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Montagu 2: Montagu of Halifax, Montagu of Horton, Montagu of Lackham, Montagu of Manchester
Sir Henry Montagu, Lord Treasurer, 1st Earl of Manchester b c1563, d 07.11.1642
m1 01.06.1601 Catherine Spencer d 07.12.1612, dau of Sir William Spencer of Yarnton
1. Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester b 1602, d 05.05.1671
m1 06.02.1623 Susannah Hill dsp, dau of John Hill of Honiley
m2 01.07.1625 Anne Rich dau of Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick
A. Robert Montagu, 3rd Earl of Manchester b 25.04.1634, d 14.03.1682
m 27.06.1655 Anne Yelverton d 21.07.1698, dau of Sir Christopher Yelverton, Bart of Easton Mauduit
i. Charles Montagu, 1st Duke of Manchester d 20.01.1721-2
m 16.02.1690 Doddington Greville d 16.02.1720, dau of Robert Greville, 4th Lord Brooke
a. William Montagu, 2nd Duke of Manchester b 04.1700, d 21.10.1739
m 16.04.1723 Isabella Montagu d 20.12.1786, dau of John Montagu, 2nd Duke of Montagu
b. Robert Montagu, 3rd Duke of Manchester b c1710, d 10.05.1762
m 03.04.1735 Harriet Dunch d 25.02.1755, dau of Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenham
1 George Montagu, 4th Duke of Manchester b 06.04.1737, d 02.09.1788
m 22/3.10.1762 Elizabeth Dashwood d 26.06.1832, dau of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Bart of Northbrook and Kirtlington
A William Montagu, 5th Duke of Manchester b 21.03.1771, d 18.03.1843
m 07.10.1793 Susan Gordon d 26.08.1828, dau of Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon
i George Montagu, 6th Duke of Manchester b 09.07.1799, d 18.08.1855 had issue
m1 08.10.1822 Millicent Sparrow b 25.01.1798, d 21.11.1848, dau of Brig. Robert Bernard Sparrow of Brampton Park by Olivia, dau of Arthur Acheson, 1st Earl of Gosford
m2 29.08.1850 Harriet Syndey Dobbs d 30.05.1907, dau of Conway R. Dobbs of Castle Dobbs
ii William Francis Montagu b 05.08.1800, d 30.03.1842 had issue
m 04.1830 Emily Dupre dau of James Dupre of Wilton Park
iii Jane Montagu d unm 27.09.1815
iv Elizabeth Montagu b 18.09.1797, d 09.01.1857
m 10.08.1819 Thomas Steele d 08.05.1845, Major General
v Susan Montagu d 05.03.1870
m 28.03.1816 George Hay, 8th Marquess of Tweedale b 01.02.1787, d 10.10.1876, Field Marshal
vi Georgina Frederica Montagu d 30.07.1892
m 11.10.1823 Evan Baillie of Dochfour d 04.1883
vii Caroline Catherine Montagu b c1804, d 10.09.1892
m 13.02.1828 John Hales Calcraft of Rempston Hall d 13.03.1880
i Emily Montagu d unm 02.02.1827
B Caroline Maria Montagu b c1771, d 26.03.1847
m 24.07.1790 James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose b 08.09.1755, d 30.12.1836
C+ other issue - Frederick b 08.11.1774, d unm 04.10.1827, Anna Maria d 12.04.1796, Emily d 21.04.1838
2 Charles Greville Montagu b 1741
m 20.09.1765 Elizabeth Bulmer dau of James Bulmer
A+ issue including George Charles
3 Caroline Montagu d 1818
m 1775 Charles Herbert Dormer of Carnarvon family
4 Louisa Montagu d unm
c. Charlotte Montagu d 14.09.1759
m 11.06.1724 Pattee Byng, 2nd Viscount Torrington bpt 25.05.1699, d 23.01.1746-7
d. Doddington Montagu b c1694, d 08.01.1774
e.+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
ii. Anne Montagu dsp 19.10.1720
m 17.05.1682 James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk, 3rd Lord de Walden bpt 10.02.1619-20, d 07.01.1678-9
iii. Elizabeth Montagu
m Sir James Montagu chief baron of the exchequer
iv. Catherine Montagu
m Samuel Edwin of Llanvihangel
v.+ other issue - Robert d 1693, Heneage d 1698, Eleanor d unm
B. Frances Montagu
m Henry Saunderson dsp
C. Anne Montagu bur 09.07.1689
m before 04.1668 Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Holland, 5th Earl of Warwick b c1620, bur 16.04.1675
