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Rethel 1

: Counts of Rethel
Doon, Count of Porcieo b 1900, d after 949
1. Menasses I, Count of Rethel b 935, d after 974
m Odelie
A. Menasses II, Count of Rethel b 965, d 990
m1 Yvette de Roucy
i. Menasses III, Count of Rethel b 990, d 1056
m Judith de Roucy
a. Hugh I, Count of Rethel b 1030, d c1118
m 1058 Melisende de Montlhery dau of Guy I, Sn de Montlhery
1 Gervais, Count of Rethel b 1075, d 1124
m Elizabeth de Namur dau of Godfrey, Count of Namur, she m2. Clarembaud de Rosoy
GenEU shows Gervais & Elizabeth as having 2 daughters, Elizabeth married to either Robert de Marmion or Roger/Clerembaud de Rosoy and Milicent possibly married to Robert de Marmion. Various other sites show those daughters with Elizabeth married to Roger de Rosoy and Milicent married to Richard de Camville, whilst some sites show the Milicent who married Richard de Camville as 'de Brabant'. TCP Marmion shows Robert de Marmion the elder married to Milicent parentage unknown, she later married Richard de Camville and having a son, another Robert de Marmion who married Elizabeth, dau of Gervase, son of Hugh, Count of Rethel.
A Elizabeth de Rethel
m Robert de Marmion d c10.1181
B Milicent de Rethel
2 Baldwin du Bourcq, Prince of Edessa, King of Jerusalem b c1058, d 21.08.1131
m 1101 Morphia dau of Gabriel, Governor of Melitene
A Melisende de Rethel, Queen of Jerusalem b c1101, d 11.09.1161
m 02.06.1129 Fulk V, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem b 1092, d 1143/4
B Alix de Rethel
m Bohemund II de Hauteville, Duke of Antioch d 02.1130
C+ other issue - Hodierne, Yvette
3 Mathilde de Rethel d after 1151
m Eudes, Chatelain de Vitry d 1158 just below
4+ other issue
m2 1026 Dada
Eudes, Chatelain de Vitry d 1158
m Mathilde de Rethel d after 1151, dau of Hugh I, Count of Rethel just above
1. Ithier, Chatelain de Vitry, Count of Rethel d 1171
m Beatrix de Namur d 1160
A. Menasses III sb IV?, Count of Rethel d by 1200
m by 1176 Matilda dau of Konrad, Wildgraft von Kyburg
i. Hugh II, Count of Rethel d 1227/8
m c1191 Felicite de Broyes dau of Simon de Broyes, Sn de Beaufort
a. Hugh III, Count of Rethel d 1242/3
1+ issue - Jean dsp?, Felicite
b. Menasses IV sb V?, Count of Rethel d 1271/3
m before 1242 Elizabeth d'Ecry
1 Hugh IV, Count of Rethel d by 1290
m3. by 08.10.1275 Isabelle de Grandpre dau of Henry V, Count of Grandpre by Isabeau de Brienne
A Jeanne, Countess of Rethel d after 04.1257
m before 16.12.1290 Louis, Count de Nevers et de Rethel d 24.07.1322
2+ other issue - Guyot, Felicite, Marie
c. Mahaut de Rethel
m before 1225 Thomas II de Coucy, Sn de Vervins b by 1191, d 1252/3
d.+ other issue
B. Beatrix de Rethel d 30.03.1185
m 1151 Roger II de Hauteville, King of Sicily d 26.02.1154
C. Clemence de Rethel
m Hughes de Pierpont
D.+ other issue
2.+ other issue

Main sources: GenEU Rethel1, 2
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