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Wales 31: Lords of Llechwedd uchaf
Iarddur is described in Griffith p389 as "of Penhesgin Issa", in Griffith p115 as "of Penrhyn, Lord of Llechwedd uchaf", and in Griffith p136 as "Lord of Llechwedd uchaf". Griffith p115 shows his sons in order Iorwerth then Madog then Tudur. Provisionally, we follow the order shown in Griffith p389.
m Angharad dau/heir of Meredydd ap Maelgwyn, lord of Ceri
1. Madog of Castellior a c1200?
m Eva dau of Rhys ap Gruffydd ap Rhys ap Tewdwr Mawr, Prince of Wales
A. Tudur
m Morfydd dau of Rhys ap Meredydd ap Rhys, of South Wales
i. Rhys of Penhwnllys
ii. Llewelyn
a. Margaret
iii. Dafydd of Coetmor
m Gwenhwyfer dau of Gruffydd Maelor
a. Tudur
1 Angharad
m Dafydd Vychan
b. Howel
1 Madog
A Iorwerth
i Gruffydd
a Howel
1 Rowland 'of Carreg-Ceiliog' rector of Aberffraw
A Margaret, heiress of Carreg-ceiliog
m Meyrick ap Llewelyn, of Bodorgan
c. Gruffydd of Coetmor
The following comes from Grifith's Pedigrees Coetmor, p277.
m Nest dau of Iorwerth ap Llewelyn ap Gwilim ap Einion ap Rhirid Flaidd
1 Howel
m Gwenhwyfer dau of Gruffydd ap Adda Dwn ap Iorwerth ap Gruffydd
A Madog
m Margaret dau of Evan ap Einion ap Gruffydd, of Eifonydd
i Evan Vychan
m Marsli or Gwladys dau of Evan Lloyd ap Gruffydd ap Grono, of Bodsillin
a Robert Vychan
m Gwerfyl dau of Ednyfed Vychan of Bryncyn or Brynllwyn
1 Rhys Vychan a temp Richard III who r. 1483-1485
m Margaret Conwy dau of John Conwy of Borrhyddan
A Piers Coetmor of Coetmor
m Alice dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn
B Edmund
i Thomas Wynn
2 Eva
m c1330 Gruffydd ap Heilyn, of Penrhyn & Cochwillan
iv. Gruffydd
a. Eva
Griffith p389+46 show this as the Eva who m. Gruffydd ap Heilyn, of Penrhyn & Cochwillan. However, she is also shown a generation later in Griffith p277, see just above, which seems to be supported by Griffith p186 on her husband.
v. Howel
a. Dafydd Lloydmentioned in Griffith p46
b. Tudur Lloyd of Arienallt
c. Ifan
d. Rhys389+142
B. Dafyddpossibly of this generation
i. Tudur
a. Gruffydd
1 Angharad
m Dafydd Lloyd a 1350
2. Iorwerth
A. Cynwrig
i. Howel
a. Llewelyn Ddu
1 Gruffydd
m Gwerfyl dau/heir of Howel ap Iorwerth Vychannamed on Griffith p115
A Llewelyn
i Gruffydd
a Rhys
1 Morfydd
m Rhys ap Dafydd ap Howel ap Ifan
B Ednyfed
m Margaret dau of Gruffydd ap Dafydd ap Gwrgeneu ap Iorwerth ap Morgan ap Caradog ap Iestyn ap Gwrgant, Prince of Glamorgan
i Gruffydd of Penhesgin Issa
m ??, heiress of Ty Gwyn & Penhesgin
Griffith p389 shows Gruffydd as father of Rhys father of William, Robert father of Jane and Annes wife of Einion a[p Gruffydd. However, Griffith pp53+70 both show Robert father of Jane as son rather than brother of Rhys whilst Griffith p150, which follows the line of her husband, shows Annes as daughter of Robert. Provisionally, we follow those other pages over p389.
a Rhys Prior of Bangor
1 William Prees Wynn 53+70
m Elin dau of Meredydd ap Robert Goch
2 Robert
A Jane
m Evan ap Einion
B Annes possibly of this generation see note above
m Einion ap Gruffydd
ii Ieuan115
m Gwenllian dau/heir of Llewelyn ap Iorwerth ap Llewelyn, of Myfyrian ucha
b. Goronwy of Penmaenmawr = Grono of Gorddinog
1 Gruffydd of Penmaenmawr 136+213+389
m Tangwystl dau of Gwrgeneu ap Meuirg ap Gwilim ap Rhys Gadwynog ap Gwilim ap Rhys ap Edryd
B. Caradog
3. Tudur
A. Dafydd
i. Gruffydd
a. Madog
1 Howel Vychan
A Madog Vychan
i Gruffydd
a Owen
1 John 'of Abergele'
m Ellin Coetmor
A Prys Owen
i Edward Owen of Garth y Medd, Abergele
b Rhys of Ffynogion

Sources: Griffith's Pedigrees Tribe of Iarddur, p389
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