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Hamilton 1

: Hamilton of Arran, Hamilton of Cadzow, Hamilton of Dalserf, Hamilton of Glenawly, Hamilton of Kincavel, Hamilton of Piell of Livingston
Gilbert de Hamilton
'The House of Hamilton' by John Anderson reports that Gilbert may have been of the family of the Beaumont/Bellomont Earls of Leicester see Beaumont01.
m Isabella Randolph sister of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray
1. Walter FitzGilbert de Hamilton, 1st of Cadzow a 1296, 1323
m1 Helen
m2 Mary Gordon dau of Sir Adam of Gordon
A. Sir David FitzWalter de Hamilton, 2nd of Cadzow d 1374
m Margaret possibly dau of William, 5th Earl of Ross, Lord of Skye
i. Sir David Hamilton, 3rd of Cadzow d before 14.05.1392
m Jonetta Keith dau of Sir William Keith of Galston
a. Sir John Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow
m mcrt 01.11.1388 Janet Douglas dau of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith
1 Sir James Hamilton, 5th of Cadzow d by 05.1441
m 1422 Janet Livingstone dau of Sir Alexander Livingstone of Callendar
A Sir James Hamilton, 6th of Cadzow, 1st Lord Hamilton d 06.11.1479
m1 c1441 Euphemia Graham d c10.1468, dau of Patrick Graham, Earl of Strathearn
i Elizabeth Hamilton
m 1459, div David Lindsay, 5th Earl of Crawford, Duke of Montrose b 1440, d 1495
m2 by 04.1474 Mary Stewart dau of King James II of Scots
ii James Hamilton, 2nd Lord, 1st Earl of Arran b c1475, d 03.1529
m1 mcrt 1490, div 11.1504 Elizabeth Home dau of Alexander Home, 2nd Lord
a James Hamilton b 1491, d young
b Joanna Hamilton
m div 1545 Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn d 1574
m2 1516 Janet Beaton d c1522, dau of Sir David Beaton, 1st of Creich
c James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, Duke of Chattelherault d 22.01.1575
m c23.09.1532 Margaret Douglas dau of James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton
1 James Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Arran b 1530, d unm 03.1609
2 Gavin Hamilton d young by 08.1547
3 John Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Hamilton b 1532, d 06.04.1604
m mcrt 30.12.1577 Margaret Lyon dau of John Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis
4 David Hamilton b c1543, dsp 03.1611
5 Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley b c1543, d 1621-2
m 01.08.1574 Margaret Seton d c02.1616, dau of George Seton, 5th Lord
6 Barbara Hamilton b c1534, d 1558
m1 1549 Alexander Gordon, Master of Huntly dvpsp 1553
m2 mcrt 22.12.1553 James Fleming, 4th Lord b 1534, d 15.12.1558
7 Anne Hamilton
m mcrt 15.08.1558 George Gordon, 5th Earl of Huntly d 20.10.1576
8 Jane Hamilton dsp 12.1596
m mcrt 13.02.1554-5, div 1562 Hugh Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Eglinton dsp 04.09.1612
d Gavin Hamilton d by 1549
partner unknown
1 Gavin Hamilton
e Helen Hamilton
m c1529 Archibald Campbell, 4th Earl of Argyll d 1558
p. Mary Boyd b 1476, dau of Alexander Boyd, 3rd Lord of Kilmarnock
f Sir James Hamilton of Finnart
m Margaret Livingston dau of Sir Robert Livingston of Drumry and East Wemyss
1 James Hamilton ancestor of Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh
2 Agnes Hamilton
m James Somerville, 6th Lord b c1518, d 12.1569
3 Grizel Hamilton d before 1573
Grizel is not recorded by TSP Abercorn but is identified as the Earl's wife by BP1934 Rothes. It is an assumption that she was legitimate.
