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Hamilton 4

: Hamilton of Belhaven, Hamilton of Broomhill, Hamilton of Goslington, Hamilton of Silverton Hill Silvertonhill
John Hamilton, 1st of Broomhill a 1512
For John's descendants we follow 'Heraldry of the Hamiltons'. TSP Belhaven, which generally does not identify as many children as 'Heraldry', reports that, although he did have issue by Elizabeth, his eldest son was John whom we identify as 3rd of Broomhill.
m1 Elizabeth Hamilton dau of Patrick Hamilton, 3rd of Udston
1. David Hamilton, 2nd of Broomhill d Pinkie 10.09.1547
m before 07.10.1545 Margaret Sempill d 11.1580, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord
A. John Hamilton, 3rd of Broomhill a 1560
TSP Belhaven does not report John's second marriage but reports that Margaret bore John's children rather than Janet.
m1 Margaret Hamilton dau of James Hamilton of Kilbrachmont
m2 Janet Hamilton dau of Sir Robert Hamilton of Fingalton and Preston
i. Sir James Hamilton, 4th of Broomhill d 1658
TSP identifies Sir James's wife as daughter of William Hamilton of Udston but TCP Belhaven names her father John, son of that William. The reports on the Broomhill & Udston branches within 'Heraldry of the Hamiltons' & 'The House of Hamilton' are not consistent with each other. We provisionally follow TCP in showing her as ...
m Margaret Hamilton dau of John Hamilton of Udston
a. Sir John Hamilton, 1st Lord Belhaven d 17.06.1679
m Margaret Hamilton dau of James Hamilton, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton
1 son d 1661
2 Margaret Hamilton d 18.03.1674
m 1650 Sir Samuel Baillie, younger of Lamington d 08.03.1668
3 Anne Hamilton
m Sir Robert Hamilton, 1st Bart of Silvertonhill
Their daughter Margaret married Sir John Hamilton, 2nd Lord Belhaven.
b. James Hamilton, Bishop of Galloway
m Margaret Thomson
1 Margaret Hamilton eldest daughter
m c1668 John Barns, Provost of Glasgow
c. Claud Hamilton
d. Margaret Hamilton
m Sir Walter Steuart of Allanton b 1606, d 1672
e. Jean Hamilton
m John Porterfield of that ilk
f. daughter
m Sir William Semple of Cathcart
g. Anne Hamilton
m James Hamilton of Woodhall a 1655
h. Henry Hamilton of Swanston
Henry was identified in Crawfurd's Renfrewshire, in the article on the Steuarts of Goodtrees, as "brother of Lord Belhaven".
1 Margaret Hamilton
m Robert Steuart of Newmains
ii. Susan Hamilton
m William Murray
iii. Elizabeth Hamilton
m John Borbane ?
iv. Isabella Hamilton
m John Hamilton of Neilston ?
v.+ other issue - Claud, David
B. Catherine Hamilton
m James Hamilton, 7th of Torrance, Provost of Glasgow a 1574, 1624
C.+ 2 daughters
2.+ 3 sons - John, Gavin, Patrick
5. Margaret Hamilton
m Gavin Hamilton, 6th of Raploch d 28.06.1571, Commendator of Kilwinning
6. Isabella Hamilton
m1 Cuthbert Hamilton of Canda ?
m2 Robert Hamilton of Dalserf
m2 Margaret Dalzell daughter of Robert Dalzell of that ilk
7. Robert Hamilton of Allanshaw
Alexander Hamilton, 1st of Silvertonhill a 1455
1. James Hamilton, 2nd of Silvertonhill a 1513
m _ Douglas of Newton
A. John Hamilton of Newton, 3rd of Silvertonhill d 1535
m ?? Somerville dau of Sir John Somerville, 1st of Cambusnethan
