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Brown 8: Browne of Athenry, Browne of Browne Hall, Browne of Carrabrowne, Browne of Castle Macgarrett, Browne of Galway, Browne of Oranmore
Sir David Le Brun or Browne of Carrabrowne d 1303
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1. Stephen Browne a 1318
m Katherine Bermingham dau of Lord Athenry
A. Henry Browne of Ballydavid a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377
i. ?? Browne
1 ?? Browne
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
A ?? Browne
i ?? Browne
a Stephen Browne of Athenry
m Eveline Lynch dau of Geoffrey Lynch
1 William Browne of Athenry
m Anastasia Blake dau of Valentine or Vadyn Blake
A Dominick Browne of Barna and Carrabrowne, Mayor of Galway d 1596
m Bevan O'Flaherty dau of Sir Morogh O'Flaherty of Iar Connaught
i Geoffrey Browne of Galway d 08.04.1608 - continued below
m Mary McMorrishe dau of Edmond McMorrishe or Prendergast of Castle Mcgarret
ii Oliver Browne, Mayor of Galway a 1609 ancestor of Browne of Coolarne
iii Edward Browne a 1607, Dean of Tuam
iv Margery Browne
m James Blake d 20.02.1635, son of Walter FitzThomas
v Jane Browne
m Patrick Kirwan of Galway d 1608, alderman
vi Honora Browne
m Walter French son of Patrick
vii daughter
m Anthony Lynch
viii Mary Browne
m before 1613 Edward Browne
ix Christian Browne
m before 1613 James Deane
B Nicholas Browne
C Andrew Browne
D Richard Browne ?= b c 1530 Scotland d there
D-1? David Browne b c 1575 Dalkeith Midlothian d c 1645 Allanton Lanarkshire
m Agnes Drummond b 1530 Perth d 15 Jun 1589 South Lanarkshire dau of y Drummond
D-1-1 REv Richard Brown b Mar 1610 Dalkeith Edinburgh d there 1645
m1 Martha Seton b 1614 d 1691 dau of
m2 Jane Mitchelson b c 1670 Dalkeith Midlothian d there + 2 ch 1689 m3 Rachel Clark
+1 y Seton
+1 George Mitchelson b c 1640
m mctr c 1650 Isobel Elphinston b c 1642
D-1-1-1 Gustavus Brown b 1645 Dalkeith d 1689 Rich Hill Charles Co MD
m Jane/Jean Mitchelson b c 1670 Dalkeith d there c 1689 dau of George Mitchelson and Isabel Elphinstone (dau of y Elphinstone)
D-1-1-1-1 Dr Gustavus Brown b 10 Apr 1689 Dalkeith d Apr 1762 Charles Co MD
m Frances Fowke b 2 Feb 1691 Charles Co MD d 8 Nov 1744 Pr Wm Co VA dau of
When a youth of 19 he became a Surgeonís mate, or Surgeon, on one of the royal or Kingís ships that came to the Colony in the Chesapeake Bay, 1708. While his ship lay at anchor he went on shore, but before he could return a severe storm arose, which made it necessary for the ship to weigh anchor and put out to sea. The young man was left with nothing but the clothes on his back. He quickly made himself known, and informed the planters of his willingness to serve them if he could be provided with instruments and medicines, leaving them to judge if he was worthy of their confidence. He began his practice of medicine at Nansemond, Md. He soon gained respect and succeeded beyond his expectations.
