Spacious house with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths in sunny Sarasota for sale by owner with a non committal trial stay for a week for a non-refundable downpayment of only 300 USD

e-mail, German, French and Spanish also spoken, airport pick-up in Tampa or Sarasota on request.
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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Du19. y Duke b c 1420
m x dau of
Du18. y Duke b c 1445
m x dau of
Du17. y Duke b c 1470
m x dau of
Du16. y Duke b c 1495
m x dau of
Du15. y Duke b c 1545
m x dau of
Du14. y Duke b c 1570
m x dau of
Du13. y Duke b c 1595
m x dau of
Du12. y Duke b c 1620
m x dau of
Du11-1 possibly related to the above and below was:
Col Henry Duke b 8 Jul 1642 James City VA d 9 Mar 1714
m1 Elizabeth Soane b c 1642 Litlington East Sussex + 9 ch she m1 John Peterson m2 Marston
m2 Lydia Hansford + 1 ch
Du11-1-1 William Duke b c 1663
Du11-1-2 Capt. Henry Duke, II b 1666 James City VA m Elizabeth Cliveurs
Du11-1-3 Elizabeth Duke b 1673 James City VA m Ethelred Taylor
Du11-1-4 James Duke b c 1675 James City VA
m?1/2 Mary Rogers
m?2/1 MARY BYRD 1700 Charles City VA b 26.02.1683 Westover Charles City VA and d 1770 VA dau of
Du11-1-4-1 WILLIAM S DUKE b 1701 Charles City VAd 1775, Butte Warren NC
m THAMAR 1720 b 1703 Brunswick VA and d 1737 Brunswick VA
Du11-1-4-1-1 JOSEPH DUKE b 1726, Brunswick City VAd 01.07.1779, Warren NC
m c 1751 Bute Granville NC MARY BARTHOLOMEW ?dau of y Bartholomew and x ?Isham/?Buckner
Du11-1-4-1-1-1 REPPS DUKE b 1752, NC
m c 1751 Bute Granville NC MARY BARTHOLOMEW ?dau of y Bartholomew and x ?Isham/?Buckner
Du11-1-4-1-1-1 MORDECAI DUKE b 1793 GA d 1865, Ivy Bluff TN
m 22.03.1818 Jasper GA ELIZABETH DENT b 1791 TN d 1850 GA
m 23.12.1847 Cannon Co TN MELINDA EDWARDS b 1827 TN
-2 MILLEY DUKE b 1831, Warren TN
-4 NAOMI DUKE b 1835, Warren TN
-6 WILLIAM P DUKE b 1820, TN d 1911, Cannon N m1 22.03.1838, Woodbury Cannon TN CYNTHIA MORGAN, b 1821, TN d 1870, District Cannon TN m2 FRANCES WILDMAN, 1892, Cannon TN b 11.1850, TN
-7 ELIZABETH E DUKE b 1826, TN m 6.8.1848 Cannon TN ISAAC BROOKS b 1815 TN son of ISAAC BROOKS and RUTH EVANS
-8 SARAH ANN DUKE b 1830 TN d 1876 Lawrence MO m WILLIAM HALER 11.01.1848, Cannon TN
-1-1 GIDEON A DUKE b 1849 Cannon TN m 20.12.1874 Cannon TN JANE F WILLIAMS b 1853 Bradyville, Cannon, TN dau of WILLIAM WILLIAMS and ZILPHA LESTER
-1-2 MARY NANCY DUKE b 1851
-1-3 WILEY DUKE b 1854
-1-4 MATILDA DUKE b 1856.
-1-6 JOHN DUKE b 1866
-7-1 NANCY J BROOKS b 1850 TN
-1-1-1 JAMES DUKE b 1877, District 1, Cannon TN
Du11-1-4-1-1-2 ISHAM DUKE b c 1765 Warren NC d 05.09.1826, Phillips AR m NANCY, 1806.
