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Hotham 1

: Hotham of Hotham, Hotham of Scorborough, Hotham of South Dalton
1. Durand de Hotham a 1165
A. Robert de Hotham a 1210
m Agnes de Arundell dau of William de Arundell, sister of Roger of Foston
i. Thomas de Hotham, Sheriff of York d c1221
m Margaret
a. Robert de Hotham d before 1252
m Alice
1 John de Hotham of Hotham and Scorborough d before 1299
A Sir John de Hotham of Scorborough d c1348
m Agnes Daniel dau of Adam sb John? Daniel of Lockington
i Sir John de Hotham of Scorborough d 1370
m Agnes de Heslarton dau of Sir John de Heslarton
a Sir John de Hotham of Scorborough and Canaby d c1370
m Matilda Hilton dau of Robert Hilton, 'Lord Hilton'
1 Sir John de Hotham of Scorborough b 1344, d 18.01.1414-5
A Sir John Hotham of Scorborough b 1386, d 02.10.1419
m Matilda Newsome dau of William Newsome
i Sir John Hotham of Scorborough, Sheriff of Yorkshire b 1411, d Towton 1461
m Elizabeth Eure dau of Sir William Eure
a Sir John Hotham of Scorborough d Towton 1461 - continued below
m Isabel Hildyard dau of Sir Robert Hildyard of Winestead
ii Agnes de Hotham possibly of this generation
m Thomas de Sutton, 3rd Lord of Holderness a 1379
Sir John Hotham of Scorborough d Towton 1461 - continued above
m Isabel Hildyard dau of Sir Robert Hildyard of Winestead
1. Sir John Hotham of Scorborough, Sheriff of Yorkshire b 13.11.1458, d 1513
m2 Lora Constable dau of Ralph Constable of Halsham
A. Sir John Hotham of Scorborough d 18.10.1524
m Elizabeth Headlam d 20.06.1529
i. Sir Francis Hotham of Scorborough d 03.12.1546
m Mary Hercy dau of Humphrey Hercy, sister of Sir John of Groves
a. John Hotham of Scorborough, Sheriff of Yorkshire b 09.1540, d 15.06.1609
m1 Julian Stanhope dau of Sir Michael Stanhope of Shelford
m2 Mary Goring dau of Sir George Goring of Danny Park
m3. 10.01.1585 Jane Legard dau of Richard Legard of Rysome
1 Sir John Hotham, 1st Bart of Scorborough, Governor of Hull d 02.01.1644-5
m1 16.02.1606-7 Katherine Rodes dau of Sir John Rodes, MP of Barlborough
A Sir John Hotham d 01/2.01.1644-5
m1 Frances Wray dau of Sir John Wray of Glentworth
i Sir John Hotham, 2nd Bart d 1689
m Elizabeth Beaumont dau of Sapcoat Beaumont, Lord in Ireland
a Sir John Hotham, 3rd Bart dspm 1691
ii Frances Hotham bpt 20.12.1635 apparently of this generation
m John Daniell
B Richard Hotham dsp
m2 16.07.1614 Anne Rokeby dau of Ralph Rokeby of York
C Charles Hotham rector of Wigan
m Elizabeth Thompson dau of Stephen Thompson of Humbleton
i Sir Charles Hotham, 4th Bart d 01.1722-3, Colonel
m1 Bridget Gee dau of William Gee of Bishop's Burton
a Sir Charles Hotham, 5th Bart d 15.01.1738-9, Colonel
m 1724 Gertrude Stanhope d 12.04.1775, dau of Philip Stanhope, 3rd Earl of Chesterfield
1 Sir Charles Hotham, 6th Bart dsp 1767
2 Gertrude Hotham probably of this generation
m 21.10.1762 Welbore Ellis Agar b 1735, dsp 30.10.1805
b Sir Beaumont Hotham, 7th Bart d 1771
m Frances Thompson dau of Rev. Stephen Thompson of Humbelton
1 Sir Charles Hotham, later Hotham-Thompson, 8th Bart dspm 25.01.1794
m 21.10.1752 Dorothy Hobart d 01.06.1798, dau of John Hobart, 1st Earl of Buckinghamshire
2 Sir John Hotham, 9th Bart, Bishop of Clogher d 03.11.1795
m Susanna Mackworth b 1738, dau of Herbert Mackworth of Neath
A Sir Charles Hotham, 10th Bart dsp 1811
3 Sir John Hotham, 11th Bart, 1st Lord Hotham of South Dalton b 08.04.1736, d unm 07.05.1813, Admiral
4 Beaumont Hotham, 2nd Lord of South Dalton b 05.08.1737, d 04.03.1814
m 06.06.1767 Susannah Hankey d 01.08.1799, dau of Sir Thomas Hankey
A Beaumont Hotham b 30.08.1768, dvp 08.1799, Lt. Colonel
