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Dillon 2

: Dillon of Brackloon, Dillon of Castello Gallen, Dillon Counts Dillon, Dillon of Dublin, Dillon of Kilcornan Castle, Dillon of Lough Glynn Loughglynn
Sir James Dillon of Ballynakill
m Catherine Dalton dau of Sir Christopher Dalton of Dalton's Country
1. Thomas Dillon of Killenfaghny
m Mary or Margaret Dillon dau of Christopher Dillon of Kilmore
A. Gerald Dillon
m Mary Dillon dau of Pierce Dillon of Highbaskin
i. Margaret Dillon
m _ Dillon
ii. Joan Dillon
m _ Dillon
B. Edmund Dillon of Ardnegragh and Urdoghill d before 16.6.1629 had issue
m Sarah O'Ferrall dau of _ O'Ferrall, lord of Callow
C. Sir Theobald Dillon, 1st Viscount Dillon of Costello Gallen, Lord President of Connaught d 15.03.1624
m Eleanora Tuite d 08.04.1638, dau of William or Sir Edward Tuite of Tuitestown
i. Sir Christopher Dillon of Ballylagham or Bealalahin dvp 28.02.1624
m 11.1604 Jane Dillon dau of James Dillon, 1st Earl of Roscommon
a. Luke Dillon, 2nd Viscount of Costello Gallen b 03.1610, d 13.04.1629
m 1625 Mary MacDonnell a 08.1661, dau of Randal MacSorley MacDonnell, 1st Earl of Antrim
1 Theobald Dillon, 3rd Viscount of Costello Gallen b 01/7.1629, d 13.05.1630
b. Thomas Dillon, 4th Viscount of Costello Gallen b 03.1615, d c1673
m 1635 Frances White d 20.12.1674, dau of Sir Nicholas White of Leixlip
1 Charles Dillon, Governor of Tournay b 1636, dvpsp, General
2 Thomas Dillon, 5th Viscount of Costello Gallen d 1674, 4th son
m Elizabeth Burke a 1700, dau of Sir John Burke of Derymaclaghtny, by Mary, dau of 6th Earl of Clanricarde
A+ issue d young - Thomas, Elizabeth
3+ other issue dvp - Christopher d unm 06.1663, Rupert, Ormond, Nicholas
c. Theobald Dillon
m Sarah Bourke dau of Hon David Bourke, son of 1st Viscount Mayo
1 Luke Dillon, 6th Viscount of Costello Gallen dsp 1682
m1 Ursula Dungan d 1680, dau of William Dungan, 1st Earl of Limerick
m2 1681 Anne Nugent d by 1711, dau of Richard Nugent, 2nd Earl of Westmeath
d. John Dillon dsp
m ?? widow of _ Bingham
e. Joan Dillon
m John O'Madden
f.+ other issue - James dsp, Christopher d young, Elizabeth nun, Mary nun, Eleanora d young, Mary d young
ii. Sir Luke Dillon of Lough Glynn, Sheriff of Mayo a 1662
m Jane Moore dau of John Moore of Brees
a. Robert Dillon of Loughglynn captain
m Rose Dillon d 1681, dau of John Dillon of Streamstown
1 Theobald Dillon, 7th Viscount of Costello Gallen d Aughrim 12.07.1691, Lt. Colonel
m Mary Talbot d 07.09.1691, dau of Sir Henry Talbot of Templeoge or Mount Talbot
A Henry Dillon, 8th Viscount of Costello Gallen d 13.01.1713, 2nd son
m 07.1687 Frances Hamilton d 16.11.1751, dau of Count Sir George Hamilton
i Richard Dillon, 9th Viscount of Costello Gallen b 1688, d 02.1737
m 1720 Bridget Bourke b c1691, d 18.07.1779, dau of John Bourke, 9th Earl of Clanricarde
a Frances Dillon d 17/8.01.1739
m 16.01.1734-5 Charles Dillon, 10th Viscount d 24.10.1741 @@ just below
B Arthur Dillon, Governor of Toulon, Count Dillon b 1670, d 05.02.1733
In 1722, Arthur was created 'Earl Dillon' by the Old Pretender.
