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Hamilton 6

: Hamilton of Airdrie, Hamilton of Cambuskeith, Hamilton of Fingalton, Hamilton of Preston, Hamilton of Sanquhar
Sir John Hamilton of Fingalton b c1337, d c1402
m ?? Keith dau of Sir William Keith of Galston
1. Sir John Hamilton of the Ross
m1 Jane Lyddell dau of Sir James Lyddell of Preston
A. Sir James Hamilton of Fingalton and Preston
m Agnes Hamilton dau of Sir James Hamilton, 5th of Cadzow
i. Sir Robert Hamilton of Fingalton and Preston d c1488
m Margaret Johnstone dau of Sir John Johnstone of Johnstone
a. Sir Robert Hamilton of Fingalton and Preston d by 1522
It is thought by reference to the dates of his children's activities that all or at least most of Robert's children were by his first marriage but one or two might have been by his second marriage.
m1 Margaret Mowat dau sb sister? of Sir John Mowat of Stonehouse
1 Robert Hamilton of Preston
m Katherine Tweedie dau of James Tweedie of Drummelzier
A James Hamilton dvpsp 30.04.1523
B Sir David Hamilton of Preston
m Janet Baillie dau of Andrew Baillie of Lamington
i George Hamilton of Preston d 1608
m 1563 Barbara Cockburn dau of Sir John Cockburn of Ormiston
a Sir John Hamilton of Preston d 1644
m Johanna Otterburn dau of Sir John Otterburn of Redhall
1 Sir James Hamilton of Fingalton and Preston b 1589, d 10.1644
m 1609 Barbara Mure dau of Robert Mure of Caldwell
A Robert Hamilton dvpsp 1632
B John Hamilton of Preston dsp 1647
m1 1633 Anne Dalzell dau of Robert Dalzell, 1st Earl of Carnwath
m2 1641 Margaret Seton dau of Sir John Seton of St. Germans
C Anne Hamilton
m Sir Thomas Hamilton of Preston and Fingalton d 1672 @@ below
b James Hamilton
m Margaret Inglis
1+ daughters
c Robert Hamilton of Newhaven
m 1606 Janet Johnstone dau of Johnstone of Elphinstone
1 Sir Thomas Hamilton of Preston and Fingalton d 1672
m1 Margaret Murray
m2 Anne Hamilton dau of Sir James Hamilton of Preston @@ above
A Sir William Hamilton, 1st Bart of Preston b c1645
m 1670 Rachel Nicolson dau of Sir Thomas Nicolson of Cockburnspath
i Rachel Hamilton d unm
ii Anne Hamilton
m1 1697 Thomas Oswald son of Sir James
m2 1705 Gilbert Burnet son of Sir Thomas of Crimond
ii Jane Hamilton
m 1695 George Stirling of Letham
B Sir David Hamilton, 2nd Bart of Preston b 1650, d unm 1701
C Janet Hamilton b 1653, d 26.02.1696 presumed to be of this marriage
m 16.11.1676 Sir Alexander Gordon of Earlston, 2nd Bart b 1650, d 10.11.1726
m3. Rachel Burnet dau of Robert Burnet, Lord Crimond
ii+ other issue - Patrick dsp 02.04.1595, other sons d unm
C Janet Hamilton
m John Hamilton, 3rd of Broomhill a 1560
D Giles Hamilton
m John Stewart, younger of Hallcraig
2 John Hamilton, 1st of Airdrie d Flodden 09.09.1513
m Ellen Crawford
A Methusalem Hamilton, 2nd of Airdrie
m Christian Bell
i Gavin Hamilton, 3rd of Airdrie d 1591
m 1567 Isabella Roberton dau of James Roberton of Earnock
a John Hamilton, 4th of Airdrie b 1569, d 1648
m Janet Hamilton dau of Robert Hamilton, 8th of Torrance
1 John Hamilton dvpsp
m Margaret Hamilton dau of John Hamilton of Coltness
2 Gavin Hamilton, 5th of Airdrie d 29.06.1681
m Jane Montgomery dau of Robert Montgomery of Hazlehead
A Sir Robert Hamilton, 3rd Bart of Airdrie
m c1681 Elizabeth Cochrane dau of William Cochrane of Rochsoles
i Sir William Hamilton, 4th Bart of Airdrie b 06.03.1681, d 25.05.1749
m Margaret Bogie d 02.04.1773, dau of John Bogie of Sandyhills
a Sir Robert Hamilton, 5th Bart of Airdrie b 1714, d 1756
m 1748 Mary Baird dau of John Baird of Craigton
1 Sir William Hamilton, 6th Bart of Airdrie b 1748, d unm 1756
2 Sir John Hamilton, 7th Bart of Airdrie d unm 1778
3 Sir Robert Hamilton, 8th Bart of Airdrie b 1754, d unm 08.06.1799
4 Grizel Hamilton
m John Arnot
5 Mary Hamilton
m Thomas Cochrane MD
b John Hamilton
1+sons d unm
c James Hamilton
1+sons d unm
d Thomas Hamilton b 1728, d 1781, professor
m Isabel Anderson dau of Dr. William Anderson
1 William Hamilton b 1753, d 1793, professor had issue
m Elizabeth Stirling dau of William Stirling of Drumpellier
Their elder son became the 9th Bart.
