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Sutton 4: Sutton of Holderness, Sutton of Sutton
Su25 =27 =28. Sayer de Sutton a 1150 b c 1100 d about 1160 (The similarity in this most unusual first name if nothing else gives rise to suspect a common ancestor with Saher de Quincy.)
Su24 =26 =27 William de Sutton b c 1130 d a 1170
Su23 =25 =26 Amand de Sutton b about 1150 d a 1196 The Monks of Meaux and their chronicle - They acquire lands in Sutton - Their legacy from Amandus de Sutton
Su22 =24 =25 Sayer de Sutton b c 1175 d a 1245 The forfeiture of his control over the river - Drainage of the marshes - Dripole in Sutton - The monks and the West Carr--Drainage of the West Carr - Mills, canals and fishery - The legacy of young Amandus - Death of a Bondman-- Sale of bondmen - Large grants to the Monks
Su21-1. Amand de Sutton dvp
Su21 =23 =24 Sayer de Sutton b ct 1210 d d 1270 Grants to Martin de Otringham - A rebellion in Holderness - Grants to the Nuns of Swine - Roads, or rights of way in the parish - New arrangements in the West Carr - The monks acquire pasturage in the Salts, and are turned out - Isabella de Fortibus acquires some of Sayer's meadows
m Joan
Su20 =22 =23 Sayer de Sutton b c 1245 d by 11.07.1290 Sayer's grant of dower to his father's widow - Fishery in Sutton Marr - New apportionment of the pasturage--An Oxgang with its appurtenances - A cottager's rights to meadow and grazing - The monks as sheep farmers - List of their Sutton possessions - The export of wool - Projected foundation of Kingston-upon-Hull
m Christiane wife of Sayer, presumed mother of ...
Su19 =21 =22 Sir John de Sutton, 1st Lord Sutton of Holderness b about 1290 d by 24.09.1338 Sale of his marriage - His marriage settlement - Ottringham Chantry endowed with Sutton meadows - Kingston-upon-Hull founded - Conbination against Piers Gaveston - Imprisonment of John - Joan de Sutton in Swine Nunnery - Edward the Second passes through Sutton - Death of John - The Effigy in Sutton Church
m 27.08.1294 Constance Sampson dau of John Sampson of York
Su18 Sir John de Sutton, 2nd Lord of Holderness b about 1335 dsp 05.05.1356 A Hildyard Heiress - Thomas Sampson, Rector - Renewed disputes over the West Carr - Dispute over an old tunic - Knighthood of the Black Prince - The College of St. James founded, and Sutton Church built - Its dedication - The Black Death - Thomas Sampson's will - Death of Sir John de Sutton - His son no more heard of - The tomb in the Church - His wife's dower
m c 06.1337 Aline de Well d 05.10.1363
Su17 Agnes de Sutton possibly of this marriage
Richard Sneyde of Bradwell and Tunstall b about 1360 d a 1400
-1 Nicholas Sneyde of Sneyde, Bradwell, etc b c 1420 d a 1473 m Margaret Downes dau and coheiress of Sir Robert Downes of Shrigley died 23 Sep 1459 on the Yorkist side at the Battle of Blore Heath
-1-1 William Sneyde of Sneyde, Tunstall,b about 1440 etc, Mayor of Chester 1479/80 a 1479
m Johanna Ledsham b about 1445 dau and heiress of Roger Ledsham Sheriff of Chester 1447/8
-1-1-1 Richard Sneyde of Sneyde, Bradwell, etc b about 1473 d 1536
m Anne Fowlehurst dau of Sir Robert Fowlehurst of Crewe
-1-1-2 William Sneyde b about 1475, Sheriff then Mayor of Chester in 1504/5 1516, by trade a draper a 1532
-1-1-3 Ann Sneyde
m Edward Massey of Broxton
-1-1-1-1 Sir William Sneyde of Bradwell, Sneyde, Tunstall, etc, Sheriff of Staffordshire d 06.06.1571 The Manor of Keele was granted by King Henry the Second, A.D. 1180, to the Knights Templars, and on the suppression of that order passed into the possession of the Knights Hospitallers, who held it until their property was confiscated, at the Reformation, by King Henry the Eighth, who sold Keele to Sir William Sneyd, Knight, of Bradwell. His son and Heir, Ralph Sneyd, Esq. m1 Anne Barrowe dau and heiress of Thomas Barrowe of Flookers Brooke
-1-1-1-2 Richard Sneyde b about 1515 d a 1553
-1-1-1-3 Ann Sneyde m1 William Leycester, younger of Tabley dvpsp m2 Roger Hurleston of Chester
-1-1-1-4 Jane Sneyde m Sir John Legh of Booths a 1544
-1-1-1-5 Elizabeth Sneyde b about 1520 m Sir William Calverley of Calverley
-1-1-1-1-1 Ralph Sneyde of Bradwell, Sneyde, Keele, etc, Sheriff of Staffordshire d 1615 at Keele Hall he built, as stated by Erdeswick, “a very proper and fine house of stone,” which was completed in 1581, and of which a view, engraved by Michael Burghers in 1686, is given in Plot’s History of Staffordshire. Keele was plundered during the Civil Wars, and narrowly escaped demolition by Cromwell’s troops, when its then owner, Colonel Ralph Sneyd, who was a devoted adherent to the cause of King Charles the First, suffered heavy losses on account of his loyalty. m1 Mary Chetwynd dau of Thomas Chetwynd of Ingestre
-1-1-1-5-1 Beatrice Calverley b c 1563
m Robert Hide
of Norburn Hyde of Hyde & Norbury d 1614
-1-1-1-5-2 Jane Calverley b c 1564 m y Anby
-1-1-1-5-3 Elizabeth Calverley b c 1565 m y Hallie
Su18 =20 =21 Sir Thomas de Sutton of Branceholme or Bransholme Castle, 3rd Lord of Holderness a 1379 Bondmen transformed into labourers - Enlargement of the Northlands - Impoverishment of the monks - Dispute about Magnusdaile - Fresh mortgages - Disputes with tile makers from Beverley - The Children's Pestilence - New Statutes for the College - Marriage and death of the heir to the Manor - Succession of daughters of Sir Thomas de Sutton - Alice de Meaux inherits the Berewic TCP Sutton identifies Thomas's wife merely as Agnes but TCP Bulmer identifies her as ...
m Agnes de Hothom dau of John de Hotham of Scorborough
Su20-1 Constance de Sutton d 09.06.1401
m1 by 1371 Piers de Mauley, 4th Lord d 19/20.03.1382/3
m2 before 12.1384 Sir John Godard
m3 Robert de Hilton of Swine this marriage not mentioned by TCP Sutton
Su19 =20 Margery de Sutton d 10.10.1391
m1 c 1371 Piers de Mauley dvp before 03.1382/3
-1 Piers de Mauley, 5th Lord b c1378, dsp 06.09.1415 m before 06.08.1400 Maud Neville d 10.1438, dau of Ralph de Neville, Earl of Westmorland
-2 Constance de Mauley a 1448 m1 1392 William Fairfax Fa20 of Walton m2 Sir John Bigod Bi19 of Settrington d 02.1426
-3 Elizabeth de Mauley m George Salvan or Salvain of Kilham and Nafferton
-4 John de Mauley d ?y