m 20.05.1790 Philadephia Dyke d 20.05.1808, dau of Sir John Dixon Dyke, 3rd Bart
i Beaumont Hotham, 3rd Lord of South Dalton b 09.08.1794, d unm 12.12.1870, General
ii George Frederick Hotham b 20.10.1799, d 19.10.1856, Rear Admiral had issue
m 12.08.1824 Susan Maria O'Brien d 25.03.1857, dau of William O'Brien, 2nd Marquess of Thomond
B Frederick Hotham b 16.01.1774, d 10.10.1854, prebendary of Rochester had issue
m 23.11.1802 Anne Elizabeth Hodges d 28.01.1862, dau of Thomas Hallett Hodges of Hemsted Place
C Sir Henry Hotham b 19.02.1777, d 19.04.1833, Vice Admiral had issue
m 06.07.1816 Frances Anne Juliana Rous d 31.01.1859, dau of John Rous, 1st Earl of Stradbroke
D Frances Hotham d 1836
m 30.03.1797 Sir John Sutton Admiral
E Amelia Hotham d 08.03.1812
m 19.12.1798 John Woodcock
F Louisa Hotham d 30.08.1840
m1 05.12.1804 Sir Charles Edmonstone, 2nd Bart d 01.04.1821
m2 01.1832 Charles Woodcock
5 George Hotham b 07.01.1741, d 07.02.1806, General
m 16.12.1769 Diana Pennyman d 17.07.1817, dau of Sir Warton Pennyman, Bart
A George Hotham b 18.10.1770, d 23.04.1823, Lt. Colonel
m1 01.03.1792 Caroline Gee d 23.12.1811, dau of Roger Gee of Bishop Burton
i William Hotham b 30.07.1794, d unm 22.02.1873, Admiral
ii George Hotham b 11.09.1796, d 14.04.1860, Captain had issue
m1 Caroline Watt d 27.09.1839, dau of Richard Watt of Bishop Burton
m2 11.07.1844 Amelia Hawksworth d 10.11.1885, dau of Francis Ramsden Hawksworth
iii Charles Hotham dsp 11.02.1866, Canon of York
m 05.01.1837 Elizabeth Sykes d 10.12.1877, dau of Rev. Christopher Sykes
iv John Hotham b 29.01.1805, d 11.02.1831, Captain had issue
m1 09.04.1842 Maria Elizabeth Thompson d 03.06.1853, dau of Henry Thompson of Burton
m2 11.01.1855 Mary Anne Roundell d 20.06.1898, dau of Rev. Danson Richardson Roundell of Gledstone
v Sarah Hotham d 05.04.1873
m 06.09.1823 Stephen Creyke archdeacon of York
vi Charlotte Hotham d 19.07.1875
m 20.07.1824 Robert Denison
vii Gertrude Hotham d 15.09.1859
m 27.12.1830 Rev. Christopher Nevile of Thorney d 08.08.1877
viii Diana Caroline Hotham
m 12.08.1841 Henry Alexander Brown of Kingston Grove
ix Harriet Hotham d 12.02.1873
m 29.06.1833 Sir J.W. Lubbock, Bart d 21.06.1865
m2 29.06.1813 Rosamond Best d 05.09.1856, dau of Rev. Francis Best of South Dalton
x Maria Hotham d 19.07.1871
m 12.04.1836 William Bradley Wainman of Carrhead
B Sir William Hotham b 12.02.1772, Admiral had issue
m1 06.1804 Anne Jeynes d 21.08.1827, dau of Sir Edward Jeynes
m2 25.06.1835 Jane Seymour Colman dsp 30.11.1855, dau of Francis Colman of Hillersdon
C Montagu Hotham b 20.03.1779, dsp 04.03.1805, Major
m 22.01.1804 Anne Bird d 1815, dau of Thomas Bird
D Diana Hotham dsp 26.11.1810
m 1805 Edward O'Brien d 09.03.1824, Captain RN
E Harriet Hotham d 1828
m Sir Giffen Wilson
c Elizabeth Hotham d 25.10.1737 possibly of this generation
m Sir Thomas Style, 4th Bart d 11.01.1769
d Charlotte Hotham apparently of this generation, of this marriage
m 31.03.1725 Sir Warton Pennyman, later Pennyman-Warton, Bart of Ormesby d 1770
e daughter
m2 Mildred Cecil b c1675, d 18.01.1726-7, dau of James Cecil, Earl of Salisbury
f Richard Hotham d young
D William Hotham
E Durant Hotham of Lockingham dsps
m Frances Remington dau of R. Remington of Lund
m3. spms Frances Legard dau of John Legard of Ganton
m4. spms Catharine Norcliff dau of Sir Thomas Norcliff
m5. spms 07.05.1635 Sarah Anlaby dau of Thomas Anlaby
ii. Mawde or Elisabeth Hotham possibly of this generation
m Sir Thomas Metham
iii. Elizabeth Hotham possibly of this generation
m Thomas Yorke
B. Katherine Hotham apparently of this generation
m John Anne of Frickley

Sources: BP1934 Hotham
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