+1 Col Gerrard Fowke b 15 Jul 1662 Charles Co MD d 20 Jan 1734 Charles Co MD he m1 Mary Lomax and had Capt Chandler Fowke
m Sarah Burdette b 1665 Charles Co MD she m1 Dr Robert Homer
-b Roger Fowke b c 1623 Gunston Stafford
-c Francisco Fowke b c 1625 ?Long Birch Kent
-d William Fowke b c 1628 Gunston Hall Stafford
-e Anthony Fowke b c 1630 ?Kent
-f Susannah Fowke b c 1634 ?Kent m y Smith
-g Robert Fowke b c 1636 ?Kent
-h Thomas Fowke b c 1641 Staffordshire
-i Mary Fowke b 1642 Gunston Stafford
-j Dorothy Fowke b c 1642 Kent m y Browne
-k Jane Fowke b c 1644 Staffordshire m Richad Hope
+2 Col Gerard Fowke b c 1620 Brewood Parish Stafford d 30 Oct 1669 Charles Co MD
m Ann Thorough b 30 Oct 1630 Lower Norfolk VA

+3 Roger Fowke
m Mary Bayley b c 1590 Lea Hall Rugeley Stafford d 1652
+3 Capt Adam Thorough
m Sarah Offley b by 16 Apr 1609 Langbourn Ward London d 1657she m2 Capt John Gookin m3 Francis Yeardly
D-1-1-1-1-1 Margaret Brown m Stone
D-1-1-1-1-2 Gustavus Brown
D-1-1-1-1-3 Frances Brown m Moncure
D-1-1-1-1-4 Sarah Brown m Scott
D-1-1-1-1-5 Mary Brown m Threlkeld
D-1-1-1-1-6 Christian Brown m Graham
D-1-1-1-1-7 Gustavus Brown
D-1-1-1-1-8 Elizabeth Brown m Wallace
D-1-1-1-1-9 Rev. Richard Brown
D-1-1-1-1-10 Jean Brown m Campbell
D-1-1-1-1-11 Cecilia Brown m Bond
D-1-1-1-1-12 Anne Brown b 1732 d 1800
m y Clagett
-1 Samuel Claggett b 1756 d 1821 -1-1 Ferdinand Claggett b 1789 d 1860 -1-1-1 Nancy Claggett b 1814 d 1854 m y Burdett -1-1-1-1 Martha E Burdett b 1839 d 1918 m y Bartlett -1-1-1-1-1 Martha Saline Bartlett b 1878 d 1971 m y Shriver -1-1-1-1-1-1 Vada Pearl Shriver b 1902 d 1992 m John Jeffries -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Jeffries Jr b 1921 -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Alan John Jeffries
D-1-1-2 George Brown b Mar 1664 Dalkeith d 18 Feb 1717 Woodbridge NJ
m Annabel Gordon b 1661 Dalkeith d 2 Jun 1731 Woodbridge NJ she m2 William Knox and had Jenett Knox m y Edgar
-1 James Brown b 8 Nov 1693 M Agnes had issue
-2 Thomas Brown b 2 Mar 1695 Woodbridge NJ
-3 William Brown b 11 May 1698 Woodbridge
-4 Christian Brown b 26 Apr 1701 Woodbridge NJ m1 Edward Crowell m2 Dr David Stewart
-5 Grier Brown b 3 Sep 1703 Woodbrdge
-6 Andrew Brown b 3 Sep 1705 Woodbrdge m Sarah had issue
-7 Christian Brown
-8 George Brown
D-1-1-3 wife
E John Browne
F Walter Browne
Geoffrey Browne of Galway d 08.04.1608, alderman - continued above
m Mary McMorrishe dau of Edmond McMorrishe or Prendergast of Castle Mcgarret
1. Sir Dominick Browne, Mayor of Galway d 1656
m Anastasia Darcy dau of James Riveagh Darcy
A. Geoffrey Browne of Carrabrowne d 14.01.1668
m Mary Lynch d 29.07.1671, dau of Sir Henry Lynch, 1st Bart
i. Dominick Browne of Carrabrowne and Castlemacgarrett, Mayor of Galway d 1721, Colonel
m1 before 03.1657 Agnes ffrench dau of Martyn ffrench of Galway, son of Jasper
a. Geoffrey Browne of Castlemacgarrett b 1664, d 12.03.1755
m c1695 Magdalen Blake d 1705, dau of Peter Blake of Corbally
1 Dominick Browne of Castlemacgarrett Colonel
m1 Elizabeth Martyn dau of Oliver Martyn of Tullira
A Margaret Browne
m 1742 Charles Lambert of Cregclare
B Alice or Ellis Browne
m Jacob Browne of Browne Hall son of James by Margaret, dau of Richard Cox
The following comes from BLG1886 Browne of Browne Hall.
