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Graham 7

: Graham of Airth, Graham of Boquhapple, Graham of Gartavertane, Graham of Gartmore, Graham of Glassford, Graham of Menteith Monteith, Graham of Mount Keanston, Graham of Rednock
Malise Graham, 1st Earl of Menteith b c1407, d before 19.05.1490
Malise inherited the title of Earl of Strathearn/Strathern from his mother but King James I conferred that title upon his uncle Walter and replaced Mailse's earldom with that of Menteith often spelled "Monteith". Malise's first wife is identified as Ann Vere by BE1883 Graham of Strathern , etc but as Jane de Rochford by TSP Menteith. BE1883 identifies Alexander, John and Walter as being by Ann Vere as seems Euphame as well. the second John and Walter seem to be by his second wife as indicated by TSP.
m1 Ann de Vere dau of Henry de Vere, Earl of Oxford or Jane de Rochford
1. Alexander Graham dvp before 19.04.1471
2. Patrick Graham of Kilpont, Craiguchty and Auchmore dvp c1488 ?
m c24.01.1455-6 Isobel Erskine dau of Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord
A. Alexander Graham, 2nd Earl of Menteith d before 27.02.1536-7
This Alexander is shown by BE1883 and some other sources as being son of the 1st Earl's son Alexander rather than of Patrick. We follow TSP.
m Margaret Buchanan dau of Walter Buchanan of that ilk
i. William Graham, 3rd Earl of Menteith d before 23.01.1544
m before 06.1521 Margaret Moubray a 07.1548, dau of John Moubray of Barnbougle
a. John Graham, 4th Earl of Menteith d 01.1564-5
m mcrt 08.10.1548 Marion Seton d 23.06.1567, dau of George Seton, 4th Lord
1 William Graham, 5th Earl of Menteith b c1552, d 09.1578
m mcrt 15.05.1571 Margaret Douglas dau of Sir James Douglas, 7th of Drumlanrig
A John Graham, 6th Earl of Menteith b c1573, d 12.1598
m mcrt 22.10.1587/9 Mary Campbell dau of Colin Campbell, 6th of Glenorchy
i William Graham, 7th Earl of Menteith, Earl of Strathern, 1st Earl of Airth & Menteith b 1589, d 1661
Showing what may be described at best as a foolish want of tact, Earl William previously high in royal favour, having been appointed President of the Privy Council, etc, following an initially successful attempt to reclaim the earldom of Strathern see note above, made issue of the argument that his descent from David Stewart, Earl of Strathearn elder son of King Robert II by his second marriage gave him a stronger claim to the throne than King Charles I whose descent from King Robert II's eldest son by his first marriage was open to doubt because of uncertainties of the legality of that marriage see note at the top of Stewart02. The King showed who was boss, deprived the Earl of his offices, forced him into internal exile, and reduced the precedence of the 300-year old earldom of Menteith by replacing it with a new earldom of Airth, although the name Menteith was added to the title.
m c1611 Agnes Gray dau of Patrick Gray, 6th Lord
a John Graham, Lord Kinpont b c1613, dvp 09.1644
m mcrt 11.04.1632 Mary Keith d 04.1663, dau of William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal
1 William Graham, 2nd Earl of Airth and Menteith b c1634, dsp 12.09.1694
m1 before 28.04.1677, div Anna Hewes
m2 04.04.1685 Catherine Bruce d 1692/3, dau of Thomas Bruce of Blairhall
partners unknown
A+ 1 son and 1 daughter
C Margaret Graham
m Alexander Stirling of Auchyll
2 Mary Graham d 1720
m 08.10.1662 Sir John Allardice of Allardice bpt 12.12.1641, d 04.1676
3 Elizabeth Graham d 1672
m 01.1664 Sir William Graham, 1st Bart of Gartmore d 12.1684
4 Catherine Graham
m _ Sellick of London
b Sir James Graham of Airth a 1683
m1 Margaret Erskine dau of James Erskine, Earl of Buchan
1 Marion Graham
m ? Walter Graham of Gartur
m2 Isabella Bramhall dau of John Bramhall
2 Helen Graham b c1661, d 17.03.1709
m Sir Arthur Rawdon, 2nd Bart of Moira b 17.10.1662, d 17.10.1695
c Archibald Graham a 1682, 7th son
m Janet Johnston
1 John Graham dvpsp
d Mary Graham d 28.01.1653
m Sir John Campbell, 4th Bart of Glenorchy d 06.1686
e Margaret Graham
m 15.07.1633 Alexander Stewart, younger of Garlies dvp
f Anne Graham
m Sir Mungo Murray of Blebo
g Jean Graham
m sp John Chisholm of Cromlix
h+ other issue dsp - Andrew d young?, Robert, Patrick, Charles
ii Christian Graham
m Sir John Blackadder, Bart of Tulliallan a 07.1626
B George Graham d 04.1617
m Grisel Stirling dau of Henry Stirling of Ardoch
i+ issue - John, Elspeth
C Helen Graham
2 George Graham of Rednock b c1555, a 1610
m Agnes Macdougall
A James Graham of Easter Rednock dsp c1610
B Dougall Graham a 1609
C John Graham of Easter Rednock a 03.1619
m Jean Kinross
i Marion Graham
m John Graham of Duchray b c1600, d 1700
ii Anna Graham
m mcrt 19.07.1645 Alexander Colquhoun of Camstradden
iii Elizabeth Graham
m John Macfarlane
iv Mary Graham d unm
D+ other issue - Walter, Archibald
partner unknown
F Hew Graham a 1609
3 Mary Graham
m 01.1560-1 George Buchanan of that ilk d by 03.1599
b. Walter Graham of Gartavertane a 1547
c. Robert Graham of Wester Boquhapple, later of Gartmore d c1573
m Elizabeth Erskine natural dau of Thomas, Master of Erskine
1 Margaret Graham d 08.1573
partners unknown
2+ other issue - John, Christian
d. Gilbert Graham of Beircrofts and Gartavertane d 24.04.1573
m before 1562 Helen Kincaid dau of John Kincaid of Warriston, widow of Robert Crauford of Beircrofts, m3. Gavin Hamilton of Hill
1 William 'Ninian' Graham of Gartmore and Gartavertane d before 02.1589
m before 01.1583-4 Janet Graham
A Robert Graham of Gartmore and Gartavertane
i Gilbert Graham of Gartmore d before 09.10.1634
ii Agnes Graham of Gartmore
m John Alexander d 1641/2, son of William, Earl of Stirling
2 Marion Graham
m Alexander Alexander of Menstrie d 10.02.1580-1
3+ other issue - John a 06.02.1588-9, James a 28.02.1581-2, Andrew
e. Andrew Graham of Boquhapple and Gartavertane
f. Margaret Graham
m 21.04.1541 Archibald Campbell, 4th Earl of Argyll d 1558
g. Christian Graham
m before 03.1553 Sir William Livingston of Kilsyth d before 29.01.1596
ii. Walter Graham d before 1558
m1 Margaret Shaw dau of _ Shaw of Knockhill
m2 Isobel Graham
iii. Marion Graham probably of this generation
m Robert Buchanan of Leny family
B. Henry Graham
C. Thomas Graham
3. John Graham of Kilbride b 1427 Mentieth Pethshire d c1488/?69 This John is thought to have been the 'Sir John with a Bright Sword' who may have been ancestor of the Grahams of Netherby and Esk. However, TSP Menteith throws some doubt on this not least because there is some evidence that this John had no surviving lawful male issue.
m Margaret Muschet possibly dau of James Muschet of Tolgarth
-1? William Lang Graham b 1468 Campsie d 1513 Bellshill N Lanarkshire
-2? Thomas Graham
-1-1 Catherine Graham b
-1-2 Fegus Graham
-1-3 Richard Graham b 1480 Cumberland m Elizabeth + 1 ch