m Christina Sheldon d 05.08.1757, dau of Ralph Sheldon
i Charles Dillon, 10th Viscount of Costello Gallen b 1701, d 24.10.1741
m 16.01.1734-5 Frances Dillon d 17/8.01.1739, dau of Richard Dillon, 9th Viscount @@ just above
a Charles Dillon b 10.11.1738, d 05.1739
ii Henry Dillon, 11th Viscount of Costello Gallen b 1705, d 03.09.1787
m 26.10.1744 Charlotte Lee d 11.06.1794, dau of George Henry Lee, 2nd Earl of Lichfield
a Charles Dillon, later Dillon-Lee, 12th Viscount of Costello Gallen b 06.11.1745, d 09.11.1813
m1 19.08.1776 Henrietta Maria Phipps b 26.03.1757, d 01.09.1782, dau of Constantine Phipps, 1st Lord Mulgrave
1 Henry Augustus Dillon-Lee, 13th Viscount of Costello Gallen b 28.10.1777, d 24.07.1832 had issue
m 02.1807 Henrietta Browne b 25.03.1789, d 18.03.1862, dau of Dominick Geoffrey Browne
2 Frances Charlotte Dillon b 17.02.1780, d 17.04.1819
m 14.03.1799 Sir Thomas Webb, 6th Bart of Odstock b c1775, d 26.03.1823
m2 1787 Marie Rogier of Malines, Belgium b c1759, d 28.08.1833
3 Charlotte Dillon d 26.09.1866
m 03.07.1813 Frederick Beauclerk of Winchfield d 22.04.1850, vicar of Redbourne
4+ other issue - James William b 1792, d 16.10.1812, Henrietta d 11.04.1811
b Arthur Dillon, Governor of Tobago b 03.09.1750, d 13.04.1794, Lt. General
m1 1769 Lucie d 1782, dau of Count de Rothe
1 George Dillon d infant
2 Henrietta Lucy Dillon d 1803
m 1786 Count de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet
m2 1784 Mary Francoise Laus Girardin dau of M. de Girardin
3 Fanny Dillon d 1836
m General Count Bertrand
c Henry Dillon b 28.06.1759, d 07.07.1837, Maj. General
m1 27.04.1790 Frances Trant d 12.10.1828, dau of Dominick Henry Trant of Easingwold
1 Maria Dillon b 10.03.1796, d 1827
m 05.11.1821 HSH Augustus Philip, Duke de Croy Dulmen
2+ other issue - Frederick b 28.08.1798, d unm 1826, Charles Henry b 1808, d unm 14.05.1890, Charlotte b 01.08.1797
m2 23.05.1829 Lucinda Matthews
d Frances Dillon d 01.03.1825
m 16.06.1767 Sir William Jerningham, 6th Bart b 07.03.1736, d 14.08.1809
e Charlotte Dillon b 11.09.1755, d 15.08.1782
m 07.07.1777 Valentine Browne, 1st Earl of Kenmare b 01.1754, d 03.10.1812
f+ other issue - Catherine d 1797, nun, Laura d unm 1768
iii Bridget Dillon dsp 1785
m Gen. Count de Blerzelle
iv Laura Dillon d 12.07.1741
m Lucius Henry Cary, 6th Viscount Falkland b 27.08.1687, d 31.12.1730
v Arthur Dillon, Archbishop of Toulouse then Narbonne b 1721, d 05.07.1806, 5th son
vi+ other issue - James d Fontenoy 30.04.1745, Colonel, Edward b 1720, d 1747, Frances nun, Catherine d 1734, nun, Marie d 1786
C Jane Dillon
m Sir John Bourke, Bart of Mitford = Sir John Burke, Bart of Glinsk
D+ other issue - Robert dvp unm, Christopher d unm, captain, James d unm, Luke d unm, Bridget
2 Luke Dillon d unm
3 Alice Dillon
m James Ferral of Callows
4 Jane Dillon
m1 Thomas Lally of Tullynedaly
m2 John MacHubert Bourke
5 Mary Dillon
m _ Dillon of Sinorghweny
b. Theobald Dillon of Loughlynn dsp
m Alice Dillon dau of John Dillon
c. John Dillon of Kilmore
m Bridget Bourke dau of _ Bourke of Ballyglass
d. Bridget Dillon d 02.01.1687
m Francis Bermingham, Lord Athenry d 12.04.1677
e. Mary Dillon
m John O'Carrol
f.+ other issue d unm - Christopher, Gerald, Edward, Arthur, Lodwick, Barbara nun
iii. William Dillon of Tolchan
m Margery Magawly dau of James Magawly of Ballylohlor
a. Margery Dillon
m _ Walsh
b.+ other issue - George dsp, Elinor