i James Browne of Browne Hall
m 08.05.1774 Honoria Shadwell dau of Josiah Shadwell of Eyreville
a Dominick Browne of Browne Hall d 01.1853, Lt. Colonel had issue
m 07.1803 Augusta Louisa Browne d 1850, dau of Col. Hon. Arthur Browne
b Charles Browne b 10.05.1784, d young
c Ellis Browne d 09.1820
m 07.1797 Christopher Ussher of Eastwell
m2 1754 Henrietta Harriet Lynch dau of Sir Henry Lynch, Bart of Castle Carra
C Dominick Geoffrey Browne, Governor of Mayo b 1755, d 08.05.1826
m 20.08.1784 Margaret Browne d 29.05.1838, dau of Hon. George Browne
i Dominick Browne,1st Lord Oranmore and Browne b 28.05.1787, d 30.01.1860 had issue
m 1811 Catherine Anne Isabella Monck d 22.07.1865, dau of Henry Monck of Fowre by Elizabeth Araminta, dau of 2nd Earl of Arran
ii John Geoffrey Browne b 1797, d 1877, rector of Kiddington, 3rd son had issue
m1 1823 Anne Lindsay d 1855, dau of Thomas Lindsay of Hollymount
m2 1857 Emma Hill dau of Rev. J. Hill
iii Henrietta Browne b 25.03.1789, d 08/18.03.1862
m 02.1807 Henry Augustus Dillon-Lee, 13th Viscount b 28.10.1777, d 24.07.1832
iv Louisa Margaret Browne d 1826
m 1811 Patrick Kirwan of Cregg
v Charlotte Philippa Browne d 23.12.1882
m 1818 Sir William H.M.B. Ffolkes, 2nd Bart of Hillingdon b 30.08.1786, d 24.03.1860
vi+ other issue - George Peter b 1794, d 1829, Georgiana Dorcas d15.08.1862, Mary Anne d 05.11.1862
2 Peter Browne dvpsp
m Barbara Bodkin dau of Anthony Bodkin
3 Henry Browne b 1700, d 06.1790
m 1748 Mary Nugent d 01.1790, dau of Robert Nugent of Crossfield
A Mary Browne
m General Count O'Donnell
B+ other issue - Geoffrey d 01.1771, Margaret
4 Magdalen Browne
m Peter Martyn of Tullyra
5 Christiana Browne
m Martin Browne of Colarne
6+ other issue - Agnes, Mary
b.+ other issue - Martin, Henry, Teresa
m2 Mary Lynch sister of Anthony Lynch
a. Barbara Browne
ii. Ignatius Browne 4th son
m c01.1669 Johanna Doyne dau of Robert Doyne
a. Mary Browne
m Joseph Blake of Grange
iii. Mary Browne
m Robert Dillon of Clonbrock
iv.+ other issue - Martin, James b before 1665, Paul, Henry
B. Nicholas Browne
i.+ issue - William, Martin
C. Edward Browne ancestor of Browne of Woodstock
D. Henry Browne of Kiticolla or Brownehall d after 18.04.1678
E. Mary Browne
m 1626 Sir John Browne, 1st Bart of the Neal
F. Gennet Browne
m Richard Dillon of Clonbrock
G. daughter
m Walter Blake
H. daughter
m Mathew Martyn
I. Anne Browne
m Patrick French son of Sir Oliver
J. Evelina Browne
m1 Robert French of Monivea
m2 Sir Oliver French
2. Mary Browne d 1659
m Sir Peter ffrench of Galway d 27.02.1631
3. Julliane Browne
m Sir Thomas Blake of Menlo, 2nd Bart d 1642
4.+ other issue - Stephen b 21.12.1595, d 1675, priest, Christopher
- - - - -
of no established relation to the above was:
Br24 =25. William Bruin/Browne of Lusignan b 1140 Lusignan, Vienne Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes FR
