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Wales 23: Goch of Penmachno, Wynn of Cim
David Goch of Penmachno
m Angharad dau of Heilin ap Tudor
1. Gruffydd
m Margaret dau/heir of Tudur ap Iorwerth ap Gwrgeneu ap Cyfnerth
A. Gruffydd Vychan of Nant Conway
m Tangwst or Gwladys dau of Meredydd Goch ap Meredydd
i. Howel Coetmor of Nant Conway a 1377, 1413
m Gwenllian dau of Rhys ap Robert, of Kinmel
a. Gruffydd of Crafnant
m Myfanwy Dau of Llewelyn of Dinmaelnamed in Griffith p328
1 Howel
2 Nest
m John ap Robin ap Gruffydd Goch, of Llechwedd ucha
3 Erddylad
m Howel ap Madog, of Tenby
4 Lleuki
m Dafydd ap Einion Vychan
5 Alice
m Howel ap Madog
b. Rhys
m Mallt dau of Evan Lloyd ap Gruffydd ap Goronwy, of Llechwedd uchanamed in Griffith p371
1 Meurig or Meyrick
Griffith p394 identifies Meurig's wife as Jonet, dau of Madog Vychan, but Griffith p328 identifies her as ...
m Jonet dau of Rhys ap Gruffydd, of Llwyndurys
A Reinallt 'of Glyn Lligwy'
m Margaret Conwy of Bryneuryn dau of Hugh Conwy Hen
i Owen
m Gwen dau of Meredydd ap Dafydd ap Robert
a Robert of Glynlligwy
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Bryneuryn, p290.
m Catherine dau of John Wynn of Wernfawr
1+ issue - Owen, John, Margaret
b Margaret
m John Wynn ap Rhys Goch ap Dafydd ap Gruffydd
c Elizabeth
m Hugh ap Dafydd ap John ap Robert
d Jane
m Robert Dolben
e Catherine
m Robert Lloyd
f Alice
m Owen ap Dafydd ap Rhydderch
g+ other issue - John, William Owen of Aberconway, Morys, Thomas, David, Humphrey of Ireland, Tudur of Beddgelert, Elin, Margery
ii+ other issue - Thomas of Beddgelert, David of Llangwrst, Elizabeth, Gwen, Catherine, Annes, Jane
2 Elizaberth
m Ieuan ap Dafydd ap Ieuan ap Gwion Lloyd, of Hendwr
3 Gwenllian
c. Einion
m Nest or Margaret a 1400, dau of Ithel Ddu of Fronnllwyd in Lleyn
1 Howel Gwynedd a 1462
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Plas Ynghlynnog p328 & Cefn y Gaer p370 & Ynysgain p371.
m Elizabeth dau of Tudur Vychan of Penmynydd
A John Gwynedd
i Richard
a John Gwynedd of Llanengan
B Dafydd
i John
Griffith p394 identifies John's wife as Gwen, dau of Rhys Wynn of Graianog, but Griffith p328 identifies her as ...
m Annes dau of Morris ap Griffith ap Ieuan, of Plas Du Pencoed
a Morris Morys
m Jane dau of Robert ap John ap Meredydd, of Bachwen
1 John Wynn
m Annes dau of Morys ap Gruffydd ap Evan, of Plas Du
A Morys Wynn of Cim 328
m Annes dau of John Wynn Owen of Ystumcegid
i+ issue - John, Morris, Rhys, Catherine
2 Elin
m Robert ap Gruffydd, of Plas yn Chwilog
C Howel Gwyn
i John
m Catherine dau of John ap Meredydd, of Maesog
D Tudur Vychan a 1492
m Annes dau of Grufffydd ap Cynfrig, of Plas yn Caeran
i Owen a 1522, 1582?