i. Andrew Hamilton dvp
a. Andrew Hamilton, 4th of Silvertonhill a 1541
m _ Hamilton dau of James Hamilton of Stanehouse
1 Andrew Hamilton, 5th of Silvertonhill
m Elspeth Baillie dau of _ Baillie of Carfin
A Francis Hamilton, 6th of Silvertonhill dsp 
ii. Alexander Hamilton, 1st of Goslington
m Catherine Hamilton
a. Sir Andrew Hamilton, 2nd of Goslington d 1592
1 Sir Robert Hamilton, 3rd of Goslington d 1642
m Elizabeth Baillie dau of Sir William Baillie of Provan
?A Francis Hamilton c.1585-1645. The Francis shown above may be confused with this Francis, or there may be confusion on the husband of Elizabeth (?see Elspeth above, who may have m1 Andrew of Silvertonhill then m2 Sir Robert). ?had daughters Agnes and Christiane.
B Edward Hamilton of Balgray, 7th of Silvertonhill d 1649
m Margaret Mure dau of James Mure of Caldwell
i Sir Robert Hamilton, 1st Bart of Silvertonhill a 1646
m Anne Hamilton dau of John Hamilton, 1st Lord Belhaven
a Sir Robert Hamilton, 2nd Bart of Silvertonhill d 1708
m1 Aurelia Katherine Van Hettingen
1 Sir Robert Hamilton, 3rd Bart of Silvertonhill d 1748, 2nd son
m1 Mary Lewers
m2 Rachel Lempriere
Uncertain which wife was mother of which child.
A Sir Robert Hamilton, 4th Bart of Silvertonhill d 10.08.1786, Lt. General
m1 Mary Williams d 15.01.1777, dau of William Peere Williams
i John William Hamilton dvp 1779
m Mary Anne St. George dau of Richard St. George of Kilrush
a Sir Frederic Hamilton, 5th Bart of Silvertonhill b 14.12.1777, d 14.08.1853 had issue
m 20.02.1800 Eliza Ducarel Collie d 11.02.1841, dau of John Collie of Calcutta
b Charlotte Hamilton dsp 23.06.1793
m 29.09.1792 Sir Charles Drake Dillon, 2nd Bart
c Frances Hamilton d 24.02.1834
m 1800 Sir George Anson d 04.11.1849, Lt. General
m2 06.02.1778 Anne Heathcote dau of Sir John Heathcote, Bart of Normanton
B+ other issue - George dsp, Captain RN, Mary, Aurelia
2 William Hamilton
m ?? dau of Athinscuby
A+ issue - John Lt. Colonel, Robert Captain, William Major
3+ other issue - James dvp, George
m2 Isabel Hamilton dau of John Hamilton of Boggs
b Margaret Hamilton d 04.01.1717
m Sir John Hamilton of Biel, 2nd Lord Belhaven b 05.07.1656, d 21.06.1708
c Anne Hamilton
m Sir William Craigie of Garnie
d Elizabeth Hamilton
m John Livingstone Captain
e+ other issue - Thomas dsp, Mary
ii Jean Hamilton
m _ Stewart of Minto 
iii James Hamilton, minister of the Kirk
?B James Hamilton d 1655 ancestor of Hamilton of Newton, but does not seem to be mentioned as sibling of Francis and Edward
C daughter presumably the Mary Hamilton who married ...
m Sir John Somerville of Cambusnethan
?D+ Elizabeth Hamilton married minister of the Kirk.
?E Agnes Hamilton married Robert Scott minister of the Kirk.
?F William Hamilton minister of Netherfield
?G Jean Hamilton m Thomas Law, minister of Inchinnan.
Andrew Hamilton, brother of Sir Robert of Goslington, sometime after 1617, married Isobel Greig, relict of William Wallace, minister of Eastwood.
iii. Margaret Hamilton
m Archibald Hamilton, 5th of Raploch
B. daughter
m James Livingston of Newbigging and Jerviswood a 12.1526
2. William Hamilton of Belsyde and Westport a 10.1487