m3. 30.12.1642 Essex Cheeke d 28.09.1658, dau of Sir Thomas Cheeke of Pirgo
D. Essex Montagu d 10.1667
m 06.1661 Henry Ingram, 1st Viscount of Irvine bpt 08.04.1641, bur 13.08.1666
E. Lucy Montagu shown as d unm but probably the Lucy who married ...
m John Bright b 1658, dvpsp
F+ 6 sons
m4. 07.1649 Eleanor Wortley dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley
m5. 31.07/01.08.1667 Margaret Russell dsp 12.1676, dau of Francis Russell, 4th Earl of Bedford
2. Walter Montagu, Abbot d 1670
3. James Montagu of Lackham d 02.1665
m 11.11.1635 Mary Baynard dau of Sir Robert Baynard of Lackham
A. James Montagu of Lackham
m Diana Hungerford dau of Anthony Hungerford
i. Edward Montagu of Lackham dsp 1701
ii. James Montagu of Lackham d 04.08.1747
m 1716 Elizabeth Kyles dau of Sir John Kyles
a. James Montagu of Lackham d 25.04.1790
m 1744 Elizabeth Hedges dau of William Hedges
1 James Montagu of Lackham b 1749, d unm 12.07.1797
2 George Montagu of Knowle, later of Lackham b 1755, d 10.06.1815, Lt. Col., ornithologist
m 1773 Anne Courtenay d 10.02.1816, dau of William Courtenay
A George Conway Courtenay Montagu of Lackham b 24.06.1776, d 30.05.1847 had issue
m1 29.12.1803 Margaret Green Wilson d 07.05.1834, dau of Richard Green Wilson of Lancaster
m2 23.01.1840 Jessy Campbell b c1825, d 21.11.1909, dau of John Elphinstone Campbell
B Louisa Matilda Montagu d 29.12.1857
m Matthew Crawford d 09.1862
C Eleanora Montagu, nun d young
b. Edward Montagu d 1798
m1 16.04.1745 Ann Wroughton dau of James Wroughton
1+ 2 daughters
m2 15.04.1754 Joanna Magdalena Bolwark d 21.02.1799, dau of Gerard Bolwark
3 Gerard Montagu of Burlingham Hall b 13.05.1756, d 07.10.1807
m 05.06.1785 Mary Anne Doughty d 19.07.1835, dau of George Doughty of Theberton Hall
A Edward Proudfoot Montagu b 23.04.1791, d 08.01.1862 had issue
m 04.09.1817 Mary Anne Everard d 19.06.1859, dau of Capt. James Everard
B George Montagu b 10.03.1793, d 06.07.1865, rector of South Pickenham had issue
m 18.11.1817 Emily Yonge d 01.02.1880, dau of Rev. W. Yonge
C Edgar Montagu b 1796, d 21.05.1851 had issue
m 08.04.1847 Marianne Henrietta Mackenzie d 1873, dau of Major George Mackenzie
D Magdalena Montagu d 05.12.1848
m 1821 R. Hockings d 1849, Captain RN
E Louisa Henrietta Montagu d 31.01.1849
m 16.04.1838 Sir David Dunn d 16.06.1859, Vice Admiral
F Mary Anne Montagu d 02.07.1895
m 19.08.1834 Frederick Ensor d 1887, rector of Lustleigh
c. John Montagu b 1719, d 09.1795, Admiral
m 11.12.1748 Sophia Wroughton d 14.04.1802, dau of James Wroughton of Wilcot
1 John Montagu b 11.11.1749, d unm 25.07.1818, minister
2 Sir George Montagu b 12.12.1750, d 24.12.1829, Admiral
m 09.10.1783 Charlotte Wroughton dau of George Wroughton 'of Wilcot'
A George Wroughton Montagu, later Wroughton of Wilcot b 24.09.1788, d 08.06.1871, Lt. Colonel
B John William Montagu b 18.01.1790, d 12.12.1882, Admiral had issue
m 12.03.1840 Isabella Elizabeth Beauclerk d 21.07.1864, dau of Charles George Beauclerk
C James Montagu b 10.04.1791, d 1872, Admiral
D Georgiana Montagu d 14.11.1854
m 15.08.1808 Sir John Gore d 21.08.1836, Vice Admiral
i Anne Gore b 08.03.1817, d 23.07.1877 §R
m 09.10.1845 Richard William Penn Curzon, 2nd Viscount of Penn, later Howe, 1st Earl Howe b 11.12.1796, d 12.05.1870
E Sophia Montagu d unm 21.05.1845
3 James Montagu b 12.08.1752, d 06.1794, Captain RN
4 Edward Montagu b 20.02.1755, d Seringapatam 08.05.1799, Lt. Colonel
