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Stirling 1>: Stirling of Balquharrage, Stirling Strivelyn or Scriveling of Cadder / Cawder, Stirling of Craigbernard, Stirling of Keir, Stirling of Lettyr, Stirling of Redgorton
Toraldus, Vicecomes of Strivelyn a 1147
According to the book on the Stirlings of Craigbernard and Glorat by Joseph Bain, referred to under Main Sources below, there used to be bad feelings between the Stirlings of Keir and other leading branches of this family, largely because of the claims of the former to be the chief branch of the family since they held the lands of Cadder. As that acquisition arose because, in 1534, Sir James of Keir "forcibly married" Janet, heiress of Cadder, but soon after divorced her yet retained the estate, and as there are clearly other claims of greater precedence to that chiefdom, that book is rather scornful of such claims made in a book on the Stirlings of Keir earlier in the 19th century which book appears to have been the stimulus that led to Joseph Bain's book. Joseph Bain's book is more respectful of the claims to lead the family of the Stirlings of Lettyr and Balquharrage now of Muiravonside but points out that the evidence is not fully secure that the Robert who was progenitor of that branch and who is identified below as 3rd of Lettyr was in fact the younger brother of Andrew, 12th of Cadder.
1. William, 2nd of Cadder
A. Alexander, 3rd of Cadder, Sheriff of Stirling dspm 1244
B. Sir John de Strivelyn, 4th of Cadder, Sheriff of Stirling
i. Sir Alexander de Strivelyn, 5th of Cadder d before 1304
m Marie named in web site as Marie Dumfrey
a. Sir John de Strivelyn, 6th of Cadder d Halidon Hill 1333
1 Sir John de Strivelyn, 7th of Cadder and of Redgorton d c1408
A William de Strivelyn, 8th of Cadder and of Redgorton d 1432
i Sir William de Strivelyn, 9th of Cadder and of Redgorton d 1487
a William Stirling, 10th of Cadder, 1st of Lettyr d 11.02.1505
1 William Stirling, 11th of Cadder, 2nd of Lettyr d 1517
m 1492 Elizabeth Buchanan dau of Sir Walter Buchanan of that ilk
A Andrew Stirling, 12th of Cadder d 1522
i Janet Stirling
m1 1534, div Sir James Stirling of Keir and Cadder d 1588 @@ below
m2 Thomas Bischop of Pocklington
B Robert Stirling of Auld Keir, 3rd of Lettyr d 1537
m 1533 Marion Fleming dau of William Fleming of Boghall
i John Stirling, 4th of Lettyr, 1st of Balquharrage d 1585
m1 Elizabeth Elphinstone dau of George Elphinstone of Blythswood
m2 Beatrix Chisholme dau of John Chisholme of Glassingdale
Not sure who was the mother of which of his children.
a Robert Stirling, 5th of Lettyr, 2nd of Balquharrage dsp
b Walter Stirling of Balquharage d 1656
m 1611 Helen Wemyss dau of David Wemyss, Rector
c other sons dsp
ii Gilbert de Strivelyn, 1st of Craigbernard d before 1434
m ?? Buchanan dau of Gilbert de Buchanan
a John de Strivelyn, 2nd of Craigbernard d c26.07.1497
m ?? Galbraith dau of Galbraith of Kilcreuch
1 Sir John Stirling, 3rd of Craigbernard, Sheriff of Dumbarton d before 03.08.1510
m Margaret Abernethy dau of James Abernethy, 3rd Lord Saltoun
A George Stirling, 4th of Craigbernard d c03.1520
m before 16.03.1502 Elizabeth Park
B William Stirling, 1st of Glorat d 1534
m1 before 20.04.1517 Mariota Brisbane dau of Brisbane of Bishoptoun
m2 before 1527 Margaret Houstoun dau of Houstoun of that ilk
C Walter Stirling, 1st of Ballagan d 06.06.1549
m Eufame Brisbane probably dau of Brisbane of Bishoptoun
D Robert Stirling
E daughter
m John Lennox of Balcarroch
ii. Sir John de Strivelyn of Carse and Alva
a. Mary Stirling
m John Menteith
iii. Sir William de Strivelyn
a. John de Strivelyn
m Mary aunt of John of Lorne ?
1 Lucas de Strivelyn of Rathoran d before 1462
Presumed to be the Lucas Stirling of Keir who married ...
m c04.1433 Marjory Dunbar dau of George, 11th Earl of Dunbar wife of Lucas and presumed mother of ...
A Sir William Stirling, 1st of Keir d before 1471
m1 Margaret Cunninghame
i Sir William Stirling, 2nd of Keir d 1505
Sir William married twice: to Mariota Fleming and Margaret Crichton shown below. Except as shown below, we are not sure which wife was mother of the following children:
a Sir John Stirling, 3rd of Keir, Sheriff of Perth d 1539
m 1513 Margaret Forrester dau of Sir Walter Forrester, 2nd of Garden, 7th of Torwood
1 Sir James Stirling, 4th of Keir and of Cadder d 1588
m1 1534, div Janet Stirling dau of Andrew Stirling, 12th of Cadder @@ above
m2 1542 Jean Chisholm cousin of William Chisholm, Bishop of Dunblane
2 William Stirling ancestor of Stirling Barts of Ardoch
3 Lucas Stirling
4 Catherine Stirling
m George Mushet of Tolgart
5 Margaret Stirling
m Walter Graham
b William Stirling
c daughter
As noted above, we can attribute only some of Sir William's children between his wives, as follows:
m1 1472 Mariota Fleming dau of John Fleming, 1st Lord
d Elizabeth Stirling
m Sir Adam Crichton of Ruthven d Flodden 09.09.1513
m2 1479 Margaret Crichton dau of Sir James Crichton of Ruthven
e Catherine Stirling
m 01.06.1500, sp Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus, Chancellor b c1448, d c12.1513
p. Alexander Home, 3rd Lord b before 1485, d 08.10.1516
m2 Agnes Bruce
ii+ 3 sons - John, William, Lewis
Not sure by which wife ..
v Catherine Stirling
m John Bethune, 4th of Balfour
vi Janet Stirling not mentioned by BLG1952 but must be of this generation
m Sir David Bruce, 6th of Clackmannan d c1500
B Margaret Stirling
m by 10.1467 Sir Colin Campbell, 1st of Glenorchy b c1406, d 09.1475
C. Alan de Strivelyn
It is not known how the Glenesk branch fits into the family tree. Perhaps here ..... ?
D. ?? de Strivelyn
i. John ? de Strivelyn of Glenesk ?
a. Sir John de Strivelyn Stirling of Glenesk and Edzell ?
1 Katherine Stirling
m Sir Alexander Lindsay of Glenesk d 10.1381
2 Jean Stirling
m Robert de Atholl, 6th of Glenerochie

1 BLG1952 Stirling of Muiravonside, BLG1952 Stirling of Keir, BLG1886 Stirling of Castlemilk, BP1934 Stirling of Glorat.
2 'The Stirlings of Craigbernard and Glorat' by Joseph Bain, published for private circulation in 1883.
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