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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Viking 2

Sw41. Radbert, King of Gardarige Russia b c638
m about 669 Aud b c633, dau of Ivar 'Vidfame', King in Sweden
Sw40. Randver b c670
Sw39. Sigurd 'Ring', King in Sweden b c730 d 812
Sw38. Ragnar 'Lodbrok', King of Denmark b 760, d 845
m c783 Aslaug b c765, dau of
+1 Sigurd 'Fafnisbana' Sigmundsson
m Brynhild Budlasdatter b 735 Norway
+2 Sigmund Volsungsson b 705 Norway d 734 Norway son of 8350582444040. Volsung Rersson and 8350582444041. Ljod Hrimnirsdatter
m 4175291222021. Hjordis Eylimsdatter.
m Hjordis Eylimsdatter b 710 Norway
+2 Budli Leinfnisson b 680
+3 Eylimi (Elina) Hjalmthersson
+3 Lienfni Attipsson b 625 Norway son of
+4 Attip Budlasson
a. Bjorn 'Ironside'
1 Refill b c796
A Erik b c814
2 Erik b 798
3 Asleik b c812, d 850
b. Ivan 'the Boneless' b c787, d 873
c. Sigurd 'Snake eye' b c786
m c799 Heluna/Bleja, Princess in England b c784
1 Aslaug b 800
m Helgi 'the Bold' Fridleifsson b c796
A Sigurd 'Hjort' Helgisson
m Thorny Klacksdottir dau of Klach Harold, King in Jutland
i Guthorm
ii Ranghild
m c849 Halfdan 'the Black', King in Westfold b c823, d 863
2 Thora b c806
'Mathematical' shows Thora as having married Helgi of Dublin, 'RoyalData' shows her as having married Ragnvald, Helgi's younger brother. We assume that she married one then the other.
m1 c819 Helgi Olafsson of Dublin b c802
m2 Rognvald of Westfold/Agder b c816, d 850
3 Harde-Knud b c814, d 850
A Gorm 'the Old', King of Denmark b c840, d c940
m c897 Thyra 'Danebold' of Jutland b c844, d c935, dau of Harold of Jutland
i Knut d c940
a Gold-Harald d c970
ii Harald 'Bluetooth', King of Denmark and Norway b c910, d before 991
m1 Thora
m2 Gunhilde
m3. Gyrid Olafsdottir
a Hakon
b Sveyn I 'Forkbeard', King of Denmark, Norway and England b 965, d 02.02.1014
m1 c990, div 1000 Gunhilda of Poland dau of Mieczislaw/Burislav 1, Duke of Poland
1 Gytha
m c996 Eric Hakonsson, Jarl of Ladir
A Hakon, Earl of Worcester d 1029
2 Harald, King of Denmark d 1018-9
3 Canute 'the Great', King of England, Denmark and Norway b c995, d 1035
m/p1. Aelfgiva b c966, d c1044, dau of Aelfhelm, Earl of Northampton
A Sveyn, King of Norway d 1036
B Harald I 'Harefoot', King of England b c1016, d 1040/2
m/p2. 02.07.1017 Emma b c982, d 21.02.1052, dau of Richard I, Duke of Normandy
C Hardicanute, King of Denmark and England b 1018, d 08.06.1042
D Gunhild/Kunigunde d 10.07.1038
m 10.06.1036 Henry III, Emperor of Germany d 1056
E daughter d young
4 Gunhilda ?
m Wytgeorn, King of Wendland
5 Thyra b c993, d 1018
m sp Godwin, Earl of Wessex and Kent b c987, d 15.04.1053
m2 c996, div Sigrid 'the Haughty' d before 1013, dau of Skogul-Tosti
6 Svantoslava
7 Estrid
m1 1017, div, sp Richard II 'the Good', Duke of Normandy b 996, d 28.08.1026
m2 c1018 Ulf Thorkilsson, Jarl in Denmark b c967, d 22.09.1027
m3. 1031, div 1032 Robert 'the Devil', Duke of Normandy
c Gunhild d 13.11.1002
m Earl Palig Ealdorman in Devon
d Thyra d 18.09.1000
m1 Styrbjorn Olafsson of Sweden b c959, d 986
m2 Mieczislaw/Burislav 1, Duke of Poland b c922, d 25.05.992
m3. Olaf Tryggvason, King of Norway b c963, d 09.09.1000
B Gudrid b c842
d. Hvitserk b c790
e. Ragnvald b c791
f. Halfdan 'White shirt', King of Dublin d 877
1 Sitric I, King of Dublin b c860, d 896
A Sitric II, King of Dublin and of York d 927
m 30.07.925 Edith of England b 897, d 937, dau of Edward the Elder, King of England
i Olaf 'Cuaran', King of Dublin and of York d c981
m Gormflath d 1030, dau of Morough MacFinn, King of Leinster
a Sihtric 'Silkbeard', King of Dublin d 1042
m Slani O'Brien dau of Brian Boru, King of Ireland
1 Olaf, King of Dublin d 1034
m Maelcorcre dau of Dunlaig MacTuathal, King of Leinster
A Ragnhildir of Dublin b c1031
m Cynan of Gwynedd
b Gluniarainn Jarnkne, King of Dublin
c+ other issue - Harald, Dubgall, Dubgilla, Godfraid, Ragnall
ii Harald, King of Limerick d c940
a Godfred I, King of the Isle of Man d c989
1 Ranald, King of the Isle of Man d 1005
A Harald 'the Black' of Islay
i Godfred II 'Crovan', King of the Isle of Man and of Dublin d c1095
a Olaf I 'Bitling' 'the Red', King of Man and the Isles b c1080, d 29.06.1153
m Elfrica or Affrica dau of Fergus of Galloway
1 Ragnhilda b c1117
m 1140 Somerled, King of the Northern Isles b c1113, d Renfrew 1184
2 Gudrod, King of the Isle of Man b c1124
A Olaf, King of Man and the Isles d 1237
m1 ??
iHarold, King of Man
iiReginald, King of Man
iiiMagnus, King of Man d 1265
m2 ??
m3. Cristina dau of Ferquard, 1st Earl of Ross
ivGuin or Gun Olafson
vLeod Olafson b c1200, d c1280
m ? MacRailt
viLeaundrish Olafson
2 Marion
m Paul MacDuibn, 'Paul the sporran' a 1066, Treasurer
iii Gyda of Dublin
m sp Olaf, King of Norway b c963, d 09.09.1000
g.+ other issue - Ragnhildir, Alof, Ubbe
Sw38-2. daughter
Reported in was the following connection ...
Sw=Mo38 Halfdan Sigurddson b c750 m.Alfhild Gandolffsdottir of Alfheim.dau of Gandolf Asgeirsson
Mo37 Ragnar Halfdansson of Uppsala
m Asberg Sigurdsdottir
Mo36 Ingvar Ragnarsson d 873
Mo35 Gomer Ingvarsson b c844, d after 911
Mo34 Roger de Monte Gomerii
Mo33 Roger de Monte Gomerii or Gummeri
m _ de Hiemois
Mo32 William de Montegomeri
m Elizabeth de Tripon, dau of Earl of Botinet de Tripon and Janet de Normandy
Mo31 Hugh de Montegomeri d 1034
m ?? Sibell or Sainfrie de Crepon
The following combines suggestions in 'Genealogy of Grahams' and 'The House of Hamilton'.
Mo32=Be33 Bernard de Montegomeri
m 912 Sphreta of Burgundy
Be32 Torf or Turlufus
m 955 Emerberga de Brigenberg
2. daughter

Main sources: 'Mathematical', 'Royal Data'.
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