e Elizabeth Hamilton
m Daniel St. Clair minister of Longformacus
f Louise Hamiltonduplication just below?
m James Balfour of Pilrig
ii Louisa Hamiltonduplication just above?
m James Balfour of Pilrig
B William Hamilton d 1732, Principal of Edinburgh University
3 Janet Hamilton b 1629, d 1656
m 10.10.1651 William Lindsay of Holmbarn and Caldersyd
3 James Hamilton
4 David Hamilton of Langton and Olivestob
m Margaret Seton dau of George, Lord Seton
5 Margaret Hamilton
m Robert Dalzell of that ilk d 1549
m2 Marion Crichton dau of Sir David Crichton of Cranstonriddell
m3. 1516 Helen Schaw dau of Sir James Schaw of Sauchie
b. Patrick Hamilton
c. James Hamilton
ii. Marjory or Mary Hamilton
m James Hamilton, 2nd of Cambuskeith ### below
iii. Elizabeth or Gelis Hamilton not certain of generation - could be a generation later
m William Dalzell of Dalzell and Elliok d 09.1508
B. John Hamilton
m2 Anna Seton dau of Sir William Seton of that ilk
2. Walter de Hamilton
David Hamilton, 1st of Cambuskeith d by 1436
1. James Hamilton, 2nd of Cambuskeith
m Marjory or Mary Hamilton dau of Sir James Hamilton of Preston and Fingalton see above
A. John Hamilton, 3rd of Cambuskeith
m Marion Maxwell d c1489, dau of Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood
i. Alexander Hamilton, 4th of Cambuskeith
m Marion Cunninghame dau of Sir Adam Cunninghame of Caprington
a. John Hamilton, 5th of Cambuskeith d 12.09.1547
m1 Janet Stewart
1 William Hamilton, 6th of Cambuskeith d by 1561
m Christian Farquhar dau of the laird of Gilmihsufl ??
A John Hamilton, 7th of Cambuskeith
m1 Jane Montgomery dau of Montgomery of Hazlehead
i John Hamilton, 8th of Cambuskeith dsp
m Janet Cunninghame dau of William Cunninghame of Caprington
m2 Janet Stewart dau of Sir Matthew Stewart of Minto
ii David Hamilton of Ludson and Grange
m Marion Campbell dau of George Campbell
iii Thomas Hamilton
2 Arthur Hamilton
3 Elizabeth Hamilton
m2 Janet Montgomery
b. William Hamilton of Mackneirstom later of Sorn and Sanquhar
This connection is being investigated. A web site on Sorn Castle suggests that William Hamilton of Sorn was a younger son of the Udston line rather than of Cambuskeith. The following looks strange in that the Isabel who married Robert Sempill is shown a generation later than the Isabel who married George Seton who is reputed to be the heiress of Sorn, yet the dates overlap. It may be that William of Sanquhar perhaps of this line was different from William of Sorn perhaps of the Udston line.
m by 1518 Catherine Kennedy a 1533, dau of David Kennedy, 1st Earl of Cassillis
1 Sir William Hamilton of Sanquhar
m Jean Janet Campbell
A William Hamilton of Sanquhar
B Isabel Hamilton
m Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord Sempill b c1505, d by 1576
2 Bernard Hamilton
3 Isabel Hamilton b c1534, d 13.11.1604
m mcrt 02.08.1550 George Seton, 5th Lord b 1531, d 08.01.1585-6
4 Catherine Hamilton
5 Agnes Hamilton d c22.05.1609
m 24.02.1542 William Cuninghame, 5th of Caprington a 1583

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2 "Heraldry of the Hamiltons" by G. Harvey Johnston. Published by W&AK Johnston Ltd, Edinburgh, 1909.
3 "The House of Hamilton" by Lt. Col. George Hamilton, Edinburgh 1933.
4 BP1934 Hamilton of Dalzell.
5 BP1934 Stirling-Hamilton of Preston
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