m Lucy b 1141 Aberdeenshire d there 1191
Br23 =24 William de Bruin/Browne MP b 1169 Aberdeen, d c 1208 Lincolnshire
m Sarah Port b 1170 Aberdeenshire
Br22 =23 Sir John Browne MP b 1200 Stamford, Lincolnshire d 1260 Stamford, Lincolnshire
m1 Alice Thorpe b 1210
m2 Joan Elizabeth de Kingsley of Cheshire b 11230 Cheshire d 1280 dau of
+1 Richard de Kingsley of Cheshire
Br21 =22 John Browne MP b 1248 Stamford, Lincolnshire, d 1312 Stamford, Lincolnshire
m1 Alice Yieldhall
Br20 Sir John Browne of Stamford b 1292 (This duplication at seems to be due to contradiction about mother)
m Elizabeth Rebecca Yealdhall
Br20 Sir John Browne Esq of Stamford b 8 Jul 1278 d 8 Jan 1318 Stamford
m2 Dorothea ?Browne b 1245 Wragby Lincolnshire d there 1278
Br20-2 Dorothea Browne b 1276 Stamford
m Sir John Fowke
Br20-2-1 Sir Richard Fowke b 1285 Brewood Staffordshire
m Isabella Beauchamp b 1319 dau of Sir John Beauchamp of Lancashire
Br20-2-1-1 Sir Henry Fowke b c 1315
m Mirabell Harrison b Cumberland dau of Sir John Harrison
Br20-2-1-1-1 Sir Edward Fowke b 1440 Brewood Staffordshire
m Juliane Fane b 1386 dau of Sir Thomas Fane
Br20-2-1-1-1-1 Richard Fowke b 1365 Staffordshire d 1403 Brewood Staffordshire
m Ann Allen dau of Sir John Allen of Suffolk
Br20-2-1-1-1-1-1 William Fowke b 1403 Brewood Staffordshire m Ann Eyton b 27 Sep 1407 dau of Thomas Eyton of Eyton Salop and Sarah -1 Roger Fowke b c 1433 Brewood m Elizabeth Wybaston b v 1440 Brewood Stafford dau of William Wybaston
-2 William Fowke b c 1440
-3 John Fowke b c 1441 Brewood d 1483 m Agnes Newman dau of John Newman b c 1393
-1-1 William Fowke
-1-2 Rodger Fowke m Margaret Wharwood
-3-1 William Fowke b c 1468 Brewood m Elizabeth Symeston (seems 7 generations are missing along this line)
-3-2 Thomas Fowke b 1470
-3-3 Roger Fowke b 1472 m Cassandry Humfrey b c 1475 Brewood dau of William Humfriestone she m2 Robert Kingsley and had John Kingsley

-1-2-1 William Fowke b 1520 m Jane Lawson
-3-1-1 William Fowke b m Marcella Wood
-3-3-1 John Fowke b c 1490 Brewood d c 1547 Gunston Stafford m Anne Bradshaw b c 1503 Windley Derby d 1547 Derby

-1-2-1-1 Rodger Fooks b 1558 m Cybil Chelsham
-3-1-1-1 David Fowkes b m Jane Greaves dau of Cartwright Greaves and Caroline Bradbury
-3-3-1-1 Thomas Fowke
-3-3-1-2 Roger Fowke, MP
-3-3-1-3 Francis Fowke b 1527 m Joan Raynsford b c 1530 Brewood dau of John Raynsford and Katheryn Munday
-3-3-1-4 William Fowke b 1529 Brewood
-3-3-1-5 Joyce Fowke

-1-2-1-1-1 James Fooks b 12 Apr 1597 Brewood Stafford m Ann
-3-1-1-1-1 Clarice Geneviene Fowkes b 16 Apr 1892? PA m Arthur DeTal
-3-3-1-3-1 John Fowke b 1553 Staffordshire m Dorothy Cupper b 1576 ?Staffordshire dau of John Cupper and Audrey Peyton
-3-3-1-3-2 Col. Gerald Fowke

-1-2-1-1-1-1 James Fooks b 1625 d 1684 m Rachel Ann Hayden -1 Thomas Fooks b 1650 MD m Sarah Dorrington -1-1 James Fooks m Elizabeth Kennerl
