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Nicholas of Roundway
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Adams in USA, Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne, Agar Lords Clifden, Agar of Gowran Castle, Agar of Normanton

Henry Adams b c1583, d 1646
m. Edith Squire dau of Henry Squire
1. Joseph Adams
A. Joseph Adams b 1653, d 1736/7
m. Hannah Bass
i. John Adams b 1690/1, d 1761
m. Susannah Boylston
a. John Adams, 2nd President of the USA (b 30.10.1735, d 04.07.1826)§F
m. (25.10.1764) Abigail Smith (b 22.11.1744, d 28.10.1818, dau of William Smith)
(1) Abigail Adams (b 14.07.1765, d 10.06.1816)
m. (12.06.1786) William Stephens Smith
(2) John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the USA (b 11.07.1767, d 23.02.1848) had issue §F
m 26Jul1797 Louisa Catherine Johnson (b 12.02.1775, d 151.05.1852)
(3) Susanna Adams b 28.12.1768, d 04.02.1770
(4) Charles Adams b 29.05.1770, d 30.08.1800
m 29Aug1795 Sarah Smith b 06Nov1769, d 08Aug1828
(5) Thomson Boylston Adams b 15.09.1772, d 13.03.1832
m. (1805) Ann Harrod (b 1774, d 1846)
2. Samuel Adams had issue
Otes l'Arcedekne (Archdeacon)
m. Amice
1. Sir Thomas l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne, Governor of Tintagel Castle, Sheriff of Cornwall, Lord (d before 21.08.1331)
m1 Alice de la Roche dau of Thomas de la Roche of Roche Castle, 1st Lord assumed (rather than Maud) to have been mother of ...
A. Sir John l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne b before 1306, d before 21.12.1377
m c1327 Cecily Haccombe a 1365, dau of Jordan Haccombe of Haccombe
i. Sir Ralph (or Stephen) l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne dsp before 21.12.1377
ii. Sir Warin l'Arcedekne of Ruan Lanihorne d before 10.12.1400
m Elizabeth Talbot d 03.08.1407, dau of Sir John Talbot of Richard's Castle
a. Alienor (Ellenor) Arcedekne
TCP identifies Alienor's husband only as Walter Lucy. Thanks to a site visitor (MF, 12.06.09) for pointing out that, having regard to the fact that the Arcedekne (Archdeacon) arms passed through the Lucy family then the Hopton family into the Corbet family, this must be the Sir Walter identified in Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Hopton of Stanton) as the following Sir Walter whose children are also mentioned in BHO (The History and Topographical Survey of the Count of Kent, vol 6, Parishes: Newington).
m. Sir Walter Lucy of Newington Lucy (son of Sir William)
>(1) Sir William Lucy of Newington Lucy (dsp 1459-60)
(2) Ellenor Lucy
m. Sir Thomas Hopton
(3) Matilda (Maud) Lucy
m. William Vaux
b. Philippe Arcedekne
m Sir Hugh Courtenay of Haccomb or Holcombe
c. Margery Arcedekne
m. Thomas Arundell
d. Elizabeth Arcedekne (dspvm)
m2. Maud a 11Jun1362, possibly dau of John de Mules
Charles Agar of Yorkshire, later of Gowran d 14.02.1696
m Ellis Blancheville dau of Peter Blanchevill of co. Kilkenny
1. James Agar of Gowran Castle
m1. (10.01.1692, sp) Susannah Alexander dau of James Alexander
m2. Mary Wemyss b c1665, d 1771, dau of Sir Henry Wemyss of Danesfort
