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Barnard of Prestbury, Barnard of Withersfield, Bright of Badsworth, Bright of Carbrook, Brwynog of Brwynog

Rev Thomas Barnard of Leeds b about 1720
m x Drake
1. Thomas Barnard rector of Withersfield in Suffolk b about 1745
m Melosine Rosenhagen b about 1748
A. Robert Cary Barnard rector of Withersfield b about 1765
m 10.06.1790 Elizabeth Elwes b about 1772 d 1813, dau of Robert Cary Elwes of Throcking
i. Thomas Barnard of Prestbury Gloucestershire & Bartlow Cambridgeshire b 30.07.1792 had issue
m 12.08.1822 Christine Porter dau of Thomas Porter of Rockbeare House
ii. Charles James Barnard Rev. had issue
m 1827 Caroline Arabella Elizabeth Elwes d 28.05.1866, dau of Robert Cary Elwes of Throcking
iii. Charlotte Elizabeth Barnard
m Henry Lindlow Lindlow
iv.+ other issue - Henry Anthony, Philip Adolphus
B. Robert Barnard b c1761, d 03/23.02.1834-5, prebendary of Winchester, rector of Lightborne 7 Whitney
The following is supported by BP1934 Willoughby de Broke & TCP Willoughby de Broke.
m 31.10.1792-3 Louisa Verney dau of John Peyto Verney, 14th Lord Willoughby de Broke
i. Robert Barnard b 31.08.1806, d 09.1806
ii. Robert John Barnard, later Verney, 17th Lord Willoughby de Broke b 17.10.1809, d 05.06.1862 had issue
m 25.10.1842 Georgiana Jane Taylor b 12.08.1823, d 07.03.1889, dau of Maj. Gen. Thomas William Taylor of Ogwell by Anne Harvey, dau of John Petrie of Gatton
iii. Louisa Barnard d 22.04.1863
m 09.06.1825 Joseph Townsend
C. Thomas Barnard d 1799, Rev.
m Everilda Martin d 11.1839, dau of Sir Mordaunt Martin, Bart
i. Mordaunt Barnard b 1795 had issue
ii. George Martin Barnard b 04.04.1799, d unm 22.02.1859
D. Charles Drake Barnard Rev.
m Anna Maria Parkhurst dau of Capt. Richard Parkhurst, widow of Sir Griffith Boynton, 6th Bart of Barmston
E. Charlotte Anne Barnard
2. Charles Barnard had issue
3. Frances Barnard
m Rev. _ Jackson
Thomas Bright of Bradway in Norton & Carbrook or Carbroke, Yorkshire
1. Stephen Bright of Carbrook & Eccleshall bpt 27.12.1583, d 06.06.1642
m1 Jane Westbye sister of George Westbye of Ravenfield
A. Sir John Bright of Carbrook & Badsworth, Governor of Sheffield, York & Hull, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Bart bpt 14.10.1619, d 13.09/10.1688, Colonel, 3rd son
m1 by 1657 Catherine Hawksworth dau of Sir Richard Hawksworth of Hawksworth by Anne Wentworth, widow of William Lister of Thornton
i. John Bright b 1658, dvpsp
m Lucy Montague dau of Edward, Earl of Manchester
ii. Catherine Bright d 24.02.1703
m by 1670 Sir Henry Liddell, Bart of Ravenshowrth Castle
Their 2nd son inherited Badsworth and assumed the name Bright.
m2 by 1665 Elizabeth Norcliffe b 1623-4, d 26.06.1674, dau of Sir Thomas Norcliffe of Langton by Dorothy Fairfax
iii. Dorothea Bright d young
m3. c07.1682 Frances Liddell b c1649, d 11.1682, dau of Sir Thomas Liddell, 2nd Bart by Anne Vane, widow of Thomas Vane of Raby Castle
m4. 07.06.1683 Susanna Wharton b 1650, d 19.04.1737, dau of Michael Wharton of Beverlrey, sister/coheir of Sir Michael, m2. Sir John Newton, 3rd Bart
B. Mary Bright
m William Jessop of Broom Hall
C. Ruth Bright
m Edward Gill of Carhouse
D.+ other issue - Thomas dvp unm, Stephen dvp unm, Sarah
m2 Barbara Hatfield dau of Ralph Hatfield, m2. Thomas Westby of Ravenfield
F. Martha Bright
m William Lister of Thornton & Midhope
2. daughter
m _ Parker of Derbyshire
3.+ other issue - James, John
Iorwerth ap Gruffydd ap Gruffydd
m Margaret dau of Llewelyn Foel ap Llewelyn ap Tegwared Vychan ap Ithel Vychan
1. Dafydd
m Angharad dau of Ynyr ap Einion Goch ap Llewelyn ap Madog Goch of Mawddwy
A. Gwilim
m Myddanwy dau of Howel ap Cynwrig ap Llewelyn ap Tudur Vychan
i. Evan
m Annes dau of Iorwerth ap Gruffydd ap Einion
a. Dafydd
m Lleuki dau of Meredydd ap EInion Foel ap Iago ap Owen Gwynedd
1 Gwilim
m Marsli dau of Iorwerth Benfras
A Madog
m Gwenllian dau of Howel ap Gruffydd ap Einion ap Gruffydd ap Cadwgan ap Llowarch ap Bran
i Evan
m Agnes dau of Howel Tibet of Llanfechell
a Iorwerth - continued immediately below
m Morfydd dau of Dafydd ap Rhys
- Iorwerth - continued immediately above
m Morfydd dau of Dafydd ap Rhys ap Madog ap Dafydd ap Howel ap Dafydd ap Madog Lloyd
A Llewelyn
m Angharad dau of Gwilim Kenrick ap Hwlkin ap Kenrick ap Madog ap Eliza ap Howel ap Bleddyn ap Tegwared
i William 'of Brwynog'
m Margaret dau of Richard ap Rowland Wynn, of Penhesgin
a John Brwynog b/a c1530, d 1560, poet
m Jane dau of Owen ap Ifan ap Madog ddu, of Ucheldre
1 William Brwynog 'of Brwynog'
m1 Mawd dau of Pierce Lloyd ap Pierce ap David, of Lligwy
A Elizabeth Brwynog
m John Davies of Rhosbeirio d 1695, rector of Newborough
B Jane Brwynog
m Robert Spotswood
C Margaret Brwynog
m Ellis Humphreys d 1682, vicar of Clynnog
m2 Jane dau of John Griffith of Chwaen Hen
partner unknown
D John Brwynog clerk
m Margery
i+ issue - John bpt 12.06.1683, William bpt 06.02.1685, Hugh bpt 01.11.1689, Jane bpt 12.05.1686
b Mary
m William Owen ap Lewis Owen, of Brondeg Frondeg

1 For Barnard uploaded 13.05.10 : BLG1886 Barnard of Prestbury
2 For Bright uploaded 01.07.10 : BEB1841 Bright of Badsworth, Visitation Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1666, Bright of Badsworth with some support from TCB vol 3, Bright of Badsworth
3 For Brwynog uploaded 06.10.10 : Griffith's Pedigrees Brwynog, p79
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