.10.1174)
((C)) Berenguer Ramon I, Count of Provence (b 1114, d 1144)
m. (1135) Beatrix de Melgeuil (dau of Bernard IV, Count of Melgeuil)
((i)) Raymond Berengar V, Count of Provence, etc (b 1140, d 1166)
m. (c1163) Richeza (d c1185, dau of Wladislaw II, Prince of Silesia and Cracow)
((a)) Dulce II, Countess of Provence, etc (d 1172)
((D)) Bernardo of Barcelona (d c1117)
((E)) Berenguela of Barcelona (b 1116, d 15.01.1149)
m. (10.11.1128) Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon (b 1105, d 21.08.1157)
((F)) Estefania of Barcelona (b 1118, d after 1131)
m1. (1128) Centulio III, Count of Bigorre (d after 1128)
m2. (c1130) Ramon II Arnaldo, Vcte de Dax (d 1167)
((G)) Mafalda of Barcelona (b before 1126)
m1. Jasperto, Vcte de Castelnau (d c1151)
m2. Guillermo, Sn de Castellvell (d c1166)
((H)) Almodis of Barcelona (b 1126, d after 1171)
m. 1148) Ponce de Cervera, Vscde de Bas (d 1155)
((2)) Almodis of Barcelona (b c1080, d 1140)
m. (before 1140) Bernardo Amat, Vscde de Cardona (d 1151)
(e) Agnes of Barcelona (b c1056, d after 1071)
m. (10.05.1070) Guigues VII, Count of Albon
(f) Berenguer Ramon II of Barcelona (d c1097)
(g) Sancha of Barcelona (b 1057-9, d after 1079)
m. (before 1069) Guillaume Ramon I, Count of Cerdagne and Berga (d 1095)
m3. (1027) Gisela de Lluca (d after 1079)
(ii) Sibylla Berenguer (b 1035, d 1074)
m. (c1056) Henri de Bourgogne (b c1035, dvp 1066)
(iii)+ other issue - Sancho of Olerdota, Guillen Ramon of Osona (d after 1057), Bernardo
(B) Borell Ramon
(C) Godehilde/Adelaida Borrell (b c995, d after 1077)
m1. Roger 'the Spaniard' de Toeni of Conches (b c990, d c1038)
m2. Richard, Count of Evereux (d 1067)
(2) Armengol I, Count de Urgel (b 975, d 1010) had issue
m. (before 1001) Tetberga of Provence (probably dau of Ratbold, Count of Provence)
(3) Ermengarde of Barcelona (d 1030)
m. Vscde Geriberto of Barcelona (d c1014)
m2. (977/83) Aimerudis (dau of Raymond, Count of Auvergne)
d. Miron, Count of Barcelona and Osoona (d c966)
e. Wifrfedo of Barcelona (d after 986)
f. Adelaida/Bonafilla of Barcelona, Abbess of San Juan de Ripoli (d c955)
m2. (920/5) Richilde de Toulouse (d after 954, dau of Armengol, Count of Rouergue)
iv. Miron II 'the Young', Count of Besalu and Cerdagne (d 927) had issue
m. Ava (probably de Ribagorza)
v. Sunifredo, Count of Urgel (d 948) had issue
m Adelais of Toulouse (dau of Armengol, Count of Rouergue)
vi. ? Gudinilda of Barcelona (d after 923)
m Raymond II, Count of Toulouse (d 923)
vii.+ other issue - Eemmon (d 942, Abbot of San Juan de Ripoli), Riquilla, Ermesinde (d after 925), Cixilona (d 945, nun)
B. Miron I, Count of Roussillon and Conflent had issue
m. Cixilona
C. Rodolfo I, Count of Besalu (d c920)
m. Redlinda (possibly dau of Bera I, Count de Rasez)
D. ? Cixilona of Barcelona (d after 890)
m. Dela I, Count of Ampurias (d c894) @@ just below
E.+ other issue - Sunifredo (d c890, Abbot of Arles), Riculfo (d 916, Bishop of Elna), Sesenanda, Ermesenda (d c898)
4. Suniario, Count of Ampurias (d c848)
A. Suniario II, Count of Ampurias y Rosellon (a 915) had issue
m. Ermengarde
B. Dela I, Count of Ampurias (d c894) had issue
m. Cixilona of Barcelona (d after 890, possibly dau of Sunifredo, Count of Barcelona, etc) @@ just above

Sources: GenEU (Barcelona1, 10) supported by (inter alia) Debrett's "Kings and Queens of Europe" by David Williamson (published by Webb & Bower in 1988. ISBN 0-86350-194-X).
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