A. Henry Agar of Gowran Castle (d 18.11.1746)
m. (29.05.1733) Anne Ellis (d 14.04.1761, dau of Welbore Ellis, Bishop of Meath, sister of Welbore, Lord Mendip)
i. James Agar of Gowran Castle, 1st Viscount Clifden b 25.03.1734, d 01.01.1789
m. (20.03.1760) Lucia Martin (b c1732, d 26.07.1802, dau of John Martin of Dublin)
a. Henry Welbore Agar, later Ellis, 2nd Viscount Clifden b 22.01.1761, d 13.07.1836
m 19.03.1792 Caroline Spencer-Churchill (b 27.10.1763, d 23.11.1813, dau of George Spencer-Churchill, 3rd Duke of Marlborough)
(1) George James Welbore Agar, later Agar-Ellis, Baron Dover b 17.01.1797, dvp 10.07.1833 had issue
m. 07.03.1822 Georgiana Howard (d 17.03.1860, dau of George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle)
(2) Caroline Anne Agar (d unm 1811)
b. John Ellis Agar (b 31.12.1764, dsp 03.01.1797)
m. (11.03.1792) Harriet Flower (d 14.01.1813, dau of William Flower, 2nd Viscount Ashbrook)
c. Charles Bagenal Agar (b 13.08.1769, d 16.06.1811) had issue
m. (15.11.1804) Anna Maria Hunt (d 03.03.1861, dau of Thomas Hunt of Mollington Hall)
Anna's grandmother was sister and heiress of Henry Robartes, 3rd Earl of Radnor. Their son Thomas changed his name to Agar-Robartes and later became 1st Lord Robartes.
d. Anne Emilia Agar (d unm 1821)
ii. Welbore Ellis Agar (b 1735, dsp 30.10.1805)
m. (21.10.1762) Gertrude Hotham (dau of Sir Charles Hotham, Bart)
iii. Charles Agar, Archbishop of Dublin, 1st Earl of Normanton (b 22.12.1736, d 14.07.1809)
m. (22.11.1776) Jane Benson (b c1752/7, d 25.10.1826, dau of William Benson of co. Down)
a. Welbore Ellis Agar, 2nd Earl of Normanton (b 12/20.11.1778, d 26.08.1868) had issue
m. (17.05.1816) Diana Herbert (b 05.02.1790, d 02.12.1841, dau of George Augustus Herbert, 11th Earl of Pembroke)
b. George Charles Agar (b 01.08.1780, d unm 24.01.1856)
c. James Agar (b 10.07.1781, d 06.09.1866, archdeacon of Kilmore, rector of Carrigallen)
m. (07.07.1829) Louisa Thompson (d 15.03.1884, dau of Samuel Thompson of Greenmount)
d. Frances Anne Agar (dsp 20/3.05.1839)
m. (14.12.1798) Thomas Ralph Maude, 2nd Viscount Hawarden (b 16.04.1767, dsp 26.02.1807)
iv. Henry Agar (d 14.05.1798, rector of Inniscarra)
m. Mary Tyrrel (dau of Benjamin Tyrrel)
a.+ issue - Charles Welbore (d 1810, had issue, Rev.), Henry (had issue), Gertrude
v. Diana Agar (d 1814)
B. James Agar of Ringwood (b 07.09.1713, d 03.08.1769)
m. (06.07.1741) Rebecca Flower (d 03.03.1789, dau of William Flower, 1st Lord Castle Durrow)
i. George Agar, Lord Callan (b 04.12.1751, dsp 29.10.1815)
ii. Charles Agar, Archdeacon of Emly (dsp 05.05.1789)
iii. Mary Agar
m. (30.08.1760) Philip Savage
C. Ellis Agar, Countess of Brandon (b c1709, dsps 11.03.1789)
m1. (04.03.1726) Theobald Bourke, 7th Viscount Mayo (b c1706, dsps 07.01.1741)
m2. (17.08.1745) Francis Bermingham, Lord Athenry (b 1692, d 04.03.1749/50)
D. Mary Agar
m. (1742) James Smyth of Tinny or Tinney Park

(1) For Adams (uploaded 03.08.03) : and
(2) For Arcedekne: TCP (Arcedekne).
(3) For Agar: BP1934 (Clifden) with input from BP1934 (Normanton)
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