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Peyton 1: Peyton of Iselham, Peyton of Peyton, Peyton of St. Edmundsbury
Pe28. Reginald de Peyton of Peyton Hall b c 1100 d c 1150 a descendant of the Malet family
m Agnes
The Payton DNA Project
Pe27 John de Peyton of Peyton of Peyton Hall, Stoke-by-Nayland, Boxford, Suffolk b c 1135 d c 1210
m Clemence x d after 1242
Pe26 Sir John de Peyton of Peyton Hall b c 1200 d 1287
m Matilda de Bueriis/Bures
Pe25 Sir John de Peyton of Peyton Hall d 1317 a 1303 Sir John had 3 wives, Agnes, Agnes and Clementia.
Pe24 Sir Robert de Peyton of Peyton Hall, Stoke-by-Nayland, Boxford, Suffolk, d 1351
m1 sps Christiana d c1327, widow of William de Apleton
m2 Jean de Marney of the family of Layor Marney
Pe22 Sir John de Peyton of Peyton Hall, Suffolk, d c 1397
m Margaret de Gernon d c1415, dau of Sir John Gernon of Lees, lord of Wicken
Pe21 John de Peyton d c1404
m Joan Sutton dau of Sir Hammon Sutton of Wickesho
Pe20 John de Peyton d 06.10.1417
m Grace Burgoyne dau of John Burgoyne of Drayton
Pe19-1 John de Peyton d 29.10.1430/1
Pe19 Thomas de Peyton of Esthorp, later of Iselham, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire b 1418, d 30.07.1484
m1 Margaret Bernard dau of
+1 Sir John Bernard of Iselham Cambridgeshire b 1394 Iselham
m Ellen Mallory b 1395 Holwell Northamptonshire d 13 Oct 1440 Isleham
-b Thomas BERNARD 1 was born 1428 in Isleham, d 1449 in Isleham
-c Mary BERNARD b 1432 in Isleham
-d Katherine BERNARD b 1435 d 1476 m Thomas JERMYN b 1425 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk d 8 Oct 1504 in Rushbrooke
+2 Robert BERNARD Sheriff of Northampton b 1365 in Isleham, Cambridgeshire d 1419 in Clare, Suffolk
m Elizabeth LILLYNG b 1375 Guilsborough, Northamptonshire d after 16 Dec 1416
+2 Sir John MALLORY b 1350 in Holwell, Northamptonshire d 1421 in Holwell, Northamptonshire
m Jane x b 1365 in Holwell, Northamptonshire
+3 William BERNARD b 1340 in Isleham d 1380 in Isleham
Agnes x b 1345 in Isleham
+3 Sir Nicholas LILLYNG Sheriff of Northampton b 1350 in East Lilling, North Riding, Yorkshire d 1417 Abington, Northamptonshire
m Mary x b 1356 in Guilsborough, Northamptonshire
+3 Sir John MALLORY b 1310 in Holwell d 1357 in Holwell
+4 Gilbert BERNARD b 1305 in Isleham d 1369 in Isleham
m Clarice x b 1319 in Isleham
+4 John MALLORY b 1270 in Holwell d 1315/1316 in Holwell
m Joan x b 1285 Holwell
Pe18 Thomas Peyton of Calthorpe 1443 in Wicken d 1482/1483 in Isleham dvp
m Joan Calthorpe dau of _ Calthorpe of Norfolk
Pe17 Sir Robert Peyton of Iselham, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire d 1518
m Elizabeth Clere b 1474 Ormesby St Margaret Norfolk d 1522 Isleham dau of
+1 Sir Robert Clere of Ormesby
m 1473 in Ormesby Agnes Hopton b 1454 Swillington West Riding Yorkshire d 23 Jan 1506 Ormesby
+2 Robert CLERE Esq b 1402 in Ormesby St. Margaret d 2 Aug 1446 in Ormesby
m 1438 Elizabeth UVEDALE b 1417 in Tacolneston, Norfolk d Mar 1492 in Ormesby
+3 John CLERE Esquire b 1366 in Ormesby St. Margaret d 1415 in Ormesby St. Margaret
m 1401 Elizabeth BRANCH b 1380 in Norwich, Norfolk d Jul 1441 in Caister, Norfolk
+4 William CLERE [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 1339 in Ormesby St. Margaret d Nov 1384 in Ormesby St. Margaret
m Dionisia de WYCHINGHAM b 1348 in Witchingham, Norfolk d after 22 Jun 1389 dau of Sir William Wychinghem b 1322 and Margaret de Braose b 1328 Stintin Hall Norfolk
Pe16 Sir Robert Peyton of Iselham, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire d 01.08.1550
m Frances Hassylden dau of Francis Hassylden of Little Chesterford and Steeple Marden
Pe16-2 Sir John Peyton of Calthorpe and Knowlton
m Dorothy Tindall b 1518 dau of Sir John Tindall or Tyndall of Hockwould
Pe16-3 Margaret Peyton
m Francis Jenney of Knotshall b 1510, d 18.02.1590
Pe16-4 Elizabeth Peyton
m Sir William Wigston of Wolston
Pe17-2 Elizabeth Peyton b 1472 in Isleham
m Edward Langley of Knowlton
Pe17-3 Jane Peyton b 1474 Isleham
m John Langley of Lowleworth
Pe17-4 Anne Peyton b 1478 Isleham
m John Asheby of Harefield
Pe17-5+ other issue - John Peyton b 1470 Isleham, Edward Peyton b 1476 Isleham, Dorothy Peyton b 1481 Isleham, Thomas PEYTON Esq b 1466 in Isleham d 1 Aug 1490 in Isleham