Du11-1-4-1-1-3 MAJOR DUKE b 1749, Warren NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-4 MARY DUKE b 1742,NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-5 DELILAH DUKE b 1744 NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-6 SHERROD DUKE b 1746 NC d 03.05.1781, Warren NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-7 ALICE DUKE b 1748 NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-8 HARDY DUKE b 1750 NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-9 RANSOM DUKE b 1754 NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-10 WILLIAM DUKE b 1756 NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-11 MARTHA DUKE b 1758 NC
Du11-1-4-1-1-12 BUCKNER DUKE b 1760 NC
Du11-1-4-1-2 SAMUEL DUKE b 1722, Brunswick City VAd 1798, Warren NC
Du11-1-4-1-3 JOHN DUKE b 1724, Brunswick City VAd 1755, Butte Granville NC
Du11-1-4-1-4 WILLIAM DUKE b 1720, Brunswick City VAd 1793, Halifax NC m MARY GREEN, 1742.
Du11-1-4-1-5 THAMAR DUKE b 1728, Brunswick City VA m PETER GREEN, 1750, Granville NC
Du11-1-4-1-6 JAMES DUKE
Du11-1-4-2 HENRY DUKE.
Du11-1-4-3 JOHN DUKE b 1699, VA
Du11-1-4-4 EDMOND DUKE.
Du11-1-4-5 MARY DUKE.
Du11-1-4-6 ANN DUKE.
Du11-1-4-7 SARAH DUKE
m2 JOSEPH BUNDY 04.01.1758.
Du11-1-4-7-1 SARAH BOGUE b 01.03.1738 NC d NC
m2 JONATHAN PEARSON b 10.11.1722 Perquimans Co NC and d 08.1775 Wayne Co NC son of PETER PEARSON and RACHEL NEWBY
m3 JOSEPH BUNDY 04.01.1758.
Du11-1-4-7-1-1 ELIZABETH PEARSON b 15.07.1767, Perquimans Co NC d 02.05.1839, Henry Co IN
m1 RICHARD STALKER 22.02.1781
m2 RICHARD RATLIFF 22.02.1784 b 04.11.1759, and d 11.02.1826 Henry County IN son of JOSEPH RATLIFF and MARY FLETCHER
Du11-1-4-7-1-1-1 ANN RATLIFF b 1786.
Du11-1-4-7-1-1-2 RICHARD RATLIFF b 1787 Guilford NC m CAROLINE BAILEY b 07.09.1791, NC
Du11-1-4-7-1-1-3 JOSEPH RATLIFF b 1788 m REBECCAH LAMB, 06.12.1808, Yadkin NC b 19.04.1788.
Du11-1-4-7-1-1-4 JONATHAN RATLIFF b 1791
Du11-1-4-7-1-2 JOSHIA BUNDY.
Du11-1-4-7-1-3 JOSEPH BUNDY
Du11-1-4-7-2 JOSHUA BUNDY.
Du11-1-4-7-3 WILLIAM BUNDY.