m 17.05.1792 Barbara Fleetwood d 03.06.1848, dau of John Fleetwood
A Edward Montagu b 07.07.1796, d 1830
B John Montagu b 21.08.1797, d 04.11.1853 had issue
m 07.08.1823 Jessy Worsley d 03.11.1876, dau of Lt. Gen. Edward Vaughan Worsley
C George Montagu b 11.12.1798, Major had issue
5 Sophia Montagu d 21.10.1854
m 20.12.1782 Sir George Thomas, 3rd Bart d 06.05.1815
B. Mary Montagu
m Thomas Ewer of Bushey Hall and the Leas
i. Jane Ewer d 23.11.1751
m 29.08.1709 Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury b 26.02.1671, d 15.02.1712-3
C.+ other issue
4. Henry Montagu a 1638, dsp
5. Lucy Montagu bur 09.02.1681/2
m before 1636 Hugh Hare of Longford Castle, 1st Lord Coleraine b c1606, d 02.10.1667
m2 sp Anne Wincoll dau of William Wincoll of Langham
m3. 26.04.1620 Margaret Crouch d 12.1673, dau of John Crouch of Cornbury
6. George Montagu of Horton
m 1645 Elizabeth Irby dau of Sir Anthony Irby
A. Edward Montagu of Horton
m 30.05.1678 Elizabeth Pelham d 13.07.1723, dau of Sir John Pelham, Bart
i. Sir George Montagu, 2nd Lord Halifax, 1st Earl of Halifax b before 1685, d 1739
m1 Richard Posthuma Saltenstale b c1689, bur 05.04.1711, dau of Richard Saltenstale of Chippen Warden
a. Lucy Montagu d 07.05.1734
m 1728 Francis North, 1st Earl of Guildford, 7th Lord North b 13.04.1704, d 04.08.1790
m2 Mary Lumley b 14.12.1690, d 10.12.1726, dau of Richard Lumley, 1st Earl of Scarborough
b. George Montagu, later Montague-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland d 1772
m Anne Richards dau of William Richards, heiress of Sir Thomas Dunk of Tonges
1 Anne Montagu d unm 1761
2 Frances Montagu d unm 1764
3 Elizabeth Montagu d 01.07.1768
m 08.03.1766 John Montagu, 5th Earl of Sandwich b 26.01.1742-3, d 06.06.1814
c. Frances Montagu
m 1739 Sir Roger Burgoyne
d. Anne Montagu
m Joseph Jekyll
e. Mary Montagu
m 25.09.1740 Sir Danvers Osborn, Bart
f. Elizabeth Montagu
m Henry Archer d 1768
g. Barbara Montagu d unm
h. Charlotte Montagu
m James Johnston colonel
ii. Edward Montagu Colonel
m Arabella Trevor dau of John Trevor of Trevallyn and Plasteg
iii. Anne Montagu
m Christopher Wilmot
iv. Elizabeth Montagu b 1681, d 09.11.1706 apparently of this generation
m 20.01.1700 Richard Thursby of Hanslope & Abington b 1666, d 24.05.1736
v. Lucy Montagu probably of this generation
m John Morley Trevor of Trevallyn, Plasteg & Glynde b 1681, d 12.04.1719
vi. Grace Montague d 25.12.1767 probably of this generation
m William Cosby, Governor of New York and the Jerseys d 10.03.1736
B. Christopher Montagu
m Anne Montagu d 14.03.1729, dau of Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich
C. Charles Montagu, 1st Lord Halifax, Earl of Halifax b 16.04.1661, dsp 19.05.1715, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 4th son
m before 12.05.1688 Anne Yelverton d 21.07.1698, dau of Sir Christopher Yelverton, Bart of Easton Mauduit
D. Elizabeth Montagu d 13.11.1731
m 1683 Christopher Wandesford, 1st Viscount Castlecomer b 19.08.1656, d 13.09.1707
E. Anne Montagu probably of this generation
m John Lawton of Lawton b 07.05.1656, d 10.06.1736
7. Susannah Montagu bur 20.04.1652
m 14.12.1637 George Brydges, 6th Lord Chandos b 09.08.1620, d 02.1654/5
Unknown by which wife was ...
8. Elizabeth Montagu
m1 Sir Lewis Mansel, 2nd Bart of Margam d c1638
m2 c1638 Sir Edward Sebright, 1st Bart of Besford d before 11.02.1657-8

Sources: BP1934 Manchester, BE1883 Montagu of Halifax
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