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Erskine 3: Erskine of Buchan, Erskine of Cardross, Erskine of Carnock, Erskine of Linlathen, Erskine of Restormel, Erskine of Torry, Erskine of Venlaw
David Erskine, 2nd Lord Cardross d 1671
m1 mcrt 09.08.1645 Anne Hope bpt 19.04.1625, d before 1655, dau of Sir Thomas Hope, Bart of Craighall
1. Henry Erskine, 3rd Lord Cardross d 21.05.1693
m 03.03.1671 Catherine Stewart bur 01.02.1725, dau of Sir James/William Stewart of Kirkhill
A. David Erskine, 4th Lord Cardross, 9th Earl of Buchan bpt 03.01.1672, d 14.10.1745
David inherited the earldom from his kinsman William Erskine, 8th Earl of Buchan.
m1 1697 Frances Fairfax d 31.07.1719, dau of Henry Fairfax of Hurst
i. Henry David Erskine, Lord Auchterhouse b 21.09.1699, d infant
ii. David Erskine, Lord Auchterhouse b 22.04.1703, d young
iii. Henry David Erskine, 10th Earl of Buchan b 17.04.1710, d 01.12.1767
m1 31.01.1739 Agnes Steuart b 1717, d 17.12.1778, dau of Sir James Steuart, Bart of Goodtrees
a. David Erskine, Lord Cardross b 12.06.1741, d 04.10.1747
b. David Stewart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan b 12.06.1742, dspl 19.04.1829
m 15.10.1771 Margaret Fraser d 15.02.1819, dau of William Fraser of Fraserfield
partner unknown
1 Sir David Erskine
m 17.11.1798 Elizabeth Erskine d 02.08.1800, dau of Thomas Erskine, 1st Lord Erskine of Restormel Castle below
c. Henry Erskine of Amondell b 01.11.1746, d 08.10.1817, Lord Advocate
m1 30.03.1772 Christian Fullerton b c1754, d 09.05.1804, dau of George Fullerton of Broughtonhall
1 Henry David Erskine, 12th Earl of Buchan b 07.1783, d 13.09.1857 had issue
m1 28.09.1809 Elizabeth Cole Shipley d 05.10.1828, dau of Maj. Gen Sir Charles Shipley
m2 26.06.1830 Elizabeth Harvey d 17.12.1838, dau of John Harvey of Castle Temple
m3. 26.06.1839 Caroline Rose Maxwell d 22.04.1893, dau of James Primrose Maxwell of Tuppendean
2 George Francis Erskine d unm, Captain
3 Elizabeth Crompton Erskine d 08.1855
m 21.10.1801 George Callander of Craigforth b 03.1770, dvp 18.02.1824, Lt. Colonel
4 Henrietta Erskine
m 11.05.1812 Peter Smith
m2 07.01.1805 Erskine Munro d 25.01.1845, dau of Alexander Munro of Glasgow
d. Thomas Erskine, 1st Lord Erskine of Restormel Castle, Lord Chancellor b 21.01.1750, d 17.11.1823
m1 29.03.1770 Frances Moore d 22.12.1805, dau of Daniel Moore MP
1 David Montagu Erskine, 2nd Lord Erskine of Restormel Castle b 1777, d 19.03.1855 had issue
m1 16.12.1799 Frances Cadwalader d 25.03.1843, dau of General John Cadwalader of Philadelphia
m2 29.07.1843, sp Ann Bond Travisd 18.04.1851, dau of John Travis
m3. 21.12.1852, sp Anna d 26.03.1886, widow of Thomas Calderwood Durham of Polton
2 Henry David Erskine b 1786, d 27.07.1859, Dean of Ripon had issue
m 04.05.1813 Mary Harriet Dawson d 16.12.1827, dau of John Dawson, 1st Earl of Portarlington
3 Thomas Erskine b 12.03.1788, d 09.11.1864, judge had issue
m 10.12.1814 Henrietta Eliza Trail d 21.08.1865, dau of Henry Trail
4 Esme Stewart Erskine b 1789, d 26.08.1817, Lt. Colonel
m 1809 Eliza Bland Smith dau of Lt. Colonel Smith had issue
5 Frances Erskine d 25.03.1859
m 1802 Rev. Samuel Holland d 16.04.1857
6 Elizabeth Erskine d 02.08.1800
m 17.11.1798 Sir David Erskine above
7 Margaret Erskine d unm 03.1857
8 Mary Erskine d 1864
m 29.01.1805 Edward Morris d 1815
m2 12.10.1818 Sarah or Mary Buck d 25.10.1825
9 Hampden Erskine b 05.12.1821
e. Anne Agnes Erskine b 1739, d 05.10.1804
f. Isabella Erskine d 17.05.1824
m1 21.01.1770 William Leslie Hamilton d 02.10.1780
m2 23.04.1785 John Cunningham, 15th Earl of Glencairn b 17.05.1750, dsp 24.09.1796
iv. Fairfax Erskine b 08.02.1712, dsp 1735
m Annabella Manning
v.+ 3 sons - George Lewis b 1714, d unm 1744, Edward b 1714, d infant, Frederick b 1715, d infant
viii. Katherine Anne Erskine b 1697, d 05.03.1733
m 25.10.1724 William Fraser of Fraserfield or Balgownie b 19.11.1691, d 23.03.1727
ix. Frances Erskine b 1700, d 1774
