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: Wyatt of Allington Castle, Wyatt of Barking, Wyatt of Bobbingworth, Wyatt of Boxley, Wyatt of Southange
Wy22. Adam Wyatt of Southange, Yorkshire, b about 1365
1 Berry notes that "There is no such place as Southange in Yorkshire. Either Swithings in Darton, near Barnsley, or South Wang in Tickhill, must be the place referred to." [South Haugh may be another possibility.] As does Berry, we nevertheless continue to describe Adam & successors as 'of Southange'.
2 Visitation Kent starts with William, son of Adam, and shows William as husband rather than son of ...
m Agnes Wigan dau of y Wigan of Norwood
Wy21 William Wyatt a 1390
m Jane Bayliff dau of Roger Bayliff of Barnesley
Wy20 Robert Wyatt of Southange
m Jane Skipwith dau of Richard Skipwith of Southange
Wy19 Galfrid Godfrey Wyatt of Southange
m Anne
Wy18 Richard Wyatt of Southange
m Margaret Bayliff dau of William Bayliff alias Clarke
Wy17 Sir Henry Wyatt of Allington, Kent
m Anne Skinner dau of John Skinner of Surrey
Wy16 Sir Thomas Wyatt of Allington Castle b c 1506 d 1541
m Elizabeth Brooke dau of
+1 Thomas Brooke, Lord Cobham b c 1466 d 19 July 1529
m Dorothy Heydon He17
+2 John Brooke 7th Baron Cobham b c 1444 d 9 Mar 1511/2 bur Colegate Church Cobham Kent
m1 Margaret Neville Ne18 d 30 Sep 1506
+3 Edward Brooke Br19, 6th Baron Cobham
m Elizabeth Touchet To19
+4 +5
Wy15 Sir Thomas Wyatt of Allington Castle b c 1523 d 11.04.1554 leader of Wyatt's Rebellion
m Jane Hawte dau of Sir William Hawte or Haute of Bourne, Kent
Wy14 George Wyatt of Boxley b c 1550 a 1570
m Jane Finch dau of Sir Thomas Finch of Estwell
Wy13-1 Sir Francis Wyatt of Boxley Abbey, Kent b c 1575 a 07.1618
m Margaret Sandys dau of Sir Samuel Sandys, son of Archbishop of York
Wy13-1-1 Henry Wyatt 'of Boxley Abbey' b c 1610
m1/2 Elizabeth Wesley dau of George Wesley
-1 William Wyatt younger son b c 1635
m Elizabeth Heylyn dau of Edward Helylyn
-1-1 Elizabeth Wyatt b c 1670
m 26.07.1688 at St Andrews Jamaica William Hall d 18.09.1699
-1 Anna Maria Hall bap 29 Dec 1693 St Andrews Parish Jamaica
-2 William HALL bap. 29 Nov 1695 St Andrews Parish Jamaica
-3 Francis HALL bap. 22 Mar 1698 St Andrews Parish Jamaica
Mentioned by TCB vol III, Sylyard of Delaware as wife of Henry and mother of Frances was ...
m2/1 Jane Duke dau of Sir Edward Duke of Capington
Wy13-1-2 Edwin WYATT
Wy13-1-3 Francis WYATT
Wy13-1-4 Richard WYATT
-2 Frances Wyatt b 1650-1, bur 12.06.1686
m Sir Thomas Sylyard, 2nd Bart of Delaware d 1692
Wy13-2 Elionora Wyatt
m John Finch son of Sir Henry
Wy13 Hawte Wyatt
1st Barbara Mitford and had issue 2nd Anne Cox and had issue.
Wy13-4 Henry Wyatt bap 7 Nov 1596 Kerstenings d 10 Nov 1624
m 8 'Dec 1618 Catherine Finch
-1 Eleanor Wyatt
Wy13-5 George Wyatt
Wy13-6 Thomas Wyatt
Wy13-7 Eleanor Wyatt b 1591 Allington Castle <
m 6 Feb 1618 Boxley Kent John Finch 1st Baronet Finch of Fordwich
Wy14-2 Anna Wyatt
m Roger Twisden
-1 William Twysden 1st Baronet of Roydon Hall d 8 Jan 1628 m Anne Finch
Wy14-3 Jane Wyatt b 1540 Maidstone Kent d 3 Mar 1617 Godmersham Kent
m m Charles Scot of Egerton in Godmersham d 1617
-1 Deborah Scott b 1563 Egerton Kent d there 27 Mar 1651 m William Fleete b c 1650 Chartham Kent son of William Fleete and Katherine Henmarsh
-2 Thomas Scott, MP, the Elder
-3 William Scott
-4 Augustine / John Scottowe
-1-1 Edward Fleet b c 1585 London m Anne Pearson b 1597 d 1625 dau of Thomas Pierson and Grace Drake b 1575 Guiseley West Yorkshire d there 8 Aug 1629
-1-2 Reginald Fleete b 1601
-1-3 Capt. Henry Fleete b c 1602 Chartham Kent m Sarah Stone
-1-4 John Fleete
-1-5 George Fleete
-1-6 Charles Fleete
-1-7 William Fleete III
-1-3-1 Sarah Conway
-1-3-2 Col. Henry Fleete b c 1647 Lancaster VA d there c Jan 1728 m Elizabeth Wildey b c 1665 VA dau of William Wildey and Jane
-1-3-3 Mary Fleete