iv. Thomas Dillon of Brackloon b 1592
m Katharine Fitzgerald dau of Maurice Fitzgerald of Laccagh
a. Theobald Dillon of Brackloon had issue
m Sarah Brabazon d 1726, dau of Capt. Anthony Brabazon
b. John Dillon of Lissrane d 1692 had issue
m Frances Brabazon dau of Capt. Anthony Brabazon
c. Margery Dillon
m Pierce Dillon of Ballinlognduff
d. Mary Dillon
m _ Brown
e. Bridgett Dillon
m Luke Dowell of Roscommon Colonel
v. Sir James Dillon Maj. General in France and Spain
m1 Elizabeth Plunket dau of Thomas Plunket of Rathmore
a.+ issue d young - Ulick, James
m2 before 1653 Mary Jones dsp 1664, dau of Roger Jones of Sligo
vi. Margaret Dillon
m Robert Dillon of Cannestown b 1575
vii. Anne Dillon
m Sir John Taaffe of Ballymote, 1st Viscount Taaffe of Corren d before 09.01.1641/2
viii. Catherine Dillon
m Sir Ulick Burke of Glinsk
ix. Mary Dillon d 13.05.1634
m Gerald Pettyt of Irishtown
x. Elizabeth Dillon
m Thomas Fitzgerald of Newcastle
xi. Jane Dillon
m Hugh O'Conor Don of Castlerea
xii.+ other issue d unm - Edward friar, George friar, John, Rose d young, Ellen nun, Cecila nun, Bridget, Barbara
D. Garret Dillon of Portlick had issue
m Margaret MacCostello dau of _ MacCostello, baron of Costello
E. James Dillon of Carrownegarry had issue
F. Rose Dillon
m Thomas Dillon of Drumrany
G. Catherine Dillon
m Edmund Dillon of Kilcornan Castle d 07.10.1620 just below
H. Bridget Dillon
m _ Dalton of Moyvanne
2. Catherine Dillon
m Jmes Fitzgerald
3.+ other issue - John priest, George priest, Rose nun
Edmund Dillon of Kilcornan Castle
1. Edmund Dillon of Kilcornan Castle d 07.10.1620
m Catherine Dillon dau of Thomas Dillon of Killenfaghny just above
A. Robert Dillon of Kilcornan Castle a 1629
m Ellice Tuite dau of William Tuite of Monilea
i. Walter Dillon of Kilcornan Castle a 1629
m Ellice Hope dau of Richard Hope of Ledwichtown
a. Richard Dillon of Kilcornan Castle had issue
b. Theobald Dillon of Dublin
m Christian Whyte dau of Thomas Whyte, son of Henry of Ballymore
1 Robert Dillon, Sn de Terrafort d 1769, to France
m1 Martha Newland dau of William Newland of Gatton
A Catherine or Christiana Dillon b 1738/9, d 14.08.1768
m Sir Edward Swinburne, Bart
m2 Mary Dicconson dau of Edward Dicconson of Wrightington
B Theobald Dillon, Count Dillon b 06.12.1747, d 28.07.1819, to France
m Henrietta, Baroness de Leuze widow of Baron de Moracin
i Auguste Henri Dillon, Count Dillon b 24.07.1801, d unm 28.02.1873
C Charles Edward Dillon, Count Dillon b 1761, d 1839 had issue 1 daughter
m Fanny Harland d 1777, dau of Sir Robert Harland
D Robert William Dillon, Count Dillon bpt 08.06.1764, a 1815, Lt. General had issue
m 1806 Anne Callender dau of Alexander Callender
E+ other issue - Thomas Arthur d 1810, priest, Henry d 1830, priest, 3 daughters
2 Thomas Dillon of Dublin 'of Chevaux Chateau', later Hussey d 1764
m 1734-7? Maria Hussey d 23.07.1762, dau of Edward Hussey of Donore
The following comes from BLGI1912 Walsh of Mul Hussey.
A Mary Dillon or Hussey
m 07.07.1766 Michael Joseph Langton of Cadiz
B+ other issue - Edward Patrick Joseph, Theobald b 22.07.1745, Marechal de Camp, Count, d 29.04.1792, Robert Arthur, Christina, Frances
3 Michael Dillon
m _ Comerford of Cork
4 Anne Dillon d 1778
m Ambrose O'Farrell
5 Mary Dillon d 1761
m Denis O'Kelly of Clonlyon Captain
6+ other issue - Stephen of London, Theobald of Rotterdam

Sources: BP1934 Dillon
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