m James Gardiner of Bankton d Prestonpans 1745, Colonel
a. Frances Gardiner b 1729, d 07.12.1811
m 1750 Sir William Baird, 5th Bart of Saughton Hall d 17.08.1771
m2 15.09.1743 Isabella Blackett d 14.05.1763, dau of Sir William Blackett, Bart of Wallington
B. Charles Erskine d 25.02.1763
m Ann Scott dsps 19.12.1763, dau of Walter Scott of Edenshead
C. William Erskine d before 10.10.1739
m Margaret Erskine dau of Col. John Erskine
i. John Erskine d 1741
m Helen Douglas dau of SIr William Douglas of Kelhead
a. son d young
ii. David Erskine
m Catharine Nimmo
iii. Frances Erskine d 1750
m 1748 James Loch of Drylaw
D. Thomas Erskine b 05.06.1691, d 14.01.1731
m 15.06.1721 Rachel Libberton d 30.06.1769, dau of John Libberton in Edinburgh
i. Katherine Erskine
m Gilbert Laurie of Polmont
a. Katherine Laurie
m 02.06.1790 Alexander Marjoribanks of Marjoribanks
E. Catherine Erskine
m1 Sir William Denholm, Bart of Westshields
m2 04.04.1714 Daniel Campbell of Shawfield
F. Mary Erskine b 30.03.1690, d 1733
m James Nimmo in Edinburgh
G. Anne Erskine b 09.12.1692, d before 1716
m Archibald Edmonstone of Redhall, 10th of Duntreath d 1768
2. Margaret Erskine
m William Cunningham of Boquhan
m2 1655 Mary Bruce dau of Sir George Bruce of Carnock
3. Alexander Erskine d young
4. William Erskine of Torry d 05.10.1700, Colonel
m Magdalen Lumsdain dau of SIr James Lumsdain of Invergelly
A. William Erskine of Torry d 1754, Colonel
m Henrietta Baillie dau of Sir William Baillie of Lamington
i. Sir William Erskine, 1st Bart of Torry d 1797
m1 Magdalen Myrton dau of Sir Robert Myrton of Gogar
m2 1767 Frances Moray dau of James Moray of Abercairney
a. Sir William Erskine, 2nd Bart of Torry b 1776, dsp 1813
b. Sir James Erskine, 3rd Bart of Torry dsp 1825
m Louisa dau of Henry, Earl of Uxbridge
c. Sir John Erskine, 4th Bart of Torry d unm 30.07.1836
d. Frances Erskine d 01.02.1798
m 16.09.1788 William Wemyss of Wemyss b 09.04.1760, d 04.02.1822, Lt. General
e. Elizabeth Erskine
m 1806 James Moray, 16th of Abercairny b 18.10.1780, dsp 12.1840, Lt. Colonel
5. John Erskine of Carnock b 30.05.1662, d 13.01.1743
m1 14.03.1690 Jane Mure d 05.1690, dau of William Mure of Caldwell
m2 05.01.1691 Anna Dundas d 29.06.1723, dau of William Dundas of Kincavil
A. John Erskine of Carnock and Cardross b 04.11.1695, d 01.03.1768
m1 03.1719 Margaret Melville dau of James Melville of Balgarvie
i. John Erskine of Carnock b 02.06.1719, d 19.01.1803, minister
m 15.06.1746 Christian Mackay d 20.05.1800/10, dau of George, 3rd Lord Reay
a. David Erskine of Carnock b 1770, d unm 16.03.1838
b. Mary Erskine d 15.04.1817
m 29.10.1743 Charles Stewart of Dunearn d 1826
c.+ other issue d unm - Margaret , Ann, Christian
m2 1729 Anne Stirling dau of James Stirling of Keir
ii. James Erskine of Cardross b 1732, d 27.03.1802
m 28.04.1762 Christian Bruce d 29.05.1810, dau of William Bruce, 8th Earl of Kincardine
a. John Erskine dvp 1792
m Jane Coleman
1+ issue d unm - Charlotte, Maria
b. David Erskine of Cardross b 10.01.1772, d 28.11.1847, 4th son had issue
m 05.09.1803 'Keith' Elphinstone d 04.08.1841, dau of John Elphinstone, 11th Lord
c. William Erskine b 1780, dsp 01.04.1805, Major, 6th son
m 15.09.1801 Elizabeth Myers dau of Gen Sir William Myers, Bart
d. Janet Erskine d 29.08.1808
m 07.02.1787 Robert Hay of Drumelzier, Whittinghame and Linplum b 18.04.1731, d 21.08.1807
e. Matilda Erskine d 1839/c1844
m 10.01.1800 John Graham of Gartur b c1749, dsp 28.04.1818
f.+ other issue - William d young, Charles d 13.01.1801, Lt. Col, James d 17.03.1800, Ann d unm 25.03.1825, Marion d unm 30.04.1860, Rachel Euphemia d unm 1852, Christian d unm 19.05.1805
iii. Robert Erskine
iv. David Erskine 'of Linlathen' b 1739, d 1791, WS
BP1934 Buchan reports David's marriage to Ann Graham and the children by that marriage. A site visitor DL, 03.12.06 has kindly advised us that David also had children by an earlier marriage to ...
