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Rich 2: Rich of Holland, Rich of Roos or Rose Hall, Rich of Stondon, Rich of Warwick
Ri19-1-1-1-1-1. Edward Rich of Horndon d 1599
m Joan Saunders dau of Edward Saunders of London

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1. Robert Rich of Stondon
m Elizabeth Dutton dau of Sir Thomas Dutton
A. Nathaniel Rich of Stondon BEB1844 gives conflicting notes on which wife was the mother of Nathaniel's sons, firstly saying "by the latter he had two sons" and then identifying Robert as "second son of Nathaniel Rich, by Elizabeth Hampden". TCB supports that the mother of the sons was Elizabeth Hampden. It is not certain how her father Sir Edward fits into the Hampden family shown on 'Hampden1'.
m1 Elizabeth Hampden dau of Sir Edward Hampden of Hampden
i. Nathaniel Rich a 1694 had issue
m Mary Read dau of Matthew Read
ii. Sir Robert Rich of Roos Hall, later 2nd Bart b 1648, d 01.10.1699
m 17.02.1675-6 Mary Rich bur 23.12.1714, dau of Sir Charles Rich of London, 1st Bart
a. Sir Charles Rich, 3rd Bart of Rose Hall b c 1680, dsp bur 19.10.1706
m 01.1704/5 Maria White dau of Col. Francis White
b. Sir Robert Rich, 4th Bart of Rose Hall, Field Marshal b 03.07.1685, d 01.02.1768
m 28.09.1714 Elizabeth Griffith b c 1692, d 13.10.1773, dau of Col. Edward Griffith
1 Sir Robert Rich, 5th Bart of Rose Hall, Governor of Londonderry b 1717, d 19.05.1785, Lt. General m1 31.05.1752 Mary Ludlow d 06.09.1755, dau of Peter Ludlow of Ardsallagh possibly a descendant of Rodger Ludlow
A Mary Frances Rich b 31.05.1755, d 20.05.1833
m 04.01.1783 Rev. Charles Bostock of Shirley House, later Rich of Rose Hall, 1st Bart d 12.09.1824, vicar of New Windsor
i Sir Charles Henry Rich, 2nd Bart of Rose Hall b 19.04.1784, d 22.10.1857 had issue
m 06.11.1806 Frances Maria Lethbridge d 20.02.1852, dau of Sir John Lethbridge, 1st Bart
ii Sir George Rich b 1786, d 18.09.1858 had issue
m 10.07.1816 Catherine Charlotte Jean Loftus d 03.04.1863, dau of Dudley Loftus of Killyan
iii William Osborne Rich b 12.09.1788, d 24.03.1848 had issue
m 15.12.1819 Elizabeth Sarah Newcome d 21.09.1827, dau of George William Frederick Newcome
iv John Rich b 27.09.1789, d 24.06.1856, vicar of Ivinghoe had issue
m 03.08.1825 Georgiana Gordon d 1889, dau of Charles Gordon
v Edwin Ludlow Rich b 1794, d 25.07.1869, Vice Admiral had issue
m 06.07.1829 Sophia Letitia Josephine Angelo d 17.05.1882, dau of Capt. G.F. Angelo of Hill
vi+ other issue - Robert James Evelyn b 31.07.1797, d unm, Major, Louisa d 03.1836
m2 20.09.1771 Elizabeth Bell d 22.07.1788, dau of Richard Bell of Brampton
B Charles Rich b 23.01.1775, dvp 04.02.1782
2 Sir George Rich of Letcombe Regis, 6th Bart b 13.06.1728, d unm 08.01.1799
3 Elizabeth Rich dsp 17.09.1795
m 10.08.1749 George Lyttleton, 1st Lord of Frankley b 17.01.1709, d 22.08.1773
4 Mary Rich d unm
c.+ other issue - Nathaniel, Cholmondeley, "several daughters"
m2 Anne Ker? dau of John, Earl of Ancram ?
