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Brown 8: Browne of Athenry, Browne of Browne Hall, Browne of Carrabrowne, Browne of Castle Macgarrett, Browne of Galway, Browne of Oranmore
Sir David Le Brun or Browne of Carrabrowne d 1303
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1. Stephen Browne a 1318
m Katherine Bermingham dau of Lord Athenry
A. Henry Browne of Ballydavid a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377
i. ?? Browne
1 ?? Browne
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
A ?? Browne
i ?? Browne
a Stephen Browne of Athenry
m Eveline Lynch dau of Geoffrey Lynch
1 William Browne of Athenry
m Anastasia Blake dau of Valentine or Vadyn Blake
A Dominick Browne of Barna and Carrabrowne, Mayor of Galway d 1596
m Bevan O'Flaherty dau of Sir Morogh O'Flaherty of Iar Connaught
i Geoffrey Browne of Galway d 08.04.1608 - continued below
m Mary McMorrishe dau of Edmond McMorrishe or Prendergast of Castle Mcgarret
ii Oliver Browne, Mayor of Galway a 1609 ancestor of Browne of Coolarne
iii Edward Browne a 1607, Dean of Tuam
iv Margery Browne
m James Blake d 20.02.1635, son of Walter FitzThomas
v Jane Browne
m Patrick Kirwan of Galway d 1608, alderman
vi Honora Browne
m Walter French son of Patrick
vii daughter
m Anthony Lynch
viii Mary Browne
m before 1613 Edward Browne
ix Christian Browne
m before 1613 James Deane
B+ other issue - Nicholas, Andrew, Richard, John, Walter
Geoffrey Browne of Galway d 08.04.1608, alderman - continued above
m Mary McMorrishe dau of Edmond McMorrishe or Prendergast of Castle Mcgarret
1. Sir Dominick Browne, Mayor of Galway d 1656
m Anastasia Darcy dau of James Riveagh Darcy
A. Geoffrey Browne of Carrabrowne d 14.01.1668
m Mary Lynch d 29.07.1671, dau of Sir Henry Lynch, 1st Bart
i. Dominick Browne of Carrabrowne and Castlemacgarrett, Mayor of Galway d 1721, Colonel
m1 before 03.1657 Agnes ffrench dau of Martyn ffrench of Galway, son of Jasper
a. Geoffrey Browne of Castlemacgarrett b 1664, d 12.03.1755
m c1695 Magdalen Blake d 1705, dau of Peter Blake of Corbally
1 Dominick Browne of Castlemacgarrett Colonel
m1 Elizabeth Martyn dau of Oliver Martyn of Tullira
A Margaret Browne
m 1742 Charles Lambert of Cregclare
B Alice or Ellis Browne
m Jacob Browne of Browne Hall son of James by Margaret, dau of Richard Cox
The following comes from BLG1886 Browne of Browne Hall.
i James Browne of Browne Hall
m 08.05.1774 Honoria Shadwell dau of Josiah Shadwell of Eyreville
a Dominick Browne of Browne Hall d 01.1853, Lt. Colonel had issue
m 07.1803 Augusta Louisa Browne d 1850, dau of Col. Hon. Arthur Browne
b Charles Browne b 10.05.1784, d young
c Ellis Browne d 09.1820
m 07.1797 Christopher Ussher of Eastwell
m2 1754 Henrietta Harriet Lynch dau of Sir Henry Lynch, Bart of Castle Carra
C Dominick Geoffrey Browne, Governor of Mayo b 1755, d 08.05.1826
m 20.08.1784 Margaret Browne d 29.05.1838, dau of Hon. George Browne
i Dominick Browne,1st Lord Oranmore and Browne b 28.05.1787, d 30.01.1860 had issue
m 1811 Catherine Anne Isabella Monck d 22.07.1865, dau of Henry Monck of Fowre by Elizabeth Araminta, dau of 2nd Earl of Arran
ii John Geoffrey Browne b 1797, d 1877, rector of Kiddington, 3rd son had issue
m1 1823 Anne Lindsay d 1855, dau of Thomas Lindsay of Hollymount
m2 1857 Emma Hill dau of Rev. J. Hill
iii Henrietta Browne b 25.03.1789, d 08/18.03.1862
m 02.1807 Henry Augustus Dillon-Lee, 13th Viscount b 28.10.1777, d 24.07.1832
iv Louisa Margaret Browne d 1826
m 1811 Patrick Kirwan of Cregg
v Charlotte Philippa Browne d 23.12.1882
m 1818 Sir William H.M.B. Ffolkes, 2nd Bart of Hillingdon b 30.08.1786, d 24.03.1860
vi+ other issue - George Peter b 1794, d 1829, Georgiana Dorcas d15.08.1862, Mary Anne d 05.11.1862
2 Peter Browne dvpsp
m Barbara Bodkin dau of Anthony Bodkin
3 Henry Browne b 1700, d 06.1790
m 1748 Mary Nugent d 01.1790, dau of Robert Nugent of Crossfield
A Mary Browne
m General Count O'Donnell
B+ other issue - Geoffrey d 01.1771, Margaret
4 Magdalen Browne
m Peter Martyn of Tullyra
5 Christiana Browne
m Martin Browne of Colarne
6+ other issue - Agnes, Mary
b.+ other issue - Martin, Henry, Teresa
m2 Mary Lynch sister of Anthony Lynch
a. Barbara Browne
ii. Ignatius Browne 4th son
m c01.1669 Johanna Doyne dau of Robert Doyne
a. Mary Browne
m Joseph Blake of Grange
iii. Mary Browne
m Robert Dillon of Clonbrock
iv.+ other issue - Martin, James b before 1665, Paul, Henry
B. Nicholas Browne
i.+ issue - William, Martin
C. Edward Browne ancestor of Browne of Woodstock
D. Henry Browne of Kiticolla or Brownehall d after 18.04.1678
E. Mary Browne
m 1626 Sir John Browne, 1st Bart of the Neal
F. Gennet Browne
m Richard Dillon of Clonbrock
G. daughter
m Walter Blake
H. daughter
m Mathew Martyn
I. Anne Browne
m Patrick French son of Sir Oliver
J. Evelina Browne
m1 Robert French of Monivea
m2 Sir Oliver French
2. Mary Browne d 1659
m Sir Peter ffrench of Galway d 27.02.1631
3. Julliane Browne
m Sir Thomas Blake of Menlo, 2nd Bart d 1642
4.+ other issue - Stephen b 21.12.1595, d 1675, priest, Christopher

Sources: BP1934 Oranmore and Browne
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