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: Kings of Norway
Harald III Hardrada, King of Norway b 1015, d 25.09.1066
m1 Thora Thorbergsdottir dau of Thorburg Arnison
1. Magnus II Haraldsson, King of Norway b 1049, d 28.04.1069
A. Haakon Magnusson, King of Norway b 1069, d 02.1095
2. Olav III Haraldsson, the Gentle, King of Norway b 1050, d 22.09.1093
m 1067 Ingrid Svensdottir dau of Svend II, King of Denmark
p. Thora Johnsdottir
A. Magnus III Olavsson, Barelegs or Barefoot, King of Norway b 1073, d 24.05.1103
m 1101 Margaret Frithpoll d 04.11.1130, dau of Ingel Stenkilsson, the Elder, King of Sweden
i. Eystein I Magnusson, King of Norway b 1088, d 29.08.1122
m Ingibirog Guthormsdottir dau of Guthorm Steigsson
a. Maria Eysteinsdottir
m Gudbrud Shavehewsson
ii. Ragnhild Magnusdottir d 1135
m Harald Kasia, Prince of Denmark
iii. Magnus Magnusson, the Red
iv. Thora Magnusdottir d 1175
m Loft Saemundson
p1. Thora
v. Sigurd I Magnusson, the Crusader, King of Norway b c1089, d 26.03.1130
m1 1100 Blathmin O'Brien dau of Muirchertadh II MacToirdelbaig, King of Munster, King of Ireland
m2 div 1128 Mamfrid of Novgorod dau of Mstislav I Harald, Prince of Kiev
a. Christina Sigurdsdottir d 1178
m 1155 Erling Skakki Askew Ormsson d 29.06.1179 crusading with Rögnvald Kali Kolsson, the Earl of Orkney.
1 Magnus V, King of Norway b 1156 probably in Etne in Hordaland d 15.06.1184 named king in 1161 at the age of eight. He was the first Norwegian king to be crowned. His father Erling took the title of earl and held the real power since Magnus was a minor. Magnus' reign saw the arrival in Norway of Sverre Sigurdsson, who claimed the throne for himself. In June 1177, Sverre first led his men to Trřndelag where Sverre was proclaimed as king. Erling's position was compromised and he fell at the Battle of Kalvskinnet outside Nidaros in 1179. Several more years of warfare ended with Magnus' defeat and death in the Battle of Fimreite on June 15, 1184. Sverre attacked Magnus' fleet sending his ships into battle in squadrons, to charge and overwhelm on one ship at a time, forcing the Magnus' men to jump over to the next. As the battle proceeded, the remaining ships became extremely crammed, and then started to go down because of the weight. King Magnus is reported to have gone down on one of the last of them.
m Estrid Bjornsdottir dau of Bjorn Byrdasvend
2 Ragnhild Erlingsdottir
m John Thorbergsson
p. Sigurd II Haraldsson, Mouth of Norway, King of Norway b 1133, 10.06.1155below
m3. Cecilia
p. Borghild Olafsdottir
b. Magnus IV Sigurdsson, the Blind, King of Norway b c1115, d 122.11.1139
m 1132, div 1133 Kristina dau of Knut Lavard, Duke of South Jutland
p2. Sigrid Saxisdottir dau of Saxi of Wick
vi. Olav Magnusson, King of Norway b 1099, d 22.12.1115
vii. Sigurd Magnusson, Slembi Deacon b c1099, d 12.11.1139
m Audhild of Scotland
a. Ingigerth Sigurdsdottir probably fits here
m Haakon Havardson, 2nd of Clouston
partner unknown from Ireland
viii. Harald IV Magnusson, Gille, King of Norway d 14.12.1136
m1 Ingirid Rognvaldsdottir dau of Rognvald Ingisson of Sweden
a. Inge I Haraldsson, the Hunchback, King of Norway d 04.02.1161
m2 Beathach Biadak
b. Eystein II Hadaldsson, King of Norway d 21.08.1157
m Ragna Mew dau of Nicholas Mew
1 Eystein Eysteinsson, Maiden
c. Magnus Haraldsson, King of Norway d c1145