-3-1-1-1-1-1 Remy David DeTal b 7 Jul 1914 m Billie Maxine Wilson
Br20 =21 Sir John Browne, III b 8 Jul 1278 Stamford
m Elizabeth Rebecca Yealdall b 1290 Stamford d there 1312 dau of Benjamin Yieldall and Dorothea Browne
Br19-1 Zaddock Browne b 1312 had issue dau of Benjamin Yieldall and Dorothea Browne
Br19 =20 Sir John Browne, IV, Alderman b 1 Jan 1312 Wragby d 8 Sep 1398 Stamford
m Alice Swinstead b 1321 WRagby d 1398
+1 Sir William Swinstead b 1300 Wragby d there 1360
m Alice Warhall b 1300 Wragby
Br18-1 Sir Anthony Browne, Knight of the Bath b 1 Apr 1340 Bechworth Castle Surrey
Br18 =19 Sir John Brown, V, Alderman of London
m1 x + 1 ch
m2 Katherine Stanford b c 1356 Stanford Draper Tolethorpe Rutlandshire + 6 ch dau of William Stanford
Br17-1 Sir John Browne, II
Br17-2 Alice Browne b 1388 Miefdield West Yorkshire
m Richard Hussey Jr b 1385 Standen Berks d there 1422 son of Richard Hussey and Isolda Corbet
-1 Richard Hussey III
Br17-3 Eleanor Browne
Br17-4 Mary Brown
Br17 =18 John Browne III of Stamford & ... b 1380
m Margery x b c 1382 d 22 Nov 1460 Stamford
Br16-1 Agnes Browne
Br16-2 William Browne, Esq b c 1406 Stanford d 14 Apr 1489
m Margaret Stokes b 1430 d 1495 dau of John Stokes and Agnes x d 1465
-1 Elizabeth Browne b 1441 m Sir John Elmes -1-1 William Elmes
Br16-3 Alice Browne b 1410 Stanford d 10 Feb 1481
m y Bredmeydew
Br16 =17 John Browne IV of Tolethorp Rutlandshire b c 1425 d 26 Jul 1462 Stamford
m Agnes x b 1427 Stamford d there 1470
Br15-1 Agnes Browne b c 1449 Tolethorp m William Warren
Br15-2 Edward Browne b c 1451 Tolethorp
Br15-3 Elizabeth Browne/Brown b c 1452 Tolethorp
m1 William Cook
m2 John Elms
Br16-4 Grace Browne b c 1452
Br15-5 Christopher Browne, Esq., of Staamford b c 1457 Stamford
m1 Grace
m2 Agnes
m3 Elizabeth
Br15-6 John Browne, of Stamford b c 1458 Stamford
Br15 =16 Robert Stoke Browne b c 1460 Edwardstone Leicester d 1540
m Anne Gardiner b c 1475 Beaconsfield Bucks d 1575 Belton Isle Axholme Lincoln
+1 Sir William Gardiner
m Helen Tudor
+2 Jasper Tudor
m m Catherine Wydeville dau of Richard Wydeville, Earl Rivers
p Myvanwy verch Dafydd b c 1436 Wales d by 1485 Gwynedd Wales + 1 ch
Br14-1 Albert John Browne b 1504 Witham Essex d 1562 Edwardstone Suffolk
m Elizabeth de Witham b 1508 Witham Essex d 7 Apr 1573 Sawbridgeworth Hertford
-1 Henry Browne b 1520 Edwardstone Suffolk d there 27 Jan 1596 m1 Joane Burton m2 Agnes Browne b 1530 Holton Suffolk d 17 Dec 1590 Prittlewell Essex + dau of John Brown and Elizabeth de Witham b 1508 Witham d there Oct 1565 she m2 Thomas Baley -1-1 Margaret Browne
-1-2 Joane Browne
-1-3 Anne Browne b 13 Jan 1544 Edwardston London m Adam Winthrop
-1-4 Margerie Browne b c 1557 Wormington Essex m1 Roger Weston m2 y Duckett
-1-5 Johane Browne b c 1550 Holton m William Hilles
-1-6 Jeane Browne b c 1553
-1-7 x Browne b c 1555

-1-3-1 Sarah Winthrop
-1-3-2 Anne Winthrop
-1-3-3 Anne Winthrop m Fones