Pe18-2 Margaret Peyton b 1445 Wicken Cambridgeshire
Pe18-3 Grace Peyton b 1448 Wicken Cambridgeshire
m2 Margaret Francis dau of->
-a Isabel Francis b 1422 d 26 Mar 1452 Gyfford Suffolk m Thomas Heigham b c 1420 Gazeley Suffolk d 21 Mar 1480 Gazeley son of Thomas Heigham b c 1398 and Alice de Boys
-a-1 Margaret/Jane Heigham b c 1437 Gazeley d c 1473 m John Blennerhassett
-a-2 Thomas Heigham b c 1442 Gazeley d aft 1494 m Catherine Cotton b c 1446 Landwade had issue
-b Blanche Francis b c 1425 Wickhambrook m Walter Cotton b c 1425 Landwade Cambridgeshire
+1 Sir Hugh Francis of Giffords b c 1395
m Philippa Hemmys b c 1399 Wickhambrook Suffolk,
+2 y Francis
+2 Stephen Hamme b c 1330 Hamme d after 3 Nov 1407 Hamme
m Dionis x b c 1335
+3 Hugh Francis b c 1300
+3 Walter Hamme b c 1300 Chertsey Surrey d after 14 Sep 1379 Stepney Middlesex
m Agnes x d after 14 Sep 1379 Stepney Middlesex
+4 Thomas Hamme b c 1286 Chertsey Surrey
m Maud Julian x b c 1280
+5 William Hamme b c 1260 Chertsey
+6 Robert Hamme b c 1230 Chertsey d 1286 Chertsey
+7 John Hamme b c 1200 Chertsey
m Maud b 1202
+8 Robert Hamme b c 1170 Chertsey
Pe18-4 reported by was:
Rose Peyton
b 1446 Isleham Cambridge d c 31 May 1529 Little Shelford Cambridge
m Robert Freville
-1 Thomasine Freville b c 1494 Shelford Cambridge m Christopher Stefferton Burgoyne b 1490 Lonstanton d 1540 Cambridge son off Thomas Burgoyne b c 1443 Lonstanton Cambrige d there c 1500and Elizabeth Stafferton
-2 John Freville b c 1499 d 1552
-3 George Freville b c 1502 Little Shelford Cambridge d 1579 MP m1 Dorothy m2 Jane
-1-1 George Burgoyne
-1-2 Helen Burgoyne
-1-3 Elizabeth Burgoyne m Edwards
-1-4 George Burgoyne
-1-5 Alice Burgoyne m Cotton
-1-6 Elizabeth Burgoyne
-1-7 Mary Burgoyne m Annester
-1-8 Thomasine Burgoyne b c 1537 Midlow Grange Dodington d 1577 m Robert Shute b 1528 Oakington Cambridge MP son of Christopher Shute and Thomzine Frezene
-1-8-1 Jane Shute m Hatton
-1-8-2 Francis Shute
-1-8-3 Anne Shute b 1577 Midlow Grange Dodington m John Leete of Dodington
-1-8-4 Robert Shute b c 1583 MP
-1-8-5 Christopher Shute b 1542
-1-8-3-1 Anne Raby
-1-8-3-2 Col. CT Gov. William Logan Leete, I
-1-8-3-3 John Leete of Midlow Grange, Huntingdonshire
Pe18-5 Christopher Peyton, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire dsp 1490-1
m _ Hide dau of Leonard Hide of Hide Hall
Pe18-6 Francis Peyton of St. Edmundsbury and Coggeshall b c 1447 d 1529 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
m Elizabeth Brooke b 1446 Asphall Stoneham d 1539 Bury St Edmunds dau of
+1 Reginald Brook of Aspall Stoneham Suffolk MP b 1414 Aspall d there Apr 1482
m Ann Everton b c 1425
+2 Sir Thomas Brooke b c 1391 Brooke Holdrich d 12 Aug 1439 by Thorncombe 'Devon
Pe18-6-1 Christopher Peyton of St. Edmundsbury
m Jane Mildmay dau of Thomas Mildmay
Pe18-6-1-1 Thomas Peyton of St. Edmundsbury customer of Plymouth
m Cecilia Bourchier dau of John Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Bath
-1 Sir Henry Peyton
m Mary Seymour dau of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset
Pe18-6-1-2 Sir Christopher Peyton auditor of Ireland
m Anne Palmer dau of William Palmer of Warwickshire
-1 Elizabeth Peyton m Richard Cooke of St. Edmundsbury
-2 Cecily Peyton
m Henry Rockwood of Ewsham
-3 Thomazin Peyton
m1 Capt Baptist Castillion
m2 Robert Pigott of Desart
-4 Anne Peyton probably of this generation
m1 Sir Richard Cooke, Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland
m2 Sir Henry Colley of Castle Carbery d 1637
Pe18-6-1-3 Henry Peyton of London had issue
m Mary Pickering dau of William Pickering of London
Pe18-6-2 Edmund Peyton dsp
Pe19-3 Anne Peyton
m Jeffry Lockton
Pe20-2 Margery Peyton
m Thomas Daubeny/d'Aubeny of Sherrington ?b c 1378
Pe20-3+ other issue - Thomas, Robert
Pe22-2+ other issue - William, John of Beedles a 1333
Pe24-3+ other issue - William, James, Agnes
B. Robert de Peyton, lord of Ufford d c1298, lord justice of Ireland
m1 Mary a 1280, widow of William de Say
m2 Joan a 11.1307
C. Peter de Peyton of Peyton Hall
i. Robert de Peyton
a. Sir John de Peyton
D. John de Peyton
2. William de Peyton in Boxford

Sources: BEB1841 Peyton of Iselham
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