m1 Jean Melvin d 1780
a. William Erskine b 08.11.1773, d 28.05.1852, 6th son had issue
m 27.09.1809 Maitland Mackintosh b 1792, d 1861, dau of Sir James Mackintosh, recorder of Bombay, MP, professor
b. Ann Erskine b 12.10.1775, d 25.05.1801
m 24.12.1799 James Jack d 13.11.1810, minister of Kirkintulloch
c. Jean Erskine b 09.08.1777
m 11.1803 William Stirling of Holmehill d 05.02.1838
d. Magdalene Erskine b 08.01.1780, d 27.02.1851
m James Walker, Bishop of Edinburgh d 05.03.1841
e.+ other issue - David b 18.07.1768,d 13.04.1837, had issue, James d young, Archibald d young, James b 18.10.1771, d unm 24.01.1804, John d young, Christian b 09.08.1777, d unm 26.12.1822
m2 28.04.1781 Ann Graham d 03.1836, dau of William Graham of Airth
k. James Erskine of Linlathen b 02.11.1787, dsps
m 04.06.1811 Katherine Stirling d 04.03.1868, dau of John Stirling of Kippendavie
l. Thomas Erskine of Linlathen b 13.10.1788, d unm 1870
m Ann Erskine d unm 05.05.1804
n. Christian Erskine
m 14.10.1817 Charles Stirling d 30.01.1830
o. daughter
m James Paterson Captain
v. Archibald Erskine of Venlaw d 01.08.1804, Major
m 07.04.1781 Margaret Maitland-Barclay d 21.04.1841, dau of Charles Maitland-Barclay
a. John Erskine of Venlaw dsp 14.02.1861
m1 Ann Welwood Moncreiff dau of W.S. Moncreiff
m2 Ellen Scott
b. Mary Turner Erskine dsp
m William Horsman
c.+ other issue - Isabella d 1867, Christian d 1880, Harriet d 1864
vi. Marion Erskine d unm
vii. Christian Erskine d 1788
m 17.04.1762 Sir William Stirling, Bart d 26.07.1799
B. Patrick Erskine b 17.06.1697
m 10.01.1717 Sarah Maxwell
i.+ issue - John, William Henry, Patrick
C. David Erskine b 30.06.1698, dsp
m 31.10.1727 Lucy Cunningham
D. Ebenezer Erskine b 07.08.1708
E. Mary Erskine d 12.07.1723
m 23.02.1721 Alexander Leslie-Melville, 5th Earl of Leven, 4th Earl of Melville b c1699, d 02.09.1754
m3. 28.04.1725 Lilias Stirling b 12.01.1681, d 27.03.1729, dau of Sir John Stirling of Keir
m4. 25.11.1729 Mary Stewart d 12.09.1772, dau of Charles Stewart of Dunearn
F. Charles Erskine b 1731, d unm 1771
6. Charles Erskine d Steinkirk 1692
7. Veronica Erskine
m 10.09.1703 Walter Lockhart of Kirktown
8. Magdalene Erskine bpt 14.02.1667
m 1687 Alexander Moneypenny of Pitmilly d 1715
9. Maria Erskine d unm 01.04.1680

Sources: TSP Cardross, BP1934 Buchan, BP1934 Erskine of Restormel
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