Ri15-2-2. Robert Rich, 1st Earl of Warwick b 12.1559, d 24.03.1618/9
m1 10/1.1581, div 11.1605 Penelope Devereux dau of Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex
Ri15-2-2-1. Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick b 05/6.1587, d 19.04.1658
m1 12.02.1604/5 Frances Hatton b 07.1590, d before 21.11.1623, dau of Sir William Hatton, formerly Newport
Ri15-2-2-1-1 Robert Rich, 3rd Earl of Warwick b 28.06.1611, d 29.05.1659
m1 09.04.1632 Anne Cavendish d 24.08.1638, dau of William Cavendish, 2nd Earl of Devonshire
Ri15-2-2-1-1-1 Robert Rich b 1634, dvpsp 16.02.1657/8
m 11.11.1656-7 Frances Cromwell bpt 06.12.1638, d 27.01.1719/20, dau of Oliver Cromwell, the Protector
m2 03.10.1645 Anne Cheeke a 1652, dau of Sir Thomas Cheeke of Pirgo
Ri15-2-2-1-1-2 Anne Rich
m Thomas Barrington, younger of Barrington Hall dvp
Ri15-2-2-1-1-3 Mary Rich
m 11.12.1673 Sir Henry St. John of Battersea, 1st Viscount St. John bpt 17.10.1652, d 04.1742
Ri15-2-2-1-1-4 Essex Rich
m 16.06.1674 Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, 7th Earl of Winchilsea d 01.01.1729-30
Ri15-2-2-1-2 Charles Rich, 4th Earl of Warwick b 1616, d 24.08.1673
m 21.07.1641 Mary Boyle b 11.11.1624/08.11.1625, d 12.04.1678, dau of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork
Ri15-2-2-1-2-1 Charles Rich b 28.09.1643, dvpsp 16.05.1664
m 02.09.1662 Anne Cavendish d 18.06.1703, dau of William Cavendish, 3rd Earl of Devonshire
Ri15-2-2-1-3 Anne Rich
m 01.07.1625 Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester b 1602, d 05.05.1671
Ri15-2-2-1-4 Lucy Rich b c1615, a 1635, d before 05.1646
m 04.1630 John Robartes, Lord of Truro, 1st Earl of Radnor b 1606, d 17.07.1685
Ri15-2-2-1-5 Frances Rich bur 21.11.1692
m c1653 Nicholas Leke, 2nd Earl of Scarsdale bpt 01.10.1612, d 27.01.1680/1
Ri15-2-2-1-6+ other issue d unm - Henry, Hatton b 24.04.1623, dsp 28.02.1670/1
m2 after 12.03.1624/5 Susan Rowe bpt 19.09.1582, d 16.01.1645/6, dau of Sir Henry Rowe, Mayor of London by Susan, dau of Thomas Kighley, widow of William Halliday
m3 30.03.1646 Eleanor Wortley d 20.01.1666/7, dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley
Ri15-2-2-2. Sir Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland bpt 19.08.1590, d 09.03.1649
m by 1616 Isabel Cope d 30.08.1655, dau of Sir Walter Cope of Kensington
Ri15-2-2-2-1 Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Holland, 5th Earl of Warwick b c1620, bur 16.04.1675
m1 08.04.1641 Elizabeth Ingram bur 17.09.1661, dau of Sir Arthur Ingram of Temple Newsom
Ri15-2-2-2-1-1 Henry Rich, Lord Kensington b 26.08.1642, dvpsp 15.04.1659
m 14.02.1658/9 Christiana Riccard bpt 19.03.1638/9, d 27.08.1698, dau of Sir Andrew Riccard
m2 before 04.1668 Anne Montagu bur 09.07.1689, dau of Edward Montagu, Earl of Manchester
Ri15-2-2-2-1-2 Edward Rich, 3rd Earl of Holland, 6th Earl of Warwick b 1673, d 31.07.1701
m 02.1696/7 Charlotte Myddelton bpt 07.01.1679, d 07.07.1731, dau of Sir Thomas Myddelton, 2nd Bart of Chirk Castle
a. Edward Henry Rich, 4th Earl of Holland, 7th Earl of Warwick b 20.01.1697/8, d unm 16.08.1721
Ri15-2-2-2-1-3 Elizabeth Rich d 14.05.1725
m Francis Edwardes of Haverfordwest d c11.1725
Ri15-2-2-2-2 Cope Rich bpt 03.05.1635, bur 07.08.1676, 4th son
Ri15-2-2-2-2-1 Cope Rich d by 1708
a. Edward Rich, 5th Earl of Holland, 8th Earl of Warwick b 1695, d 07.09.1759 m by 1712 Mary Stanton d 07.11.1769, dau of Samuel Stanton of Lyme Regis
1 Charlotte or Catherine Rich b c1713, d unm 12.04.1791
Ri15-2-2-2-3 Frances Rich bur 12.09.1672 BE1883 reports that Frances married Sir James Thynne but TCP Paget, without mentioning any other marriage for her, reports that she was the spouse of ...