Wy14-4 Frances WYATT m Sir Thomas Leigh
Wy14-5 Richard WYATT
Wy14-6 Carolus WYATT
Wy14-7 Arthur WYATT
Wy14-8 Henry WYATT
Wy14-9 Joyce WYATT
Wy14-10 Ursula WYATT
Wy15-2 Anne Wyatt
Wy15-3 by Elizabeth Darrell was:
Henry WYATT b c 1538 ?d y
Wy15-4 by Elizabeth Darrell was:
Francis WYATT b 1540 took the name of Darrell and seems to have been taken into the Darrell family and from there disappears, no further references have been found to date.
Wy15-5 by Elizabeth Darrell was:
Edward WYATT b c 1542 k 19 Feb 1554
Date of birth untraced. On 21 Jan 1554 he was present among relatives, friends and neighbours called to a meeting at Allington Castle to discuss the date for the insurrection. On 24 Jan he is listed among the principal leaders and gentry of the neighbourhood who slept on the floor of the hall of Allington Castle, ready for the assembly at Penenden Heath, Boxley the next day. At 25 Jan accompanied Sir Thomas on the march to London, and surrendered at Ludgate Hill with about 60 other rebels and was taken to the Tower. Bishop Gardiner referred to him as "one little Wyatt" who might be usefully interrogated, (presumably on the rack), to see if he knew anything of Sir Thomasí relations with Princess Elizabeth. Gardinerís exact words to Sir William Petre, Governor of the Tower, were: "Whether ye press him to say the truth by sharp punishment or promise of life". On 19 Feb Thomas Cobham and little Edward Wyatt were sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.
Wy16-3 by Elizabeth Darrell was:
Henry Wyatt had issue descendants in Essex

Margaret Wyatt b c 1506 d c 1543 Warwick
Wy16-4 Margaret Wyatt b c 1506 Allington Castle Kent d c 1543 Warwick
m Sir Anthony Lee of Quarendon MP
-1 Sir Henry Lee, MP, Queen's Champion
-2 Sir Robert Lee, KG, MP
-3 Jacoba/? Joyce Lee m y Cheyne
-4 Letitia Lee b 1544 m Nicholas Cooke b 1542 d 1586
-5 Cromwell Lee
-6 Richard Lee
-7 Thomas Lee
-8 Catherine Symonds
-4-1 William Cooke b 1566 m Mary Shelton dau of Ralph Shelton and Cecily Steward
-4-2 Katherine Cooke
-4-3 Henry Cooke
-4-4 Joseph Cooke
-4-5 Nicholas Cooke
-4-6 Mary Cooke
-4-7 Lee Cooke
-4-8 Joyce Cooke
-4-9 John Cooke
-4-10 Owen Cooke
-4-1-1 Sir William Cook, 1st Baronet of Broome Hall b 1600 d 1681 m1 Mary Astley + 6 ch m2 Mary Greenwood dau of William Greenwood wid of William Steward of Barton Mills
-4-1-2 Mary Cooke b c 1593
-4-1-3 Elizabeth Cooke b c 1608 m Charles Lane
-4-1-4 Katherine Cooke b c 1595
-4-1-5 Ann Cooke b c 1597
-4-1-6 Audrey Cooke b c 1598
-4-1-7 Richard Cooke b c 1602
-4-1-8 Christopher Cooke b 1604
-4-1-9 Ralfe Cooke b c 1606
Wy16-4 Mary Wyatt
Wy17-2 William Wyatt of Barking, Essex
m x Harde dau of y Harde of Haveringe in Bower, Essex named by Visitation Essex, not Berry
Wy17-2-1 Thomas Wyatt 'of Barkinge' Visitation Essex identifies Thomas's wife as Margaret, dau of William Scott of Stapleford, but Berry identifies her as ...
m Margaret Hault sister of Sir William Hault Haut?
Wy17-2-1-1 Francis Wyatt of Bobbingworth, Essex dvp?
m x Ellis of Kent Berry indicates that Francis had issue and that his line "Continued as in Vis. of 1612". However, that Visitation shows no issue by this marriage.
Wy17-2-1-2 Thomas Wyatt of Barkinge
m Margery Wrothe dau of Sir Thomas Wrothe of Enfilde, widow of Izacke
Wy17-2-1-2-1 Isacke Wyatt of Bobbingworth
m1 Elizabeth Ridge of London
-1 Ann Wyatt
m y Childe
-2 Bridget Wyatt
m Henry Addams of Layer Marny
m2 Mary Preston dau of y Preston of Kelvedon
-3+ other issue - Thomas, William, Dorothy
m3. x widow of _ Lynzell of High Laver
Wy17-2-1-2-2b William Wyatt dsp
Wy17-2-1-3 Edward Wyatt of Tillingham, Essex d 1571
m Mary Walgrave dau of Sir William Walgrave of Smallbridge
Wy17-2-1-3-1 Edward Wyatt of Bocking, Essex
m Jane Brown dau of Weston Brown of Roockwoods
Wy17-2-2+ other issue d young - son, 4 daughters
Wy17-2-2 John Wyatt of Bradwell, Essex
Wy17-2-2-1 William Wyatt of Bradwell dsp
Wy17-2-2-2 Elizabeth Wyatt
m Robert Andrew of Ryburgh, Norfolk
Wy17-3+ other issue - John, Thomas

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