Du11-1-4-7-4 JOSEPH BUNDY
Du11-1-5 Jane Duke
Du11-1-6 Cleveurs Duke
Du11-1-7 Thomas Duke b 1672
m Elizabeth
Du11-1-8 Edmond Duke b 1676
Du11-1-9 Marston Duke b c 1678
Du11-1-10 Elizabeth Duke b 1695 St Peters Parish New Kent Co VA d 5 Feb 1730 Hanover Co VA
m James Nuckolls b 30 Jun 1695 St Pauls Parish New Kent Co VA d 1751 Hanover VA son of James Nuckolls and Susannah Pouncey
-1 James J. Nuckolls, III
-2 Charles Nuckolls b 1725 Louisa Co VA d 10 Nov 1767 Louisa Co VA m Sarah Keziah Yancey b c 1736 Hanover VA d 1799 Louisa Co VA she m1 Davis Dumas
-3 John N Nuckolls Sr b 2 Nov 1732 Louisa VA d 11 Dec 1780 Whig Hill Spartanburg SC m Agatha Bullock
-4 Nathaniel Nuckolls b 1733 Hanover VA
-5 Isabel Nuckolls
-2-1 Anne Nuckolls b c 1756
-2-2 Keziah Nuckolls b 1758 VA m Thomas Huckaby
-2-3 James Nuckolls b c 1760
-2-4 Mary Nuckolls b c 1762
-2-5 William Nuckolls b c 1762 m Henrietta Terry
-2-6 Dr. Richard Nuckolls b 26 Feb 1762 Louisa Co VA m Temperance Walton b 26 Apr 1764 Louisa VA dau of John Walton Jr and Mary Baker b 5 Dec 1739 Hanover VA d 1812 Louisa VA dau of Martin Baker and Temperance Overton Harris
-2-7 Lewis Nuckolls b 4 Jun 1766
-3-1 Susannah Nuckolls b 30 Dec 1767 Union Co SC m Charles Littlejohn
-3-2 Nancy Ann Nuckolls b 1776 Union Co SC m Elijah Dawkins
-3-3 Richard Nuckolls b 23 Jan 1757 Dinwiddie Co VA
-3-4 Zachariah Nuckolls b 5 Aug 1760 Dinwiddie Co VA
-3-5 Elizabeth Nuckolls b 5 Aug 1760 Dinwiddie Co VA
-3-6 Frances/Frankie Nuckolls b 11 Oct 1763 Dinwiddie Co VA m Spencer Morgan
-3-7 James Nuckolls b 9 Jan 1765 Dinwiddie Co VA
-3-8 Ann Nancy Nuckolls b 6 Jan 1766 Dinwiddie Co VA
-3-9 John Nuckolls b 12 Nov 1769 Union Co SC
-3-10 Henry Nuckolls b 1770 Union Co SC
-3-11 Sarah Nuckolls b 23 Dec 1773 Union Co SC
-2-5-1 Edmund Bias Nuckolls
-2-6-1 Tabitha Roena Nuckolls b 4 Aug 1791 m Richard Foote b c 1789 d 11 Feb 1837 son of y Foote
-2-6-2 Starling Nuckolls
-2-6-3 John Walton Nuckolls
-2-6-4 Richard Nuckolls
-2-6-5 Eleanor Nellit Nuckolls
-2-6-6 Lewis Walton Nuckolls
-2-6-7 William G Nuckolls
-2-6-8 Dorcas Nuckolls
-3-1-1 Thomas Russell Littlejohn
-3-2-1 James Baird Dawkins
-3-6-1 Elizabeth Morgan b c 1790 Union Co SC
-3-6-2 Frances Susannah Morgan b c 1792 Union Co SC
-3-6-3 Agnes Bullock Morgan b 27 Dec 1800 Union Co SC m Reuben Sims Rice
-3-6-4 James Nuckolls Morgan b 17 Dec 1800 Union Co SC
-2-6-1-1 Ellen Foote b 6 Oct 1819 d 23 Nov 1843 m James William Widick
-3-6-3-1 Mary Ann Rice
-3-6-3-2 Spencer Morgan Rice
-3-6-3-3 William George Washington Rice
-3-6-3-4 Agnes F. Rice
-3-6-3-5 Victoria Rice

-2-6-1-1 Richard Hubert Widick
-2-6-1-1-2 y Widick
-2-6-1-1-3 John William Silas Widick
Du11-2 possibly related to the above and below was:
John Duke b c 1651 at VA d before 9 Dec 1695 at York Co
m Jane Scarsbrook dau of Capt Nicholas Martiau & Elizabeth Boykin
-1 John Duke b 1672 Va m in Va Susanna Goodwin dau of Maj James Goodwin and Rachel Porter
-2 Henry Duke b Va m 1702 at York Co Lydia Hansford,
-3 xy Duke
-1-1 James DUKE
-1-2 Elizabeth DUKE
Du11 Henry Duke Sr b c 1655
Du10 Henry Duke Jr b c 1680
m Elizabeth Cliveures
Du9 John Taylor Duke b 1705/6 Pr Geo/Lunenburg Co VA d c 1789 Washington Co GA
m1 c 1725 Jean/Jane Anderson b c 1705 "The Cattails" Charles City Co VA d Washington Co GA + ch
m?2 Elizabeth Bartholomew
m?3 Jane ?= above
Du8 James Duke b c 1730 d 1784 Granville Co NC or c 1786 Wilkes Co GA
Du7 Capt William Duke b Sep 1754 Granville Co NC d 10 Aug 1834 Marion Co GA
m 1780 Morgan Co GA Winifred/Winniford/Winnefo Terrell
+1 David Terrell b c 1730 Quaker (Vic Miles#s tree shows Peter Terrell b 1744 d 1796 m Mary Wingfield b 1747 d 1792)
m Sarah Johnson
+2 ?y Terrell b c 1705
Du6 Henry T Duke b 1782 Wilkes Co GA d 15 May 1834 Marion Co GA
m 1 Jan 1807 Mary Stephens
Du5 William Duke b 22 Aug 1811 GA d 29 Sep 1893 Jefferson AL
m 26 Jan 1834 Coweta Co GA Katherine Paton/Payton/?Peyton
+1 William Payton b 1787 Wythe VA d 1842 Madison VA
m Polly McCormack b 1800 d 1842
+2 William A Peyton b 1754 Overwharton Parish Stafford VA d 1820 GA
m Catherine Schupp b 1760 d 1821
+2 John McCormick b 1761 d 1828
m Sally Moore b ^1762
+3 William C Peyton b 1740 Amherst VA d 1820 GA
m Nancy Howard
+3 James McCormick b 1740 d 1814
m Mary Fletcher b 1740
+3 John Moore d 1765 Edgecombe NC
m Sarah Beckwith b 1744 d 1765
Du4 Henry Madison Duke b 22 Mar 1835 Jackson Co GA d 25 Jan 1905 Jefferson Co AL
m 31 Dec 1857 Angeline Cathrine Falkner b 1838 Randolph Co AL d 1864 AL
+1 George Gulledge Falkner b 23 Mar 1805 d 16 May 1891
m 26 Feb 1828
Du3-1 William Henry Duke b 3 Dec 1861 AL d 27 Mar 1912 Birmingham AL
m 6 Oct 1878 Shelby Co AL Drucilla Elizabeth Acton b 23 Mar 1861 AL d 1 Jul 1902
+1 Zephaniah William He_ Acton b 20 Jul 1834 Shelby Co AL d 1920 Birmingham AL
m Passy Drucilla Watkins
Du3-1-1 Missouri Duke b 1879 d 1958
Du3-1-2 William Madison Duke b 21 Mar 1882 d 25 Nov 1960 Birmingham AL
m 23 Mar 1908 Mary Frances Calhoun b 23 Apr 1888 d Nov 1987 Birmingham AL
-1 Bill Duke
-2 Thelma Duke
-3 Jack Duke
-4 Bob Duke
-5 Frank Duke
Du3-1-3 Nora Duke b 1884 d 1954 m Arthur Merkel b 1883 d 1939
Du3-1-4 James Duke b 1886 d 1956
Du3-1-5 Roland Duke b 1889
Du3-1-61 Theodora Duke b 1890 d 1891
Du3-1-7 Ida Duke b 1893 d 1989 (from Vic Mile's tree)
m Ernest Miles b 1890 d 1971
Du3-1-8 Robert Duke b 1895 d 1961 m Martha Truss b 1897 d 1995
Du3-1-9 Arthur Duke b 1897 d 1978 m Mildred Clapp b 1899
Du3-1-10 Lorene Duke b 1900 d 1901
Du3-1 Missouri Duke b 1860