-2-1 Thomas Fairfax of Walton d 1415 m Margaret Friston sister of Richard Friston of Marston

-2-1-1 Richard Fairfax of Walton a 1422, Chief Justice of England
m Eustachia or Anastasia Carthorpe dau of John Carthorpe of Carthorpe by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Ergham

-2-1-1-1 William Fairfax of Walton d 1453 m Catherine Nevil dau of Sir Humphrey Nevil of Thornton Bridge
-2-1-1-2 Sir Guy Fairfax of Steeton Castle d 1495, 3rd son m Isabel Ryther dau of Sir William Ryther of Ryther

-2-1-1-2-1 Sir William Fairfax of Steeton Castle and Bolton Percy d 1514/1535, judge m Elizabeth Manners dau of Sir Robert Manners

-2-1-1-2-1-1 Sir William Fairfax of Steeton, Sheriff of Yorkshire d 31.10.1558
m 1518 Isabel Thwaits dau of Thomas Thwaits or Thwayts of Denton Castle
-2-1-1-2-1-2 Elenor Fairfax m Sir William Pykerynge
-2-1-1-2-1-3 Anne Fairfax m y Normanvyle
-2-1-1-2-1-4 Elsabeth Fairfax m Sir Robert Uttreth
m2 William de Aldeburgh, 2nd Lord dsp 20.08.1391
Su20-3 Agnes de Sutton d 24.11.1436
m1 Sir Ralph de Bulmer b c18.04.1366, d 24.04.1406
m2 before 29.10.1415 Sir Edmund Hastings of Roxby d 09/13.12.1448
Su21-3. Beatrix Sutton possibly of this generation
m Sir William St. Quintin of St. Quintin

Sources: TCP Sutton of Holderness
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