1 TSP Belhaven.
2 BP1934 Hamilton of Silverton Hill.
3 'Heraldry of the Hamiltons' by G. Harvey Johnston published by W&AK Johnston Ltd, Edinburgh, 1909 and 'The House of Hamilton' by Lt. Col. George Hamilton Edinburgh 1933.
4 Stirnet.
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A note of correction:
I am currently working on an edition of the poetry of Francis Hamilton of Silvertonhill, c.1585-1645, and my researches into his family background have constantly brought me up against the mistake perpetrated by Sir Robert Douglas in his 18th cent. "Baronage", spread by Burke, and corrected in 1909 by A.W. Gray-Buchanan in a note in the Scottish Historical Review, which I attach. There is no question that Gray-Buchanan is right and that the "elder line of Silvertonhill that died out with Francis" is a complete chimaera.  This chimaerical elder line appears in your

Grey-Buchanan gives cast-iron references for his sources, in the Registrum Magni Sigilli (RMS) and so forth.

The charter of 1599 conveying the lands of Provand in Glasgow to Francis is item no. 973 in the Registrum Magni Sigilli, VI, a volume  which can be consulted in Internet Archive;  it makes it absolutely clear that Francis was the older brother of Edward ("of Balgray"), and that they had five sisters, named Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Agnes and Jean.

Their parents were Sir Robert Hamilton of Goslington (d.1642) and Elizabeth Baillie, sole surviving child of William Baillie, Lord President of the Court of Session (1566-1593 - with a brief interruption in 1567). Their paternal grandfather was Sir Andrew Hamilton of Goslington, who died in 1592. Their maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Durham, a relative (cousin? aunt? sister?) of James Durham of Duntarvie,  the royal tailor (who with Sir Robert Hamilton's brother Andrew witnesses the 1599 charter).

The Registrum (RMS)VIII, item no.1532 of 20 February 1630 produces proof of a further sibling of Francis, Edward, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Agnes and Jean, namely William, "filius legitimus dicti Roberti",  who held the prebend of Netherfield in the Collegiate Kirk of Bothwell.

RMS vii, items nos. 64 and 110,  dated 1609,  concern Sir Robert Hamilton of Goslington and the transfer of the lands of Craiglockhart in Edinburgh from James Kincaid of Kincaid, via Sir Robert Hamilton, to George Foullis -  James Kincaid is shown as married to a Margaret Hamilton, but while it is surmisable that she is Sir Robert's daughter of that name, there is no indication given in the printed volume.

RMS VIII, item no.817,  5 July 1625, is the only thing I have been able to find that states that John Somerville jr of Cambusnethan was married to a Mary Hamilton;  no further indication of her identity is provided, but I see that your genealogy has her down as the sole daughter of Sir Robert Hamilton and Elizabeth Baillie.

I have not come across the James Hamilton d.1655 that you have down as a son of Sir Robert and Elizabeth, and "ancestor of Hamilton of Newton".

But we do know what happened to their daughters Agnes and Jean, siblings of Francis and Edward.  They married ministers of the Kirk.

The Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae,  iii, Synod of Glasgow and Ayr (also available in Internet Archive) shows that Agnes married Robert Scott, minister of Glasgow (p.456), and Jean married Thomas Law (p.144), minister of Inchinnan.

Incidentally,  Fasti iii (p.133) shows that Andrew Hamilton, brother of Sir Robert of Goslington, sometime after 1617, married Isobel Greig, relict of William Wallace, minister of Eastwood.

In the next generation, I have no idea whom Francis Hamilton married, or when, nor what befell Francis's daughters Agnes and Christiane.  But Francis's brother Edward regained the lands of Provand in 1635, and after the death of Sir Robert in January 1642,  Edward took on the Silvertonhill title by March of that year, athough  Francis does not die until 1645. (In 1667, Sir Robert 1st baronet had to sell the lands of Provand to the Town Council of Glasgow.)

Edward's younger son James became a minister of the Kirk:  see Fasti iii, p.223. He would in later life be helped and protected by his brother Sir Robert, 1st baronet.

It would be very nice if your genealogy could be amended, thus saving lots of researchers from misprisions.

Yours sincerely

(Dr) Jamie Reid-Baxter