m Andrew Leslie, 5th Earl of Rothes b after 1525, d 1611
partners unknown
4+ other issue - Alexander, Andrew
p. Helen Cunninghame
6 Hugh Hamilton of Lisbane d c05.1671, "4th son"
p. Mariota Stewart
7 James Hamilton
p. Elizabeth Murray
8 James Hamilton
p. Elizabeth Elphinstone
9 Agnes Hamilton
m Alexander Dalmahoy of that ilk
partner unknown possibly legitimate, identified in BP1934 Farnham
10 Elizabeth Hamilton
m Sir John Maxwell of Calderwood d 1571
g Janet Hamilton
m William Baillie of Lamington d c1657
p. Elizabeth Lindsay
h John Hamilton of Samuelston and Clydesdale b c1496, d by 1574
m 1531 Janet Home dau of Alexander Home, 3rd Lord
1 Margaret Hamilton
m1 James Johnstone, younger of Johnstone dvp c1551
m2 mcrt 08.05.1552 David Douglas, 7th Earl of Angus b 1525, d 06.1557
m3. Sir Patrick Whitelaw of that ilk d by 1571
2+ other issue - John of Samuelston, Gavin, John, Alexander
i Elizabeth Hamilton b 1522
m mcrt 27.05.1543, sp Robert Sempill, Master of Sempill b c1522, dvp before 16.12.1569
partners unknown
j John Hamilton, Bishop of Dunkeld, Archibishop of St Andrews b 1511, d 07.04.1571
p. Grisel Sempill d 10.1575, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord
1+ 3 sons - William of Drumry and Torry, John ancestor of Hamilton of Blair, James
partners unknown
4 David Hamilton a 1580
5 Jean or Margaret Hamilton 1614
m 1593 Robert Bruce of Blairhall
k James Hamilton d 06.01.1579-80
1 William Hamilton of Canongate
l Anna Hamilton dspms 1516
m 20.12.1520 Hugh Somerville, 5th Lord b c1486, d 1549
m Jean or Janet Hamilton
m div c11.1526 Alexander Cunningham, Master of Glencairn
n Isabella Hamilton d by 01.1570-71
m John Bannatyne of Corehouse
o Jane Hamilton
m1 David Boswell, 2nd of Auchinleck d c1558
m2 by 06.1563 John Hamilton of Auchingemill
m3. before 06.1563 John Crawford in Shaw
p Jean Hamilton dsp
m before 1529 James Somerville, 6th Lord b c1518, d 12.1569
q Jane or Janet Hamilton d by 05.1551
m William Stewart
r James Hamilton d 29.10.1585
m mcrt 14.09.1551 Marie Hepburn dau of Patrick Hepburn of Fairnington
1 John Hamilton d 08.1587, 2nd son
A+ issue - Margaret, Jean, Marie
2+ other issue - Alexander dvp, Patrick, James, Andrew, Thomas, Marion, Margaret, Nicola, Nicola
p. Beatrix Drummond dau of John, 1st Lord Drummond
s Margaret Hamilton b c1496
m before 22.08.1515 Andrew Stewart, 3rd Lord Avondale, 1st Lord Ochiltree d 1548
iii Elizabeth Hamilton a 04.1531
m Matthew Stuart, 2nd Earl of Lennox d Flodden, 09.09.1513
p. Janet Calderwood
iv John Hamilton, 1st of Broomhill a 1512
m1 Elizabeth Hamilton dau of Patrick Hamilton of Udston
m2 Margaret Dalziel dau of Dalziel of that ilk
p. daughter of Witherspoon of Brigtoun
v Sir Patrick Hamilton of Kincavil d 30.04.1520
m Margaret Stewart a 07.1542, dau of Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany
a Sir James Hamilton of Kincavel
m1 Janet Crichton d by 1541
1 James Hamilton of Piell of Livingston
m Agnes Cockburn dau of Patrick Cockburn of Clerington Clerkington?
A Patrick Hamilton of Piell of Livingston
m by 1593 Euphame Seton d 1617, dau of James Seton of Touch
i Marjorie Hamilton
m 1609 Alexander Lindsay, 10th of Dunrod
partners unknown
vi daughter
m c1495 Sir Ian John Macfarlane, 11th of Arrochar d Flodden 09.09.1513
vii+ other issue - James d by 1473, David d 1523
B Alexander Hamilton, 1st of Silvertonhill a 1455
C John Hamilton of Whitecamp and Kirkhope d by1455
i+ 2 sons dsp - William, Robert
D Gavin Hamilton d by05.1493
m/p. Jean Muirhead
TSP Abercorn reports that, of the following, at least Thomas, David and Gavin were natural sons who were later legitimated. Jean's name is found in "The House of Hamilton" but not in TSP.
i John Hamilton, 1st of Orbiston 3rd son
m Jean Hamilton dau of James Hamilton, 1st of Woodhall
ii Gavin Hamilton, 1st of Haggs 5th son
m Janet Pettigrew dau of Thomas Pettiggrew of Haggs
iii daughter
m John Hamilton of Woodhall
iv+ other issue - Robert dsp, Canon of Glasgow, Thomas dsp, Archibald
E Mary Hamilton possibly ?? married to ...
m Sir William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal d before 1476
F Agnes Hamilton
m Sir James Hamilton of Fingalton and Preston
TSP Abercorn identifies Agnes's husband as a Chalmers of Gadgirth and does not record a daughter who married Sir James. BLG1886 Stirling of Larbert identifies the sister of the 1st Lord Hamilton who married a Chalmers as ...