Du8 Robert Duke b 1740/?5 Kershaw Co SC d c 1784 Craven Dorchester Co SC
m1 in SC Nancy Crenshaw + 1 ch
m1 7 Dec 1838 Sarah Brown
Du7 Stephen Duke b 1772 SC d 1844 Upson Co GA
m Mary Granger
Du6 Thomas Duke b 19 Jan 1795 Kershaw or Fairfield SC d 1864
m 24 May 1835 in Upton GA Martha Washington Tommee
Du5 Adophus Bronbeyo Chancey Duke b 13 Nov 1837 Chambers Co AL d 14 Jun 1911 Parker Co TX
m 3 Oct 1867 Lineville Clay Co AL Sarah Ann Moore b 9 Aug 1850 AL d 28 May 1930 Weatherford Parker Co TX dau of Edion/Gideon Iddings Moore b 25.02.1817 Randolph Co Al d 01.07.189 and FRANCES ELIZABETH REEVES b 12.05.1821 GA d 08.1884 Lineville, Clay, Al
Du4-1 WILLIAM HENRY DUKE, b 1869, Milam Co. Texas
Du4-2 JOEL THOMAS DUKE, b 1870, Milam Co. Texas
Du4-3 MARTHA FRANCES DUKE, b 1874, Milam Co. Texas
Du4-4 MARY ELIZABETH DUKE, b 25.01.1877, Milam Co TX d. 1952, Levelland, TX
m1 1892 Eldred E C Crabtree b 1859 d 1962
m2 1897 Ohio Co KY Simuel B Hines b Jun 1870 Ohio Co KY d Ohio Co
m3 22 Aug 1898 in Weatherford Parker Co TXNeely Osburn Martin son of Thomas Hines and Sarah Moore
-1 Clyde Vernon Crabtree b 1892 Hartford Ohio Co KY d Sandusky Erie Co OH m 1 Mar 1913 in Rockport Ohio Co KY Maud Jane Fulkerson
-2 Melvin G Hines b Nov 1897
-1-1 Kenith Vernon Crabtree b 3 Sep 1917 d 1918
-1-2 Archie E Crabtree b 28 Dec 1922 Ohio Co KY d 8 Oct 1944 Bossier Parish LO
Du4-5 SARAH ANN DUKE, b 12.03.1879, Milam Co. TX d. 29.01.1907
Du4-6 JOHN MARCUS DUKE, b 1881, Milam Co. TX
Du4-7 ALBERT SIDNEY DUKE, b 23.04.1884, Milam Co TX d 24.05.1951
Du4-8 LAURIE DUKE, b 18.11.1888, Milam Co TX d 01.08.1910 Reeves
m John Ira Blevins b Hood Co TX d ther 16 Sep 1964
-1 Sadie Ann Blevins b 19 Jul 1907 Parker Co TX d 7 Mar 1988 Lubbuck TX m Albert Lester Howard b 13 Oct 1907 Wichita Co TX
-2 Ralph Eugene Blevins b 11 Jul 1909 Parker Co TX d 14 Oct 1999 Weatherford TX m1 Pearl L Hun b 10 May 1918 m2 Eleanor W Roberson b 14 May 1911 + 2 ch dau of Walter Roberson and Ellen Spoon
-1-1 John Lee Howard b 5 Jun 1939 d 22 Jun 1960 Muleshoe Bailey Co TX
-2-1 Laura Anita Blevins b 9 May 1932 Hood Co TX m A D "Buddy" Bailey b 28 Jan 1925
-2-2 Billy Harell Blevins b 5 Jan 1940 Fort Worth TX m Betty Lucille
Du8? Nehemiah Dukes b 1730 d 1781 m Elizabeth
Du8?-1 Robert Dukes b 1751 d 1795
Du8?-1-1 Elias Dukes b 1785 d 1836 m Emily Elkins b 1785 SC d 1841 AL
Du8?-1-1-1 Darrington J Dukes b 1819 SC
m Elizabeth Singleton b 1825 Clare Co AL
+1 Richard Singleton b 18 Dec 1794 Horry SC d 1872 Clarke Co AL
m Susannah Bradley
Du8?-1-1-1-1 Richard Alexander Dukes b 1850 Clare Co AL d there 1891 m Mary Chastain b 1847 d 1939 dau of +1 William Chastain b 1823
m Martha Skelton b 1827
-b Mary Ann Skelton b 1827 MS m1 James Finley b 1824 d 1865 m2 Michael Savage b 1830
