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Griffith 5

: Griffith of Chwaen Hen, Griffith of Llanddyfnan, Griffith of Rhodogeidio
Griffith Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Hwlkin of Rhodogeidio & Chwaen Hen
m Catherine dau of John ap Meredydd, of Ystumcegid
1. John Griffith of Chwaen Hen
m Annes dau of Henry Salesbury ap Gruffydd
A. John Griffith of Llanddyfnan 'of Chwaen Hen'
m Elin dau/heir of Hugh ap Rhys ap Evan, of Llanddyfnan
i. John Griffith of Llanddyfnan
m Elin Bulkeley dau of Robert Bulkeley of Gronant, m2. Edward ap Hugh Gwyn, of Bodewryd
a. John Griffith of Llanddyfnan
m Jane dau of Morris Griffith of Plas Newydd
1 John Griffith of Llanddyfnan
m1 Ann dau of Pierce Lloyd of Lligwy
A John Griffith of Llanddyfnan
m Dorcas Prytherch dau of Rev. William Prytherch of Llanfechell
i John Griffith of Llanddyfnan
m Elin dau of David Ffoulkes of Meriadog by Katrin Wynn of Voelas
a John Griffith of Llanddyfnan d by 1661
m Gaynor dau of Owen Wynne of Glascoed
1 John Griffith of Llanddyfnan
m1 sp Jane dau of Rhys Lloyd of Greiglwyd, relict of John Thomas of Aber
m2 01.01.1717-8 Mary Hurleston dau of John Hurleston of Carden
A Ann Griffith b 1724, d 21.04.1802
m 03.01.1746 William Lewis of Llanddyfnan d 13.12.1797
B+ other issue - John b 1718, d 1719, John b/d 1721, Charles bpt 10.08.1722, bur 06.11.1722, Bridget d young
2 Griffith of Brynmorhad issue?
3 Elin
m Griffith Hughes of Tredafarn
4 Grace
m1 Rhys Lloyd of Greiglgwyd
m2 Thomas Wynn a 1714, rector of Llanrwst
5 Margaret bpt 09.10.1684, d 1740
m Griffith Lloyd of Cymryd
6+ other issue - Elizabeth d young, Gaynor bpt 13.08.1682
b Robert Griffith 'of Llanddyfnan' d 1709
m Grace dau of Rev. William Mostyn, relict of Morris Lewis of Trysglwyn
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Rhodogeidio, p114.
1 John Griffith bur 04.05.1753
m Damaris bur 06.11.1751, dau of John Edward of Fishguard
A John Griffith of Rhodogeigio
m Catherine Humphreys dau of John Humphreys of Holywell, m2. Richard Pain
i John Griffith
2 Mary Griffith
m John Hughes of Glan yr Afon
c Ann
m Lodwick Owen of Marian Heilin
d Jane
m Robert Salesbury of Denbighshire
e Margaret
m Nicholas Langdon
f Dorcas
m Foulke Myddleton of Denbighshire
ii Ann
m Morris Roberts curate of Amlwch
B Magdalene
m John Davies of Llanbedr
C+ other issue - Pierce, William, Jane
m2 Jane dau of Morris Griffith of Methlan
2 Grissel
m Hugh Llwyd of Greiglwyn a 1657
3+ other issue - Robert, William, Richard, Margaret, Elin, Mary, Jane, Ann
b. Margaret
m William ap David Lloyd, of Marian Hellin
c. Elizabeth
m Griffith ap William Lewis, of Penhesgin
d. Grace
m John Wynne of Bodewryd d 1614
e. Elin Eleanor
m Hugh ap Richard, of Arienallt Goch
f. Jonet
m Richard Broadhead of Beaumaris a 1574
g. Catherine
m Rhys ap Evan ap Rhys, of Rhosbothan
h. Mary
m Richard Owen ap Hugh, of Coedana
i. Ann
m1 Hugh ap Dafydd ap John, of Llanallgo
m2 John ap Llewelyn a 1603, rector of Llanelian
j. Elin
m William ap Griffith
k. Jane
m William ap John, of Brwynog
l. Mary
m David Llwyd Bach of Cerrigmawr
ii. William Griffith of Rhodogeidio
The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees Rhodogeidio, p114.
m1 Marsli dau of Hugh ap Dafydd ap Llewelyn, relict of Rev. John Rowland of Llandyfrydog
a. Grace
m John ap Hugh ap William, of Beaumaris
b.+ other issue - Paul, Ann
m2 Elin dau of Dafydd ap Rhys ap Dafydd ap Gwilim, of Llwydiarth
d. Richard Williams of Llysdulas
m1 Marcelly dau of David Lloyd of Llysdulas, relict of John Prytherch of Tregayan
1 Ann b 1608, dsp 1661
m Hugh Owen of Bodeon d 1659, Colonel
2+ other issue - William, Griffith
m2 Elin dau/heir of John Wynn of Cae Milwr
4 John Williams of Ceidio antiquarian
m Grace dau of Roger Hughes of Plas Coch
A Griffith Williams of Rhodogeidio dsp 1708
B Elin a 1723, dsp
m1 William Williams
m2 Richard Griffiths of Trehwfa
C Ann dsp
m John Prees James of Caerdegog
D+ other issue - Piers, Richard dsp, Roger dsp, Rhys dsp
m3. Margaret Holland dau of Owen Holland of Berw, relict of Owen Meredydd
5+ other issue d young
e. Griffith Williams rector of Cheverell
f. Mary
m John Thomas Rowlands
1 David Lloyd of Fferam
iii. Ann
m John ap William ap Evan
iv. Lowry
m Hugh ap Owen
v. Catherine
m Hugh ap Griffith ap Dafydd, of Cymunod
vi. Jane
m Rhys ap William, of Plas Gwyn
vii. Elin possibly the Elin who married ...
m Richard Hughes 'of Chwaen Ddu'
viii.+ other issue - Griffith of Bodeiniol, Richard of Chwaen Goch
B. Catherine
m John ap William ap Grono ap Llewelyn ap Cynfrig, of Llwyn Crwn
C. Elizabeth
m Richard Morris ap Rhys, of Llanfwrog
D. Margaret
m Hugh ap John ap Howel ap Robert, of Penhesgin ucha
2. Griffith
3. Jonet
m1 John ap Madog ap Howel, of Bodfel
m2 John Bodwrda
4. Lowry
m1 Morris Griffith of Treiorwerth
m2 Griffith Llwyd, ap Eliza, of Edeyrnion
5. Elizabeth
m Ednyfed ap Iorwerth ap Einion, of Hendwr
6. Ales
m Hugh ap Robert ap John ap Robin ap Dafydd Goch, of Denbighshire

Ssources: Griffith's Pedigrees Chwaen Hen & Llanddyfnan, p14
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