G Elizabeth Hamilton
m Sir John Chalmer of Gadgirth
2 David Hamilton
A John Hamilton, 1st of Dalserf
i Robert Hamilton, 2nd of Dalserf
m Isabel Hamilton dau of John Hamilton of Orbiston
a Robert Hamilton, 3rd of Dalserf a 1596
m Sarah Brisbane dau of Robert Brisbane of Bishopton
1 William Hamilton, 4th of Dalserf d c1616
A William Hamilton, 5th of Dalserf a 1648
m Marion Cunninghame
2+ other issue - Robert of Neilston, James Dean of Glasgow
b Archibald Hamilton a 1585, minister of Kilburny
The following comes from TCP Hamilton of Glenawly which notes that it is "probably" right but confirms that the parentage of Viscount Hugh "cannot be said to be definitely established."
m Anne Kennedy
1 Malcolm Hamilton, Archbishop of Cashel a 1625
m1 Mary Wilkie dau of Robert Wilkie of Sachtonhill
A Hugh Hamilton of Ballygally, 1st Viscount of Glenawly d 04.1678
m1 sp ??
m2 Susanna Balfour d 11.12.1687, dau of Sir William Balfour of Pitcullo
i William Hamilton, 2nd Viscount of Glenawly dsp 02.1680/1
ii Arabella Susanna Hamilton bpt 07.02.1666/7, d 10.12.1708
m1 03.06.1683, sp Sir John Magill, Bart d 18.01.1669/1700
m2 c05.1700 Marcus Trevor, 3rd Viscount Dungannon d 1706
m3. 17.07.1708 Hon. Henry Bertie b c1675, d 12.1735
B Archibald Hamilton of Ballygally dsp 10.05.1659
m Anne Balfour dau of James Balfour, 1st Lord Balfour of Glenawley
c Janet Hamilton
m James Lockhart of Lee d c1599
d+ other issue - James, Patrick, John
ii Patrick Hamilton
3 Walter Hamilton of Darngaber a 1420
m1 Helen Douglas dau of Sir Henry Douglas of Lochleven
A James Hamilton, 1st of Raploch
B Thomas Hamilton, 1st of Torrance
C+ 2 daughters
m2 daughter of the laird of Grant
E John Hamilton of Girndaffe ?
F Allan Hamilton of Fairholm d 1470
4 Catherine Hamilton
m Sir William Baillie of Lamington a 1423
b. William Hamilton a 1392 ancestor of Hamilton of Bathgate
c. Andrew Hamilton, 1st of Udston a 1392, 1406
m Agnes Crawford dau of the Sheriff of Ayr
d. John Hamilton a 1395 ancestor of Hamilton of Bardowie
m Margaret Fraser and/or a daughter of Galbraith of that ilk
e. Elizabeth Hamilton
m before 1400, sp Sir Alexander Fraser of Cowie and Durris, 1st of Philorth, Sheriff of Aberdeen d by 1411
ii. Sir John Hamilton of Fingalton b c1337, d c1402
m ?? Keith dau of Sir William Keith of Galston
iii. Walter de Hamilton
a. David Hamilton, 1st of Cambuskeith d by 1436
iv. Alan Hamilton ancestor of Hamilton of Larbert
v. daughter
m Simon Roberton of Earnock
B. John de Hamilton a 1394
m Elizabeth Stewart dau of Sir Alan Stewart of Dreghorn
i. Alexander Hamilton of Ballencrieff, 1st of Innerwick
m c 1381 Elizabeth Stewart dau of Thomas Stewart, 2nd Earl of Angus

1 TSP Hamilton, TSP Abercorn, BP1934 Abercorn.
2 "Genealogy of Grahams" quoting from "House of Hamilton" 1933 by Lt. Col George Hamilton.
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