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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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de Hautville Dukes of Antioch, Dukes of Apulia, Kings of Sicily

Tancred de Hauteville d 1041
m1 Muriel natural dau of Richard I, Duke of Normandy
1.+ issue - William 'Iron Arm', Drogo, Humphrey, Geoffrey, Serlo
m2 Fressenda d c1057, natural dau of Richard I, Duke of Normandy
6. Roger Guiscard de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia and Calabria d 1085
m1. Alberada or Aubree
A. Bohemund I de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia and Antioch d 07.03.1111
m 1106 Constance of France b 1078, d c1124/6, dau of Philippe I, King of France
i. Bohemund II de Hauteville, Duke of Antioch d 02.1130
m. 1126 Alix de Rethel dau of Baldwin, King of Jerusalem
a. Constance of Antioch b 1127, d 1163
m1. Raimond de Poitiers, Prince of Antioch d 1149
m2 1152 Renaud de Chatillon, Prince of Antioch b by 1128, d c1186
B. Roger I Borsa, Duke of Antioch d 1111
m. 1090 Adela of France
i. William, Duke of Antioch dsp 1127
C. son
i. Tancred de Hauteville, Prince of Antioch dsp 1112, crusader
m Cecile de France b 1097, d after 1145. dau of Philippe I, King of France
m2 1058 Sikelgaita of Salerno dau of Guaimar, Prince of Salerno
D. Matilda of Apulia d 1111/2
m1 1078 Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona b c1055, d 05.12.1082
m2 Aymeric of Narbonne d 1105
E. Mabel of Apulia
m. William de Grandmesnil
F.+ other issue
7. Roger I de Hauteville, Count of Sicily b 1031, d 22.06.1101
m1. 1061 Judith of Evereux d c1076
A.+ issue including Matilde
m2. Erembourge of Mortain d c1087
B.+ issue including Felicia
m3. Adelaide of Savona d 1135, dau of Anselm of Savona
C. Roger II de Hauteville, Duke of Apulia, King of Sicily b 22Dec1094/5, d 26Feb1154
m1. by 1118 Elvira of Castile d 08Feb1135
i. William I, King of Sicily b c1126, d 07May.1166, 4th son had issue
m. 1150 Margaret of Navarre d 1182, dau of Garcia VI 'el Restaurador', King of Navarre
m2. 1149 Sibylle of Burgundy d 1150
m3. 1151 Beatrix de Rethel d 30.03.1185
ii. Constance de Hauteville b 1154, d 1198
m. 1186 Henry VI, King of Germany, Italy, Sicily b 1165, d 28Sep1197
D. Matilda de Hauteville
m. Guiges III, Count of Albon and Grenoble d 21Dec1125
i. Matilda d'Albon
m. Amadeus III, Count of Savoy d 1148
8.+ other issue - Mauger, William, Aubrey, Tancred, Fressenda

Sources: various web sites including GenEU Hauteville
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