m Elin dau of John ap Gruffydd Vychan, of Cefn Amwich
a John Owen of Gelliwig & Trefaes
m Agnes dau of Rowland ap Robert, of Meyllteryn
1 Owen of Trefaes
b Hugh Owen of Cefn y Gaer
m Catherine dau of Hugh ap Richard ap Dafydd, of Cefn Llanfair
1 Owen Owen of Cefn y Gaer
m Lowry dau of Robert Trygarn
A Hugh of Creigir & Cefn y gaer
c Robert Owen
m Lowry dau of Ieuan ap Hugh of Elernion
d Margaret Owen
m John ap Dafydd Lloyd ap William, of Hugh Owen of Cefn y Gaer
e Alice Owen
m Gruffydd ap Ifan, of Bodgadle, Hugh Owen of Cefn y Gaer
E Annes
m Madog ap Llewelyn, of Elernion
F Margaret
m Madog Vychan ap Rhys
G+ other issue - Rhys, William, John Coetmor
2 Rhys Vychan
A Owen
m Margaret dau of Morris ap Howel, of Graianog
3 Gwenllian
m Evan ap John ap John Carreg
d. Dafydd
m1 Lleuki probably not Lowri dau of Gruffydd Goch ap Ieuan ap Dafydd Vychan
1 Gruffydd 2nd son?
m Annes dau of Gruffydd ap Mattw Ddu ap Einion Benfras
A Howel Goch of Dol y Moch a 08.1541
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Duallt, p192.
m Mared or Morfydd dau of Ieuan ap Iorwerth ap Adda ap Dafydd
i Robert
m Jonet dau of Lewis ap Ieuan ap Dafydd, of Pengwern
a John of Dol y Ddwrid a 10.1558
m Margaret dau of Robert ap Gruffydd ap Robert Vaughan, of Talhenbont
1 David Lloyd of Duallt
m Elizabeth Lewis dau of Morris Lewis of Pengwern, m2. Thomas Lloyd
b Ieuan
c Mared
m1 ?? ?? dau of Gruffydd ap Ifan Vivion ap Ieuan
m2 Jane dau of Ieuan ap GRuffydd
d Lowry
m Thomas ap Richard ap John ap Hellyn ap Gruffydd, of Crafnant
ii Richard
iii Margaret
m Owen ap John ap Robert ap Dafydd, of Trawsfynydd
iv Elin
m Robert Lewis of Ysppytty Ifan
v Gwen
m John ap Owen ap Thomas, of Llanbedr
vi Catherine
m Gruffydd ap Rhys ap Ieuan ap Llewelyn, of Maentwrog
vii Jonet
m Howel ap Gruffydd ap Howel, of Llandrillo
B Ieuan
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Ynysgain, p371.
m ?? dau of Howel ap Mattw ddu, of Festiniog
i Robert
m Elizabeth dau of Lewis ap Ieuan, of Pengwern
ii Howel Gwchancestor of Hughes of Brynrodyn
iii Catherine
m Hugh Owen of Llanfair
C+ other issue - Rhys, Margaret
2 Myfanwy
m Robert ap Meredydd ap Tudur brother of Rhys of Plas Iolyn
3 Angharad
m John ap Howel Holland
4 Margaret
m Rhys ap Ifan
5+ other issue - Howel, Thomas
m2 Angharad dau of Gruffydd ap Richard ap John ap Harri ap Gruffydd Goch
e. Ieuan or Evan
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Plas Ynghlynnog, p328.
1 Rhys
A daughter
m Grono ap Rhys ap Diews, of Trefriw
f. Angharad
m Ieuan ap Madog, of Bachymbryd
g. Eurddyled
m Howel ap Madog, of Pennarth
h.+ other issue - Madog d by 1447, Meredydd, Nest, Gwenhwyfar
ii. Rhys Gethin of Hendre Rhys Gethin shown here by Griffith p328
B. Gwenllian
m Griffith ap Iorwerth
C. Margaret
m Ieuan Lloyd of Bodsilin
2. Llowarch Ddu
A. Gruffydd Crafnant
i. Ieuan
a. Heilyn
1 John a 1484
A Evan a 1542
i Richard
a Hugh
1 John of Pennardd, Penmachno
B. Ifan shown here by Griffith p178

Sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Tribe of Owen Gwynned p393 & Tribe of Howel Coetmor p394
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