-1-3-1 William Graham
-1-3-2 Blanche Graham m y Irvine
-1-3-3 Matthias Graham b c 1539 Cumbria

-1-3-3-1 Richie Graham b 1555 Esk Area Borderlands Scotland

-1-3-3-1-1 Fergus Graham m Sibil Beale b c 1555 d 1630 Largo Fife dau of William Beale b c 1540 ?Largo Fifeshire and Margaret Patterson b c 1540

-1-3-3-1-1 Sir Richard Graham 1st Bt b 1590 of Esk Netherby Cumberland d 28 Jan 1653 N Yorkshire
-1-3-3-1-2 Francis Graham
-1-3-3-1-3 Ranald/Reynold Graham
-1-3-3-1-4 William Graham
-1-3-3-1-5 Matthew Graham
-1-3-3-1-6 William Graham
A. Margaret Graham
m Malcolm Drummond of Meggour
4. Euphame Graham a 1495
m1 Robert Vaus of Barnbarroch d after 06.03.1459
m2 Sir William Stewart of Garlies
m2 Marion Campbell possibly dau of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy
5. John Graham This John, second of the name in this family, is reported by TSP to have been confused with John of Kilbride. This John may have been father of ...
A. Thomas Graham of Dunans d before 10.11.1568
6. Walter Graham, later of Kilbride d before 1531
m Marjorie Campbell
A. Thomas Graham of Glassford, Boquhapple, etc d 1562
m Christine Oliphant
i. George Graham of Glassford, Boquhapple, etc d 26.01.1598-9
m Marjorie Graham
a. Thomas Graham of Glassford, Boquhapple, etc
m mcrt 06.07.1609 Isobel Schaw
1 William Graham of Boquhapple
m mcrt 8/28.07.1622 Margaret Stirling dau of William Stirling of Auchyle
A Walter Graham of Boquhapple
m c1648 Jean Graham dau of George Graham, 5th of Claverhouse
i William Graham of Boquhapple d 02.1736
m1 Janet Herries
a Herries Graham
m2 Catherine Lythgow dau of James Lythgow of Drygrange
ii+ other issue - Patrick, Mungo, Marion
B Elizabeth Graham
m Andrew McLachlan of Drumlean
C+ other issue - Patrick ,Thomas
b.+ other issue - George, John, James, Margaret, Janet, Marion, Katrine, Helen, Barbara
ii. James Graham d 26.12.1575
iii. Marion Graham
m 15580 William Schaw, younger of Knockhill
iv. other daughters
B. Patrick Graham a 1530, rector of Kilmore ? ancestor of Grahams of Soyoch
C. Patrick Graham ancestor of Grahams of Drumlean, Daldouran/Dundurran, Bowton of Kilbride, Ballochallan

Sources: TSP Menteith, TSP Airth, BE1883 Graham of Stathern, Monteith and Airth
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