-1-3-4 Gov. John Winthrop, Massachusettes
-1-3-5 Jane Winthrop
-1-3-6 Lucy Winthrop m Downing
Br14 =15 John Browne b 1504 Witham Essex d 1563 Edwardstone Suffolk
m1 ?x + 1 ch
m?2 Alice Illesworth b 1504 Beaconsfield d there 1604
Br13-1 Thomas Browne b c 1514 London or 1526 Beaconsfield or 1535 Beaconsfield
m?1 Elizabeth b c 1541 Dunchurch Warwick + 1 ch
?= m?3 Margaret Chapman b 1519 Beaconsfield
-1 Sir Thomas Browne b c c 1531 Beaconsfield m Alice Chapman b 1540 Saxlingham Norfolk d 1562 -1-1 Margaret Browne b 1562 Beaconsfield Bucks d 7 Oct 1658 Greenford Magna Mdx m1 Rev Michael Gardner m2 Richard Whitter -1-1-1 Henrie Gardner b 25 Feb 1587 Great Greenford Mdx
-1-1-2 Michael Gardner b 21 Dec 1589 Greenford Mdx m Frances Turnbaugh
-1-1-3 Sir Thomas Gardner b 4 Mar 1590 Greenford Mdx m Frances Chyde
-1-1-4 Anne Gardner b 20 Aug 1593 m y Watersfield
-1-1-5 John Gardner b 1595 Greenford Mdx m1 Rebecca m2 Mary
-1-1-6 George Gardner b 15 Feb 1599 Cleckenwell Mdx m1 Sarah
-1-1-7 Rebecca Gardner
-1-1-8 William Gardner
-1-1-9 Jeremiah Gardner
-1-1-10 Dorcas Gardner

-1-1-5-1 Deborah Gardner b 1624 ?Engl d 5 Sep 1689 Springfield MA m George Colton quartermaster

-1-1-5-1-1 Isaac Colton b 21 Nov 1646 Longmeadow Hampden MA m Mary Cooper b 15 May 1651 Longmeadow dau of Lt Thomas Cooper and Sarah Clark
-1-1-5-1-2 Ephraim Colton
-1-1-5-1-3 Mary Colton m Barnard
-1-1-5-1-4 Capt. Thomas Colton
-1-1-5-1-5 Sarah Graves
-1-1-5-1-6 Deliverance Graves
-1-1-5-1-7 Deborah Colton m Bliss
-1-1-5-1-8 Hepzibah Colton m Wells
-1-1-5-1-9 John Colton
-1-1-5-1-10 Benjamin Colton

-1-1-5-1-1-1 Mary Colton m Graves
-1-1-5-1-1-2 Sarah Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-3 Capt. George Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-4 Rebecca Colton m Merrick
-1-1-5-1-1-5 Deborah Morgan
-1-1-5-1-1-6 xy Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-7 David Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-8 Hannah Colton m Chapin
-1-1-5-1-1-9 Joseph Colton b 20 Apr 1693 Longmeadow m Abilenah had issue
-1-1-5-1-1-10 Benjamin Colton b 18 Jun 1695 Longmeadow m Elizabeth x had issue
Br13 =14 Richard Browne b 1528
Br12 =13 Original Brown b c 1575 Engl d 1655 Westmoreland VA and Elizabeth Baldun b c 1595 Lincolnshire (dau of Thaddeus Baldun) -1 Richard Browne b 1618 in England d 18 Dec 1670 Old Rappahannock Co and Elizabeth Badger -1-1 Original Brown Br10 b 1648 in St. Mary's Co MD and Jane Brooke Br10 widow Higdon -1-1-1 Jane Browne b 1673 d 1752 m 1692 Nathaniel Pope III -1-1-1-1 Mary Pope b c 1694 m Joseph Weeks
-1-1-1-2 William Pope b c 1696
-1-1-1-3 Lewis Pope
-1-1-1-4 John Pope (alive in 1728 and sold a mill to Augustine Washington) m Elizabeth Pope, dau of the mariner/merchant Nathaniel Pope Po10-1-5
-1-1-1-5 Elizabeth POPE m Bourn PRICE (son of Meriday PRICE II). Bourn PRICE was born before 1725. He died after 1725.