m 28.06.1632 William Paget, Lord of Beaudesert b 13.09.1609, d 19.10.1678
Ri15-2-2-2-4 Susannah Rich d 15.05.1649
m 01.12.1646 James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk bpt 10.02.1619-20, d 07.01.1688-9
Ri15-2-2-2-5 Mary Rich d 08.02.1666
m 17.12.1657 John Campbell of Glenorchy, 1st Earl of Breadalbane and Holland b c1635, d 19.03.1717
Ri15-2-2-2-6 Isabella Rich mentioned by BP1934 but not by BE1883
m Sir James Thynne of Longleat dsp 12.10.1670
Ri15-2-2-2-7+ other issue - Charles, Henry, Diana
Ri15-2-2-3. Sir Charles Rich
Ri15-2-2-4. Lettice Rich
m1 sp Sir George Cary of Cockington d 19.02.1616-7
m2 Sir Arthur Lake
Ri15-2-2-5. Penelope Rich d 26.10.1613
m Sir Gervase Clifton, Bart of Clifton b 09.09.1587, d 28.06.1666
Ri15-2-2-6. Essex Rich
m Sir Thomas Cheeke of Pirgo
Ri15-2-2-7. Isabella Rich
m1 Richard Roger
m2 Sir John Smythe or Smith of Biddington MP for Sutton-at-Hone
Ri15-2-2-7-1 Letitia Isabella Smythe b c 1593 d 09.07.1714
m John Robartes 1st Earl of Radnor b 1606 Truro Cornwall d 17 Jul 1685 Chelsea Kennebec ME he m2 Lucy Rich dau of Robert Rich 2nd Eal Warwick + Aramintha, Robert and Hender
Ri15-2-2-7-1-1 John Roberts, Jr b 1634 d 1657? ?KY
m Alice Tippett b c 1637 d 1684
-1 Andrew Roberts b 1652 VA d 1772 m Hannah Shackleford b 1685 d 1735 dau of John Shackleford and Mary Ann Livingston b c 1670 Cartret Bath NC d there 1733 -1-1 John R Roberts, Sr b c 1678 Scotland VA d 1760 m Elizabeth Shackleford b 1678 Scotland d Fairfax VA + 5 ch m2 Hannah WEbster b c 1701 Carteret NC d there 1754 + 2 ch
-1-2 Ann ROBERTS
-1-3 Andrew ROBERTS, Jr.
-1-1-2 Henry Roberts
-1-1-3 John Roberts "of Craven"
-1-1-6 John R Roberts b 1719 Carteret NC d 1769 Dobbs NC m1 Elizabeth ?Roberts + 1 ch m2 Tabitha Hunter b c 1720 + 1 ch
-1-1-7 Jacob Roberts b 1724 Carteret NC d 1804 m1 Mary ?Roberts

-1-1-6-1 James G Roberts b 1735 Craven NC
-1-1-6-2 John Roberts b 1746 Dobbs Chapel Hill Chatham NC d there 1832 m Nancy Smith dau of Benjamin Smith and Taboitha Exum
-1-1-7-2 Joseph Roberts
-1-1-7-3 Sarah Roberts b 1760 Wilkes NC d 1840 Laurens SC m William Gilbert b 18 Mar 1752 Charleston SC d 7 Oct 1822 Laurens SC son of William Gilbert b 1735 Scotland d 1790 Rutherford NC and Sarah McCandless granson ofJames Galbraith b 1730 Ulster d 1786 e Peterborough PA

-1-1-6-2-1 Henry Roberts
-1-1-6-2-2 William Benett Roberts
-1-1-7-3-1 Rebecca Gilbert m Burchfield
Ri15-2-2-7-1-2 Francis Robartes, FRS, MP
Ri15-2-2-7-1-3 Essex Robartes
Ri15-2-2-7-1-4 Letitia Isabella Robartes
Ri15-2-2-7-2 Robert Smythe of Bidborough Kent b 1627 d 1664
m Dorothy Sydney
m1 before 21.04.1647 John Robartes, 1st Earl of Radnor b 1606, d 17.07.1685
m2 08.06.1688 Charles Cheyne, 1st Viscount Newhaven d 30.06.1698
m2 14.12.1616 Frances Wray d 08.1634, dau of Sir Christopher Wray of Glentworth

Main sources: BE1883 Rich, BEB1844 Rich of London, TCP Rich, TCP Warwick, BP1934 Rich, with support from TCB volume IV, page 72.
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