-b-1 Zacary Finley b 1848 d 1937 m Sarah Evans b 1854 d 1912
-b-1-1 Maggie Finley b 18?75 d 1966 m Alonzo Haze Duke b 1880 MS d 1956 OK son of Martain Duke b 1846 d 1913 and Mary Jones b 1844 d 1914
-b-1-1-1 Marion Duke b 1905 m William Cox b 1898
+2 Jeremiah Skelton b 1804 d 1848
Du8?-1-1-1-1-1 John Dukes b 1884 d 1974 m Sara Johnson b 1876 d 1950 dau of Joseph Johnson b 1828 and Temperance Fitts b 1846 d 1943 -1 Eulyce Dukes b 1920 d 2004 m Katherine Orlean Browning b 1927 West Palm Beach FL d 2010 Osage Beach MO dau of Walter Browning b 1899 d 1989 m Mollie Hilderman
Du8?-? Richard Duke b 1750 Moses Duke b 1780 d 1841 m Nancy Burge b 1780 d 1850 Burrell Burge Duke b 5 Jan1816 SC d 1887 MS m Sarah Tunnell b 1822 d 1855 Martain Duke b 1846 d 1913 and Mary Jones b 1844 d 1914 Alonzo Haze Duke b 1880 MS d 1956 OK m Maggie Finley b 18?75 d 1966
Du8?-? Green Duke b 1743 WV d 1811 NC m Mary Parham b 1745 d 1804 Sarah Duke b 1780 NC d NC m Henry Fitts b 1778 d 1847
Du9? Of as yet unestablished relation to the above was:
Mordecai Duke b c 1800
m Elizabeth Dent b c 1800
-1 Benjamin Harvey Duke b 1822 TN
m 23 Dec 1847 Cannon Co TN Melinda Edwards b 1827 TN
-1-1 GIDEON A DUKE, b 1849, Cannon TN m 20 Dec 1874 in Cannon Co Jane F Williams b 1853 Bradyville Cannon Co TN dau of William Williams and Zilpha Lester
-1-2 MARY NANCY DUKE, b 1851
-1-3 WILEY DUKE, b 1854
-1-4 MATILDA DUKE, b 1856
-1-6 JOHN DUKE, b 1866
-1-1-1 James Duke b 1877 Cannon Co TN
Du9? Of no established relation to the above was:
George Dukes of Galhampton b c 1735
Du9?-1 Anne Dukes b c 1760 d 10.02.1829
m 16.11.1790 William Woodforde of Ansford House, Somerset b 04.05.1758
+1 Heighes Woodford of Ansford b 06.07.1726, d 1789
m Anne Dorville dau/heir of Ralph Dorville
Du9?-1-1 William Woodforde in Fredericton, New Brunswick, North America b 22.01.1792
m Lucy Anne Miller dau of Colonel Edward Miller by Hannah, sister of Judge Winslow
Du9?-1-2 George Augustus Woodforde b 02.04.1801had issue
m 08.08.1832 Harriet Mary Leir dau of Rev. William Leir of Ditcheat
-1? Rev Alexander John Woodeford b 1839 d 1909 Rector of Locking, Somerse m Elizabeth Laishley (1826/?36-1905) -1-1 y Woodforde
-1-2 Reginald Fielding Marriott Woodforde (1880-1962) m Gertrude Griffiths

-1-2-1 Kenneth Woodforde
-1-2-2 Robert Woodforde
-1-2-3 Mona Gertrude Woodforde (1923-2005) m George Butt

-1-2-3-1 Stephen Butt
Du9?-1-3+ other issue - Juliana, Jane, Anne Maria
Du9-3 Probably here was:
Cleavers Chisolm Duke b 1717 Little River Louisa Co VA d 1785 Louisa VA (from Richard Roland Diamond's tree)
m Amy Cosby b 1718 New Kent Louisa Co VA d 1760 Little River Louisa Co VA dau of->
+1 Martha Garland b 1690 in New Kent Co VA
m John Cosby
