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William Phelip, 6th Lord Bardolf

Sir William Phelip, 6th Baron Bardolf, KG (d. June 6, 1441)[1] was Treasurer of the King's Household and Royal Chamberlain.

Sir William Phelip was ?son of Sir John Phelip of Donnington, Suffolk or the son of Sir William Phelip of Dennington, knight, and is described as being a valiant soldier in the wars in France during the reign of King Henry V of England. He became Treasurer of the King's Household, and on the King's decease had the chief conduct of his funeral. He is said to have been created Lord Bardolf by Letters Patent of Henry VI but it does not appear that he ever had a summons to parliament, although he bore that title. He was a Knight of the Garter, and Chamberlain to King Henry VI. [2]

By Letters Patent dated October 23, 1440, Sir William Phelip held the Lordship of Horstead Manor.[3]

Sir William Phelip married Joan daughter and co-heir of the attainted Thomas Bardolf, 5th Lord Bardolf and it was by this route that he acquired his peerage. Lord Bardolf's estates had been divided between Thomas Beaufort, 1st Duke of Exeter, the king's half-brother, Sir George Dunbar, knt., and the Queen, but the latter's proportion, upon the petition of Sir William de Clifford, Knt.,[4] and his wife Anne (née Bardolf) and Sir William Phelip and his wife Joan (née) Bardolf), to the King, was granted in reversion, after the Queen's decease, to those representatives of the attainted nobleman.[5]

The Norfolk Visitations mention the Will (dated September 1, 1438) of William Phelipp, Lord Bardolf, where John Heydon, Esq., was appointed one of his executors.[6]

His wife died before 1447, as in that year the Executors of Joan, Lady Bardolf, sold her property of Erpingham manor, in St.Martin's at the Palace, at Norwich, to William Calthorpe.

Lord Bardolf left a daughter, Elizabeth Phelip, who married John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont, the first Viscount to be created in England. He was killed at the Battle of Northampton (1460).[7]


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Ph20. Richard Phelip b c 1315
Ph19. Sir William Phelip of Dennington, Suffolk b 1342 or before, d between 1402 and 1405, see below for activities
m Catherine Chamberlain 'William Chamberlain, [who held Little Wilbraham, Cambs.] by 1345, died in 1351. His daughter and heir Cecily married Andrew of Bures, of Suffolk. Denise Chamberlain, probably William's widow, held the manor c. 1360. Cecily was dead by 1365, Andrew retaining the estate by curtesy. After he died in 1369 the Chamberlain lands were divided between William's two sisters: Little Wilbraham fell to Catherine d. 1371. She married William Phelip of Dennington Suff.. who apparently bought out the rights of Brian Hemesi, her son by an earlier marriage.
m Julian/Gillian Erpingham dau of Sir Robert Erpingham of Erpingham marriage after 1371. William's widow Gillian occupied Little Wilbraham in 1412. Her brother, Sir Thomas Erpingham, was first chamberlain in Henry IV's household and then steward of the Household.
Ph18-1 Sir John Phelip was a good friend of Sir John le Strange. He deceased at Harfleur on the second day of September, 3 Henry V from the effects of dysentery, which committed such ravages among the forces previous to their journey towards Calais.
Ph18-2 and Katherine, wife of Sir Andrew Boteler, knight, Escheator of the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.'
Ph18 Sir William Phelip of Dennington, '6th Lord Bardolf' b 1383, d 06.06.1441, Chamberlain to Henry VI, styled Lord Bardolf from 1437, was lord in 1428.'
m before 1407 Joan Bardolf b 11.11.1390, d 12.03.1446/7, dau of Thomas, Lord Bardolf, by Anice
Ph17 Elizabeth Phelip d before 30.10.1441
m1 m John Beaumont, 1st Viscount, Constable and Chamberlain d Northampton 10.07.1460
Be16-1 Henry Beaumont dvp after 10.08.1441
Be16-2 William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount dsp 19.12.1507
m1 before 04.05.1461, div before 1477 Joan Stafford dau of Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham
m2 24.04.1486 Elizabeth Scrope d 26.06.1537, dau of Richard Scrope of Bolton family
Be16 Joan Beaumont d 05.08.1466
m1 John Lovel,, Lord of Titchmarsh d 09.01.1464-5
m2 after 11.11.1465 Sir William Stanley
m2 John Clowting of Laxfield
Cl16 =19 Evelyn/Adeline Clowting
m William le Rous
Ph18-4. Rose Phelip apparently of this generation d 1441 although
m m John Glemham of Glemham
?Ph18-5 Alice St. Philibert The contacts between William Phelip and Sir BryanStapleton lead me to believe that the Alice's family name was incorrectly recorded int that pedigree.
m Sir Bryan Stapleton