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Viking 4
Skjold, King of Danes b c237 He was the first legendary Danish kings, mentioned in the Prose Edda, in Ynglinga saga, in Chronicon Lethrense, in Sven Aggesen's history, in Arngrímur Jónsson's Latin abstract of the lost Skjöldunga saga and in Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum. Under the name Scyld he also figures in the Old English poem Beowulf. The various accounts differ greatly about his life.
And as he thus waxed in years and valour he beheld the perfect beauty of Alfhild, daughter of the King of the Saxons, sued for her hand, and, for her sake, in the sight of the armies of the Teutons and the Danes, challenged and fought with Skat, governor of Allemannia, and a suitor for the same maiden; whom he slew, afterwards crushing the whole nation of the Allemannians, and forcing them to pay tribute, they being subjugated by the death of their captain.
Thus delivered of his bitterest rival in wooing, he took as the prize of combat the maiden, for the love of whom he had fought, and wedded her in marriage. Soon after, he had by her a son, GRAM, whose wondrous parts savoured so strongly of his father's virtues that he was deemed to tread in their very footsteps. The Danish History, Book One Elton's translation
m c258 Gefion b c241
1. Friedleif b c259
A. Frode III King of Denmark, 270-310
i. Frideif b c303
a. Haver / Harfdani I King of Denmark, 310-324. He subdued Sweden and fixed his residence at Upsala, where he died b c325
1 Frode IV King of Denmark, 348-407
A Vermund b c369
i Olaf b c391
a Don b c412
1 Frodi b c433
A Halfdan b c454
B Friedleif b c456
i Olaf 'Vegetus' b c477
ii Frodi b c479
a INGJALD b c501 - continued just below
b HALFDAN b c503 - continued see below
c Frodi b c505
1. INGJALD b c501 - continued from just above
A. Hraerek b c533
i. Frodi b c565
a. Halfdan b c597
1 Hraerek 'Slaunvanbauge' b c629
m c654 Aud b c633, dau of Ivar 'Vidfame', King in Sweden below
A Harald 'Hilditonn' b c655, d 735
i Thrand 'the Old' b 696
ii Hraerek 'Slongvinbaugi' b c698
iii Halfdan b c710
iv Solgi b c730?
a Hrolf b c762
1 Bjarni b c794, d c870
m Hlif b c798, dau of Hrolf Ingjaldsson
A Eyvind 'the Easterling' b c830, d 900
m 845 Rafarta b c830, dau of Cearbhall/Kjarval MacDunghal
i Thurid b c847
m c868 Thorstun 'the Red' b c858, d 888
ii+ other issue - Helgi 'Magri' b c846, d 20.05.908, Bjorg b c848, Snaebjorn b c849, Thorhild b c849
v Eystein b c732
B daughter
2 Helgi 'Acutus/Hrasse' b c631
2. HALFDAN b c503 - continued from see above
m c523 Sigris b c507
A. Signe b c524
B. Hroar b c526
m c546 Ogne, Princess of Northumberland b c530
i. Valdar b c547
a. Harald b c568
m c589 Hildur Heidreksdotter b c572
1 Halfdan, King in Sweden b c590, d c650
m c611 Moalda 'Digri' Kinriksdottir b c594
A Ivar 'Vidfame', King in Sweden b c612, d 647
m c632 Gauthild/Gyrithe Alfsdotter b c614
i Aud b c633
m1 c654 Hraerek 'Slaunvanbauge' b c629 above
m2 c669 Radbert, King of Gardarige b c638
B Hraeric of Lethra
m Auda of Roeskilde
i Harold I, King of Denmark d 770
a Halfdan/Sigfrid of Jutland d 800
1 Hemming of Jutland d 837
A Harold of Jutland a c852
i Thyra 'Danebold' of Jutland b c844, d c935
m c897 Gorm 'the Old', King of Denmark b c840, d c940
2 Gudrud
ii. Agnes b c549
C. Helgi b c528

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