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Stirling 4: Stirling of Ardoch, Stirling of Ballagan, Stirling of Faskine, Stirling in Glasgow
Walter Stirling of Balquharage d 1656
m 1611 Helen Wemyss dau of David Wemyss, Rector
1. John Stirling in Glasgow b 1615, dvp
m 1637 Janet Neilson dau of William Neilson of Balgray
A. John Stirling in Glasgow b 01.06.1640, d 31.07.1709
m 09.1668 Janet Campbell d 16.05.1691, dau of Charles Campbell of Ballochiel
i. John Stirling, Provost of Glasgow b 08.02.1677, d 1736
m 20.08.1702 Isabella Hunter dau of John Hunter of Forrester
a. William Stirling in Glasgow b 1717, d 1777
m 1747 Mary Buchanan dau of Andrew Buchanan of Drumpellier
1 Andrew Stirling of Drumpellier
m 26.05.1778 Anne Stirling d 01.06.1830, dau of Sir Walter Stirling of Faskine below
A John Stirling b 20.10.1786, d 1853 had issue
m Elizabeth Willing dau of Thomas Mayne Willing
B Charles Stirling of Muiravonside b 30.09.1789, d 26.08.1867 had issue
m 01.05.1827 Charlotte Dorothea Stirling dau of Vice-Admiral Charles Stirlingbelow
C Sir James Stirling, Governor of Western Australia b 01.1791, d 22.04.1865 had issue
m 03.09.1823 Ellen Mangles d 08.06.1874, dau of James Mangles of Woodbridge
D Anna Stirling b 1792, d 08.06.1866
m 12.07.1828 Sir James Home, 8th Bart of Blackadder d 12.03.1836
E Mary Noel Stirling b 1798, d 1834
m 1822 Henry William Richard Westgarth Halsey
2 John Stirling of Tilliechewn b 1751, d 1811 had issue
3 James Stirling of Stair b 1760, d 1822 had issue
4 Elizabeth Stirling
m William Hamilton b 1753, d 1793, professor
b.+ 7 sons
Either son of one of these sons, or possibly the same person as the above John Stirling of Tilliechewn as Marianne below is described as great-granddaughter of Provost John Stirling, was ...
1 John Stirling
A William Stirling of Cordale
B Marianne Stirling d 1825
m 1812 Colin Dunlop Donald of Glasgow b 07.03.1777, d 18.09.1859
ii. William Stirling in Glasgow had issue
iii. Walter Stirling of Sherva b 25.06.1686, d 13.10.1732
m1 Janet Ruthven dau of William Ruthven of Torryburn
a. Sir Walter Stirling of Faskine b 18.05.1718, d 24.11.1786, Captain RN
m 30.10.1753 Dorothy Willing d 25.09.1782, dau of C. Willing of Philadephia
1 Sir Walter Stirling, 1st Bart of Faskine, Sheriff of Kent b 24.06.1758, d 25.08.1832
m 28.04.1794 Susannah Goodenough d 08.06.1806, dau of George T. Goodenough of Bordwood
A Sir Walter George Stirling, 2nd Bart of Faskine b 15.03.1802, d 01.12.1888 had issue
m 18.08.1835 Caroline Frances Byng d 27.05.1898, dau of John Byng, 1st Earl of Strafford
B Mary Jane Stirling b c1795, d 04.02.1889
m 02.01.1816 Sir James Flower, Bart d 17.05.1850
C Dorothy Anne Stirling b c1796, d 19.11.1888
m 23.07.1814 John Barrett-Lennard b 30.12.1789, d 16.12.1856
D Georgiana Matilda Stirling d 07.05.1873
m1 03.08.1816 H.D. Milligan
m2 20.06.1833 Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 1st Bart of Belhus b 06.01.1762, d 25.06.1857
2 Charles Stirling b 28.04.1760, d 11.1833, Vice-Admiral
m 08.1789 Charlotte Grote d 28.03.1825, dau of Andrew Grote
A Charlotte Dorothea Stirling
m 01.05.1827 Charles Stirling of Muiravonside b 30.09.1789, d 26.08.1867above
B+ other issue
3 Anne Stirling d 01.06.1830
m 26.05.1778 Andrew Stirling of Drumpellier above
m2 Euphemia Calder of Sherva
Walter Stirling, 1st of Ballagan d 06.06.1549
m Eufame Brisbane probably dau of Brisbane of Bishoptoun
1. Luke Stirling, 2nd of Ballagan succeeded by ...
A. Walter Stirling, 3rd of Ballagan a 1570 succeeded by ...
i. George Stirling, 4th of Ballagan d 1615
a. Walter Stirling, 5th of Ballagan
1 Walter Stirling, 6th of Ballagan a 1648
m Margaret Logan
A John Stirling, 7th of Ballagan d before 20.03.1668
m 1655 Jean Stirling dau of James Stirling,chamberlain of Mugdock
i James Stirling, 8th of Ballagan goldsmith
m Mary Napier
a James Stirling, 9th of Ballagan a 1728, sold Ballagan 1756
b Jean Stirling
William Stirling
1. ?? Stirling presumed intervening generation, possibly the Henry of Ardoch who was father of Grisel
A. Walter Stirling of Ardoch
m mcrt 15.05.1602 Margaret Murray dau of James Murray, younger of Strowan
i. Sir Henry Stirling, 1st Bart of Ardoch d 02.1669
m Isabel Haldane dau of John Haldane of Gleneagles
a. Sir William Stirling, 2nd Bart of Ardoch d 02.1702
m1 mcrt 22.01.1685 Mary Erskine dau of Sir Charles Erskine, 1st Bart of Alva
1 Sir Henry Stirling, 3rd Bart of Ardoch b 18.11.1688, d 24.11.1753
m 31.12.1726 Anna Gordon d 23.09.1776, dau of Thomas Gordon, Admiral of Russian Fleet
A Sir William Stirling, 4th Bart of Ardoch d 26.07.1799
m 17.04.1783 Christian Erskine d 1788, dau of John Erskine of Carnock
i daughter
m Charles Murray of Abercairny b 1746, d 1810, Colonel
B Sir Thomas Stirling of Strowan, 5th Bart of Ardoch b 10.1733, d unm 08.05.1808
C Anne Stirling
m 06.02.1760 William Graham, 2nd of Airth
D Isaballa Stirling probably of this generation
m 15.06.1762 John Hamilton b 05.11.1737
m2 mcrt 24.05.1699 Janet Murray dau of John Murray of Touchadam
B. William Stirling probably of this generation
i. Helen Stirling
m Sir James Chisholm of Cromlix
C. Grisel Stirling dau of Henry possibly of this generation
m George Graham d 04.1617
2. Elizabeth Stirling possibly of this generation
m Robert Buchanan, 8th of Leny d 01.1615

Sources: BLG1952 Stirling of Muiravonside, BP1934 Stirling of Faskine.
2 'The Parish of Strathblane' by John Guthrie Smith, printed by James MacLehose & Sons, Glasgow, in 1886.
3 TCB volume IV.
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