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Viking 3
This page an 'Ancient & Mythical' file and may be more poetice than true. DNA research may lead to some corrections or confirmations in time.
atholl1.htm#top" target="_self">m2 c1059 Malcolm III 'Canmore', King of Scots b c1031, d Alnwick 13.11.1093
Ingiald 'Evilheart', King of Sweden
m Gauthild dau of Algaut
1. Olaf 'Treeshaver' b c680
m Solva/Solveig of Solisles
A. Halfdan 'Whiteleg' b c700
m Assa b c700, dau of Systein
i. Eystein b c750
m Hild dau of Eric
a. Halfdan 'the Meek' or 'The Bounteous', King in Westfold b c768
m c788 Hlif Daysdatter b c772
1 Gudrod 'Hunterking', King in Westfold b c790, d 821
NB. The dates shown for these generations are noticeably doubtful. Having a child at the age of ten is remarkable but that act is shown as having been beaten by his even-more-remarkable son! Some sources show Gudrod as son of Halfdan Whiteleg rather than his grandson Halfdan the Meek. This has to be clarified.
m1 c815 Alfhind b c794, dau of Alfarin, King of Alvheim
A Olaf, King of Jutland and Westfold b c800, d 840
i Helgi of Dublin b c802
m c819 Thora b c806, dau of Sigurd 'Snake eye'
a Ingjald 'the White', King in Ireland b c820
1 Olaf 'the White', King in Ireland b c840, d 871
m c857 Aud Unn 'Deep minded' b c834, d 900, dau of Ketill 'Flatnose', Lord of the Hebrides
A Thorstun 'the Red' b c858, d 888
m Thurid b c847, dau of Eyvind 'the Easterling'
i Groa b c873
m Duncan, Mormaer of Caithness b c871
a Grelod b c898
m 914 Thorfin 'Skull-splitter', Jarl of Orkney b c890, d after 977
ii+ other issue - Olaf 'Feilan' b 870, d c911, Thorhildr b 872, d c904, Osk b c874, Thorgerdur b 876, Vigdis b c878
B Jocunda b c859
2 Hrolf b c840
ii Rognvald of Westfold/Agder b c816, d 850
m Thora b c806, dau of Sigurd 'Snake eye'
a Ascriba b c804
These dates are to be reviewed. It is clear that they are not all right!
m c846 Einstein 'the Noisy' Glumra, Jarl of More
m2 Asa dau of Harald 'Redlip'
B Halfdan 'the Black', King in Westfold b c823, d 863
m c849 Ragnhild dau of Sigurd 'Hjort' Helgasson
i Harald I 'Fairhaired', King of Norway b c850/8, d 933-4
m/p1. Asa dau of Earl Hakon
a+ issue - Guthorn, Halfdan 'White', Halfdan 'Black' d c933, Sigfrod d c934
m/p2. Gyda dau of Eric, King of Hordaland
e Alof Arbat 'Seasons Bettering'
m c994 Thori 'the Silent', Jarl of More
f+ other issue - Roerek, Sigtrygg, Frodi, Thorgils
m/p3. Ragnhild dau of Eric, King of South Jutland
j Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway b c885 ,d 939/954
m Gunnhild dau of Ozar Tot
1 Harald II 'Graycloak', King of Norway d 974
2 Ragnhild of Norway
m1 954 Arnfinn, Earl of Orkney dsp
m2 Havard 'Season-prosperous', Earl of Orkney dsp
m3. Ljot, Earl of Orkney and Caithness dsp
3+ other issue - Gamli d c955, Guthorn d c953, Ragnfred King in Norway, Erling d c963, King in Norway, Gudred d 999, King in Norway, Sigurd Slaver d c964, other sons
m/p4. Snaefrid Snowfair dau of Svasa the Finn
k Haldan Haaleg
l Gudred Liomi, King of Hadeland d c890
m Sigurd-a-Bush, underking of Trondheim d c937
1 Halfdan
A Sigurd Sow d 1018
m Asta dau of Gudbrand Kula
i Guthorn
ii Gunnild
m Ketil Calf of Ringness
iii Halfdan b 995
a Berglio/Thorburg
m Finn Arnasson, Jarl of Halland
1 Sigrid
m Worm Eilifsson, Jarl of Ladir
2 Ingibiorg d before 1070
m1 before 1038 Thorfinn 'the Black', Earl of Orkney, Caithness and Sutherland b 1009, d 1064
iv Ingirid
m Jarl Nefstein
v Harald III Hardrada, King of Norway b 1015, d 25.09.1066
m1 Thora Thorbergsdottir
m2 1045 Ellisif Elizabeth Jaroslavna
n Rognvald 'Straightleg', King of Hadeland
1 son
A Eyvind Kaldea d 998
m/p5. Swanhilda b c850, dau of Eystein 'the Noisy' Glumra, Jarl of More
o Ragnar Ryckil
1 Agner
A Ragnar
p Bjorn 'the Merchant', Underking of Westfold b c900, d 927
1 Gudrod, Underking of Westfold b c932, d 963
m Cecilia
A Harald 'Graenski' , Underking of Westfold b c960, d 995
m Asta dau of Gudbrand 'Kula' Olafsson
i Olaf II 'the Saint', King of Norway b c995, d 29.07.1030
m 1019 Astrid dau of Olaf, King of Sweden
a Ulfhild d before 24.04.1090
m 11.1042 Otto, Duke of Brunswick
p. Alfhild b c1002
b Magnus 'the Good', King of Norway b c1024, d 25.10.1047
1 Ragnhild
m 1050/62 Jarl Haakon Ivarsson
A Ragnhild
m Paul I Sigurd, Earl of Orkney and Caithness d 1099/1103
B Sunniva
q Olaf Geirsteadelf d c934
1 Tryggvi, underking of Wigen d c963
m Astrid dau of Eric
A Olaf, King of Norway b c963, d 09.09.1000
m/p1. Geira dau of King Wendischen Burislaw
m/p2. Gyda dau of Olaf Kvaran
i Trggve d 1033
m/p3. Gudrun dau of Jarmskeggi Asbiornsson of Yriar
m/p4. Thyra dau of Harold II 'Bluetooth', King of Denmark
ii Harald b 999, d 1000
m/p5. Gyda of Dublin dau of Sitric II, King of Dublin and of York
B Astrid
m Erling Skialgson of Soli
C Ingibiorg
m Rognvald Wolfsson, Earl of West Gotland
m/p6. Ashild dau of Ring of Ringerige
r Day, King of Hedemarken
s Ring, King of Hedemarken
1 Day
A Roerek 'the Blinded', King of Heathmark
B Ring, King of Heathmark
C Ragnhild
m Rest of Eastdales
t Gudrod Skiria
m/p7. Thora Mostaff
u Haakon I 'the Good, King of Norway b c920, d 959
1 Thora
v Ingibiorg
m Earl Halfdan
1 Gunnhild
m Finn 'Skjalgi' Eyvindsson b c878

Main sources: 'RoyalData', 'Mathematical'.
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