+2 Edward Garland b 1655/60 at St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co/New Kent Co Va d 14 Mar 1719 Hanover Co Va or 1721 in New Kent Co Va, (continued from above)
m2 in 1687 at Hanover Co Va Mary Jane Jennings b 1668 d May 1737 + ch
Du9-3-1 Dianna Duke b 1729
Du9-3-2 Jane Duke b 1737
Du9-3-3 John Duke b 1737 d 1755
Du9-3-4 James Duke b 1740 Hanover Beaver PA d 1791 Louisa VA
m Keziah Burnley b 1743 d 1 Oct 1823
Du9-3-4-1 Hardin Burnley Duke b 1 Jul 1760 d 12 Oct 1846
m Elizabeth Swift b 28 Mar 1762 d 1846 dau of
+1 Richard Swift b 16 Aug 1733 d 1784
m Mary Terrell b 23 Nov 1740 d 1775
Du9-3-4-1-1?? Elizabeth Burnley Duke b 1705 St Peters Parish Kent VA d 1720 New Kent VA dates implausible
m James Nuckolls b 30 Jun 1695 New Kent VA d 1751 Goochland VA
Du9-3-4-1-1-1 James Nuckolls b 1720 d 17 Mar 1810
m Mary Henderson b 1710 d 17 Mar 1810 dau of Richard Thurman Henderson
-1 Charles Nuckolls b 1745 d 1820 m1 Elizabeth Highton m2 Mary Black b 1753 d 1824 + ch dau of Rev Samuel Black b 1700 Scotland d 9 Aug 1770 Rockfish Albemarle VA and Catherine Shaw -1-1 Susannah Jane Nuckolls b 1788 Hanover VA d 30 Aug 1833 Galax Grayson Co VA m Capt Joh Trimble b 2 Feb 1779 d 1 May 1865 -1-1-1 William Jckson Trimble b 26 Apr 1815 Galax d there 14 Sep 1860 Elizabeth Rector b 15 Jun 1816 Grayson Co VA d 6 Aug 1887 Chestnut Creek VA -1-1-1-1 Christopher Columbus Trimble b 8 AQug 1842 d 17 Jun 1929 m Mary Jane Chappell b 5 Oct 1850 d 4 SWep 1893 dau of Mary Ann/Martha Gentry m William Ambrose Chappell -1-1-1-1-1 Cora Lee Trimble b 14 Sep 1890 d 1976 m Thomas Floyd Diamond bb 2 Jun 1878 grandparents of Richard Roland Diamond
Du9-3-5 Thomas Duke b 1742 d 1835
Du9-3-6 Cosby Duke b 1745 d 1777
Du9-3-7 Amediah Duke b 1747
Du9-3-8 Obediah Duke b 1749 d 1810
Du9-3-9 Cleavers Duke b 1755
Du9-3-10? Hickerson Duke/?Cosby b 1759 Louisa VA d 5 Jan 1807 Wickes Columbia GA
Du9-?-? presumably of this family was:
y Duke b c 1720 d ?Bute NC
-1 Mary Duke b 1746 Bute NC d there 21 Jan 1783
m Wilson Whatley b 1700 k 1778 Wilkes GA by Indians son of Shirley Whatley Sr b 1685 Jamestown VA d 27 Aug 1779 Bute Granville Co NC and Rebecca B. Wharton b 1700 Valdosta Lowndes Co GA d 1785 Wilkes Co GA + 4 ch dau of Michael Wharton and Rebecca
Du9-? - - - -
of no established relation to the above was:
James Duke b c 1800
m Nancy Sparks Watson
Du9-?-1 Harriet E Duke b 24 Nov 1829 d 4 May 1860 Claiborne Parish Louisiana
m George Washington Nelson
-1 Noah Andrew Nelson b 9 Jul 1853 m Frances Amanda Phillips b 24 Ap 1859 dau of David Marion Phillips and Lucinda Womack -1-1 William Asberry Nelson b 18 Jan 1881 m Mittie Lee Houck -1-1-1 Emma Delia Nelson m Charley Louis Dyess parents of Mildred Elizabeth Dyess, Authorīs DNA match