d. Brigida Haraldsdottir
m1 Ingi Hallsteinson
m2 Karl Sonison, Earl of West Gautland
m3. Magnus Henriksson, King of Sweden
m4. Birgir Brosa, Earl in Sweden
e. Maria Haraldsdottir
m 1155 Simon Seath Hallkelsson
f. Margaret Haraldsdottir
m 1155 John Halkelsson
p. Thora Guthormsdottir dau of Guthorm Greybeard
g. Sigurd II Haraldsson, Mouth of Norway, King of Norway b 1133, 10.06.1155
p1. Thora
1 Haakon II Sigurdsson, Broadshouldered, King of Norway b 1147, d 1162
p2. Christina Sigurdsdottir dau of Sigurd I Magnusson, the Crusader, King of Norway above
2 Harald Sigurdsson d c1172
3 Sigurd Sigurdsson
p3. Gunnhild
4 Sverre Sigurdsson, King of Norway b c1152, d 09.03.1202
m1 Astrid
A Haakon III Sverresson, King of Norway d 01.01.1204
m Inga
i Haakon IV Haakonsson, the elder, King of Norway b 1204, d 15.12.1263
m1 Kanga
a Sigurd Haakonsson d 1254
b Cecilie Haakonsdottir d 1248
m1 1241 Gregor Anderson d 03.01.1246
m2 1248 Harald, King of Man d 1248
m2 25.05.1225 Margaret Skulisdottir d 1270, dau of Jarl Skule
c Haakon Haakonsson, the younger, King of Norway b 11.11.1232, d 30.04.1257
m 1251 Richiza Birgersdottir dau of Birger Fulkunga of Bjalbo, Regent of Sweden
1 Sverker Magnus Haakonsson d 1264
d Magnus VI Haakonsson, the Law Mender, King of Norway b 1238, d 09.05.1280
m 11.09.1261 Ingeborg d 1287, dau of Erik IV, Ploughpenny, King of Denmark
1 Eirik II Magnusson, the Priest Hater, King of Norway b 1268, d 15.07.1299
m1 31.08.1281 Margaret of Scotland dau of Alexander III, King of Scots
A Margaret, Queen of Scots, the Maid of Norway b before 09.04.1283, d unm 26.09.1290
m2 1293 Isabel Bruce b c1275, d 1358, dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale
B Ingeborg Eiriksdottir b 1297
m 29.09.1312 Valdemar Magnusson, Duke of Finland
2 Haakon V Magnusson, Longlegs, King of Norway b 10.04.1270, d 08.05.1319
m 1299 Euphamia of Rugen d 01.05.1312, dau of Wizlaw III, Prince of Rugen
A Ingeborg Hakonsdottir b 1301, d after 1360
m1 29.09.1312 Erik Magnusson, Duke of Sudermannland d 1318
i Magnus VII Eriksson, King of Norway b 1316, d 01.12.1374
m 1335 Blanka of Namur d 1363, dau of John, Count of Namur
ii Euphemia b 1317, d before 10.04.1366
m 10.04.1336 Albert II, Duke of Mecklenburg
m2 21.06.1327 Knud Porse, Duke of South Halland
B Agnes Hakonsdottir
m Hafthor Jonson
3 Olaf Magnusson b 1262, d 15.03.1267
4 Magnus Magnusson b/d 1264
e Christine Haakonsdottir b 1234, d 1262
m 01.03.1258 Felipe of Castile, Archbishop of Seville b after 1231, d 1274
f Olav Haakonsson b 1227, d c1230
B Sigurd Laward Sverresson d 1200
i Guttorm Sigurdsson, King of Norway d 11.08.1205
C Ingeborg Sverresdottir
m Charles Sverkersson, Prince of Sweden
D Cecilie Sverresdottir
m Einar Kongesbogar
m2 1185 Margaret Eriksdottir d 1209, dau of Erik Jedvardsson, Saint, King of Sweden
E Christine Sverresdottir d 1213
m 1209 Philip, King of Bagler
F Erling Sverresson
5 Cecilia Sigurdsdottir
m1 Folkvid
m2 c1184 Baard Guthormsson of Rein d 1194
Their son Inge became King of Norway.
6 Eric Sigurdsson d 1190
m Asa
A Magnus Ericsson d 1190
m2 1045 Ellisif / Elizabeth Jaroslavna b c1032, dau of Yaroslav I, Prince of Kiev
3. Maria Haraldsdottir d 25.09.1066
4. Ingigerd Haraldsdottir
m1 Olaf I Svendsson, Hungar, King of Denmark
m2 Philip Halstansson, King of Sweden

Sources: 'RoyalData'
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