-1-1-1-6 Po8 Worden Pope b 1705 m Hester Netherton had issue
-1-1-1-7 Jean/Jane Pope b about 1717 d Apr. 1732 m George Williams (shown by

-1-1-1-6-1 Benjamin Pope b 10 MAY 1740 in Va d 12 JUN 1816 in Bullitt Co Ky bur Shepherdsville, KY m 11 DEC 1766 in Fauquier Co Behethiland/Beheathland Foote Fo7
-1-1-1-6-2 Col. William Pope b c 1744 Pr William Co Va d 1825 Louisville Jefferson Co Ky m in Fauquier Co Va Penelope Edwards
-1-1-1-6-3 Jean/Jane Pope b 1743 Westmoreland Co d 21 MAY 1816 in Hardin Co Ky m 17 APR 1760 in Westmoreland Co Va Thomas Helm b 14 SEP 1731 in Prince William Co Va d 27 Apr 1816 Elizabethtown Hrdin Co KY
-1-1-1-6-4 John Pope trustee of the town of Dumfries 1786 mem of Va Assembly 1798/9
-1-1-1-6-5 Susanna Pope b c 1778 Pr Wm Co VA or Louisville KY d c 1815 Owensboro Davies/Jefferson Co KY m Jeremiah Yewell b 21 Jul 1782
-1-1-1-7-1 Margaret Williams b 17 Apr 1732 Stafford Co., Va. d after 12 Sep 1763 m John Ralls Jr

-1-1-1-6-1-1 Frances Pope
-1-1-1-6-1-2 George Foote Pope clerk of Bullitt Co KY m Martha Lancaster Dozier
-1-1-1-6-1-3 Worden Pope b c 1776 Pope?s Creek, Va/1772 Fauquier Co d 20 Apr 1838 in Louisville, Ky m 11 Sep 1804 in Jefferson Co Ky Elizabeth Taylor Thruston Th6
-1-1-1-6-1-4 William Pope
-1-1-1-6-1-5 Sally Pope
-1-1-1-6-1-6 Benjamin POPE b 12 Feb 1770 Fauquier Co VA d 4 May 1830 Shepherdsville KY m Margaret Yewell b 15 Jun 1784 d 30 Dec 1856
-1-1-1-6-1-7 Susannah Pope
-1-1-1-6-1-8 Thomas Pope Sr m 7 JUN 1768 in Fauquier Co Du7 Ann Duncan (1745 - 19 Jul 1839
Br13-3 John Browne b 1531
Br13-4 Missy Browne b 1533 Yardley Hastings Northampton
m y Corkshowt
Br17-5 Dorothy Browne
Br16-6 Anthony Browne
Br16-7 Robert Browne
Br17-6 Dorothy Brown
Br17-7 William Brown

Sources: BP1934 Oranmore and Browne
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